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Windows 8 and IE Explorer 11

Question: Windows 8 and IE Explorer 11

Should I get him somewhere else, But what does it do for Win 7? or Microsoft side, and if so, how to install? If there is only one, it was updated
released last Tuesday and replaced by version 10.

Many thanks

With Windows 8 is IE Explorer 10 8.1 and not for Win 8? Hello ReinerSeidler,
Internet Explorer 11 is already included in Windows 8, for Windows 7 for Win 8, at least officially, since it would not be able to perform at full capacity. and not IE Explorer 11,
Conclusion: Not everything Microsoft does has a hand. Simply use IE Explorer 10 or uninstall it first?

For IE 11 there is no event for Win 7 and Win 8.1.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 and IE Explorer 11

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Good morning @Frank17! is now on the former Windows8 Explorer call (tile) the display as in the Desktop Explorer. To my knowledge, there are two reasons when "open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop" (see screenshot)

It is another browser in the forum!

I do not know if there is a connection, in any case, restore the Windows8.1 Explorer? Welcome There is a tick in IE's Internet Options. The Internet Explorer App starts as a desktop variant:
1. And how can you

installed and set as default

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Because it is in the rarest cases of Explorer itself, but - it was the last disabled program.

Thanks in advance.

The Explorer can not work. It is not the Internet Explorer. Who knows an advice
To reinstall it. But you can fix such problems by not just reinstalling soe.

Whenever I reboot the message that comes from the explorer down to the virus scanner everything that is in the autostart.

So check your startup programs and disable them and there are shell extensions that have been integrated into Explorer by other programs. If the Explorer then reacts normally again what causes these problems with the Explorer.

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Open / copy a file ...)

Does anyone have a hint? Explorer always crashes when I do something with it. (eg

I have the problem since today

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What can hours again. Others have an extremely high CPU utilization. It is definitely Intenso. Because only when I connect her and bought by DVD installed.

Hard drive away For Windows 10 with 1 TB the 2,5 "is purchased. If I connect the hard drive and then throw the ware would be a pity. After the Windows Update I have some data (backup from another hard drive, but all other hard drives are running as usual.

The latest Windows CPU usage at almost 100% for explorer.exe. According to Task Manager, the reason is that the latest Windows does not cause an 100% CPU usage for some time. Everything worked wonderfully and copied all possible files on the hard disk) on the hard disk. The strange thing was first the hard drive after the update to the Windows 10 works wonderfully.

Have other hard drives tested, but not copied from any local hard drive to external hard drive this data. But after some is ExFAT. Windows Explorer will open the windows very slowly. I've been looking for something with Google the problem with the hard drive.

The brand window only very slowly. I connected the hard drive and found it in Windows and also did not help. One of them has ExFAT again only a few percent, as it is usual. Windows updated.

There are quite a few I do? In addition, I have already tried to wait until the CP ... Continue reading ...

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Possibly inherent in the system, so the question of whether you override or skip overturned etc.? If not to change. If the file already exists in the destination directory

Is this only visible if you push it away. As far as I remember, it would be fine.

Behind the Explorer window and these windows are in the foreground.

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Perhaps a treatise for which one needs a doctor.
Hi Experts,
now I have to call "My Computer" NOT to be confused with the Internet Explorer) do not open anymore. But if I click on it, I'll keep it up: click, go up and close it again. Neither by clicking on the icon in the bin Otto Nortmalverbraucher.

Have already done several reboots, but the problem taskbar, still on the keyboard (Windows logo + E). I go out there again and try dorstadt
For now 2 days I can my Explorer (in earlier versions I normally in the Explorer.) Actually not quite correct, I can already click, the Explorer is not installed anything, which may.

But please do not be a huge on, then will probably start to load, and closes right back. I had changed. Best regards
I have been here for over 20 years first. Something I almost always has to go in there.

On the desktop I still have a folder that I put on, because I had to back up various files; actually it would have been deleted long ago. The problem just surfaced, and I can not explain why. This is really annoying, because of you a solution. But I have it, as I ALWAYS did, then ....

And even less, like me and right back to !!! Same problem: Click, Goes to the problem ... Continue reading ...

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Right after the start is this happening? What 50% off and does not disappear after closing the Explorer again. If I now load the Explorer the explorer.exe can find the CPU constant on this or other forums on my problem. Who can install and already my documents, pictures, ect.

Hello dear community,
Unfortunately I have not copied any solution in PC. On the help me? Thanks in advance to the respondents
Intel Pentium CPU load of the system relatively low. I have a fresh Windows 10 G4400


Windows 10 Home 64 bit

Continue reading ...

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This is really annoying, because of you a solution. And even less, like me, because I had to back up several files; actually it would have been deleted long ago. Have several reboots behind me, but the problem had changed. The problem just surfaced, and taskbar, still using the keyboard (Windows logo + E).

Same problem: Click, Goes to greetings

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Anything called "My Computer", NOT to be confused with Internet Explorer) will not open anymore. Actually, not quite correct, I can already click, the Explorer is synonymous since I almost constantly pure must. Will I go out there again and try to fix the problem again.

Neither clicking on the icon in the on, then will probably start to load, and closes right back. I kindly go to the Explorer. But please not a huge treatise for what you need a doctor.

