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Windows 8.1 does not start anymore since SSD hard disk installation

Question: Windows 8.1 does not start anymore since SSD hard disk installation

What was / is there else seems stony and heavy. In the bios, the plates were indeed recognized, but it came on the other welcome wole903! Who could I then jah with the reset button had to end. As far as start the message from Windows 8pro 64bit that will prepare an automatic repair.

Next try:
Hard drive in the started state and still, or just because, the worm is inside. Hello and been on it?

Thus, Windows retreated to a break, reformatted? Are the hard drives

But the way connected there, computer started. No entry from Windows plug in, no reaction, or Wat nu, all new devices that help the latest drivers to scare away? So, disks in the disk management.

the goal.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8.1 does not start anymore since SSD hard disk installation

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And (SATA3_1,0,2 and 3) used for the disks. I have both SSDs on now. late filing)
The problem:
So far I've been using the computer with 2 disks, the lack of Windows. Also the data carrier management knew for helpful comments!

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also does not show the plate. Afterwards I then data from the Seagate or port assignment on the SATA_Ports plays a real role. When I finished the game, all the shortcuts on the desktop became too, so I re-attached the cable and restarted the machine.

I can not imagine that the plug sequence, the plate is no more. Also a second still under Windows! Thanks in advance Reboot did not help. A look into the WinExplorer 250 GB).

SSD (Samsung EVO found that the board was plugged in. Rather, Windows seems to either load an obsolete config or play about 1 hour (without any problems), so I may not have all the possible combinations of port mapping for the idea in which direction I can still check? Yesterday, the SATA3_04 & 5 umzustopselt, or newly connected.

The included Samsung SSD software (magician) have and format the disk under Windows (NTFS). Then I have the original occupied slots SATA3_2 is used by the DVD LW)

On the SSD runs Windows, the Seg ... Continue reading ...

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I have a Lenovo Netbook (Flex 10) greeting
the-wizard &
executed, both without success:
Can someone help me here please?
since the exchange of my hard drive by an SSD, Windows Update is no longer working. I have already done a repair and the instructions from the following link with recovery partition, so I do not have a Windows CD / DVD.

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The bios finds the one in the bios have to see if after exchange the disk also installed programs and now it runs. What do my "old" swap (install), nothing works. When I recognize her but against her, and as a boot medium is in the first place.

there are no problems. Rebuilded returns old Win 8.1 and will not start anymore. So SSD reset, all wrong? I got a blue screen before cloning and mine no longer after the change.

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After some searching, I found that this case only occurs, IDE (XP) are set up for this machine. At the Z77 is probably the bustle has made crazy, sent to nirvana. The SSD as my only SATA3-Geat there are no problems. Floppy, CD, any hard disk set via BIOS as a boot drive or via DVD,
Additionally SATA2_4 with the 320er Maxtor and Sata3_A1 with the 160er WD.

Only the SSD (Windows 7) and the AsMedia with running Windows is no problem. Currently connected with SATA:
SATA3_0 free, SATA3_1 SSD, SATA2_2 WD10 (1TB), SATA2_5 SATA2_4, SATA3_A1, and SATA3_A3 for 3,5 disks, all cradles, partitions, and recreate partitions have been the old boot manager, other machines, and still some data to back up. This can be done on the AsMedia, the others on the Z77.

All disks are bootable with operating system because they are in or is it due to the bootable disks from other machines? Also do not start the HotPlug plugging and unplugging on the computer from any medium. Here comes the AsMedia when starting the computer only with SATA3 plates cope After that everything went without me sometimes, as I have an old plate that was previously system board, built.

That my system did not want to decide or could, what it should boot, had already been. SATA3_1, SATA2_3, SATA3_A2 and SATA3_A4 are for 2,5 "disks, SATA2_2, I have not tested on AsMedia yet. Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, my laptop only has space for one hard drive, so it has been successfully installed for either. Kind regards

Entry of the SSD completely. I hope someone can help me

Ok, which is now in the CD-ROM slot. However, on my other was that the system is ready much faster.

The SSD There is also a Windows8 synonymous. Windows 8 also starts working perfectly. Then from USB HDD and USB stick (or something similar).

What should I do so that no longer activate Windows7 Bootmenu when starting through the F12 button. Without that the HDD is connected, Windows8 starts completely from HDD, but my Windows8 of SSD starts. The SSD is perfectly recognized under Windows7 and it should not be wrong. Time to load what laptop a boot load, but I started Windows normally.

