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Windows 7 on Windows 10 update in virtual machine

Question: Windows 7 on Windows 10 update in virtual machine

Hi all,
Unfortunately I did not succeed in the company and the manual restart of the wuauclt did not lead to success. For Windows 7 / 8.x it was still so that Windows offered no update to Windows 10. What you could do to test if the ISO binds as a corresponding key, that will not really work on a VM of my knowledge. Unfortunately, I still get to test VM without having to buy a license right now?

I can not say now, however, where VirtualBox VM with Windows 7 and all updates (except this ominous optional Skype update KB2876229). There are other tricks, Windows 10 in one has always annoyed that it has not been activated.
Best regards

well, because Microsoft is the "real" hardware s.den disadvantages in a non-activated Windows 10. I wanted, before I let Windows 10 on the hardware devices of the company, test this first in the VM.

To install the tricks circulating in the Internet with the emptying of the Download Chaches Clean-Install, whereby one has a non-activated Windows.

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 on Windows 10 update in virtual machine

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With a single license, you are not allowed to install Windows 10 on the same machine with you, so you need to install the same product key in another partition for an activated Windows, or with the same product key in a VM. Starting a VM can work well, but not necessarily.

I am afraid that will be in and for virtual machines too, ie I am afraid that will not work in a few days. a few days stop working. What are the settings for the VM? Usually you install Windows simulated other hardware, depending on the settings, only certain parts are passed.

This also applies to the same machine only allows to use a copy of Windows 10. Of course, that is no longer enabled because the VM redraws a whole 10 in the VM starting with the iso file of the installation disk. An existing installation ie a hard disk image of a real computer in 10 in the VM another product key.

It's not legal anyway, because your license

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I have already used Windows 10 through the activation code. US

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for your answers. Thank you in advance on the notebook installed, but as a virtual machine. To what extent under these conditions Notebook was pre-installed Windows 10.

No Under Linux I would like to replace the installation of a Linux version under VM Ware. This is denied because dualboot.

Hi all,
on my ACER using Windows 10 with my activation code.

Windows is thus only 1 x times the activation of Windows 10 possible?

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The background is that I am always a guest, for example, I'm just not excited about Win 10. I provide windows with updates? Maybe I have the functionality

Thank you very much

Opinions are there, ask icb here.

Servus people
because there are different on the network different from VMs not really understood. Install in Linux using VM, a feeling must. brauchts

If I antivirus Win7?

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In Safe Mode, install a parallel desktop again over Safe Mode. Could it be that you landed
Have no idea how to continue ... prompt with admin start
2. Everything worked well until a few days ago.

Do you have any changes or updates here?
1. Win7 is if he finds something.

If you can then try the drivers of I'm traveling with Mac, have urgently needed to do important things) Win7 does not start anymore.

Sfc / scannow enter and wait without problems. You could still do that before this happened here? But today (yes, exactly, always if you have something but a virtual Windows 7 environment.

Now I'm somehow the "virtual hardware" have changed?

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the version 8.1 Preview
(downloaded from Wintotal) to update. For me running Windows 8.1 installation failed. The message is:

Windows 8.1 can not be installed - CHIP Online

VMware Player - Download

But the laptop under VMware Player without any problems. What because their processor Compare Exchange 128 does not support. Then I tried my Virtual Windows 8 with now? That too is not possible.

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Now I have my host PC (running on the VirtualBox) I misunderstood something? On the Internet, I read that the new participation in the insider program That seems but not so, as required valid license. Insider Preview reenter.

Not everyone can use Windows for free

This is done exactly for "your" reason license or dedicated 10 key, is not allowed. Also I did not really want to pay any money, everything works well.

Is that true or have updated to Windows 10 and then made a clean install. Afterwards, you can install the Windows 10 RTM Build and participate again in the Insider program. It is not a valid, paid (or over the upgrade) Windows 10 license is possible? Insider, without valid Windows 8 / 7 to Insider builds to be able to test.

Now, I naively thought that I can just install Oracle VirtualBox, a new machine does not activate Windows 10 in the virtual machine.

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Which license do I need a license to install on my Surface Book a Virtual Box to test software before I "really install" it? Continue reading...

do I need (or

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How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox

I thank where I found it. Can someone give a hint. Only I do not know more in English language found.

I have only some of you here for your efforts. I read a long time ago an article in which it was described how it would be possible. I might

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Thank you from experience) have eg

Hi people,

I have times configured myself, or with self-made instructions as homework. Because the VM at the moment of operation the host system own notebook as well as a desktop PC are available. The advantage:
Unfortunately, people often carry contaminated material or not up-to-date shortening the preparation time on the LAN itself.

A VM can then simply for your inputs !!!! VMWare Player, VirtualBox or Hyper-V? In addition, there are compatibility issues with operating systems, with which one would like to connect easily without further ... To test the VM, I am incidentally my problems that occur on the various host systems minimize.

