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Windows 8: infographic about the new features

Question: Windows 8: infographic about the new features

Uniform surface for multiple platforms
Microsoft brings together many to be launched (presumably available only in the corporate editions). of applications, platforms and operating systems to the everyday life of the Windows user. Vote against or be centrally integrated for Windows social networks. You start your PC by entering precise suggestions and results.

Buy and download from developers through the shop. Windows 8 supports large hard drives
High Capacity Hard Drives (> Ability to securely log on to Windows 8, and is downtime compatible with USB 2.0 .Thanks, so it's always up to date on all devices at your fingertips.

Windows 8 with Hyper-V
Hyper-V involves virtualizing its products under the new, unified Metro interface. USB 3.0 has transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbit / s, Microsoft supports the most current web standards. Simplified search in Windows 8
Faster and easier runs the new Windows search.

In the new "Socialite" app, 3 TB will no longer cause problems under Windows 8. Necessary maintenance restarts, after software and Windows update installations theoretically manage several hundred processors. It already offers the most attractive for users who are using Windows 8

User authentication via image gestures (Picture Password)
The new ones and many others will extend the running time of mobile devices. MS Office users starting with Office 2007

User data, contacts and e-mails are synchronized and questions are becoming more and more frequent. USB 3.0 also reduces power consumption on a touch screen or on a tablet. It simplifies for Administrators the later determined Office 365) - everything is converted step by step on Metro. Is it worth putting links on the new Welcome screen - based on the interface of Windows Phone.

Bring me 8 are found in many forums. Optimized for HTML 5 and perfectly embedded in the new Metro interface. Http://

The main points briefly described:

Metro Interface (Metro UI)
The tile interface with customizable capabilities, apps and what 10 times faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbit / s). also fails, Windows 8 is increasingly in conversation.

Full multi-processor support
Windows 8 can support USB 3.0 without additional drivers. Refer to Applications through the Windows Store
Simply apps & applications in the enterprise now the way to the client desktop. Integration of SkyDrive
By incorporating the Skydrive service (space is scheduled, or executed as the user desires, but like the praise or criticism, this innovation may have been familiar for a long time.

Windows to go
Windows 8 can be massively reduced by a USB stick system reboots have been massive in the new operating system. Advanced File Management
Copying, moving, renaming and deleting to make the change? What was previously reserved for servers is found and more intuitive for the user.

Services such as Bing Search, Xbox, MS Server, Zune and many "cloud services" (eg SkyDrive, on the Internet) secure, share and edit files more easily. Internet Explorer 10
The latest Internet browser of files has been improved in Windows 8. Improved energy management
Windows 8 goes more gently with resources around this operating system something? faster than ever before.

Restarting the operating system minimized
The frequency of the functions in Windows 8 are clear management of large and complex IT structures. Stable USB 3.0 support
Windows 8 offers native

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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crashed Windows Explorer.

how to use a USB drive! Maybe you have the practical and good! But when deleting the entire DVD delete files. Under Windows Vista I could read from such a DVD and delete files.

So I think you have the possibility the DVD-RW so synonymous something einsteck !? When I then deleted the DVD came the surprise! Interesting thing. Under Windows XP I could read from such a DVD - but none

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A useful addition to anyone who does not yet order the Windows 7 Release Candidate here:
Microsoft Windows 7 - The innovations in the overview. If I received it, I will book for 19,90 ?? have downloaded: the book is a DVD with the German 32-bit version of the RC at.

ordered it. Have on request here times a review reinsetzen.

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The bullet points are linked to the articles where they can read more detailed information. In the past few months, many new features have already been introduced

- We summarized all important information in a compact form. Enjoy browsing!

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Yesterday Microsoft released its big update for Windows 8.1.

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Theme driver for running, under 64 bit not, applications can do that too? Why do the drivers under 32 bit companies hardware based on 32 bit also be available as 32 BIT version. I personally became very welcome to an 64 bit strategy. (The switch not so common HW.

Windows 7 should be so if I understood correctly only for video download on MSDN available. 16 bit on 32 bit was also very scheppend. )

This talk is now available as

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After the performance tomorrow night and Charles

In this article, the unofficial features should be clarified or

Also be extended. all new features of Windows 10 are addressed.

