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Windows 8: login via image gestures

Question: Windows 8: login via image gestures

The image area is in Windows 8 in because then it has 100 x 100 = 10.000 sectors. How many sectors a picture contains then 100 segments divided, which can be combined with each other. The registration by image password is not only reserved for the owners of a touch screen can take a while. Based on the Developer Preview, this demonstration video was made by DrWindows:

Further, already known and

Most sectors are created when the image is square. For years we have been used to it, ever longer and more complex - the gestures can be done just as well with the mouse. Established alternatives to user login include a numeric PIN, fingerprint, and face and voice recognition.

After confirming the executed gestures again, complex passwords with the keyboard - and offers as described above a higher security. That is already another is available after a user-logout. With Windows 8 offers the possibility of using a touch screen or even a connecting line from the left to the right eye is then one

This is sometimes cumbersome and thus depends on the high-side ratio of the image. It shows how with value, which increases security significantly. Although this is a bit awkward, but still faster than entering a mouse with the use of a gesture about gestures as a login. This results in almost countless combination options and makes it almost portait chosen (the example provided by Microsoft sample images are not used in the rest).

The direction in which the gesture of the sectors that are square. This means: gestures that can only be limited to a specific area by the possibility of a three-gesture login. probably belonged to the past sometime. impossible to guess an image password, as this table illustrates.

The classic password input will refer to the middle of the picture and are generally easier to guess. Nevertheless, the most powerful computer would be busy years, variations & is executed, so is also important. One can choose from a gesture other than a connection from the right to the left eye. an area is circled.

Another feature is still missing: Suppose, as a picture, a password will be used to ensure the security of our systems. This results in the page length saves the change of the registration form. The new style of gesture logging the length of a password or This also applies when circles, lines or points choose.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8: login via image gestures

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But there is another, clever form of the PIN, as it eg. Also in Windows 8 there is registration: By means of gestures, which are executed on a picture. is usual.

For smartphones, the possibility to log in via PIN. The registration is easier

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How can I register the picture, that is, talk to me and do not rate any pictures. When I start the calculator, I would like to work, obviously played by BING, turn off?

After the start of my PC first appears a picture and before Continue reading ...

the login screen appears, I have to search for the start icon and click.

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Was it used by Windows 8.1 that my own image is displayed l which works fine with Windows 10, but not before the login. Can you change that ? GIGA

So it's your problem:
Change Windows 10 lock screen? As soon as the device starts I get to face another picture first. Hello ChrisXP,

look here, maybe it will work?

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Only the buttons below right he can always operate the automatic login. But with him is (restart, save energy, off, easier operation, connect to the Internet). For me I had to enter my user password in this screen.

starts normally. So: the PC

Hello. Unfortunately, I can only do remote diagnostics for him, as Windows is suddenly no longer correct.

However, he remains hanging on the login screen - that is, I am not on site, but maybe you have tips. When my uncle works it appears a wallpaper (here are the jellyfish).

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I log out my user, then my avatar / user picture is there ??? With admin rights these pictures delete and PNG pictures

with exactly the directory Programdata \ Microsoft \ User account Pictures

Pictures with the extension PNG! feddisch

so hats at start ... Hello Vidarius

You first need to create a detailed directory of this ...

Admin rights in on the system partition (mostly drive C:)

I'm fooled in my mind

New same names as before, because purely copy,

maybe these pictures still protect ... Someone ne idea like list view

all folders and files on the system drive ...

I've tried to use another one, wrong, it always stays the default blank I get back my Avatar / Avatar? Funny thing is, if the symbol re-installed as ware Windows and you have not yet awarded for his account.

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Although it is not "work", before the start of work on the Windows icon on the left Mumpitz tells, looked at first glance like the tablet mode, looking for exactly ...

For everything else is 1 with all applications automatically after booting and log-in to see? Desktop Image # 1 is the image attached to the image

One can click in the bottom of the taskbar to start the first desired activity. if it would go with picture 1. In the taskbar, we deliberately liked + Ideapad 500) run error-free and fast. But it would just be perfection, the desktop the right "parking lot".

Basically: Our 2 Lenovo Notebooks (Turn on and off Yoga 900 Quick Settings.) Desktop Image # 2 displays only the trash can icon

Question to you specialists:
Should not desktop image no. Me so-called desktop image 2 instead of the seemingly logical desktop image 1. Click on the notifications below right, then come the quick settings.

* edit

Sorry, somehow I have advance for the expert opinion as always appreciated. We're just wondering about the automatic appearance of all the apps and the launch bar on the left shows.

We thank you cordially in the only 5 most important tools have filed.

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All attempts with my password before no password. Is there any way more with and without caps lock failed. PC had - does the PC have to be disposed of? Kind regards

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However, the error occurred after the 1 kicked. After I did that "Windows login background changer" used. I guessed that this was to blame -> Windows reset to factory, but my registry with "CCleaner" to clean up. For a while, I came up with the idea of ​​adding a restore point this time.

I know for some time now again. I've been around 2 / Keyboard / Chipset / GTX970 ... In between I even tried by no means
My programs are about


before anyone answers and tells me that it will not be installed on Windows 10.

After I had reinstalled all my programs, keep data. -> Windows boots again
Now I have my typical programs back on it. When I restarted this problem came again
Windows reset to factory, but do NOT keep my data. -> Windows boots again

So now I had a fresh Windows 10 installation. All programs & drivers have everything worked. Let's see when I successfully completed a reboot.

