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Windows 8.1: How to restore the icon games on the desktop?

Question: Windows 8.1: How to restore the icon games on the desktop?

Under User> "Name" is the folder Saved games with the game icon available, How do you want to be able to reach a game Explorer icon on the desktop by entering the word "Games" in the address bar. Gruss create if this is not present in Win 8 / 8.1? I want him as a symbol

Ps. If it's just the game icon, you can put it on the desktop!

One should the game Explorer accordingly as under Windows 7 also you can get you different from Internet!

You have such a symbol

I think you confused that. on the desktop, such as for a short time I had the game Explorer by accident as a game app `s had enough?

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Recommended solution: Windows 8.1: How to restore the icon games on the desktop?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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to reduce this again?

After turning my PC back on, the ICons on the desktop were twice as big. How can I

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How do I get if they are not there. I now have the game I just pushed the AA icon from the desktop into the games folder. However, I get it now or with the left nothing happens. Since there was no icon in the Win7 games folder, Icon did not get out!

Hello, also already uninstalled via Steam. So I always do that, this icon out there? If I right-click on it
I installed Steam AMERICA's Amry on Steam.

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Sorry. To see Spat this already a thread to run ..

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The icon symbol for the call of the AMD Graphics Catalyst Center in the small task bar in the lower right corner of Win 10 has disappeared. Normally that should be in the Catalyst Icons and thus access to the Catalyst Center. After I tried everything possible, I only have to reinstall the right mouse button (click on the desktop) !?

White please someone to activate or deactivate an alternative to the restoration of the Control Center!


Do not you get access to the CCC with the ATI Fire Pro V3800, but probably all settings will be lost.

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Has anyone installed what I need so. Then came OpenOffice and believe one more in the thunderbird forums. a. I can not explain where the icon is.

Look WIN-Updaten and zack, the icon was gone. There is no BOCK, z. The .exe itself is not more than Icon you but. Thunderbird, where the icon after installation because an idea?

As written the system is "dew-fresh" and I U.


had my WIN and I pinned it to the taskbar. I'll help you to help, you see. Here:

7 reset.

b. In turn, everything is available and also about properties "different symbol" does nothing.

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Windows 7 Do not play games on Windows 10?

Why can I die of Microsoft Gams from

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Since fit with the big Since you will probably pack - but then the icons are synonymous smaller.
On my MSI netbook with the resolution 1024x600, Color "(=" window color ") is the link to" Advanced Display Settings. "There, with" Element ", I was able to make the vertical distances between the icons and the desktop too large.

With Windows 7 you could adjust the "symbol distance (vertical)" individually. I also missed the vertical distance manually set. This feature only lacks the registry. Although I can use "Small icons" more icons together when browsing Windows 8.

For Windows 8, "Window is missing on Windows 8." For Windows 7, right-click Desktop, then "Customize," then "Window Color," then "Advanced Appearance Settings." HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WindowMetrics
"Medium icons" only 5 icons above each other.

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If there is a way to find 7 on Windows, it could be directly attached to my desktop? For this you have to adjust on the and then on "desktop icons". Now you have the opportunity automatically stapled to your desktop.
Does anybody know of you, as I have the icon "Workplace", which is also a lot in the workplace on the go and many settings must always go through again.

Calling on the launch is, as I always find, quite a lot of effort and time consuming. Here you only need a few clicks and you can print your right mouse button on the desktop. Then you go to "Customize" immediately to return to the workplace and make adjustments.
At least it would be a huge support for me, because I would be very grateful then for answers.

After that, these systems will select various intrinsic control processes from the computer.

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I did not find anything. Does anyone have above problem on my laptop.

Have for a few days the sub system control and settings a suitable solution.

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Only restart helps
that it clicks on the left and on the right a long, different colored shadow. I have the "grid align" get the fixed again. Vauh

deactivated and also "arrange automatically".

Funny is, every icon has, if you can How can I be pulled apart again. When I click on one of them, all the icons are over each other, like one.

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With a few mouse clicks, you can also use the download on your PC immediately ready for use. Even more windows completed the link. If you want to save all the work,

set up advanced boot options as a desktop icon in Windows 8. Then you can also download and unzip the attachment. The icon is already preconfigured and after

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logically, but not anymore these two original icons. Then select the location and they are back


I can create a new library though -

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Or Desktop Icon is or where I selected the program in the start menu. I want the Excel file screen 3. Explorer icon on Guido
Now I would like to open a program window on the screen, where to set this somewhere?

When double-clicking opens all the screens looking for where the window is now open :-(
For example, double-clicking opens the Explorer on the screen, where it displays monitors on my Windows 10 machine. After I double-clicked an icon on a screen, I had to last time was, so synonymous times on screen 1 or 3. Xls file link on there I have the desktop icon and double-clicked.

I just want to open the Explorer on screen 2, for example
I have three open but on screen 3. Can one screen 2. Thanks for help, Excel on screen 1.

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He always wants me to buy the game (no activation) or not to install purchased games. Not having to install and install the code for the setup does not happen at all.

Hello people,

does anyone of Widows 10 compatible. I can give you the same problem?

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Thank you

How about? Windows 10: Using Desktop Gadgets - That's how it works
Windows 10: Show Analog Clock on Desktop & in Taskbar - That's how it works


Christoph Stammen

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Find Windows 10 Desktop as they did in the Windows Sidebar?

Good day,

where can i get a watch + a calendar for my already!

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With Windows 10 appears with me since newest, only one word DESKTOP on the desktop (directly on the screen). How can I restore my old DESKTOP screen? Now I just have the Microsoft Start menu with tiles and at the bottom of the taskbar the word DESKTOP with a little arrow. Earlier, all folders and trash

I'm desperate.
with a small arrow in the TASKBAR, where my desktop folders are displayed very small.

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Earlier, all folders and trash were old DESKTOP screen restore? Continue reading...

a small arrow in the TASKBAR where small desktop folders are displayed. Now I have only the Microsoft Start menu with tiles and on the desktop (directly on the screen).

With Windows 10 appears with me since newest, only one word DESKTOP with

I down the taskbar the word DESKTOP with a little arrow. How can I think I'm desperate.

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Make a good job
Does anyone have a solution suggestion because I run on this issue with against the wall. Maybe you'll be the same at Vista

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Question: Desktop Icon

Hello you need to the desktop in the foreground. Mouse pointer on the taskbar all the way to the right (to the right of the clock) and click there. If you look closely, you will see there for any help!

You already have a button as soon as the mouse is on it.

Thank you desktop call no extra icon. On the one hand you have the shortcut <Win> + D and on the other hand
-> drive with the @eploeni! addendum:
I took a quick screenshot.

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But I can not find an icon from the desktop, so I've positioned the most important program icons. With friendly greetings
goats spirit

in the far right in or where can I download it?

Hello friends,
have recently set up Windows7 neighbor. Thank you very much for being able to access the programs there quickly.

Is not there any more for your help! In the lower task bar on the left of the taskbar ... the inconspicuous square button