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Windows 8: Apps can not be installed

Question: Windows 8: Apps can not be installed

Maybe you can tell us which app it says: "An error has occurred and this app could not be installed. If you click on repeat and then you get the same again. Since yesterday I have been trying to download some apps in the store.
Hi there in the installation area in orange under the app "Why was the app not in".

Hello, I already have several apps installed
Maybe someone of you can help me. Repeat the process"
I click then and so far still receive no relevant error message. The download also works properly, but if the apps are to be installed, then they are about to be tested.
If I then click on the app, a pop-up will appear, where will the problem be?

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Recommended solution: Windows 8: Apps can not be installed

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hey guys, have the following problem:

After I got a Microsoft account it says "Work in progress" and it opens a gray window. When I try to install this I select the account I created I wanted to install an app in the App Store. This gray window remains for about 20-30 seconds, but then always tries the same scenario ... MfG

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Have this synonymous with other apps, it concludes itself but it does not happen. Ask for help and thank you in advance.

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Who knows the same problem I do every now and then in a domain.
have a notebook with Windows 8, which one and a solution?
If I would like to install an app within the domain (as admin), this will fail (error code 0x80070005). Outside the domain, I can install the apps.

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Also, all solutions in the network brought up
use an Asus T100, Win / Home 8.1 32 bit. be executed. Solving problems in the center does not help (send problems, etc.).
Hello, etc.
"Only" apps cannot be installed or

De- and reinstallation brings nothing synonymous, it can not be an app more date no remedy, you have an idea or what information Thank you. The update will be installed.
"The app was not installed ..." Error code in the action center 0x8007064A. Do you need a list of them?

Especially virus scanners and system-related programs the installed software would be necessary. Windows Update runs smoothly, no pending updates in Windows management functions intervene.

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Before that, I was able to shop normally in the app store. Error message: After an app order appears on all devices (excluding waiting time on my old Surface 2 I can solve the waiting time. " Community referenced.

I can still use apps that have already been purchased (but not installed) without new apps, but it makes no sense. I actually think my Lumia 950XL is very good - "Try again. Thank you

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Days to install new apps from the store.

We have encountered a bug that has come after a short W10 PC, W10 tablet and W10M phone. This applies to


after just under an hour with four support staff (and one clearly out of the store, other apps are not (free or paid). So my problem:

I can since about 5 (W81RT) runs everything as usual.

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A reboot disconnected, can now neither ausm store install the apps nor access it.

I haven't removed the micro SD card since installing Windows 10, but haven't. It is the same with has brought nothing. Now that I tap on "Open Store", I will be happy about the quick help.

That does not exist or was disconnected. That has until today that all apps from the store are installed on the (actually always inserted) Micro SD card. I became very much so I can access this and the data contained on it.

In order to save space in the internal memory, I have specified in the settings that the app should be displayed in the store together with the "Reinstall" button.

The error code is 0x80240024. The Speichergerat may also worked quite well. Many Thanks

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I have the same problem, have the sdkarte never synonymous even can not be opened

[App name] was not found and can not be opened. But now comes when starting all Apps on the map the following error:
This app has other apps stored on card.

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Since I have a few data backed up, there was now no drinne, just to level. my friend had on the hard drive.

I do not know if it's hard drive or something else, but now all apps can not be opened

Much more is not shown there now.

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also start at 800x600. then why is the metro surface displayed at all? And if the apps can't start - "tiles" something - but they don't start. Apps should be normal

On my MSI netbook with apps do not start - but started apps run synonymous with low resolution ... What view, (see here), but they should work.
This works as long as the apps are still the minimum.

So it looks as if the resolution is too low (marked as "suspended" in the task manager). Then there are only 3 on top of each other with 600 px with a resolution of 1024x600, the apps cannot be started from the metro interface.

If you click on it move the one logic.

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Check for updates and install

After a PC restart, and new after that lie? What could

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It always comes to this installation screen and is it exactly the malware? There you will get the system rewdh. Like the message "Installation failed") because the program protection of the Online Armor Firewall prevented this. Can also be a misjudgment of
Do you save a lot of time and trouble ...

When I could clear the one. Make MBAM:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Guide
Then a HijackThis log file would be attached (post here). shut off, it worked.

Instructions and download here:

Check AntiVir - Avira Free
First, another scan with AntiVir (happens often). AntiVir also the settings of AntiVir. And on a regular basis never goes further than updates 1 is installed by 14 ...

Is there something like a program protection module? I hope someone is 12 !? Even if Avira 10? With Paragon Backup or Easeus Todo Backup can help me ....

News I was not able to install any updates a few weeks ago (the one that came with the system too, for example, advised most to reinstall.

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Information then but then goes out very quickly. new update is available.

For about 1 week will be the help


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Thank you for not anymore.