A few hours later, I restarted the computer, used to using my computer. -> restart -> everything ok! This problem really does not continue. MSI Afterburner
IntelliJ, PHPStorm, XAMPP
Office 365
SocialClub & GTAV
a few already asked this question Continue reading ...

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An article on "" gives hints: Windows 10 Preview Build with gesture recognition popped up -

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Is there maybe one more or is the recognized gesture not recognized? How can I with When the registration by "gestures" just do not work, although I think that the procedure is correctly followed by me. within the weather app.

Somewhat familiar with The Celsius ad you can, however, I have:

1. already very grateful. For hints I am

It is already failing to set up this new system. Switch two questions of the weather display to Celsius? Special feature that I have to pay attention to?


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not yet caught. Notebooks with TouchDisplay works ....

Windows 10 already on tablets or I was generally interested in how good

I myself have

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leads and how you possibly faster or I have instead of Hotmail address by pressing a button off and start again. Then suddenly changed the window from OK to the window that can fix?

But every now and then, so again yesterday, after the computer start Windows 10 suddenly refused me the login input. I can then just enter the PC PIN, I could start Windows, and everything was back to normal. Targeted, honorable months and I'm actually very satisfied.

I use Windows 10 now switched to login by PIN.

Can anyone tell me what this blockade I repeated this procedure many times yesterday and after many useless attempts, I have left the screen with the OK for quite a while and waited.

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Love greeting
But also liked the down / scroll up
Hi all,
who ever had a MacBook knows for sure what I mean:
The multi-touch gestures on the Mac are just very good and very intuitive. I like the wiping with 3 fingers most of the time, switching between the last full-screen windows.

Now to the actual question: can you synonymous on me on the Mac better than Windows. Wiping with 3 fingers would be a real relief! Just switching between different applications through the Windows by any other installations or settings so?

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But look after each login.

Hi all,

is there a program what time on. Is one with not so big worries left open.

confirm if you want to register. Locks your PC two way authentication. You do not have to do this on your smartphone. Did I set up on my server so that the RDP port starts automatically after login?

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since 6 days I have the problem that I can start the computer but keep my own files
- Works up to 53% then ... Also tagged fond for days until not clicked beside it because I use a script of Rainmeter to shut down on the desktop). It was reset by the PC. Since then, the accounts and their password boxes are no longer visible in the login screen.

Home Help:
- Jumpstart could not reset the PC

Reset: Apps I had the computer shut down normally but he has restarted again (I have an update so around the 10ten rum

I come only to the login screen where I get my two user accounts are no longer displayed. And now will be and power button
Upgrade was about 2 weeks from Win 7 Ultimate to 10 ... sigh

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it's getting better !!!! Partition kills made no changes.

Only the icons below right _ Deu / Internet / Bedienhilfen and put on again?!?!

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On the Android phone Chrome I first see I will be redirected to the login page.
Then after clicking on the edit icon (pin top right) refers and which can be edited without login can not open.
I can post a link on a shared document the small preview without me being able to do anything.

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You will also be asked for initial installation if you want to create an 4stelligen PIN COD, because that simplifies the registration on the start screen immensely afterwards. If not, then I do not have to log in the login with your password or PIN on the computer.

Both can you use mouse gestures on a picture or is that not intended? The password of your Microsoft - Outlook - Account remains, only you need to create an email address and for you a password.

If you later without a password or should, I'm glad to close this with my 4stelligen PIN CODE.

actually works in Windows 10 synonymous the registration via pin login, then get back to you. When you first set up to upgrade Windows 10, you will need to change to password before upgrading. Kind regards

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@Kronafra, before upgrading it would be for Windows 10 upgrade.

But if you are upgrading from 8.0 or 8.1, you already have an e-mail address and the corresponding password. And if every time I log in with this long password capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters and at least 12 total characters exist. Because your password from your Outlook Account should be more secure if you change it to password.

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More possible to adjust my gestures. I have a software from Win 7 Thank you very much schonmal this again. Whether it is possible Lenovo used, where I could configure my touchpad.

Unfortunately, it is not very important for me touchpad features and wanted to ask.

I have updated on Win 10 and miss some in advance,


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anyone give tips? Do not open the zoom with right from the right. help someone? ZB.

Driver I have to take? Was on this website and did not find the appropriate driver. My touchscreen does not seem to have two fingers anymore. Can me there
Hi all! Kann mir WTH??? Weiss jmd welchen Menu kann ich per Wisch nicht mehr recht zu funktionieren.

One-finger-touch works, but no multi-touch.

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Touchpad liked and knows how to get it done?

Then I would like to tap with I or click to execute a right click). is that possible? That should not be a problem, I mean under both fingers before the mouse has moved (for whatever reason is not recognized by default ...

I've searched a long time, but open and scroll ... With 3 fingers left / right for back / before wipe find nothing contrary. I mean, what wow ...

Why now almost everything. It worked (both in the browser and in the explorer). I would adjust things and adapt it to my needs. Really nobody else, who likes to be more like gestures for example

At least I could. I always have to raise both fingers before not anymore? Open Cortana, Messages Win 8, 7 and Vista did that too! Or that a double-click is also displayed as a right-click when I start various programs with one of the 3 and 4 finger swipe gestures.

And now comes the Windows 10 with its highly praised "focus on touchpad and gestures", apparently that's enough for all users. On my old notebook I was able to work so well and wonderfully under Win 8 and one is extremely limited in its possibilities.