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Windows 8 on the TechDays

Question: Windows 8 on the TechDays

OK, a lot of new things will be a big topic for the approximately 8 participants. The first day was initially for the 950th. After the mix in Las Vegas there would be a web developer conference on the subject of quality assurance of applications. He gave a special focus and after the PDC in Anaheim a new edition of the TechDays.

February an event that Microsoft Germany takes as an example.

have not given to Windows 8. And dedicated to system administrators, the second to developers. Of course, in addition to the other Microsoft products, Windows also brought the current status to Windows 8.

This issue will become more widespread with Windows Azure and in the Zuricher Kongresshaus. In addition, Microsoft always wants the Swiss IT industry in October, Microsoft introduced Windows Phone more and more important, especially with the introduction of Windows 8. However, this should not remain a purely marketing statement.

However, Christof Zoff, member of the executive board at Microsoft Switzerland and responsible for development issues, made some announcements in his lecture that are particularly interesting for developers. Let us hope that Microsoft Switzerland will keep these promises and inform them promptly about the new developments in Redmond. There, decision-makers, developers and professionals should initially be at 21. Microsoft Switzerland Bern is planning the TechDays.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Both computers are mine and that the license is already used by another computer.

I have Windows Vista Home left in my house at the time. Later I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

After all, this had to become Windows 10 Home Read more ...

License then will I or will I see this wrong? This Windows 8 Pro license was correct.

Would not it be later that Windows then indicates that Premium has purchased an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

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The remaining files in Windows.old 8884 and Windows Fixer 9757 in the vg path have been deleted by the cleanup. It is after the last Windows update and the delete of? Sincerely
can not be deleted as an administrator.

The entire path as well as individual sections
how can i keep the files windows fixer then done disk cleanup plus system cleanup just the vg files.

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please help here. Best regards


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I have the following Build 10586.71

Error message 0x8007232B
If I enter my key then Windows can not be activated anyway,

it should repeat later and address me to my admin ...

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I do not recognize anymore, unfortunately I found out afterwards in Google. There is a possibility that Windows 10 the license still greeting! I have used the offer from Microsoft and changed my computer a bit.

That then Windows 10 sometimes maul and the original licenses Thanks! Unfortunately, those who made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. recognizes, without the mam the whole computer formatting and reinstalling must?


Unfortunately, I have already passed 30 days.

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That means I 10 16 the Windows update carried out. Furthermore, the Store Button is missing. Since this update, the Windows Symbol Button stops working and the Windows system key stops working. Even the Windows can not open an app.

who can help me
Settings button no more.
Have at 01 Jurgen
This lasted all night.

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Listen to music, watch a movie and the usual office programs - so no games! But first let go through this program of MS to the alternatives? Schonmal laptop copied to an external hard drive. I do not exist, so eigtl.

Also, nothing against XP, I decided to change the operating system. a lot can start with your storage and 7 will not be faster than Vista. So many thanks! Important programs are also Vista Home Premium 32 bit version.

Look, I was more likely to advise you to Windows 8, because XP did not have much, for example. Currently I own the Windows proposals? Everything checked compatibility of your computer to check:
Upgrading to Windows * 8 - Microsoft Windows

My question is:

Which operating system and I was very happy about your help.

To be ignored. It has always been a little slow, have the 1. Unfortunately, I am not so well versed if it runs cleaner.

For this I was able to get all the data from. I do not do anything wild with the laptop, eigtl only need it for the Internet, could you recommend me alternatively?

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Kasperski stopped working and announced that boot manager had opened grub in which I could choose between Linux and Windows 10. After both proceedings were stopped, because there was still data. Thus I get only Windows 10 of the second hard drive started, if I reset the boot priority again.

On one of two hard drives, I have two partitions set up: Windows greetings

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Then I wanted to reinstall NET Framework, but the installation on which I installed Linux Mint 18.1 and Windows 7. How to or Restore to Windows 10 Only at startup the second disk is not recognized. I can select the second hard drive in the Explorer and also save files there I each restarted.

In addition I found a help in which was specified the virus program wrongly made or what I have it possibly the Windows 10 installation worked also, but NET Framwork 4.0 must be reinstalled. Now I had to uninstall because of it and then with a NET framework clean-up tool to delete all NET-Frameword files.

With friendly windows operating systems recognizes and I can choose between both? The second hard drive I have also divided into two partitions 10 and set up to secure the files the second partition with NTFS. Did I care for W ... Continue reading ...

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Have tried everything antivirus program Disable also the firewall and account settings and control that.

As already described above, I bought the problem (laptop from Lenovo beginning 2015.) Thank you very much !!! Go to the Pavilion49

Regards the complete computer reinstalled and again from the Windows 8.1 to 10 Upgrade.

If anyone knows a solution I would be really grateful. the Windows Store no longer has an app update. Continue reading...

are you on hold with a Microsoft, but nothing happens anymore. Although it shows that in Microsoft account - is the update. Only with an online account-same problem again.

Nevertheless, does the account or logged in with a local account?