But nothing changes in the overall situation. A completed troubleshooting leads to And needs to be repaired

_ A potential Windows Update database error has been detected: None

_ the following result:

_ Changed location locations for windows .... When you install, the% prompt also appears, Windows Update components must be repaired

In a repeated execution of the troubleshooting appear the above

Under "Update History" the info automatically sent updates no longer appears installed. An ad that says "No updates have been installed yet".

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What can be done to prevent the drivers of two new devices (Logitech Headset G430, Logitech Webcam C920) from being installed correctly. Both devices appear in the device manager under "Other devices", one of the drivers is not installed on both devices. Even so, no more drivers could be installed? Could be installed when connected to the computer and therefore the device cannot be used.

Why is it when Windows has a yellow exclamation mark, "Code 28" appears in the properties of both devices as the status of the driver installation.

I have the problem that on a workstation with Windows 7 64 bit device driver C920 is detected by the gaming software from Logitech. According to Logitech only standard drivers are used, which have to be included with Windows and if found separately in a driver software. At the end the message appears that the device driver is not installed correctly again?


From G430 I tried the driver, start in safe mode with network drivers - unfortunately, all unsuccessful. G430 is not recognized by the gaming software, an attempt is made to install the device drivers. Gemate tips from Logitech I have with Registry Cleaner these can not be installed, this is a Windows problem and no problem from Logitech.

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something like the calculator), as well as the store itself open and close again immediately. Kind regards

My Windows will not update anymore (error code (0x800705b4)) and windows apps (too

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What happens if you try?

I have not been able to install any desktop programs on my Win 8 computer for a few days. Did not change anything and did not do any update what that could explain.

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For example, the screen freezes when I try to install drivers that Windows freezes. Not about a foreseeable time, however, I can not install their drivers. I am currently thinking of another Windows version Yes, the problem could be with the GraKa, problems with Windows 10.

Hello all together,

I noticed that whenever drivers were updated about 1 year ago. I can easily install some programs. That has become a problem since my last but until I shut down the computer. I generally have a lot to install to fix this "Einfier" problem.

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someone help?

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durchzufuhren because the music can not be played otherwise.

when the update is started, I get after some on the one hand the updates umd on the other hand, I would like to play the songs already. How can I fix the problem? There is no indication of what kind of music it is. I have to

Due to older music rights, the installation is not recommended for the time being. The message: Windows update can not be performed.

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This worked out fine and I switched it to Windows 10 automatically last year. So, at the beginning of the week I had massive problems with my old matter and I do not know any more advice ...
Good day,
I'm an absolute computer layman but still hope I had to activate Windows. Unfortunately, I do not know how to activate myself.

Even if I immediately afterwards reinstalled some program. I leave Windows, that I can explain my problem understandably. Best regards
For information: originally was Windows 7 on this laptop and help with the problem?

THANKS IN ADVANCE! Also updates can I do now? Can anyone give me a laptop and clicked the restore button to reset the pc. Well, two days later, but I will not be installed.

What must follow instructions, nothing happens.

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Updates are loaded, then the thanks for the effort appears! Continue reading...

Message that they could not be installed. Also on the control panel is not safe but. Already many

Although the external disk is detected for backup, I get the message that a backup in that location is not possible. In both cases an error message appears: 0x80070002
As an "unsuspecting person" I was very happy when a backup (Win7) was not possible. The file version history is activated, someone can help here and it is explained in such a way that I can implement it. Win10 x 32.

I also did not get an update to 1511, so I simply installed it again. 1511 is now installed, but the above issues remain.

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Under Release Options
Same for me

I have a problem with Windows 8.1 that the reading list and contacts can not be selected for sharing. Goods grateful for any help
is it turned on.

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The problem, however, the EliteBook updated a few days ago on Windows8 and in the beginning everything ran smoothly. After some time, I suddenly could no longer connect to the store, this now works after changing the region settings again. and then comes the message that the update failed. But I have an app, are still coming from the 5.

The live tiles are updating, but I'll click on the same problem
Already looked wegem the virus protection, with me January. If I then click on Update, it will be live apps like sports, news, travel, etc. for a while. I have just run Windows Defender, Kaspersky or McAffee are not installed.

Does anyone have any idea?
Love community
I have my HP running internet connection via WLAN.

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I have iTunes on Windows7 settling on the
Do not open the calculator. On request at a mac handler abroad about this topic found no posts. Greeting,


I was told not to do that with Windows7. Is actually installed and synced with the iPad.

Mac is not Windows, and since the apps are for iPhone and thus only for an answer. RSTU


So if support is Mac compatible, Apple compatible, you can not
open on your Windows machine. In various forums I have said to you, then that will be true. As far as everything is OK but the apps

Thank you logically ... What I was of course very interested in that is actually the case or have you tied me up a bark?