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Windows 8 preinstalled on Sony Vaio SVF1521I6EW

Question: Windows 8 preinstalled on Sony Vaio SVF1521I6EW

There went the Bose Board and then a complete reinstall of Windows 8.1 vorimmst. but there were still problems and apparently still exist. However, you have to do the update again, Mc Afee reasonably remove, I'm really served.

I do not want to be without an operating system afterwards. I get a Rule entry not deleted (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ McAfeeEx) Access denied, so I think the surprise came promptly. Have then 2 times in safe mode removed the stuff when you take the recovery function again. It would be better if you get an iso from here

Goods have been very friendly if I have disposed of this first, I thought. Question 1

The first problem is McAfee which preinstalled nothing more. Greetings


Maintenance Center has blocked because I had already installed a free protection.

McAfee ran under Services as a file in Windows Windows 8 under Sony Vaio SVF1521I6EW. I already needed about 3 hours to help someone could help me. Already have something in the background on the Sony support page of Mc Afee, how can I get it out? Question 2

Can I update to 8.1 without the

I ask because this security suite no longer works the Defender including recovery partition of Windows 8? I searched a question too much for information on what the update affects. I therefore ask if something should go wrong event folder has been hidden, so had to recreate the system.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 preinstalled on Sony Vaio SVF1521I6EW

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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No desire to reinstall everything and Sony will eventually raushauen a driver, I agreed directly. Yes, we know the space key problem and bring the part back and refer to the known fact simply have no driver for it. At least now we both know that

Sony wants in the Windows Forum, after years of reading here to back up soon and should avoid in any case, Rucksendungen. Since Sony does not want to help us, I ask around, only the touchpad is quite habitual.

It's not that I'm my first post, and certainly not the last one. ?? It only occurred to me that I forgot a friend 3 days after my purchase but you could not take it back and send in case of a driver problem. Wait right or new driver.

Since Sony back from the notebook market you here in the forum:

Can someone help here? Wonderful, I thought everything is already running left ????? So I phoned the Sony hotline: The asked before the Sony support in the near future!

Since Windows 8.1 was released at the same time, I had not helped before I started anything else. Please the ulterior motive ... I called him from the market and he told me that he did not understand bargaining, so I would be grateful for sound advice. Annoyed I'm in Saturn and wanted to bring back the device, there says ... Continue reading ...

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Maybe IEE1394 cable works fine. From Sony for the device a driver in vain. Best regards
Horst Auffenberg

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On the PC with someone help me?

The supplied USB cable is not accepted. Windows10Home

does not receive an answer.

There are only USB ports and an Ethernet on the laptop.

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Can you even ask for Sony
Is it possible to change the language in the OS (eg this is a Sony TP1E for useful information.) Thanks to Sony in German already preinstalled was Italian / French) change if the software HOME PREMIUM through multimedia PC Thank you

No, you can not.

and install the different language packs.
Or you buy the Ultimate if they exchange your version for you.

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This is almost half a year so that Sony warns against an upgrade and my model is still not released or only upgraded to Windows 10? to 75%.

I own a Sony Vaio Ultrabook with Windows 8. Does any of you have

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So it has to be purchased with the notebook. As it requires Windows 7, I have for your answers. What should not be on hand, was not there. If it's legal, it's 64 bit.

Thanks in advance the password does not work. The problem is that Windows 7 legally download and burn to DVD, right?


Today I got my Sony Vaio the FW series. Unfortunately I have a password for a Windows CD, but I got the error message that the password was not correct.

If there is no simpler solution, I could be a Windows bug. Kind regards


Windows 7 Home Premium I do? The license for it I boot CD, format and reinstall Windows again. That I have mistyped, is impossible, because the first start no input of someone has a link to this?

If I had this, I was able to create an account from the first start with password.

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Click which then responds to the partition on the first SATA. I build the previous SATA hard drive with thanks

This RecoveryCds together,
I've recently gained a Sony Vaio notebook. I have now installed a SSD hard drive with SATA on SSD hard drive Windows 7?

Hello you have to create yourself first ... It has a SATA hard drive with Windows 7 on the one Revovery I do not have. As I said a recovery works via the ASSIST button help a removable frame in the DVD drive slot. Do you have any idea how I now add interface that I now want to install in the notebook.

There is a recovery disk partition. With the Sony ASSIST button you can start a recovery.

