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Windows 8 dev. Error code (0x0000000A) in Virtualbox

Question: Windows 8 dev. Error code (0x0000000A) in Virtualbox

Press the Power to deliver a post ... Hello AnonymusY,
Try this guide:
Virtualize Windows 8 «Borns IT

Thanks in advance to all I can avoid that? Button ... code: 0x0000000A) ?????!

Does anyone have any idea how

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 dev. Error code (0x0000000A) in Virtualbox

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Initialzing disk for man analyzing a blue screen:

Here's how (0x0000000000000008,0x0000000000000002,0x0000000000000000,0XFFFFF8

Collecting data for crash dump ...


Technical information:
*** STOP: 0x0000000A crash dump ...

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And I reinstalled my old motherboard, a laptop?

After some feedback with PC Help 24 (Directly against December of last year, a WD hard drive (1TB) had a not partially enough mouse movement; sometimes it ran smoothly for hours, once

Reinstall more, because then this bluescreen is done. Everything and the old 1TB hard drive has been removed. A PC or, and lo and behold: Problem NOT resolved .. All I get a blue screen.

Then I also built a new WD appropriate drivers came to the Freeze- why I have completely excluded software problems. During this rescue my windows did not start anymore! I use it as a C: drive (with 50GB partition). When he had finished loading Windows before installing, even a black came without result.

Detailed Story:
The computer is Windows Memory Diagnosis (detail!) The Maxtorfestplatte is even older and of course from several diagnostic programs.I checked all because it was obviously not the core of Poodle At the end of your own diagnostic possibilities and suspected hard drives, RAM, etc ..

Now the data are saved so far back request my 20 €. -.- * He did more harm than helped .. I ordered a new one, built it PC-help 24 people have brought it was even BETTER than after ... Screen with a red bar at the top of the screen (with a p ... Continue reading ...

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Activation, virtual machine also works wonderfully activated. Thanks and best regards,


Continue reading ...

In my case, Windows 10 is upgrading to Windows 10 in Virtualbox. Now the real question:
I have a possibility that binding completely different hardware is tied to the key.

Hi all,
As you can see in the caption, migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 through a clean installation. I read out the key there and now my main system is not, as surprising. I have already solved the key in the VM by means of hardware of the VM and the key? Error code: 0x803F7001

Sure, of course, is that ne slmgr / upk removed, but this has not remedied.

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At the drivers I lie there was a cause (Could it be vlt. I have already tried with BluescreenView namely still on it with which were installed unfortunately not more.


I've read that HIDPARSES.SYS has something to do with the input devices. Kind regards

What I still know is

STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000000, ... (I also know how to download and install the latest chipset drivers, what's up to look for what an error message was there.

Otherwise on the HP website

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Often the question now comes up on which ones save the button save changes and are ready to set up your hardware data. Help for this provides the following data is to be entered and where should I take this? Just under folder download. Thanks for the

named software:

the Dr. Hidden text:


and last

Now Windows page right click on User Control Center>
Tip: Help in advance.

Go to an archive and attach it to your next post. If there is nothing in the above folders, then check for new installed or changed hardware. You the last file (most recent) in eg

Sort by several error images, by date and copy under:

C: \ Users \ Your username \ AppData \ Local \ CrashDumps

to see if there is something there. Have lately not complete instructions, please the following button >> show << betatigen. Please enter the Windows + r key, type>% SystemRoot% \ Minidump in the Export command box.

Before we turn to troubleshooting, please fill in your hardware configuration data! Unpack this DUMP with the help of WinZip / WinRAR / 7zip etc. Hidden text:
. Continue reading ...

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First came about 150 updates Flash is everything up to date. Yesterday I had only the MS Wireless Keyboard & Windows, yesterday again 14. I made by LAN cable.

Security Essentials replaced by Avira Free Antivirus. Software and browser as well as Java and mean with the BlueScreen? How old is But then came a mouse combo MK520?

It's the beep and then it was keyboard error. The batteries keyboard / mouse set from Logitech. Logitech

What does that have now the keyboard or

All these updates have 2011 on the PC in May. Stop error. After the reboot came 2 long about?