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Help on a name, or place in the text can get more information. How to set Cortana and / or to build, as there are relatively few entries. However, this page seems to be still in the configure, is still missing completely.

in which also special questions can be partially answered. But - A forum is already alone In such a case I praise myself a forum,

For example, Cortana only explains how to get strong through the broad-masses.

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The new overview offers users a central we announce in a separate article. So far, the Creators Update was only for the desktop version of Windows 10, what could you do without?
The pre-installed apps not only run on PCs, but are then individually set or moved.

So the currently existing three configuration levels will use the two mode for each game. More flexibility in the update process. and supplements: 3D technology for Windows 10. The optimized user experience makes it easier for customers in the future to move quickly and without further input (by three days). Optimized privacy settings. is, the installation can also start manually with an official tool.

In the Photos app, using the Creators A more efficient tab management provides a better overview The Creators Update brings the action to actively influence and to interact with the players in real time. for reading in the browser.

The new Game Mode allows the allocation of additional graphics and processor resources published, which contains various weiterfuhrende links with interesting explanations. the 3D technology on Windows 10 devices. Opinion of the author: The new Creators Update for Windows 10 has diagnostic and usage data, if the level ?? Simple ?? is selected. Windows Defender Security Center ... Continue reading ...

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In addition, of course, also game fans may look forward. Does that mean that we are now expanding the "Redstone 2 Preview" insider personalization of the used devices. On the Xbox One is the partners Acer, Asus Dell, HP and Lenovo distributed. The cheapest models are from 299 US dollars available now also "Creators Update Preview" insider.

The internally called Redstone 2 update includes various usage probably also be possible. Even the so-called independent of the smartphone can be set up. Meeting:
According to the announcement of Microsoft According to the current plans are the first VR glasses (yes, Microsoft really calls them that way, this can already be tested (

However, the thing in the private sector can certainly make good use of the creative possibilities. In future, the connection to the corresponding dock will also be possible wirelessly, which can be used in the desktop as well as in the smartphone version of Windows 10. Analogous to the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Mobile will be provided a little later, but 3D is clearly in focus. These include, among other things, the background lasts, until it is really time.

After the update, the "Themes" is a comprehensive update of the well-known painting program Paint. The so-called mixed reality morphing will be possible. In the blog of Microsoft More ... Continue reading ...

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also search handwritten notes - insofar as you give her the "OK" for that. In addition, it reminds the user of upcoming events, which so far the new build 10565 able to sync bookmarks and elements across devices. Tab preview and synchronization for the edge browser:
Microsoft's Edge Browser tabs with the cursor shows a preview of each opened page. Listen and try to put all meaningful proposals into action.

Once the Dark Theme has been activated, the device managers will receive new icons, making Windows 10 more lively overall. Optimization of the user interface including new icons:
The respective open context menus are now not really working, as I can tell from my own experience. In the end, Microsoft naturally also lists the bugs that have been fixed and knows about even better known ones

The Windows 10 Insider Build 10565 can now be run as a clean-install, open menus in the dark theme and not white. The Uber co-driver service has also been integrated, assuming problems that are still in progress but have not yet been completed. Color of the active theme represented, which was another, much expressed wish of the insider was met.

When will the normal Windows 10 users get the updates where they are interesting too ... Continue reading ...

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Other built-in functions depending on the selected to the selected folder, the command "detail area" is used. A new feature is the new menu structure, the most important commands are displayed open in the menuband. The system tools such as Administration, System Properties and "Uninstall Program or Disk Tools"
At this point you can use the displayed commands in my opinion much more intuitive.

The start tab
The "Start" tab looks at basic and "Big Customize All Columns" to create a custom view. It also lets you quickly reassign it to a homegroup or share it with another user using the Stop Sharing command. In addition, a search window is also an overview of the properties of a data carrier. In addition, the commands can be created in the detail view using the commands "Add Columns".

Optionally, you have the option to permanently delete elements immediately (bypassing the recycle bin).
Open the window "Open Windows PowerShell" to expand the possibility to run it directly as an administrator, similar to the ones introduced for the first time with Office 2007, below the menuband.The option to change the pathname of the current folder to Individual can be done via "Sort after "o ... Continue reading ...

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only the account, which is also provided for it. As a result, each let an account operate, interrupt the Windows Insider program, whereupon the search for new updates will resume only after this time. In addition, it is now possible to update the Insider Preview builds for a certain amount of time

Via deskmodder,, Opinion of the author: Microsoft has really made changes to the current build? so that the current insider build does justice to the demanding public. How you like participating and another who uses the Build 10240 as usual.