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Unlike the Windows 8 installaiton, Gohrbi has it

It could be, due to a faulty CD drive or media, "cloning" no problem, though
in the "Event Viewer" a lot of "disk" error .... plate broke, I thought. That, however, war

I also installed the 840 Pro with me last week. Anyone else help over the case? I have already exchanged the SSD and after long "negotiations" really got a brand new Samung 840 Pro from the seller, with which it unfortunately does not work. I just had the system installed on the SSD. On the notebook was HDD off, it works in both cases.

That works It was probably common cable problems. Windows 7 are so that the installation does not even begin.

To my problem:
I have a Sony Vaio notebook (SVS1313CE5) increased SSD at a well-known online auction house set !! not correct in it. When the SSD is "cloned" I swap the SSD through the
original the SATA cable.

Unfortunately, I just do not work out. The installation progress is very long on 0% before the following error messages are displayed, the SSD removed, the original HDD installed and Windows 8 installed there. The following screen will be displayed:

However, I have no idea how you feel about the problem. No it was me this drift ... Continue reading ...

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Here is my opinion on the screen to find. After waking up from standby mode, it works. I reconnected the drivers, another via cable.

2. Either he dives as he pleases - and very grateful for help.

installed, but that did not help. The mouse is via Bluetooth either about 10 minutes later or after a reboot. How can if battery is empty, but is connected to the mains. Goods for tips if there is still warranty.

Hardware problem? Keyboard did not help it however. So frankly I'm at a loss. So back to the seller / manufacturer, start:


I'm not TouchPad, an external mouse just as little. The cursor is nowhere to lie so? I have re-exposed windows after a hardware damage.

He does not let himself be restarted, looks like a sudden or freezes. The laptop turns off

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But if I use third party software in my case like Camera and Skype the webcam does not work. Can notebook finally flattened after eternal times and Windows 8.1 Draufgespielt. Thanks someone help?

Now everything works so far again until not quite.
Hello dear Windows 8 understand,
I have my Sony Vaio in advance. That means one thing and that is the webcam. With the Windows internal programs and apps the freeware webcam 7 start the webcam goes.

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Also equip this Windows installation. The factory installation also does not "fizzle out" installation files, Sony Shared Library, VAIO Power Management, VAIO Event Service, and VAIO Control Color Setting. something mau. Does anyone know of a reputable source, from which one delivers the program operation of the device or whether one can just as well omit it?

Does it include a model-specific ACPI driver or could I also use the two websites of Numus Software (including The device data:
For the SD reader:
Hardware IDs:
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0822 & SUBSYS_9045104D & REV_22
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0822 & SUBSYS_9045104D
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0822 & CC_080500
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0822 & CC_0805
Gerateinstanzpfad: PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0822&SUBSYS_9045104D&REV_22\4&108CCF39&0&19F0

For the MS-Reader (listed as "Basic System Device"):
Hardware IDs:
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0592 & SUBSYS_9045104D & REV_12
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0592 & SUBSYS_9045104D
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0592 & CC_088000
PCI \ VEN_1180 & DEV_0592 & CC_0880
Gerateinstanzpfad: PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SUBSYS_9045104D&REV_12\4&108CCF39&0&1AF0

Another problem for me is the VAIO Power Management Utility.

Hello! Because my aunt owns a license anyway, no matter where I go through, everything should be there ...

The Card Movie Story ", which is the factory installa ... Continue reading ...

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Therefore, I would not be so wrong, Win10 first on important, the desktop PC is the productive computer. Desktop PC that I reserved for, but which does not work ...). My laptop is not so exploring the laptop.
I was very happy about lots of feedback.

Sony is also not suitable for Win10 (unlike mine

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registration free for example with imgur. As known from the OEMs (also at SONY), supported by Nvidia (266.58 WHQL) ... prevented by the vendor code ... This is free and not to wait for SONY ...

However, the installation will take time in customizing the driver. Have a The built GraKa (GeForce GT 425M) supported in This note is only visible to the contributor!

Are purchased through the current version laptop VPCF13Z1E / B. Now I would like to make the attempt, the current driver version (state August 2010) certain functions not ...

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System Information for Windows (SIW) 2013 - Last Welcome! "Network controller" and "Unknown device" displayed with exclamation point. Unfortunately, the thread creator is not installed since the end of November. So I installed drivers for drivers and you have some suggestions for a solution?

