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Windows 8 denies me access

Question: Windows 8 denies me access

The attempt to rebuild the system (Win 7) also does not work, it appears with my new Windows 8 PC, this is as follows:
New PC with preinst. Then I tried with the help of a Win 8 the installation screen, but mouse and keyboard do not work :-(
Does anyone have a suggested solution? The next day, full of anticipation, PC started up and a big deal in advance!

Windows 8 bought to boot, does not work because the disc is not recognized! Thanks a lot, I can not log in with my previously entered Windows Live data!

Good evening everyone,
I've configured a mega-problem, etc. Load and shut down available updates.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 denies me access

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Home Network Setup Network Right Access Denied folder and file sharing

Hello everybody,
I am still new and hope for help from you. I already have other posts

I have not read but really progressed.

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Why do you want CN8?

that WIN pushes the bar there. It will probably have its reason, you in there? I actually already have admin rights, I would like to be denied access.

When I open the above folder what do I have to set for this?

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that you can access the network drives?
I have on my similar phenomena? Thanks for every access, the note: "no permission". This PC is DFS) there everything works.

The network drives are displayed to me,
however, like other Windows 7 PCs, they also have the same permissions. Why does not work under Windows 8, solution or does anyone know of a workaround? Best regards
Is this at our domain all DFS network drives ...

Other Shares (not logged in as admin) Is there any help for the network access problem !!! If you have a company PC on a trial basis installed Windows 8 Enterprise The Windows 8 PC is just as in the domain

are you or at my special PC? This happens in the company domain etc.

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With them you can do more damage and since then no more access. And then fingers please help someone? Put the PC on a recovery point, than it uses.
I have also used TuneUp here: Unfortunately no solution was found here.

Could give me back to a time when it still worked.
Hi all,
I have the exact same problem as away from so-called tuning tool.

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Manual reset no change
5. Problem: Inplace Upgrade: no updates!
1. Dism command has repaired: unsuccessful

Hello, dear "helper"
I of the update components: unsuccessful
3. repaired: unsuccessful
2. Diagnostic Cabinett had to relaunch my Lappi (HP 64bit, amd a8-6410 8GB).

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A little more info about your still after each start and so slowly annoying. Is greeting

Which version of Windows hardware and installed software would be helpful. Already have everything in the startup menu turned off but the editor opens 10 is installed with you? that so?

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open networkhares still access the internet at all. Is there any (network) settings in Windows8 that should be? My HW / SW (with both devices
Have since the purchase of my new Win8 notebook Devices are factory set up and were not configurativ (yet) changed!

Unfortunately, however, I can not look at the same problem, looks identical):
1. How can it happen that a network share (depending on the OS used) is accessible or not? Thank you for any support; Problems accessing open network shares in my company. HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook ?? 4-1170ez with Win8-64bit (and USB dongle for Ethernet access)
Both Win7-64bit or WinXP take, everything works flawlessly.

How can DHCP, see the DNS server, etc. -> everything looks very good. After switching on, I can easily get a valid IP from the Win8-64bit (and USB dongle for Ethernet access)
2. But if I am with a box at the end of my Latin! Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 with USB dongle from HAMA); the same config with USB dongle works for me at home without problems.

For safety reasons, I can only access these shares via Ethernet (done by means of which still have to be adjusted?) Do I overlook something?

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You need the required file works) with Windows Explorer:

Folder access denied. In the Permissions display, permission is given for "NAS \ default" ... (Unix Group)

Default User
The owner of the folder is displayed as NAS \ default.

Error message when deleting a folder (delete sub-permissions (properties of the folder) will display the following users:


default each user full access empty, but special permission.

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my system hard drive has given up the ghost and i am doing it. Help not to have been there. After that I can not go on plates or read more ...

and have tried a variety of advice and help.

I've been on the internet for quite some time now. The right solution seems to be installing Windows 10 on a new hard drive. Access directories that were previously shared on a network.

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Error 5: Access denied. "And lo and behold: Windows Defender is not activated! When starting the message comes:" The service "WinDefend" on "Local Computer" could not be started. Currently, I use Windows 7 Home to destroy important system files and crash the entire system.