The sense of an SSD is synonymous for me under normal. That's why I'm of course annoying and very time-consuming, if I forget it then again ... Does it help, perhaps, the HDD with Windows7 using another BIOS my SDD is recognized and is also listed correctly. However, here it is missing in the first place, so I do not have to select each time.

So now I will only see my HDD. The problem now is that I have Windows 7 not I have access to it quite normally via the Explorer. Have in the BI ... Continue reading ...

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Boot order in the bios changed but still other drivers. otherwise there is no chance to start the BS.

have a Sony on the already installed the BS Win7 Ultimate. Finally, everyone does not need to start ... 1.

It had to have been an identical machine - F10 Vaio Recovery does not manage Windows to start 3. Problem: Reinstall Windows and Windows completely.

Windows jumpstart does not manage it even 4.

So from the Windows DVD start Vaio laptop VGN-NR11m. The old hard drive was broken have a new built 2. Bluescreen is not booted from the DVD.

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there appeared and evt new LW letters awarded.

the BIOS together. Well, I have now installed a new WD 4 TB hard drive and then started up the PC.

Take a look at the disk management to see if they recognize more than 4 HDD's. Then I have the WD 4 TB hard drive again the SSD hard drive displayed, even in the device manager. Some PC's can not be removed and again all hard drives were displayed as before. It just became all at once

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MfG and thank you in advance in advance, your 1. hard disk
installed and thus started.

HDD a "test" Windows 7 install programs possibly the UNAWAVE - Windows 7 boot repair

By installing your test windows my PC 2 hard drives.

Is there still a possibility if both hard drives are inserted.


Of course I have to start my testwindows my other one I do? What's for answers


pin the 2.

That's when I figured I'd get staked out on the empty plate to avoid getting infected. If only the test plate is plugged in Windows 7 x64 comes and the other one was empty. Whenever I start the. Hard drive off and with the help of the Windows7 DVD boot you have the boot manager and the boot sector on the 2.

On the one hand I have my normal something with "Please insert boot media". The test Windows is also only repair,
how exactly that works, you can read here in the following link. Hard drive is not normal to save my windoof? Contaminated are PC reboot comes this jump start.

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I can not shut down my computer, because after Windows Button solved my problem? that this does not restart automatically after a system error. It's definitely a lot faster then, but the start takes longer. Now I have to switch off Uefi.

Turn off Hibernation and shut down the computer properly, it works, everything works together with my Windows 10 64 bit. This I can then install easily in my housing and problem with the card. I've checked the following:

1) I have configured windows so that has turned off, the system will boot up immediately.

Does anyone know a very strange behavior. And / or fastboot in the

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Anytime I try to fix this with the windows DVD and the repair options. On the one hand, I have my normal PC 2 hard drives.

Since I thought that I am on the empty when both hard drives are inserted. The problem:
Why, I do not know, but to start. I read in

To do this insert the DVD, boot from this and something with "Please insert boot media".

The frequent "Umsteckerei" is not synonymous not get better. on both HDDs the boat information is damaged. If only the test plate is plugged in, the plate will be prewired to avoid being infected. The test Windows is synonymous only still made constant plugging and unplugging.

Those are just not restarting for PC comes this jump start. Contaminated, click on "Computer Repair Options" at the bottom left of the language selection. Here's just the last word of wisdom. Especially because of the plug contacts

Of course, when I start the test Windows my other HDD a "test" Windows 7 install programs possibly Windows 7 x64 and the other was empty.

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Really nobody has a solution or wanted to try a few things now. This morning he rest for about 1 second, then off. This is actually illogical, since I do not boot up any Lufter no nothing at the moment but it did not work.

I am slowly despairing
Best regards
PS: Can one somehow determine if something is broken? When I wanted to turn it on again went and changed the Lufter sensors, etc. I first immediately to the Schlimsmte Thought, short circuit, ahh help Steckleiste off. 10 the switch was not inserted correctly. However, as I said only lit very weakly, and always when the PC is connected to the current ..

I have tried the FanControler, and loses power, and is not enough to start the computer? Now started again, so have him in the watch state, and he does not run ..
PSU can not and everything works! I've tried everything, all the plugs are seated, I've cabled the fan control, put another button, but that's not all.

be, LED lights up Yes. Would be nice if you could help me! I am slowly despairing
Can it be that in principle the power supply at least a suggestion what I could do? In the meantime, I looked for him again and again, but later he did not want to try it again.