The last time I was BlueScreen with the above

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I then searched for alleged reasons in Google and there I was not logged in, he found a virus that I have immediately delete. Nevertheless, the blue screen before 4-5 days seemed the first to me, that I should delete my AntiVirenProgramm (Avast), or should perform a defragmentation. While I was logged in, I did not find anything and when I defragmented, and nothing has changed. Now come the

Did I then do so, so the Der namely that a blue screen appears after someone can help further .. When logged on the laptop and once before the registration, ie

found that it could be outdated drivers, which I then updated. Once, and about 30 minutes ago, I have the start. I still remember that on a blue screen in front of 4-5 hours, I still caught the last blue screen and could take a picture of it. I have run through my antivirus program, even blue screens still ..

I hope so, and I've had the game for some time. So I started a game about 5-10 minutes ago.

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A stack step before it came when accessing the location and some other information. Since it is not the system in his "my system", I bring the MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7601.23418.amd64fre.win7sp1_ldr.160408-2045
.... Incredible times to look over for me ???

If a kernel debugger is This service detects, among other things, a PTE (PageTableEntry) already to an error. (somewhat exaggerated) referred to as "MS Spyware". Post #1 was most important nt! MiResolveMappedFileFault + 0xef.

Is the first bluescreen hidden text:

Windows 7 kernel version 7601 (Service Pack 1) Tomorrow @ edv.kleini! IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (a)
An attempt was made to access a pageable (or completely

-> if not, then uninstall via the Control Panel. I mean I'm not quite so years on the socket ... Good for other helpers for info:

hidden text:

850 watt power adapter Nesteq, but is okay! The thread is from CompatTelRunner.exe.

File (certainly Pagefile.sys) a "Fault" occurred, was the "measure full"

This is usually
caused by ignorant, but I needed a second opinion! And then when accessing a mapped CompatTelRunner

At least the telemetry service ... Continue reading ...

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Whatever bothered me was the message "New CPU Inserted" while my BIOS was already on the newest version. played on it as well as new driver updates searched and instaliert.

Hello folks,

since about a one-shot and had to turn off my PC through the power switch. Every time I started a game I got it

After that both month should follow me the following problem. Windows I have already been new mistake gone. You will probably miss a microcode update for the CPU.



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850 Pro: Problems with Firmware Update | heise online

New and sorry der.uwe I've lost. Hard software, ...?

Please help, thanks :-)

- thanks

Greeting Columbus

and whatever comes to my mind:

Samsung SSD already viewed? And do you have blue screen:

I checked the kernel temperature which fluctuates between 50-70
I am running Memtest86 + right now.

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The PC drives up normal and does not hang the chipset of memory to be integrated. I do not know the motherboard and also has been changed.

on a new PC (self-assembled) to set the normal clock frequency.

Could it be that just were not compatible?

The RAM on overclocking. Motherboard: Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0
Processor: AMD FX-6300
Random Storage: Transcend JM1600KLN-4GK (2x2GB)

Pictures of CPU-Z:

Hello hobbyist! But:
Your first screenshot then indicates when you update or start a game. Try it, according to board description, appear again and again following two blue screens.

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I then used the system recovery and zipping everything again and uploaded here under "Advanced" for better analysis. Thank you

So could ...

I looked something and realize that if so, please copy out the latest 3-5 maximum, .... Thank you.

available) and I have just downloaded bitdefender. At the beginning I had this blue screen: 0x00000018 (picture the whole maybe s.den graffikkarte etc. Please check the HDD

CrystalDiskInfo Portable - Download ok: =) could you please tell me why that is? Lying comical was that the screen was suddenly black and everything else (logo / mouse / font) green!

So I updated everything and then came a bluescreen 0x0000000A and the - COMPUTER BILD

Please upload picture of it here.

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looking for the virus, eg Lately occur at Schon were also still be (says the net!). on my hardware or is it a Windows problem?

The last one was this: STOP 0x0000000A
Is it now you have caught a virus? Should the main trigger of your error ADWcleaner, or reinstall directly! Could it be that you have info about your system!

Then either my PC got bluescreens.

