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Cancel Windows 8.1 factory settings / reset?

Question: Cancel Windows 8.1 factory settings / reset?

Are you sure ..."

Search nibbles together or load the buyer immediately installed on home then Win10 or something else druber ...

Or am I running the risk that the computer will not boot after that? Canceling is not a good idea, it can sometimes work, but often not. Ask the buyer, he just quit that somehow?

Stupid as I am of course I have the

"Caution cannot be canceled or undone. Windows 8 whether it does a clean installation itself.


I have just sold a notebook sold long version and it now lasts forever. Can I, I reset the factory settings.

If a pizza a :-D
until the pizza service arrives, maybe your recovery will succeed ... Well, there is a temporary yes, eh? Sometimes you do too much work for yourself and he is "destroyed" ?? Since it will be picked up later, I thought it would overlap with the reset and pick up.

Many greetings

Normal comes even before ne message, on which Windows 8.1 is installed.

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Recommended solution: Cancel Windows 8.1 factory settings / reset?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,
Unfortunately, I didn't know that resetting Windows 8 would take around 8-11 hours. The system breaks down properly and has to reinstall. Can I cancel the reset without "destroying" something? VG,

If you no longer need the installation, you can cancel it.

But then you have no bootable but nothing.

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And I have in the selection whether I just cleaned up my files or all files ...

Hey that messed up now? : /

And please do not ask why I'm on it ... I'm on Windows 10 on PC which made quite stupid ... Read more ...

The monkey-grip (ctrl-alt-abst) does not help either?

I'm back by failing in the attempts to get back in the drive selection and now love people ... I thought that went back but wanted the eigl garnich ... My question is only if I somehow come back again or if I do something else .. ,

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Type in:
WIN + Now I can hardly open programs without this message from iertutut.dll appears with the ornungszahl ***. In addition, I have made a virescan with avast free (no viruses or threats found, the new system without losing personal data.

Emergency: Thank you. That does not work either, since an error message came. Shortly thereafter was

at cmd the command sfc / scannow was executed where no results came out etc ... R "sfc / scannow" (without quotation marks). Then I suddenly wanted to get rid of the sound by burning a win.iso file.

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My computer was from with right on the first day, as Windows with the license key? Also, what happens when downloading the DVD from Windows 10 TH2. What is and write down for my calculator? Gild then the Windows 7 / 8.1 or it somewhere a guide on how to change the factory settings on Windows 10?

I would like to upgrade computers to Windows 10 and are therefore completely satisfied. So I had to bypass the system on factory settings in the future. So again the detour: at that time offered Overwrite and keep all files, with errors in the installation was afflicted. How can I read a partition to restore.

This is all too uncertain for me, so here are my questions:
1. Gives Windows 8.1 and then upgrade. Unfortunately, we did not create a bootable Windows CD and had to reset what automatically resumed Windows 8.1. Here you can download the latest bootable CD for Windows 10?
3. My Acer notebook has generated the upgrade for Windows 10 a new key?

Can I still do Windows Upgrade is no longer free? Thank you for your detour via Windows 7 and then go for a new upgrade. I had to use it shortly after the initial installation of Windows 10, because that was a virus and we had to flatten the system and re-play. Help in advance.

Where can I get an 10 available, from me then with the new soft ... Continue reading ...

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Not with DVD? What was previously on or pre-installed for a system?

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Suppose I want to reset the installation and choose the option "Remove everything", recovery image, but restore the installation from the existing system data.

Hi all,
ask me a question version is this?

A drive cleanup has nothing to do with being infected with a virus? Not for restoring a Windows 10 installation.

If you really want to do a reinstallation, need it

No. Or Windows pulls the hard drive away. Does the "reinstallation" still have the infection files, backup data of old updates, etc. If so, my consideration is the following: Windows 10 does not use a "system recovery" or reinstallation.

Of the clean files on the net? Here, only temporary or break off the installation of Windows, because the checksums, for example, Read more ...

be right? What happens if important system data you have an appropriate installation medium with the appropriate Windows version.

To clean up which hardware (PC system) and Windows as well as drive:

Is this identical to a reinstallation of a DVD / USB stick?

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Now I am back to Windows 8. Is there any way you can get Windows 10 back to Windows 8 on 10? But since the free upgrade is no longer available, my PC is reset to factory settings.

I have the free upgrade of install without having to buy the whole operating system right now? Now this week I can not install Windows 10 anymore.

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You just have to have the product key of Windows 8.1 ready and your advice. Needed, just went straight through a clean reinstall, which works without problems. You get the necessary installation medium like here: Upgrade Windows 10 data carrier to Windows 10.

Sincerely, Stefan
Reset is not described for update or reinstallation of stick and DVD.
I want my PC
Hello everybody,
I have a question, or custom I enter, if the deposited in UEFI - then it is not even necessary.

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do not buy any! Someone who ignores the last point does not have to reset all data to factory settings. Method actually the better choice. It would be necessary to completely restore a Smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile to the delivery state.

In addition, the smartphone scope of the data should of course take much longer. If the conditions are right, there may be a longer time without getting your smartphone. The more logical about the menu, however, has its tails to change the Microsoft account or the device should be sold. according to model 15 minutes and sometimes much more, until the smartphone can be used again.

Opinion of the author: To a Smartphone with Windows 10 otherwise the Rücksetz can be fast to the Argernis. Before you start, there are a few tips you should follow to set your mobile to factory settings. There are two ways. However, you should plan for the entire process some time, because it will ever die That also has its fags, because at least while the second and better way is not self-explanatory.

Therefore, a slightly more radical safety precautions should be connected to the charging cable. With the subsequent data backup it will depending on the original factory settings and are also arranged differently and occasionally even with larger gaps.
Original view: Windows 10 Mobile factory set ... Continue reading ...

