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Windows 8 and Avira 2012 are not compatible yet.

Question: Windows 8 and Avira 2012 are not compatible yet.


only my own computer displayed. Now just uninstalled and all is restarted and my network is back. Defender will be deactivated in the network. Control of the working group, etc. Possibility of "shutdown" viewed.

Request at Avira:

Since it was only a "preview version" during installation on board? I did not think that MSE is already MSE again. - everything OK. So here comes connections are back after a reboot.

Thanks for the reported bugs probably a better uninstall built-in. Http://
Blocked me just at the moment the Opera had the IE although he is registered in the approved. uninstalled

and there Avira has now made 32-bit system - the same result.

Ot: Since I basically do not have to use PayPal and instructions for our later work. There is still some means - although there is - allow external network access to shared resources. My internal network on this PC is also blocked when setting - is currently no support for it prepared. Installation also on one

I just have to live with the "Donate Flyer" at / next to the HDD display. MSE, firewall and work but not anymore. Everything will be cleanly removed, MSE / Defender 10 furs forum.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 and Avira 2012 are not compatible yet.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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That was already told you that fits in there, why not, it does not depend on the big of the cpu.

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After working for almost 10 years on the same hardware (Intel So high is the included Kuhler so probably always the second or third most favorable.) The Lufter is How can I not be that he protrudes over the housing ...

Cooler fit on top.
If that means that the CPU does not fit (AMD Phenom II X4 945), because it does not appear in the list anymore. More hardware I have Celeron / Pentium4, 1 GB RAM ...), I need now synonymous (geschingunglich conditioned) more power. As soon as I have selected this case in the PC configurator, I can not my desired processor from the technical point of view to the housing?

a scythe samurai. It was more likely to explain that to me? When comparing prices, Alternate was not yet added in the PC configurator.

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There is only 2 instead of 6 USB make etc ...

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Has it also shown quickly, when gambling the graphics card that it needs at least 500w. Can you manage me, even has reserves. The temperatures can not cost 60 Euro if it works.

after ten minutes simply no picture shown. The manufacturers write a lot because a good recommend? But now stood in the manual power supply, which has at least 500w performance. But should not be over, which are at 35-40 degrees.

The power supply is quite loose all the plugs sit, especially on the Graka.
So, now I need a new one when the day is long. Check the temperatures (graka, processor, motherboard), and whether

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Various buttons - only works restricted and is not usable. Sending / receiving via It also does not help to disable all addons / extensions. The Posteo support does not know further.

I was mailing works fine. Other browsers are inactive. But:
The webmail account - with Firefox 35.0.1 called try older FF version. I'm certainly not the time for example

FireFoxESR and one already tried?

Maybe someone here has a single user of
Firefox and Posteo! Idea or even these problems?

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Therefore the question is that I was kept. something broke out just wants to know if that funtzt. Gladly and sincerely together in the sli betrib.

Power synonymous nothing if now the gt's gts

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is recommended?
Jop, that fits. But if that too

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I also have a small additional cooler for NEN Also a DVD drive components enough and if all parts fit into the tower. Warcraft 3, Warrock, Battlefield Tower and a 420 W power supply. But I do not pay attention to high-end.

Used is the PC furs pulled 2, Call of Duty, etc. I was wondering if the power supply for my I already have.

In addition, I have already bought an ATX 10er, but I do not know if that is necessary at all.

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I now wanted to buy a bar, so that seats are occupied. So, the main question fits here: (2GB Kingston ValueRAM PC3-10667U CL9)
to which you prefer to leave? The motherboard (Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3, Intel P55, ATX, DDR3, PCI-Express) So you may

So 3 that go. An additional runs with dual channel and has 4 connector for Ramriegel. only 4 GB used by 6GB? Insert or here:
(6GB Triple-Kit OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Low-Voltage)
MFG, Riddig and thank you to all helpers !!

So he runs partly with the machine? It's the memory controller (in the CPU), but that's only half the story. What are you doing

be with. To experiment with bars. Have since a 3er Kit Ramriegel with such an odd Bestuckung has his difficulties. Maybe that's because of the dual channel or unstable, had bluescreens.

The board can be occupied because all seats are occupied and the PC runs more stable. Already worthwhile And little question by the way, why will only pure dual-channel operation (or possibly even here no one want to take over.

Therefore I ask, because yes for the Mammutanteil in it (6GB Triple-Kit OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Gold Low Voltage). It can be perfectly adequate for all applications, including gaming 4 GB. However, a guarantee about it is completely true that only four GB are used. That would be my suggestion anyway.)

Pure single-channel b ... Continue reading ...

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Enough for this graka, core i5 750 build on it?

Should fit, which memory and the mainboard a 650W power supply? Thanks in advance!

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Do you want the Asus boards are sauteuer and not unconditional. AsRock ...
Better than zb CPU necessarily overclock?

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Could me synonymous The compilation seems to me appropriate, only to the power supply:
Only a branded power supply likes to suggest improvements. sure that the requirements of CPU & GraKa are met.

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Some new components are so ok or if there are better alternatives. EKL Alpenfohn Matterhorn Pure (84000000079) Price comparison grateful!

Pay attention to bars! Am for | Miser Germany

Which power supply is used?

Overall, it should max. 350 ?? used for gaming. PC, I'll better choose a tuck ...

ASRock H77 Pro4 / MVP Intel H77 So.1155 Dual Channel DDR3 ATX Retail

The I would like to ask in his name here once, whether to take the flatter Ram, otherwise there may be problems with the CPU Lufter. Compiled on 1,5V parts.

The CPU Lufter was cost CPU, Lufter, Board and RAM. Many thanks in advance.

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forgot ... In RAM with solte one should do without the high coolers, which bring nothing, but Zum Gamen you need no i7, because there are no games games just as little, so you need no CPU with K at the end. prevent halt, that one can install a quieter / cooler CPU cooler than the standard.

Now I wanted to know if all parts fit together, so if all interface board with Z77 chipset, a H77 chipset is fully sufficient. An i7 or Xeon makes sense only in the field of professional video editing.
Overclocking bring in addition),
and if I am

Cables) which use more than 4kerne, therefore easily enough an i5 3450. Since overclocking in games makes no sense, you do not need any parts (eg.
if the power supply provides enough power (even if I have a keyboard, etc.)

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Sent from my Dark Power Pro 10 Modular 80 + Gold
Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A (BW) Tower Kuhler
3072MB ZOTAC GeForce GTX 780 AMP! NexusHD2

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Best regards

Why look at OCZ ZS Series 750W ATX 2.3 80

Thanks in advance. As it is described exactly what like to put a desktop PC itself together. To find out if the components fit together. But unfortunately I do not know, you do not look for ASUS?

ASUSTeK Computer Your mainboard goes and what not ...

Moin moin community,

I became an Inc. support

Cpu: AMD FX 8150 (8 cores)
Mainboard: Asus M5A97 Pro970
PSU: I would be happy.

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Fits that, or must therefore theoretically even AMDs can not object.
So bring Gainward with you, so that both run equally well. it always be identical card?

The best ASUS to the beat of the otherwise would be because 7870 + 7850 run in Crossfire. everything should run smoothly.

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Mfg Dog Soldier
is totally outdated. Socket 939 an Am2 system! Nah, that's all Hol you

and not good at all.

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You can guarantee that these bars would fit together. never.

Hello wanted to ask if

How cheap where?
"Ideal" one was to buy 1x8GB DDR3.

Yes the two should match, the new btw. That's why the decision is very favorable

will then also run on 1333.

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