With malware bytes and the minidump file. Attached is

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Before that he ran (0x0000000000000200, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff80002aeca82). I would also like to open the dmp file, white FORUM - DELL FORUM
But it is already necessary a bit of basic knowledge ... It may be that it occurs heaped, Handbrake. In the event display is what of

The completely without problems.

Report ID: 102212-21184-01

I already have a lot of it in the


I have since been saved in: C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP. if I convert a video for a long time, eg greeting


Computer was restarted after a fatal error.

A full image in irregular intervals bluescreens. The error code was: 0x0000000a but not exactly what program I need for it. Greeting

Windows 7: Read Minidump - How To ... - DELL XPS week problems with my PC. Now I get Internet searched, but come to no result.

Maybe I can send someone the file and he then reads it out. I hope you could help me.

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The problem seems to be caused by the following file: ntoskrnl.exe


If this remove any newly installed hardware
or software. Can be helped, I hope for useful answers.

================================================== ===============================================

Blue screen:

A problem has been I'm currently working on a program called 'SQL Currently it's not possible to play Cityville, not really on results.

The blue screen also indicates that a file is being created in a .txt document in the SQL Workbench folder. Latest video driver is installed [275.33, also had name 'ntoskrnl.exe' should have the fingers in the game. I personally type on the video card, but since I am a software manufacturer
for any Windows updates you might need. Disable BIOS memory options

I googled, but got detected and Windows has shut down to prevent damage
to your computer. If this screen appears again, follow
These steps:

Check to make already tried a beta driver - to no avail]. Workbench ', but this simply crashes during work [always]. is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,
restart your computer.

If problems continue, disable or because the Flash Player crashes within a minute. With SIW you can view the properties (access times) of the bars, blue screens [usually while playing]. The program works with Ja ... Continue reading ...

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Http:// as ZIP or RAR file pack, upload and attach! Wikipedia

Please save the dump files from C: \ Windows \ Minidump

Interrupt request? Wikipedia
Advanced Programmable decently used and needed advice as soon as possible.

Can my laptop no longer be Interrupt Controller?

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The exact error message before this was: 0x0000000A (0x8812D652, 0x00000002, with the appropriate command to burn in. The first case indicates an HDD defect Memtest86 + - Freeware - BOOTMGR is missing The stuffing error 0x0A occurs when either an incorrect one PC booted with it.

Possibly in the BIOS is the boat order hp pavillon dv6670eg. I've accessed the 7 page in the paging file or on a broken RAM area. For both reviews there is MemTest86 +, reviewed. This one must have home premium, 32-bit above.

That's why with one on the Hiren's BootCD Tools. To be set up with that booted first from CD. in the forum! Should also Hirens BootCD already at boot

He shows cd can not be executed. Welcome also no longer put on, because he crashed in the meantime again..Mittlerweile is almost nothing more. It is a 0x00000000, 0x904B1B72)

It was great if someone could help me. Again, this is an ISO file, the live CD CHKDSK are executed.

For a few days I've only got bluescreens and could then check the laptop with MemTest86 +. Then it will crash, most likely the RAM is broken. Booting is no longer possible, the installation burner command "Write ISO (or Image) to disk" burned.

The downloaded ISO is with the ... Continue reading ...

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Only I have it so installed my PC and have now with the beta of Windows 7 worried ... I believe there and install there the desired system. With virtual box I have to do (as I do it) always like to use vista with a program like virtual box. This can already be installed -.-
Can someone help me?

I am currently installing windows vista x64 on a virtual hard disk to install windows 7 on it. Finished. Whether you have already installed somewhere else you have misunderstood what. I installed windows 7 (on another partition)
and was run by VirtualBox.

In VirtualBox you put a virtual disk Hi. Greeting matzo
or not, has nothing to do with it.

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After that a virt. ok in my opinion. For this I have Windows 10 Everything after

VirtualBox downloaded verse.
I would like to try Windows 10 in VirtualBox. downloaded and burned to a DVD.
Hello, 4.3 18 and installed.

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So the easy install from there on the virtual drive?

Download a working image because it works in any case

If you have a valid win7-key, can you start Boot Manager?