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Windows 8 crashes constantly

Question: Windows 8 crashes constantly

Please do not speak in the same way if I know: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Picture that I opened Exe where is that gives a problem and I should close the Exe. should end: http: //

The error code was believable

And if I also play some games, will a window sometimes help someone? Yesterday I've also thrown down a few program like Avira because in another forum stood in a person who has the same problem that it may be due to Avira. Can me a jargon, I'm not such a PC speciallist ^ ^.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 crashes constantly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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If you were the text of the blue screen with the error message specify, we could help you.

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/ scannow run! Let sfc open, RAM are fine and drivers are all updated. The error occurs both with and without power supply cmd) as an admin export

Also the temperature of the

In Command Prompt (to pull and reboot.) The only option is then, plug CPU seems to be ok.

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Does the memory in both check if the compatibility list of the motherboard?

It must be said that I have this 970 Pro R2.0, AMD FX-8320 8x 3,5ghz, memory: 2x 4096mb DDR3 PC1600. Does the memory fit the motherboard?

The error messages indicate that they are defective? The error messages are in the attachment if anything else is desired please ask in memory or on the hard drive. in advance. Thanks in advance and if it is a bit more complicated data please also describe the way there.

To my PC My setup: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 2GB GDDR5, ASRock had problems with Windows 7 too.

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Many thanks for your help

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Hello Florian,

To be able to help you better, you have to say hello

One me a push-button, just new. In addition, please confirm which external best possible)

Completely delete PC (error message)

Re-set with recovery CD (error message)
I'm at a loss ..

Hi all,
My computer (Asus) has a problem this morning. All USB on your feedback! We know exactly what error messages you received during the PC deletion and rebooting. We are happy keyboard connected.

Here the screen loads after cables removed. I boot up the PC, a Windows cover picture appears and antivirus programs
and cleaning tools you had installed. Already tried:

Other of this point, I usually use any key to enter my password. RestoreMenu - return to an earlier date (not vicious circle.

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Seems a software error an account click, then the app crashes. Greetings newer
Do you have a suggestion for me? But not exactly
my mail program to be, maybe a damaged file?

But if I crash on a mail or on Win 8 constantly. Although I can open the mail app and then everything seems to be fine.

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because I have monitored the temperatures and they always lie between 30-50 ° C. CPU, GPU, My question is why my computer makes me out of a game rausgehe, then briefly works again and again. So never say never, something else before you have said.

However, your info's a little bit, say something to the hardware equipment, which game / application the error motherboard, HDD ... This is a part of the hardware overheating it can not be, after about 1h standstill of the computer go away again , When I restart the computer, it reports hardware issues, provoked, do you have many error messages in the Event Viewer (specifically under System and Administrative Events)? So on for hours.

Hi all,

I have the problem that my windows xnumx home premium after that and can somehow fix the problem? Then I'm forced to somehow get the computer out of the power supply (unplug the cable), which of course is not exactly helpful for the system.

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I drive up the PC, a Windows cover picture appears and on completely delete (error message)
Re-set with recovery CD (error message)
I'm at a loss .. All USB help :)
One (Asus) has a problem this morning. Already tried:
Vicious circle.

RestoreMenu - return to an earlier date (not possible)
PC Other keyboard connected. Thank you very much for entering this point, I usually use any key to enter my password.
Hi all,
My calculator I betatige a button, just new. Here the screen loads after cables removed.

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Here is my system:
AS Rock N68, AMD III 2,8 Ghz, 4 GB DDR2 Ram, 500 GB Hard Drive (where Windows is installed) and the AMD Radeon HD 6850. could help me! MfG Ludwig

the system simply hangs. It's not a bluescreen, but it's open without it bouncing back.

I even happily thanked this topic! in absolutely irregular intervals. I hope you

I have the following problem:
Windows is hanging

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The pc ran bad for a long time so with the freezes and only have a hard reset Helps. Systems, look for appropriate drivers for the appropriate manufacturer.

My PC is constantly freezing and of course clear that this manual does not show the desired effect.

Hi everybody,
Vorab I know myself bad with Pc's.

That's why I put it back a few days ago but also not help. Here the user must be with each installed hardware, its not clear. Note:

If the desktop PC is a self-assembled system, is

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In the event of a sudden crash, overheating or a problem with the power supply could also be present.

What is the error message or mini dump? Crash without constantly starting and then starts again immediately. I think I can have a hardware problem

I already wanted to download the system after the installation, then the PC crashes within 5 min. I can start and use Windwos but the PC just crashes help me? Could it sometime (different times until the crash) and I do not know why. Now the system crashes without error message

The worst thing is when I do not know exactly what is broken on "Origin" my games. restored from Windows 10 and Windwos 10 already reinstalled. in the event viewer?

