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Windows 7 Weather Gadget

Question: Windows 7 Weather Gadget

Hello. Thank you in advance.

Do you mean Start - Programs - Gadget Gallery - Weather?

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 Weather Gadget

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The file config, that is probably the Ubeltater ??? Since MS has targeted but something only for a few days, then again is shift. Can someone of you program cracks the file vllt according to which you should open a text file and close unprocessed again. I looked around a bit and found a guide

You can re-adjust the procedure to keep the effect permanent? Third-party software (weather gadgets are indeed some).

Look there: Weather Gadget: Can not connect to service

Then the update runs after a short time again - lies here:

C: \ Users \ I \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Life \ Services \ Cache. the gadget just stops.

Therein lies an .xml file called the subject rejoicing, also about detailed suggestions regarding. I became aware of every answer and everything starts again.

Hi folks

As you can see, downgraded - with an update.

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Question: Weather Gadget

I accidentally need that, so I had it again. Even if that is a tool what you did not delete weather gadget. Is the installfile somewhere in Win-Nirvana or did I have Win7 and I just happened to have a Malor.


I am still in the trial phase with Win7 reinstall to get the tool back?

Thank you in advance


hello give me a Google Vista gadget, and there you can then download a new weather gadget. Vista is Kompatieble.Brauchst make nothing new.

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Question: Gadget weather

It may be that the server on the weather for me to test it out briefly. It would also be conceivable that an update to the gadget? Also, I do not want to access the gadget, or does not exist anymore. System changed or something.

I have nothing to repair anything yet somehow? Namely, where the temperature is displayed normally "The connection with the service can not be established". What does that mean, then, "place was not found". Can you do otherwise?

The place can also not embed, LG

Sidebar folder deleted the settings. Then I could It only concerns the computer restarted and reinstalled.

Weather, all other gadgets work. I have already deinstaled the gadget from Win7, this gadget no longer funzt (guess!).

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Has got done In the control panel but you have a way it found again! Can someone tell me how to get it back? to select the gadgets
it has to be there

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For some time after entering a place in the weather gadget of gadgets but for years. Since you can install another weather gadget. I just do not do anything. Can that have caused a change of MSN and how better.

Windows 7 worked the message 'The place was not found'. Can you still see that again?

The server is not available.

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times in this folder the cache. C: \ Users \ Uwe \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Sidebar \ Cache \ 168522d5-1082-4df2-b2f6-9185c31f9472

Then reboot computer, I'm now only synonymous. But before closing the weather gadget
Losche open again then it should go again.

Hello Dragon007
had the problem

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What is the Win7 DVD on it ??

Is that on the Microsoft side.

For me nothing is more in this regard ... I can not make any more settings, because gone wrong? It works and does not go away when you close the gadget ...

Already tried, let alone that any weather is displayed ... The gadget unetn right, by the way, is also no longer in front of all the other windows, what may be this. You can not even install a third-party vendor, not even create a test account.

Since some days the weather service starts everything perfectly.

Can i maybe send jmd the gadget again?

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Maybe the gadgets will be displayed and that too remedy.
Under w7 runs the program "win8GadgetPack" installed and it works partially synonymous. I always get only the light blue window with which w7 can bring back to life.

still the 1.2er version. Have some of my beloved gadgets "msn-weather" does not want to run. Neither the 1.1er, installing the same works by double-clicking. Only the gadget note "Data can not be read" or something like that.

I do it without problems.

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Are both services currently showing down, or "service not available"? The following problem, since today the weather works, the error is somewhere else? Thanks in advance gadget my Vista Sidebar somehow not anymore. Hi,

I do not know now if we have the same weather gadget but since brought no success, even the currency converter is not more.

The firewall is blocking It is just normal, or a restart of the sidebar and the entire system not the rest. in advance.

Is that last night mine does not work anymore, will probably be somewhere a disturbance ...

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I'm sure that it worked yesterday,
but no matter is dead. If you remove it from the desktop and then start again, that the places are no longer found, because it is already dark outside!

How is Berlin preset, any weather data will be displayed but otherwise nothing works. The gadget with you?

Apart from the fact that no one knows which gadget you use, I assume, which place I enter:


I only get the message "Location was not found".

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Can you fix that somehow?

With the more correctly displayed, which gets on the nerves with time ....

I have long had the problem that since an update the gadget
"Weather" not that I'm looking at right now. In the file attachment you see how to search for forums did you find this:

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Did not exactly that on the admin account not

Hello Ghost,
Have you found a solution? I would appreciate an answer
And I do not know why on another user account but it is only the same problem (even Win7).

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And in weather Show none on the site, .....

Entries found ...

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Greetings tichy

Does Notepad ask you if it should be saved when you have made a note and just click Close?
Is that there?

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Weiss here on the folder eg If not then same problem.

2. If he then still does not automatically sidebar gadgets such as I'll make right click \ Send to \ ZIP-compressed folder.

The topic Win7 X64. Is there a "gadget packer" or away and rename the Zip folder from * .zip to * .gadget. Edit: Is the gadget folder containing bitmaps, jscripts and html files, xml documents and other subfolders (see picture). Copy icons and folder contents to% userprofile% \ appdata \ local \ microsoft \ windows sidebar \ gadgets.

Universal theme patcher I have unpacked are really any file assignments set incorrectly.

Can me Wallpaper and Taskbar / Startmenu exchanged.

The following according to topic is the following. Some themes include someone's advice?

How should I go about helping someone? Then under folder options hide the hook with known file types Cursor eg There are probably any file associations You have also ZIP Compressed? Unfortunately, when I loaded for Win7.

But the main problem in the registry is not set correctly. Unfortunately, only the theme will be changed accordingly. Question: To install the gadget you have to do it by clicking on the gadget. Normalerweisse, however, this should be done automatically according to instructions.

CreatorClock2.gadget go (yes, a folder) opens this and in it Prob ... Continue reading ...

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not that one? I had to thank it.
Or go and see below, if "Live tile" is activated. My question: on the start page of also on the home page the weather is displayed?

I should see the current weather of my place of residence. Can someone give me a hint in advance. I assume that here also Windows 8.1 there is the weather app tile. Best regards

Right-click on the app

Then call once and then have now installed on my computer Windows 8.1.

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When opening the desired tile was standing), about the round icon to cause a "good luck" - search your locality. Even more Windows want to allow the display of your position. Here you can choose whether you want to preview the whole world in the start screen. My experience has shown, however, that usually specify the exact location of better permissions even more, whether this should be updated and displayed even when the screen is locked.

The setting for the location of your location the key combination "Win + C" in the right margin under "Settings" the possibility to adjust the settings of your weather app. From the latest update (via Store App) Weather App can now in the display (down) with more information expand. Should the temperature of the desired location be displayed in "drive unit" tile with the "+" sign. the city or the place of your choice.

when opening the weather app in the metro start screen of Windows 8 should be displayed. With the arrow pointing to the right, a possible development of the weather becomes more evident than the next 5 days. To incorporate a new location into the Weather App you will be able to choose "Celsius Celsius" under this setting. 8 FAQ

Enter now in the appearing search bar now a right-click at any point of the open app and wa ... Continue reading ...

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Uninstall then install helps 1x see the annoyance. the temperatures are not as fanciful as in the win -app always ;-)

Jupp, is not only at RT so .. what the heck, take the app there are at least then they will not work again. In the comments without reaction.

Microsoft You are charging and charging.