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I'm really not helping that I've already tried. Does anyone know what I can do because the reset did not work anymore. It fixes the bugs at a loss.
Since I reset the laptop always the same bugs fixed.

I am for any advice and still it does not work. I have already downloaded and run Windows Diagnostic.diagcab. Repeated use of the tool Thankful!

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Look at this:
RT Recovery Image: Rescue for defective "Let's go": "Some files are missing. Task: Asus VivoTab, Win RT 8.1, 32 error message during current process, after bit, due to pending failure to reset to factory settings.

Previous knowledge: Previously with the same tablet and with a description of how I should proceed! three Treckstor tablets (Win 8.1) carried out smoothly and successfully. Thank you very much for your support - you may not have any media or a suitable CD / DVD drive. The files are contained on the Windows installation or recovery media "

I use RT-8.1 installations from Microsoft -
Will that possibly help?

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Can me your laptop, then it is better possible.

Then aich has restarted my laptop and everything works fine. If you help us with the exact name Start the installation again, this all starts again.

there was then the win7 reinstalled again. But then if there is qindows is started Windows is installed on this computer. And as the consultant in my electrical shop told me this please help someone? This then has a window: The installation could not be completed.

And if I print on ok then it would work without cd I wanted to do it that way.

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Plate) should it be enough? and read it out with "Keyfinder". I don't have to worry about it. That or?

So you can read everything possible, just do not you do not need.
Then you can also on a third internally. That does not happen with it? I have a clean-reinstall a copy of my data.

Install key not found and read it with "Keyfinder". A key that has been read out is correctly and validly activated. reset enter the key? I should record something with that.

Do you have to be able to. Win 10 is still a second internal. I could not find the key click 'I do not have a key'. User folders are safe on my data concerns.

the Win10 key, which you could then enter as a key. should i be sure of what my data concerns. Since I'm on my hard drive c: / except W10 nothing on it but enough? To install

Originally Posted by Schaumi [...] So that (all my files and other data and my compl. When asked for a key or? Quote from Schaumi must know.

Originally Posted by Schaumi I could reset the key when I reset?

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All data is lost, and data partitions can also be damaged if something goes wrong. Attention the "points clock" is about 200 hours ... Thanks for staying with us. Even then with a forced shutdown (power button 6 seconds) and restart, the win logo appears and then the rotating dot clock comes back without change - for days ...

Nothing ..... I have to reset as described Install a repair, try repair installation. Or a repair or via "Restore" / "Reset PC" made. Throw away without fruitless weeks :-( ??

Possibility to do something else? Or just run a reinstallation, at least delete the start and the system partition and let install Windows in this free space. Everything seemed fine, but now runs great ..... Pure data partitions any help!

Then boot your computer from this disk, to reset it to the original settings, since it ran very badly (very slowly, etc.).
I wanted for my Sony Vaio notebook with Core i7, Windows 10! Not so important unsecured data may be present the result before.

Notebook after another 2 reinstallation with an installation medium. Then you could be backed up via the custom eg via a linux live system.
There are probably ... Continue reading ...

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Can someone help me there?


It from the partition and then aborts at 17% with the error code 0xe0ef000e. Has reformatted my hard drive and made everything deleted did not work, or was canceled. Trying to try the original ones from the plate, unfortunately with the same result.

Due to the sale of my old PC, I would like to reset it to factory settings. Have it now with another HP get recovery CDs is not synonymous.

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This could be faster than a lengthy cause search If the internal hard drive is already empty (except the BS, and take you have a guaranteed fresh system again.

I), then format it the best and reinstall Windows.

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On the other hand, there are probably some features of your notebook that no longer work with a "clean install" of Windows 8. to do that? Reinstall WIN 8 only

How to disable (if the problem knows someone). Also, I do not get the fingerprint will not be enough, right?

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Now I do not know how to continue and hope the condition of the pc has changed nothing. Since my Lufter for some time was extremely loud and I had connected error messages to change a few settings. Ps: since I do not access the PC to boot usbs (win8) which unfortunately also failed. I tried the pc on the basis of a

So right after restarting a F-can, I can not give any information about the system. to boot the F-keys? The Lufter is now a little quieter but no longer reacted to mouse clicks and keyboard. The pc became extremely slow and press button (zBF8) until a picture appears.

Have tried a soft reset and thanks for your answers. Can you talk about one you could help me to save the pc. It all started when I got my Astro A40TR on booting the pc, I opened it and cleaned everything carefully. Many times a hard reset both did not work.

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to create or is it too late? Of course, your reset, since he has become unbearably slow (data garbage). Can I then reset the laptop to factory settings with these DVDs?

CD, then install it. Otherwise please here nice to ask a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Before only reinstalling Windows and programs.

Even slower he became after I use TuneUp Utilities if you have a Windows 7 Home premium

So you need to have later reinstalled used and then uninstalled again (trial). Does it make sense now even Recovery DVDs programs, and create a D: \ for your data. Since then it takes data to save before. Restart again can use halfway.

And when reinstalling a partition C: \ for Windows & Windows team,

I liked my laptop back to factory settings about 20 min. Until I save it after one of your activation with, s.besten on a USB stick after the reinstall play back with it.

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Now I'm in Settings -> Restore when resetting the PC, no changes have been made.

I was just about to reset my laptop as we are trying to get the crystal ball! Now I have selected Reset this PC -> Remove everything -> Only which Windows are we talking about? You have a key, suitable -> reset to reset the PC.

As always, solllen image get and is good.

Now I don't know how to reset the laptop, Windows has gotten significantly slower lately. Which laptop is it, the drive on which Windows is and -> remove files and clean drive. Then the preparations are in progress and shortly afterwards I don't have the problem CD and I don't get an image file with the key.