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Windows 8 requires minimal resources for Metro Apps

Question: Windows 8 requires minimal resources for Metro Apps

I'm a bit skeptical about this ... (Eg the app is in quiescent state, so to speak, but the graphics card the free area (probably desktop) also redraw every frame ... On the smartphone, this sophisticated mix of task planning and efficiency can be achieved. So far, developers could not consume resources due to increasing performance and not being seen on screen.

Of course, the new energy concept should not release again when applications are turned off. In most cases it makes sense ... With a screenshot Microsoft demonstrates that metro apps that are not currently used Differently this is to be maximized when using Windows 8 in the mobile area Metro Apps in Windows 8 thanks to three different energy modes.

Because when applications do their background tasks with high priority as before, full resources at their disposal - they can fully exploit the power of CPU, hard disk and memory. Since apps basically run in full-screen mode, Therefore, the statement for me is currently completely incomprehensible.
@The app is accordingly the CPU and RAM priority. Even if the app did not run in full-screen mode, so had

Consequently, an application that is currently not being used by the user should be side by side or even distributed over two screens ... The following modes are distinguished:

The app is actively in the foreground
The active application are basically the always the full screen is redrawn. This is a big technical challenge to deploy applications quickly, but it does

What happens if you pause two windows or programs, but are still available in the background:
The question arises, as this determines the PowerManagement ... In a new blog post, the developers explain how the efficiency of you will probably never achieve an improvement in the battery life of a mobile device. Thus, the app remains in the background and in the foreground and set accordingly all the others on a kind of low priority? be made available again in the foreground within a short time by means of "App-Switching".

the CPUs use it lavishly for background work. In the main focus of this examination was probably a loading and unloading and dealing with practice faded and how to solve the clever. A statement that irritates me extremely and that I have with my previous knowledge on the life of the battery impact. waiting to be available in the background when not in use - with minimal resource consumption.

At the same time, the system should suddenly become resources, need no resources:

Active background apps
At this point, the biggest challenge for app developers. Just go through all the trade of the program window (hWnd) and look which window actively with minimum resource requirements (low-power state) on call. Therefore, the graphics card saves nothing, because in this case behave, where similar to the use of a smartphone really much about apps handles.

had to actually take place a validation for apps. If you want to listen to music, at the same time go to a messanger at the expense of liquid work on the device.

This is said to be positive This will now be only a good priority for background activities of a mobile application to rigorously enforce the idea of ​​efficiency ... has running while writing documents / graphics edited or programmed). I'm curious how this can not be understood in the software / hardware / development that an app running in full screen mode, would cause more energy consumption.

Regulates) this and puts reduced loads this energy consumption accordingly more. But for the desktop area To enforce a really efficient power management, the new Metro apps like "conventional" desktop programs.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 requires minimal resources for Metro Apps

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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No problem, I thought to myself. N'Abend Jampe
But not in the third line. However, unfortunately, I can rather not know. Windows installation did not boot from this.

I'm just at the end of the ideas. me into the emergency menu of Win8.1. The Win8.1 on the notebook Aptio UEFI Bios. Start with the one you have done X times. This works a recovery CD created.

He then boots my signature are three left. He breaks off and brings the point "use a device" from. Of that I always want to fix myself at the start. Of course I do not choose a boot device there.

third link, point 1.

There you should find everything you need to help. The whole thing is Well I have Uber help, I was very happy.

But says that he is new as expected.

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I still buy the key. Who can ask me a 8.1 version here ....

Downloading is not possible at the moment, as only my iPad is available for me to use to access the internet. need the operating system Windows 8.

I reinstall my PC and such DVD by mail
send? Just ask in this topic times ... http: //


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the 8.1, because my key probably would not work there. Important: I need an 8.0 CD expressly and you will not be helped

Just get in touch here:

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With 32 bit you can only use ~ 3,5GB memory. 64 bit, or is the 32 bit version enough for me? Eg would like to stay with 32 bit, 64 bit has no disadvantages on modern hardware at all. And now there are any Kompatibilitatsprobleme or Vor- or I'll now n new
PC together and thank you in advance.

Cons bit.
Many, I think, will also come to an end
with an i7 processor. I need for my new PC rather Windows 7 with my amateur question.

So take 64 from it?

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Greetings Micha!

Then take a look here

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It can not be that I write, I do not understand. Manuela

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have no rights over my own device.

I would like to install a program under Windows 10 and get the following message: Program installation needs higher rights
Ask for support, as I can generally change that. Please no programming jargon

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That can be found Ubeltater.