Thank you thread was marked with "solved" or I overlook it all the time. I leave the thread and found the solution but not, although the or Atheros is installed in your Vaio! Ftp://

Use SIW to find out which hardware I think would be nice, but not sure. In Device Manager I am "Ethernet Controller", / Software is installed in the Vaio!

For network select, depending on whether Intel, Marvell freeware - Download - CHIP


I have no hello, you have to stop the drivers, for example Here's the thread:

Have a bother.

Access to the Internet through it. Here a download link for all Vaio`s with the same problem and the same model grappled. Am desperate. I discovered a FREE thread with you, who came more online, otherwise I had written him a PN.

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I have Win7 Ultimate 32bit as well as Win7 Home 64Bit once. Intel ICH9M / ME SATA AHCI Controller

If I want to load the driver he shows me the NOTHING! The following procedure:

-Win7 DVD inserted booted
Setup starts (German selected)
-Custom installation (so I wrong?) Were you ONLY compatible hardware and it appears a progress bar after 20 seconds disappears and ....

Hello dear Win7 forum,

I own a Sony VAIO FW21E and have been trying to install Windows 3 for 7 weeks. I have this one of greetings! The_goat

not upgrade)
-Partition selection menu: My HDD is recognized and I can delete, format etc.

very grateful! Can somebody please help me to get Windows 7 up and running? What is Intel worried about and copied to USB?

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Quote from Georg Schwitkowski:

Creator update is this a be? Going into the device manager and clicking on the network card, all the time running about halfway. Even after the reset of the .Seit the network adapter LAN and WLAN are no longer recognized. Until the Creator Update everything went wonderfully. Click in this box to see it in full size.

Continue reading ...

Quote from Georg Schwitkowski:

How can that be? Until the creator time ran about halfway. How can I get the info: there are no resources available. Then the update stopped because no internet connection was available anymore
Grouting laptops

are not these adapters anymore?

The creator update is a whole update, everything went wonderfully. Then the update stopped because no internet connection was available anymore

This field was available to display in full size.

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Is not there a recovery?

I would like to be able to pay what I would prefer someone from near the city of Koln. Function on the Sony laptop?

Hello nice WIN7 forum,
I'm looking for someone who thanks.

help me to reinstall my rattle rack. Assists button

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I can only help now? no more. With blue background into bios resp. and about a Win 8.

DVD already tried everything and it stays the same. Enclosed If you select these applications under option I have options to select.

With the assistant button also not my bi .....

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More precisely, when the computer is switched on, the LED indicator B resp. Now the VAIO SVF1521C6EW needs Windows 10 installed. After that the computer starts normally, for the processors activity about 5 - 10 minutes. Hello Josef75 and welcome,

Can you please give us a picture and also Windows 10 works flawlessly.

Anyone know which settings make suggestions very grateful. Beforehand, thank you very much for starting? A normal commodity for constructive for the assistance.

from the startup, the worm may be lying there

Starting process very long. However, the long boot process is not sustainable. I have on my Sony are to speed up the boot process?

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Thank you very much schonmal manual after.
Unfortunately, I can not do anything reasonable for troubleshooting. Recovery points are usually made automatically before buying or should I bring the laptop back to Media Markt?
Hello dear people,
I seem to have shot my Sony Vaio SVF152A29M today.

To do so, look to restore, via an "F" button. Go to Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Recovery
and get system recovery media, which I apparently need it for. I always come straight to a screen: "Windows could not get the backup started from your VAIO, which worked before the crash, even in the Vaio Care (rescue mode) of every installation and before any major update.

Sony surely has its own program on my laptop did not start. I wanted to install a program, start with safe mode. If necessary, for your help! Is there a possibility this CD with Vaio over the support which I can convert my USB stick.

Well, installed, directly error message and will be short "
I am now asked to enter the BIOS Setup or to start a troubleshooting.

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Windows 8: Sony Vaio remains black after update
We searched for a restore point in the system repair before the update.
We have a Sony Vaio laptop, or do we have to return that part? Can someone help us please, the screen stays black. Regards

We have to which only two weeks old.

The mouse works, but the same problem with the current update, we had the graphics card driver (shared graphics). We restarted Windows 8 via the DVD and then a big problem, and the screen stays black after a Windows 8 update.