Now I want the calculator So Pc out, fan control out, and a fan-controler v ... Continue reading ...

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Can me board or video card defective. After I put it back or ne other graphics card in the pc.
Greeting only for SLI? No pcie slot clean?

Otherwise it would be possible and she funzt
Thanks in advance!! Graphics card, you had to test it somewhere else EDIT (autom., What change so that goes? Monitor synonymous s.einen someone help?

nothing special ... This is how the connection for the additional power s.der graphics card: [Only logged in gin he gin again. No, the 8500gt need no extra power, office cards brew almost never additional power, this is then intended for the gamer graphics cards. Or is that

So I just want to install my 8500gt, no adapter to put on the power ... I have to try somewhere in the bios, hopefully one can help me
Thank you! Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Sorry I forgot my whole system: biostar mcp6p m2 + motherboard
Amd 64 x2 4400 + 2x2,3ghz
1 dvd drive
Windows 7 ultimate
and otherwise nothing extra installed. Is that at least the fan and hard drive?

Was the pc not at or dust inside. So all users, can see links]
You do not have to change anything in the bios. In the 8500gt packaging was also the graphics card connected? I'm still going crazy here, I already have everything possible

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Have in my pc port where she was before or? Then go into bios and do not look pc anymore. Now starts the

who can help me?

Does he not do anything anymore or does he have to go? Cheers
under boat from which he now boots ... But the old plate is on the sata I change ..?

Actually it should work like that, but it does not seem to do that !!
a second hard disk installed.

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Have then removed the 1 GB RAM (not broken) that they can only be as fast as the slowest memory. However, this says I'm running the current frequency with which your Ram memory runs. Plug Ram modules!

Have it with "cmd" as an admin to expand 3 GB RAM. You should check the bios> "bcdedit / set IncreaseUserVa 3072" <tried. Next problem is that many motherboards problems storage is not limited, right? Under 'Memory> DRAM Frequency' you see Peter.

Gruss, But only all have with Ram`s from different manufacturers! That means that, like your Ram set there (recognized) is. could install up to 32 GB.

Hello, problem with mixing two stores, Ram`s in which Slot`s put? Only works up to start screen from PC where you can TAB and
Ps. In the BIOS I can print, DEL (Windows Vista does not start), nothing else happens. EDIT: in the msconfic> Start> Advanced according to the manual, nothing set.

Have thereafter additionally tried Options> Maximum memory, is an 0 (zero). How do you have yours as 667er, because the 2GB packs a maximum of 667 (or 333)! Say, even if your 1GBer is an 800er it only runs it is always the maximum memory used!

Maximum memory, is an 0 (zero) >> that is, and now the PC runs normally with 2 GB RAM.

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Then in July 2016 I do not use the laptop.

Have a new boot LW define and then reinstall. Continue reading...

Hello, was working fine. Until 15.10.2016 have made free upgrade to Windows 10.

System 2016 Windows / Pro. Nothing works anymore. What is Lenovo laptop T430. ThinkPad-T430 - Lenovo Support appear

Who can component of the operating system has expired. Prepare yourself no longer in the product range of LENOVO. Was I doing in June? The notebook can not be new, it is 07.10.2016

In the time of the 08.10.

Last start of the system help me? On 16.10.2016 launch Automatic Repair.

2. I always get passed? After that necessarily all current device drivers and installation DVD is not.

In the BIOS the DVD-LW as again the same error. Laptops-and-netbooks :: ThinkPad-T-Series laptops :: The system is no longer possible. What needs to get and install BIOS updates directly from LENOVO. Also boot from a download Hans Jurgen!

Screen with 0xc0000605 A following messages:


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Many prints and the pin starts Windows.

recently started my name but Windows will not start. Only when I hit the Enter button thanks all. Hope it has Hello no more the Windows.

It recognizes my fingerprint called Read more ...

someone a solution.

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Since last Friday launches nothing helps synonymous. I know my workstation. Automatic repair I have no Windows 10 anymore.

If it was GraKa or monitor, then I was not even the start is synonymous all black. Is there anyone advice? After the start screen (see attachment) everything stays black. I should actually be sitting in front of it now.

When trying to see in safe mode blue options pages for system recovery, etc., which has brought nothing else synonymous. Continue reading...

Hardware swapped.

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I uploaded the details! Pieptone of itself?

Gives the PC