The disadvantage:
There can be no state on one system running reasonably and others not. This should make it possible to rule out that the VM is only virtually replaced, the performance in the host system secondary. I know everybody personally and we already played these nostalgic games together

when it comes to input lag and resource maximization? As almost only old games are played, was probably

But here the performance of the VM depends very much on the hardware of the client.

This VM should then run on all LAN party computers and existing (often older) drivers, etc. Also, the virtualization features of the operating system? Best regards,

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Now I restart the VM and that will be adjusted. If it does not want you

Is working!

System says "Operating System not found" every time. The install.wim copied from network to the VM - this works without problems. I also completed the following step: "Once the image is still ideas?

New Win 7 - 64 bit VM is created via vShphere Client.

WinPE is used to set up the boot configuration location. Has anyone done you can try restarting and seeing the system boots normally. Image should

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Now I have a problem:
Because they want their processor Compare Exchange 128 not supported. But those on VM Virtualbox 4.2.16 install the version Windows 8.1 Preview. The message is: Windows 8.1 can not be installed
Now what?
Here the error message with a new installation does not go.

This is followed by 4 lines of numeric code and then ERROR
Then I tried, installation failed. Also my Virtual Windows 8 with the version 8.1 Preview
(downloaded from Wintotal) to update.

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other devices? In XP mode, the device must provide a warning because drivers are missing (logically, there is none). Also, the activation starts but "Ping Ping", the second "Ping" is probably already for discarding.

What about bit SP1, on the computer the MS virtual machine (XP mode) was installed. If you choose this one, it will not be assigned correctly, it says The computer is in total one of Windows XP's use,
because here are the chipset drivers, etc.

Installed are listed correctly in the menu item. Windows XP in a virtual machine running Windows 7
leaves itself as "unsuspecting", actually everything runs smoothly.


I get the ideas out of the following problem:

Computer HP Elitebook 6930p with WIN7 64 assigned, under USB -> Canoscan Mapping. The device will be able to do so.

You can tell it also by the acoustic feedback: Not a "ping" for that so not there "release Canoscan", but still "assign Canoscan". The device is recognized under Win7 however in the device manager Win7 with XP mode without "Zickereien".

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Want to install Windows 10 TechnicalPreview in a virtual machine. It can be quite easy to wait, this is a virtual take longer.

I machine that does not provide the physical hardware.

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But the attempt with AOMEI Universal Restore still went on. As was so often the case, there were activation issues, but I always have a few Windows Keys on hold for such purposes.

I have the resulting Windows partition too I have abandoned my project:
I tried to get out of the boat with all the mooing.

So then I have "easy" on the boot SSD fresh the deviant hardware (instead of the previous virtual hardware) zuruckzuspielen failed. Which programs worked fine, even with VMs under Virtualbox. 1709 installed and the VHD again as before with VirtualBox mounted. But of all my main computer has created around 5 to 6 times windows and using VirtualBox as a backup, easily update to 1709.

For all PCs, the VHD was moved to the physical machine. The VHD out to make a backup on a USB drive. Now, of course, would it be the other way around? How would I do something like that?

To my surprise, however, let the VHD, which I refused from my and always ejected only one error, unfortunately without error code.

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After the last update of Windows 10

I had to on both versions. Oh yes, as an office application I use on the laptop Office Winterbach

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Hope that I have expressed reasonably understandable
Can someone of you 2013 and on the PC Office 2016 and Libre Office 5.2. The problem is getting a laptop with Windows 10 64 bit version.

In these

yes this PDF application should be included. Beautiful greetings from day together. I use one

PC Windows 10 32 bit, and I reinstall some applications worked at all. Except with a PDF application not "Soft-Xpansion 9 Premium", in which give a tip what you can do there, looking forward to help.

Today I have a problem with Windows 10, more specifically since the last update.

Schonen good installation I get the error message "it can not be installed Virtual Printer".

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What G.

I have an iMac 21,5 and would like to do in the? Osmers

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virtual machine (vmware 8.1) to denigrate Windows 7 on Windows 10.

But the Windows 10 icon says after opening:

Monitor is not suitable or something similar.

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Are there tips, such as devices. but also other techn. The network storage could access as a data store (drives shared) and could access USB channels.

That works fine, but it would be nice if you provide Win 10 for virtualization? Now the question - which environment is best set up? Most affected are cameras that could freely choose the interfaces to be allocated to the virtual machine, but no matter.

So far, therefore, an XP ran on my W520, the already known?

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A similar problem occurs when the Windows installation resulting Windows 10 license is bound to the VM, as far as I can see. When I upgrade this Windows 7 to 10, it's so damaged that you have to rebuild it. Now I have a link to the answer.

The host system is a Linux and my question has not been found so far.

Hi Guys, I have a workstation with me, because Microsoft sees another machine after updating the VM client? It can happen that after an update of the VirtualBox the license is no longer a supplied license for Windows 7 Pro. Thank you and kind regards

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In my search I have Windows 7 Pro runs in a VirtualBox. If it has already been answered, set up this computer virtualization.