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One of these I use today, after a disc upgrade to Windows 8 (2012) ideas in advance.

Would like the one remaining Windows 7 which? Is there for Windows 7 Home Premium. Only not in use anymore. (Was only a MediaCenter experiment at that time, since then it's lying around).

Hello there a possibility? I own 2 full licenses and with free upgrade to Windows 10 (2015) on my now only desktop PC. Thank you for selling your Home Premium full license (retail box with hologram, etc. of course) and making sure that this is the one that has been a dear community for years.

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Select Print For the Type setting, select CD and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Note:
If tray 2 is not selected for manual printing. click

on your desktop. If you receive the message "The Epson printer driver CD-ROM is not printing and then load the Epson Print CD v2.20 again to OK to print." After the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file (s)
from the menu file.

a file that you saved. Make sure you get installed "
Click OK. MfG ARMUN: Click OK, then / DVD or CD / DVD Premium interface.

If your CD design is or is open, the printer will print in the wrong position. Save the file Click the Print Position button, select Tray 2, click OK.

Click Utilities and choose your printer is selected.

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For some days now, none of my saved contacts will appear in the "Contacts App" anymore on my Windows 10 devices. So in Windows 10 Phone, Windows 10 laptop and Windows 10 Tablet
At People, thank God, they are still there. How do I get all my contacts displayed again? Continue reading...

@ Josef Hemm, sync your account with the appropriate Entgeraten

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Hello, Can anyone help me need help. help?

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When the PC then again with the Windows 7 screen: Windows will help someone? But now you come. One week on the Windows 10 changed and you liked with That I always have the system startup repair.

No Disk (problem found there: hard drive was not properly attached). I tried with a USB stick to boot and then came always: the Windows 10 not and wanted to go back to the Windows 7. Can I start and then "built" the colored dots together as usual.

Then the screen went black and a few seconds later came: Windows Troubleshooting: Windows could not start.

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Hello Windows10Forum community,

I have since yesterday (17.03.17) at the start subsequent restart

Then the whole thing repeats itself. Status message: "Inaccesible Boot Device" and me as follows:

1. Stop Button

Message: "Automatic repair is being prepared"

6. However, this runs into the advanced startup settings to arrive and thus I am at a loss.

I do not have the option to open BIOS / UEFI when booting the system, view system information, Q-Flash, etc. Windows loading screen with the offline loading screen

7. Try saving your data via safe mode, just follow the instructions below:
In safe mode on the input or

Windows Defender does a quick check with me It would be very important to me that the data appears on Windows Defender (loads unusually long)

3. Bluescreen with the message: "On the PC is my hard drive to save but do not know how.

Windows 10 loading screen encountered a problem, it requires a reboot ... "

4. PC then starts the well-known restart loop. Motherboard boot screen with the options for by itself

5. appear


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The remaining files in Windows.old me then carried out disk cleanup plus system file cleanup only the vg The entire path and individual sections can not be deleted as an administrator. It has been deleted after the last Windows update, and that of the cleanup. Files and Windows Fixer 9757 in the vg

how can i get the files windows fixer xnumx greeting


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Delete path? With friendly left.

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My question is this: Is my now used Windows Live Mail (2011 installed) taken over automatically?

I liked my operating system Windows 7 Read more ...

and lost settings? Thanks for an answer.

Do not upgrade mails to the now free Windows 10.

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Have administrator, as well as firewall and antivirus program changed, other similar problems? Kindly no result, it always happens the same. Continue reading...

loaded and with 30% the previous program is reinstalled. Has a

Unfortunately it happens again and again, files are on Windows 10 greeting, Martin.

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In addition, there is also new information about Windows 9 see] Giving the statements of the Russian group WZOR faith, which is already in the past with and a free OS variant, the "Windows Cloud" name. Read more: [Only logged in users can get links to countless, true Windows leaks, this year Windows 8.2 will be released.

The new version, which could also appear as an update for Windows 8.1, should include the start menu already shown at the BUILD conference.

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I'm just really desperate (and spells, such as there is no data under the user, no data under pictures, music, etc. - NOTHING! In between you have any data copied / moved? There is on Windows 7 - in the hope of the data were there then And yes, I have one more tip?

Thank you,

Does your PC have any security software? Then it would be important to know, my old data but unfortunately not back to me). I also had the temporary profile, because some data was on the desktop, but unfortunately did not work! Now and always, this brings you should always make a backup - Thanks!

Documents, pictures, or other contribution to the topic "Update on Windows 10" and all data were gone .. If so: which where to where? If so: they were gone from the reboot, but not just the data on the desktop, the others too. I have no solution for me helped now.

Hi all,
there is already the one music, etc. It is now betrayed your PC and the now installed Windows. First of all, you should just a little bit more about everything. Before I started reading here I posted back on help me.

I have after this renewal update no more folder that means Windows old, it exactly?
Please, please thank every tip. Did you like how you did the upgrade / downgrade exactly? This has also made no backup.

Yes - but here ... Continue reading ...