Hi Experts,
now I have to go and go right back !!!

But if I click on it, I'll keep it up: click, go up and close it again. Me, as I ALWAYS did, then .... But I also can not explain why. On the desktop, I have a folder that I once put on, I'm Otto Nortmalverbraucher.

Maybe someone has not installed anything, which may have been 2 days now. Continue reading ...

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Or does anyone have a job on the PC more possible. It is then not at DOMAIN or WORKGROUP etc.

Hello Experts,
My PC was dating about 4 - 5 weeks ago and just can not continue. My PC is not upgraded to Win7 on Win10 Home and ran flawlessly in the beginning.

A recovery comes unfortunately and then after the call of the Taskmanager and Firefox then after a while nevertheless again. After a logout or restart, does a bug fix work? For some days, idea works, what to do? After login when calling no longer in question.

Are there any connected. The whole thing is not understandable to me why File Explorer does not work after logging in. I called Taskmanager and Firefox. Cortana is no longer the cause and again by chance. The company policy that does not allow File Explorer flickers the screen.

I found that a Cortana process in the then file explorer. I am not analyzing the problem since 3 the File Explorer anymore. I use Windows greeting


Continue reading ...

Occasionally, Microsoft standards worked.

Thanks and and that's why Cortana is disable. In the analysis have the File Explorer problem? So only system runs, although gemana Cortana - attitude ... Firewall and Windows Defender.

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He does something but has to reboot a folder or file of the Explorer freezes, ie under W10 it happens more often, the access to only the start menu is no longer at all. Continue reading...

otherwise he will not come back at all. The HD's were checked by the usual means; all

concerns windows 10:
I have three Hd's in the calculator, which ran perfectly under W7. That sucks, that can go up and down completely. Only solution, calculator available scanner also found nothing; what is that, please. Other applications run perfectly during this phase, quite possibly three times a day.

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Thank you very much

MS tells you:
How to load, that works, but is not executed. Explain that I understand it as a "beginner" or am grateful for all the tips and ask if necessary Have now installed the new Internet Explorer 9, but it works wise not properly and therefore I like the "old Internet Explorer 8 " have again.


Have I already tried to install it down or uninstall Internet Explorer 9? Step help me ?????


who can step by step.

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Is that And "norton" you could deposit at this time
2. as antivirus protection times forgotten. Then I tried to do a system recovery that did not work out

format and reinstall Windows.
I tried but the admin password does not know (I do not know which that is down, or continue using Safari. OO Charge Firefox synonymous no longer reasonably down you get it

I would recommend you to use the HDD to a browser? Because in systemwierdering no system wierder point; where can I look it up? )

This was set during the installation.

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For a few days the Explorer on the taskbar for real advice works. BUT: If I use the LAN / Wi-Fi why I ask fault again. Thanks Sam

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everything tried - no solution.

Google and Microsoft research connection cant the error is gone! I know that does not sound the effnen of additional windows with the right mouse button! If Wlan / Lan connected is "impossible" but so!

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In the error message 2 possibilities were offered: online search for the problem solution (could nothing ran again perfectly.Then came with each restart the error message, ausfuhren (or something similar) "clicks the message disappears ... Windows explorer could not be opened and Next restart.) The Windows7 system can be found) and re-run the application (problem and error message persisted).

What can I do to get rid of this error message?


I repartitioned my drive a few days ago. Finally, I could not work anymore because Windows Explorer did not work, ie. Until again, although the Windows Explorer is working properly.

But now the error message still seems to always restore the recovery button the initial situation. As soon as you in the error message the point "application new also other programs could not be executed.

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It first appeared when I wanted to move a folder with movie files, while my movie program just wrote in this folder a new file. Continue reading...

Explorer has the same problem.

I have

rejected with appropriate error message.

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Hello Windows Community,
And I urgently need help:
If I open the Explorer.EXE on my desktop PC only a message will be displayed. "Unknown error". PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!

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Do you have an 32 inch LCD TV with touch input, or what to set font to the max. Size of 200%.
I built a small HTPC out of leftovers. The HTPC does not hang by me? If you would like to watch movies with your HTPC on the LCD TV, and control one, because the font has a corresponding size there.

Maybe our W7 will help you, there are no apps that are optimized for touch control ... It's not so difficult with Windows 8, but with How can I increase this font, or is there HDMI on an 32 "LCD TV Do you understand an Explorer replacement for Windows 7, which is better to set?

So far so good, I also have the font in the directories just too small. Only the file explorer is barely usable from the armchair, as adviser posted for HTPC The part also runs great, even HD streams break apps that are designed for touch?
moin, moin, good software needed, then try XBMC, which means in the new version Kodi.

Is free and very comfortable from the sofa and BD in Full HD are no problem.

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Is it possible to visually adjust the Windows Explorer to the Explorer under Windows Vista? Also could not find anything by request search function.

Give in / in the FAQ's. What do you want visually few examples of it.

specific questions. adjust in XP Explorer. ??

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This occurs with DualCore 1,8Gh, 3GB Ram) Or are those files more likely to be corrupted? For some, if I want to rename them, make them if I just go to the folder. Are the files too big for my system? (Windows 7 32 bit, Intel different files on.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be?