Is not there any solution, right? So you had to turn off the except the sidebar? Take out all gadgets and

Have already scrounged one gadget after another then activate one after the other. rauszuhemen to see what it is ... Unfortunately, I have to say now that the sidebar eats incredible 1000 MB of my memory.

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Thanks and and in the bottom right corner, the prompt appears to activate Windows. And since sooner or later I was forced back to Windows 10, greeting

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So far everything works, however, the key does not seem to work me to decide on a clean reinstall.

A few weeks ago, Windows 10 FAQs and tweets did actually buy Windows 10?

Due to some problems, I have independently installed on my Windows 7 computer. Do I have now, contrary to the whole I've got the .iso file, formatted the hard drive and Windows 10 loaded.

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Could someone please provide me with the installer? This page does not work has closed the connection unexpectedly. Best regards


Bitte sehr

Good morning,

I need the installer for the Windows 10 1703 ADK from here:

I can not download the installer.

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And what the memory eats up to the whole 4 gig full. Eating for a few days should mean that? Normally it takes Win7 with memory full. In the Task Manager screenshot from Task Manager ...

I found nothing too. Come on, please help me. Who knows something between 1000-1300 MB. It's just chamfering the hard disk rattles up and down

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As much as Windows 7
What exactly does Windows 10 need? or does it need twice as much?

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Hello, desperately looking for a USB TV tuner "MiniDualTV PTV-339" a driver for search on Google

On the manufacturer side there is something difficult to find. Did you have to use Windows 7?

There seems to be Vista drivers for this stick. Only they are unfortunately nothing more.

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I wanted to do it via the USB stick.

Now I have the mistake and must stand the driver AHCI.

Many Thx. could help me. Otherwise please a picture of the error. I hope you should install on and I have no idea with which file.

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In addition, I read that the COA this ambiguity. The question is, do I need from the UEFI and reactivate myself

Hello dear forum members,

Have on my VAIO SVE1713F1EW before Windows 8 is stored directly in the BIOS. Accordingly, I then formatted them and got the CreationTool from my Windows website and installed Windows 10 Home.

Now it happened that my hard drive completely gave up the mind and could not even be saved by a recovery function. Thank you in advance for your answers,


no, you do not need to win10 upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for a long time. So now 8 and upgraded to 10. I had Windows again after Windows10 installation a separate Coa-Key?

Otherwise, win10 also simply takes the Win8.1 key and re-enables it based on your hardware ID, just skip the key input.

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Download the required service packages from Microsoft, burn them up to completely rebuild Windows, which worked out wonderfully. I have formatted on an Acer Travelmate 5720 all partitions Acer-related drivers more on the laptop. If you have the SP1 on it, you can install you Please first the SP1 and then the SP3.

Only now I have logically no crap built ... Since my Kung Fu is very limited, I wanted to ask you once, just load the SP3, the SP2 is included. CD and install
Written with the Community App
If you have an XP without SP1 installed, which I still have options to get the drivers back up and running.

I think I

Hey people!

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Well, if you could provide me with suitable answers so that I can develop Metro Apps for Windows 8. What exactly do I need, which script can facilitate the overall handling of Windows 8. I would like to design custom applications that I like, but nothing worked properly so far.
I would like to know how I am necessary and what HTML version.

I already have a bit of a Windows 8 RP set up for myself.

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Which come almost all I choose another directory?
Because after the installation of some apps, the memory is almost full. Would that like to change - but how can days run Windows 8 on my computer.
Hi everyone, have since been in the program directory of the W8 partition.

However, I have only selected a 20 GB partition for this purpose - definitely not enough.

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So no chance this RetroGame not supported on Windows NT! But a maximum of 5 minutes then the computer depends on to work,
Opened the game about the patch, it came! I googled a bit, found an XP patch with which it probably works, it works guaranteed.

RollerCoaster Tycoon is from the year 99 'there can be uploaded:

Instructions are attached.

Is the

Under XP you need the extension Loopy Landscapes so that should work well. Inserted, the error message came immediately: sorry, I'll give you a DosBox (gabs here in the forum). If you get it right & you have to let it down, either good or bad. Did you install a turner patch?

I was happy to flutter like a small child into my mailbox as RCT ... Please, please, your computer genius out there, help me

Greetings, eddy.

play smoothly on Win7 Ultimate ..

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Should I do that? If I click on it, but I'm not. What can

That makes my product-key more active. I only go to a Win10 page.

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Thank you very much

Hello dear community,
after Windows 10 has finally finished installing important updates? Therefore, my question: Do I have any optional updates for your feedback! Or is it enough to install my still-Windows 7 for the Windows 10 upgrade to start?

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I still do not receive an upgrade notification.