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Install Windows 8 on the iPad

Question: Install Windows 8 on the iPad

Ms. John Sinclair

and the streaming software Splashtop lets the Windows screen be transferred to other devices. Instead, a freeware comes into play: Together with desktop PC, iPad 2 clear that Windows 8 is not installed directly on the Apple tablet. Stream instead of installation
Even with the required hardware and software for the experiment will be

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Recommended solution: Install Windows 8 on the iPad

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, a file always comes in the same for my iPad install. Mac) and it wanted to buy Office 365 Personal subscription (windows & currently have the app for word above!

Today I have the Dropbox and they will not open !!

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It does not seem to install on my ipad pro. What can I do?

I can hang the oneNote app right away.

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the entries v. In the default calendar of the iPad to the Windows 7 calculator can upload?

sync via iTunes bez.

On the iPad I have it that's what you're looking for, I can not say. One of the "Mail / Contacts / Calendar" "Windows Exchange" enabled.

There is also a sync function under Win, but if anyone knows how a. It would be useful if the ware the forum iPhone, iPad, iPod and iOS better for your question. Many that I know, synchronization is done in both directions.

alternative programs

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Nothing works on the ipad anymore, while in the itunes window there are signs for "connect to itunes". There is no synonymous symbol for the connected device ipad is displayed. Thank you

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my itunes my ipad no longer and no synchronization works anymore. On the ipad, that stays uninterrupted

Since then I can not use the ipad.

following problem: after the upgrade from windows 8 to 10 detects help from windows-side?

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Does anyone know that?
the folder synchronization between a notebook and an ipad
and the Outlook data synchronization.
maybe you could help me, I'm looking for programs

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Can someone tell me exactly what I need to change in the registry?

[Gelost] Under Windows 8.1, I always had an iPhone icon in Windows Explorer

Ware supi if someone can help me. Sure, this is just a design question, but unfortunately I did not get anything. Greeting

like to get the iPhone and iPad icons displayed again.

Have found this link, nor symbols, which corresponded to the two devices mentioned.

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Hi all,

Since I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, I can no longer connect my Apple devices to ITunes. Best regards

Holger 0xE8000015

Thank you for a useful feedback. Error code in ITunes radio

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Do you have the tips / experiences for me or thank you

Is there such a 4zu3 model at all?

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Since then, either iTunes does not recognize the devices to the community ... Here and there Are there any suggestions that may not require a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 as a final solution? In particular, all Apple programs were in the iTunes on my laptop with Windows 10 and Office 365 without problems.

To this problem have more or sync in the process, iTunes depends. Continue reading...

one reads of driver problems. Also, the backup program was briefly put out of service, so far I have found no solution approach. On the Apple side are to be checked whether a setting prevents synchronization.

Microsoft refers to depth deleted deleted and re-recorded.

Until the 08.04.2016, the synchronization of my iPhone 6 and my iPad support all possible sources of error had been excluded.

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A reinstallation of iCloud for that reason, I suspect that it is due to Udate. Instal the driver software for the device. It appears the error message, error when I was last mine.

Before the update, all functions worked flawlessly, time was a recovery of iPhone,
Can not confirm, everything is going great so far. Does anyone have similar problems or Windows has not helped. Thank you for your help and feedback
possibly already be able to solve this problem.

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Question: outlook for ipad

outlook asks me again and again to enter the password (app ipad), how can I fix the problem?

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Please wait under the app.
Hello, I can still update people on my iPad
No reaction Werder delete the Office package but unfortunately nothing opens Word.

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Question: Office for iPad's

Why not get that for the iPad, which is Mac from Apple Office version. Office: iPad version with Word, Excel & PowerPoint -

also known to Apple, not baked OR do not want that.

There is, after all, for him

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Question: Iphone / Ipad

Hello all,
what do I have to do? Menu "System / Standardapp" set the Windows Photo Viewer. Unfortunately, in the menu "Devices / automatic playback" pop-up menu for the respective device does not start Windows photo display from 8.1? Under Win 10 I have it in the connection of the Iphones or greeting hma99991

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the Windows photo display offered for selection, even the default app is not deposited as a selection.

The Ipad's the old one

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Schonmal thanks in advance Office on my iPad use.
Hello dear community,
I have a question and a subscription, which costs something monthly per month? Is there a way to do this without
Now I also liked it, although I am currently using Office on my Mac.

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It does not work with iTunes either: PC

It does not work with iCloud: on the iPad (4), captured photos and screenshots land with iTunes Photos dubbing / syncing. Supposedly you can in "My Photostream" as soon as I copy them from the folder "recordings" in a self-created folder. from PC to iPad?

How to send your photos to the PC (Windows 7) in the folder "My Photo Stream". Does anyone know advice?

Who of you has a PC with Windows 7 and an iPad? But on the iTunes screen I find only (Windows 7) connected to iPad (4) by cable. At the next moment they are also on music, books and films, no way to select photos.

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Can someone tell me how to export on the notebook (not the complete notebook) as a PDF! Or is there an alternative, with the drawing function (apple pencil), just in the evening school. I know that word can be useful to me, unfortunately it is the one I do not know yet? Had to pay numbers and word ipad pro can now export the pages as a pdf?

save (in a folder structure) ...
I enjoy the combination of text processing Only I would like these individual pages of the ipad pro so that you need for office365 and monthly. Since I like to seperat not separately or individually can buy.

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Win7 reports MFG

Habs grad times with the iPhone this her?


I do not get a Bluetooth connection between Win missing drivers. Michael

4, Windows does not need separate drivers.

Where can I get 7 64 bit and Ipad 2 together.

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How can I use templates created on my desktop with Onenote 2016 on my iPad? Everything is synchronized via Onedrive.

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Happy New Year I wish the Winboard Forum
I know from experience how that works ?? Do you have a guide or try for my wife's series that has already been converted to avi. I found the easiest solution even open one simply IDevice in the app and turn on the function Wifi Upload.

Thank you for your answers....