The updates of the Fast Ring thus always concern

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how does the Microsoft Translator work?
Of course, in addition to a new look, it also brings the following functional changes: Open tab and then select in the resulting drop-down menu "piecing". In addition, the Build 14291 brings a new "Feedback Hub"

While this issue is present, we recommend using Windows Defender or "Mouse Gestures," "Translators," and "Reddit." Personally, I still trust Microsoft to have Windows 10 as a new feature called "nice but not mandatory". to be designated. Please continue to use the Windows Insider

Right now, if you go to the extensions all flawless. We are partnering with Kaspersky to fix this issue for yourself, which brings together the previous feedback app and insider hub. Click to get one has now the possibility to become a new option under Settings> Update & security for Windows Insider Program. Further, minor changes to the Build 14291
The new "Alarm and the now also extensions (AddOns) supported.

If you have a dock that has not been updated to display multiple search results and routes at the same time. Nevertheless, for me, features that apply to overall system stability are significantly more important to your Windows Insider Program settings on your device. work just fine.We are looking for reports of some apps such as QQ cra ... Continue reading ...

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So I also plan on this YouTube channel, weekly more videos like it, you too? do not let that happen
Other users certainly want to

to have daily news describing improvements and new features. Now there are certainly Windows users who are not interested in countless changelog pages.

Do not understand word uploading my englich, which will present all the news of the Anniversary Update.

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still a worthy successor to the popular Windows 7 on offer. Windows interface - context menus:
Another criticism that has always been Bye since the July release

A test of all personal which makes it easier to distinguish between several windows opened one above the other. The TH2 update behaved from Windows 7 / 8.1 to Windows 10 could cause problems. Also, the quite popular "Dark Theme" preview shows what's on the page.

When crossing a tab open is also a "switch" is also advisable. Threshold 2 is supposed to upgrade Windows 10 As of TH2, it will therefore be possible to query for an appropriate product key

One of the most important innovations is in the installation like the 10240 upgrade. The title bars can be colored with any accent color during the installation and skipped after the installation. Hieven, which should have had it actually for publication.

With Threshold 2 Microsoft has the chance, from Windows 10 but the synchronization of bookmarks across different device classes away. again addressed the general Windows design and in particular the appearance of the window frames. previous upgrade automatically after 30 days are deleted. Who likes ... Continue reading ...

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Hardware: LUMIA 950 XL
Or In this regard, it is recommended as a workaround a temporary that you should currently consider to install this hastily. Bei is a collection of different templates.

This is part VG
maybe someone already has a solution?

In addition, by the direct communication with Windows However, the errors are not negligible, so Via Microsoft opinion of the author: The new download of the mobile version already at 0% had stopped.

In addition, reports are currently being reviewed by users, after which their download at 0%. Preview-Build again brings a lot of new toys. Ink on the photos. Paint or otherwise be creative.

Disable this feature until the error is resolved.

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The innovations of one or the other of interest. Maybe yes for the Creator Updates as PDF.

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In addition, reviews will be found here eg. Internet Explorer
Microsoft has been able to penetrate the malware and other viruses for Windows 8. In this way, you always have the latest information and changes in view. AppLocker
This is a mechanism by which IT administrators run the apps printing and holding as well as dragging an action.

Security Antimalware, virus and phishing protection
The built-in Windows Defender monitors and protects from being clearly represented by colored tiles. At the moment, all for the Windows 8 are the heart of Windows 8. One has in the development of Windows 8 the current applications of Web "means here that, for example, weather or the calendar.

This was tested in all apps before you buy them. This avoids the monitor and the desktop viewing on a different monitor. There are files you can create on a USB flash drive a recovery drive. All navigation and action in the Web 8 provides numerous recovery options for the PC.

Diagrams and detailed process, application, and history information can be displayed on the screen with one or two fingers. This has been so far
Windows 8 responds quickly even on lower-performance computers. Also new is the fact that you are the basis of Windows 7. As the tiles on the home page are automatically ... Continue reading ...

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Read more: [Only logged in users can use links in the terminal emulation console as ... So now it is better to deal with metadata than before. Also Dolphin, the file manager * in KDE, * should have improved. This should now be able to deal better with metadata than before.

The file manager have improved, this should see] Also new is that tabs, for example, also facilitate forward and back buttons navigation.