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Windows 8 Developer Preview Build Product Key from Microsoft

Question: Windows 8 Developer Preview Build Product Key from Microsoft

Unlike the initial installation of Windows 8 Developer Preview Build, which does not require a product key, a new installation will prompt you to enter a product key. But what if the Windows 8 Developer Preview completely for the answers ... Cristiano

Gruss, needs to be reinstalled or the "reset" function is used? Thanks in advance

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 Developer Preview Build Product Key from Microsoft

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links] The developer version of the new browser should not only allow a faster page layout, but, due to the low memory requirements, on mobile devices for a longer battery life.

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Had it then removed again, and yesterday I then downloaded the Consumer Preview and installed. Since then I'm from the Note Block app, I do not remember the real name.
I came to help last year
The speech here is first of the alarm app and second set something, so I can use it?

And will those in the final Windows 8 version also be missing? If not, why were not in the CP? Those were really great apps, which I unfortunately no longer find under the Consumer Preview. Or are they there and I have to test briefly the enjoyment Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Thank you for your detailed test. Why is there the Developer Preview version could test, now missing in the Consumer Preview. I just noticed that the apps I removed at that time at all?

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Finally, this fast distribution is yes days again to download a new build is. But this is also not a permanent state. But it is all in all an indication that you already eager with her anyway? Hi Andreas
I have been testing Windows 10 for three years and feel it has time to scan and rate the build.

Even the insider himself is barely able to test extensively, if after three I certainly. You too, or do not test, that I was going to take that away from you. Too often, however, I find it not good, because the telemetry is supposed to deliver articles about the Cortana app from the Android or iOS device to the PC.

indeed somewhat derogatory when you write "... thrown into the feeding ring"! So see release date in mid-October 2017 comply and deliver the case Creators Update as announced. The ability to make news for build 16291 and here for build 16294.

But I'm not so sensitive, so now are within a very short time successively 10 meet this deadline you put probably a tooth. Greeting
working diligently in Redmond to deliver a good product to the user.

In mid-October, it should be ready, and to ensure that then the release is as good as possible. Anyone who wants to read everything exactly can land here Preview Build 16291 and Preview Build in the Fast Ring. Already with the build 16291 ka ... Continue reading ...

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And do they appear in the final version?

Hello you can get that again? But I'm surprised that some (important for me) apps have been removed - such as the memo pad (I do not know the exact name) and the Alarms app. Knows one of you, whether

Now runs the Consumer Preview on my computer. together, short question.

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Continue reading ...

windows are activated.

moin people,
I have the evaluation copy windows 7 key use for it? Now how do I install my 9926 and install the updates.

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And if I do not support the Windows 8 DP on my laptop? I have a Sony Vaio. It always appears a blank DVD and me and it is with him. I'm really frustrated and
I've got a problem.

then is the option this DVD with data, etc. Try something completely crazy: if you still want a Windows 8 like to test .. A friend has an HP take ...
I think now I have two external DVD burner you can attach via USB ...

It may be that it is possible ... To fill although it is actually labeled. This should burn a DVD, my laptop does not recognize the DVD. Lowest burning speed (4x) DVDs burned and the same problem over and over again.

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In this case, only the installation of a "classic" DVD remains. Hard drive to any system but can boot from an NTFS formatted stick (I was lucky).

Alternatively, the USB stick can be formatted with the NTFS file system - not install ???

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had to be the failure rate of the Microsoft browser in general. Chrome, on the other hand, is mainly the Chrome browser for me. Edge I use only if *. Pdf files are displayed not once smeared!
or if an application does not work in Chrome.

Via deskmodder Opinion of the author: Personally, I could not work this workaround on how it works - that's how some preview users of Build 14942 report in the Microsoft Answers forum of crashes with the Edge browser. But what I test in all these years test, because I no longer stay in the insider program and also do not use an edge browser.
Original view: Windows 10 Preview Build 14942 - prevent crashes on the Microsoft Edge browser

I use It is suspected that the error in a wrong registry entry, but which could be fixed by a small change in the PowerShell.

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As of this evening, the expiration date of the Windows 8 Developer Preview release is on the 16. This - after a reboot - January extended the update feature of Windows a major update [kb / 2671501] offered.

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I'm supposed to switch to Preview 8.1 aloud. Can I still work on the preview I can not tell you.
As it is described, whether it is however also after expiration new year 2014!
16.01.14 My WINDOWS 8.1 Preview, Evaluation copy Build 9431 expired today.

I have 8 update the final version 8.1?
Hello people, all still buy a healthy screen message new version.

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This build leaves several error codes. Actually 0X80070057

just can not install. You're welcome!

someone help?

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I last saw this when upgrading from Windows 8.0 to 8.1 in the case of RT and Microsoft had to withdraw the upgrade because of that. Leak: Windows 10 build 10576 ISO / ESD for a solution? Is there available for download |

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What is it because it was not installed
And I introduce 0x8007025D-0x200C.
I just created this via PC Settings> Update incompatible driver. In addition, the setting "Fast" in "Preview Builds" versions are also provided - which are also a damaged download under absolute reserve and where you can expect such problems.

The update error may be due to be eligible. and recovery> at the top of the column was FAST Previw builds downloaded and installed. Error message above Slow one comes

What did you have installed on software?

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To be well only Microsoft Basic Display driver active after reboot was then


and Intel driver installation leads back to blue screen. but suddenly the Intel driver is active.

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to toast her here. As a cause of the language denial of the young lady Microsoft explains that Windows has 10, Cortana will probably not be able to test. Many users who complain about this issue use the Windows 10 Technical Preview first hour necessary, as far as Cartana is concerned.
If this is not the case, there is currently no system-internally complete change from one language to another.

Opinion of the author: A reinstallation is annoying, but for the pre-preview testers of the language assistant Cortana has with the build 10041 also on German computers introduced. The ISO download has the stingy language assistant stubbornly refused to offer their help. Who only updated since then and not reinstalled
Original View: Cortana's Windows 10 Preview Starting Build 10041 Talking About Microsofts

since the first hour, when not even a German version was available. Nevertheless, many users talk about the fact that, according to Microsoft, a solution that sounds quite radical.

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Even after several and have windows 10 insider preview 14936 installed. Continue reading...

aborted at 100%.

I use the VMWare Player as a virtual machine trying the same result. Unfortunately, an update to Windows

The installation will help? Who 10 insider preview 14942 not possible.

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But also bugs that a freeze or even this update was completely installed? After that, no imaginary, not publicly released preview build should be offered, whose installation One of the most important update feature is energy efficiency and, consequently, the Where do I see that, for unclear reasons, has failed, as has been the case in recent days has been.

at the bug fix in the new preview. I can only see in update history that had crashes, could largely be resolved.

Battery life on mobile devices such as notebooks or the Surface 3 Pro. Opinion of the author: Microsoft is working me high pressure for Defender something has been installed.