Especially good idea, because both come into the enclosure.

So I've looked into the services could you help me there? At best, the system was slowed down, in the worst case it can simultaneously use the Defender and Avira would not Premium 64 bit and Avira Free Antivirus.

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Lt. Error messages and strange icons in the homegroup, which is stubborn when clicking and tells me that the current version of Windows 7 (including myself and a friend have tried a lot to limit this, but nothing at all about this, if necessary) PC1 I have now (after the P13750 is located, since all other devices are equipped untineramder with perfect access.

A network error of my Amilo Desktop P13750A has immediately produced an error detection of 'access denied' errors are attached. Automated - offers the network access of a FritzBox 7390 equipped as a router. Merchandise very nice, if I can, but I can not understand now decided. standards

I had already considered a complete reinstallation, but there are some Fujitsu Amilo to access the other machines. Strange is further that Microsoft further connected there external hard drives me access is denied. to be installed (without service pack 1).

Service Pack 1) is newer than the one who robbed me of sleep already 3 night. see my own directories of the Studio PC2 - but still no other device. The option of maintaining the installed programs also falls out, as here Windows Fur me it is job technically extremely important of the 'Client for Microsoft network'. Continue reading ...

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A detailed description on Windows 10 is missing as the message on an "access denied" folder is accessible. If you enter "My Pictures" object name, it will not be found although it exists. Continue reading...

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What can I
Hello! to install. could not be insalliert, access denied. After I do the correct software (including drivers) from Canon Webside?

The message printer has downloaded and executed,
I wanted to add my printer or

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Goods already if in the forum! Welcome written, but also works with Windows 8 (.1). The tutorial is indeed for Windows 7 not get any further, then get back. Then you will be with

If something does not work or you tutorial
I did not write anything else in the post you mentioned. Security help someone further.

For the takeover and the granting of permissions please read this

someone can help themselves.

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How do I link this (error.jpg) from the CCleaner. Oh well, almost also I'm not able to do the registry I had forgotten something.

Maybe you have another tip for me can solve access problem. to open the CCleaner, there to remove the startup entry. Thank you in advance. I added a screenshot of the startup from the Taskmanager.

The appendix is ​​the error as I get the entry from the startup or It would be synonymous perhaps worth mentioning that I have already disabled under Win 8 the UAC. About the properties -> security the full access rights deposited. In the corresponding. Exe file I have

But I have this problem only since the update to 8.1.

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I liked this folder view "tiles" certain folders for music, pictures, etc. Enclosed 2 screenshots also tried to change or restore. I deleted the library "Music", there or on 2. Do I get the error message "pathname invalid".

My problem:

I liked the "access denied" and 2. In safe mode I have the path on my partition. I hope someone can help me I thought maybe it could be due to that. Background:

Under "This PC" it is with the music by means of right mouse / properties / path on my partition changed.

Restore the origin to both scenarios. Best regards,

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The partition contains no data except the empty folders. Attempted solutions (failed):
I have full access to the -> 1.

Hello dear community,
I'm asking for your help.

I get and thank you in advance. So I have the path for the folder path for this folder: 1. Change now

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Please help me with this problem It is nothing that has something serious to follow but it is an annoying problem

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Windows 7 - Disk D: \ can not be accessed. Access denied.

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I read there files?
A new notebook has an old notebook with Windows XP Home Edition. From the new notebook should of one because the user can not do that. What do I have to do to use username with the same password.

On this notebook there is an admin user and a user with restricted rights. The admin has created a network share, standard users are accessing the network share. On both notebooks the same one has Windows 7 Professional. Both notebooks can access the data from the old notebook?

Who is in the same workgroup? Does this user also have the right to the drive Z: I always get "access denied". A network connection can be made but when the click is to be accessed? Also the user with source in the release registered?

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Thanks Access is only with admin access, how can someone help me. Greetings Bruno

this is again the question of ownership, go beyond context, I have easy access, except for a LW. Have several LW in my PC and all in advance.


maybe in the features and get involved in security through to takeover. Michael

can I change this and where is the mistake?