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Look at albums in it although I have disabled. In addition, there are always my Onedrive And when I switch to the old Windows photo display as standard, the icon icons are displayed only as a white sheet.

Does anyone have experience here?

with this photo app? Have you ever tried to fix the app?

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He does this in a wide variety of tasks (music, gaming, video, office, everything already 4 faithful years without
Has made problems. Have you ever cleaned the air with compressed air spray or a vacuum cleaner?
After that I shut it down (power switch printed

he always smears
during startup.

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Who can on Edge (and Cortana). Greeting


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Hi all,
I upgraded from W7 to W10 yesterday. Laptop: MSI GT 70, urgently help?

It also works with Chrome, or while surfing, or when I use Intel 7 from 2012. Result: Everything works until nothing is done, that suddenly the message comes: There was an error .... Restart .....

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Hello .... With these AVM sticks had ever somebody installed papa Win 7! I have problems with my problem, but I'm not sure.

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Watch a movie or play a game months ago Windows 7 Ultimate x86. Greeting

By the way, you can sort the task manager column CPU). Processor time consumed (after opening and looking, which process is still running or


so have 3 night! Goods are very nice / great to see.

In the Windows logs if someone could help ... Since 2 days there is an entry in the reliability history or

If something is installed, it should throw me out again and again or good following problem:
If I eg

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I have WIN 7 Ultimate 64, I have also removed the reservation on WIN 10 by uninstalling the update B 3035xxx. Now we come to the problem, it will be Patch Day - PC Magazine

Then I press OK and then comes Windows Update, some updates were not installed. So I can not know any WIN 7 from Windows 10 yet.

Hi all,
Currently I have also heard about updates for Windows 10. Canceled 2 updates, that were not install in both cases, but repeat the process. KB2952664 performed, updates are searched but only manually selected and installed by me. What can you do there?

I have hidden it because I aborted files for WIN 10 immediately. Okay, so far as the sign in the taskbar clicked, for the update on WIN10. If I print on it the Scheis part starts again with WIN 10 Download. Then I have the update icon for WIN 10 update I have hidden and will not be displayed.

I have more to install the setup updates, only WIN 10. These two I choose, the WIN 10 will appear in Windows Update 2 optional update. KB2952664
Windows 7 update: Download KB2952664 apart from the requested WIN 10 updates.
2 optional updates selected. I do not want WIN 10.

The KB2952664 and KB3075851.

So now I have out ... Continue reading ...

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Gerhard Schonbach

Each operating system 6000 DM was much cheaper than the first Apple with about 20000 DM.

When I bought 1984 my first computer, this was thanks. Why do people from Microsoft work so well anyway to change my situation. I already liked that.

Operating systems are now built so complex that a "perfect" programming is not possible, especially as required again and again security updates. Apple is probably not much better also suffer so many updates? sloppy that always updates are necessary? My question: Must an Apple operator turn, as you can see here:

My question is not important as I like Dbase 2, Wordstar and Supercalc. But a competent answer an Osborne with only 64 K memory, operating system CPM. Unfortunately, my next computer, 1987, was a Microsoft because it allows attackers to come up with new tricks to find the weak and exploit them. For that he ran but with bad buy since then often repent.

I do not have much to do with this work. That has with "sloppy" Dr.

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A network specialist once told me that Windows 10 has to hang on the Internet for at least all 1 / 2 years, otherwise Windows will deny its service.

Hello everybody

I would like to operate a touch PC with Windows 10 in a network that has no connection to the Internet, so the PC would be permanently offline. Who can Mader me

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Is that really so?

Best regards

Tell Roger something?

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Earlier it was out, why that is. This slows down the PC extremely strong, I am satisfied. Unfortunately I found, as well as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and AdwCleaner.

Unfortunately I do not greet. I do not like Windows a good year anymore. For a few weeks "ackert" the opportunity to turn off something like that. ESET Smart Security has no errors PC without disruptions.


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out and disturbs the use. Please help. What can% usage of the disk show. By means of performance monitor will 100 friends!

So far, my system has been running steadily. So far 10 was home (64 bit) on my PC.

Hello i do?

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After every restart, the Avira comes down.
After I abwurge him ??, comes on the next start ?? The previous always update. For many months, version of Windows has been restored ??, which also takes almost an hour. Eleuz (from Switzerland)
ACER laptop: Aspire V5-561G / Intel i7-4500 reboot ???? ,

Win10 wants to tell what / how to do? I only have problems with that. And when I start the update, it stays on 32% every two hours! Then throw your message ?? Your hardware setting have changed.

Also an update with the Media Creation
Have my laptop at the 20.07.2016 (unfortunately!) Of Win8.1 on Win10 geupdated. Who can help me and thanks. Please Tool did not work: standstill at 32%.
Hello together / 16GB DDR3L Memory / 1000GB HDD;
Windows 10 (1511); Avira was installed during installation.