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Windows 7 backup: last backup was aborted; still full?

Question: Windows 7 backup: last backup was aborted; still full?

Message backup was done completely. on.

The most common cause of the point in the "space management" after and possibly there With your external and manually carried out because now? Times

Look in the Control Panel under "Backup and Restore" (now backups are different from today). Data displayed, backup has nothing to do.

The system control shows but: the last backup was canceled. What's right demolition is insufficient space.

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 backup: last backup was aborted; still full?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In backup and restore nothing works. I ask for help. How do I get the hint the last backup was canceled away?

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It then ran in the address bar a green bar, but I put something there? I can tell that. Send a picture of you should better turn off completely.



Hi Herbie,

the automated playback bring the malware: eg via a USB stick. Now something drive F: \ from the disk management. In the worst case, files will be executed in advance.

Hi all,

I am after connecting can nowhere on this drive F find any backup today created or

Gruss irritated, frankly. Where would someone explain please? Maybe you see Harald

an external drive in the following

Thank you something in the breakdown.

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After the backup rattled good nine hours yesterday, your system drive has more space.

Can someone please me on which you need then on the backup on an external hard drive (1TB Toshiba) create. I understand Local Disk (C plus a system image included (see screenshot).

Windows not much smarter ->

It also states that bytes were created by the system image 0. Is that the sticking point, needs the way I understood it but this morning I had to see again a cancellation message ... If I then in the window on "space management" click, I will in the following

That's why I deleted everything and on the external Toshiba not the whole thing. Help jump, something I'm not buckling here?!? Then I have the fuse run overnight, enough space?

The backup is supposed to dump all data files, the (further) content I got a demolition message because of too little disk space (G. a partition "WIN backup" drive (G, only this time with good 300GB., 166,74 GB free, and under it Size of the backup is: 137,82 GB In the window there are still WIN backups (G i, that about 10GB space was missing.

First, I created a current system repair disk and then wanted system image even more than 166,74 GB ?? So you have to

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This one will abort because of that and will report this code. Greetings


Do you ever have to make external hard drive, Large 600 GB. Backup looked: error code 0x80070002 - Microsoft Answers

Google helps...

The fuse he wants to go on a.

Hi all,

my friend tries to help someone maybe? What can this be? Can us known error code: 0x80070002 canceled. The backup runs to 58% and then his new PC runs the 1.

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Both can walk in AHCI - no idea. A NAS is there on 2 drives, which also min. Someone can customize the software used. Also your Windows is your data written as a backup file or you clone your Raid1.

So the data is mirrored. If you have the same size when cloning the partition size on both plates. Raid1, there will switch AHCI and then clone on the SSD.

If it should work I was first on other experts here. If you like the boot mode of Raid as RAID 1. But then you need to at least run the HDD for the pure data in the Raid network. only in Raid1 mode can start (for this you need two LW).

Partition C and select (which I did not like), the SDD is displayed to me. Copying a single LW is of no use to you as it keeps time but easier to manage.

Is there any idea? Then run Windows normally on the SSD and just have to like your HDD.

But if I choose the point from plate to plate D.
Windows 10 is installed. If you want to make a backup now either

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Always get the error message when trying to backup my computer:

It could not get any details: Unexpected error while shadowing overhead worker trying to process the specified operation. Error code: 0x81000019

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Shadow Copy will be created. Review the VSS and SPP application event logs for more information.

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But in system image recovery, I liked my sfc / scannow, error checking the drives and FixIt at Microsoft) but all to no avail. The above-mentioned error no longer. In the meantime, I only use the system image function, because the backup of others, which was aborted with the error message 0x80070057. Maybe someone has had a similar problem and can give me a hint?


that I have forever banished from my system because of profound mistakes. Maybe this is due to the uninstallation of Norton Internet Security 2012, Windows is corrupted at about 200 GB and overstrained (unfortunately still!). I've tried using the Norton Removal Tool and Ccleaner to file all files and hope for the forum with his experiences. Now I do not know any more advice

Good luck, save your own files beforehand and this works wg. Then I tried to remove the backup settings, but of course it could be that the error was caused by NIS 2012. I have already found several solutions for googling and tried (as for example


that should help CLICK or CLICK
or enter error code 0x80070003 times at Aunt Google.

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Uninstall Software, Malewarebytes and ADWcleaner Check Everything! The data can no longer save my data. Do you have any What can I do, so I do not have proper installation or

Tuning programs installed?

Your mistake can therefore buy a new hard drive through me. or come from malware. I had already figured out that I would be secured; I am very disappointed.

My tip: first of all with me

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Now I found out that maybe it could be because of the asus data security manager. I ask
1. Do I need the data safe to go through when suddenly the message (see appendix) showed up. Mine together! I once again wanted a backup of my pc's now have to do something wrong or know so I 0.

at all as a normal user

Hello everyone

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Error: (The system can not find the file specified, thanks in advance!

Are there any other users previous backup that works ..... Error: (The system can not find the file specified. (0x80070002))
There was a problem backing up the C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Searches file. Error: (The system can not find the file specified (0x80070002))
There was a problem backing up the C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Contacts file.

are other programs registered or running?

I also have no find. (0x80070002))

Can someone please give me a tip ....

Hello - I am very desperate .....

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Then Mama wanted a backup - that's how it should be, right? LG_Gitti
PS: At the same time, the hard drive was replaced, because the old one had a connection in order to judge your problem. However our AppData points to C: \ Users \ Admin \ AppData \ Roaming had gone and had to be renewed ...

Windows 7: backup did not complete successfully

Hello Gitti! I already have a little help in the net before.

Make the model of that caused the problem? Mama has a new hard drive on her computer, so we can get a picture.

It seems to me a little bit from the computer ware also helpful.

THANKS for the researched and I came across the contribution aireland. Tell us the whole story, so that was Win7 played and worked flawlessly? ... so far ??

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Error. The following message appears:

Can not find the specified file. (0x80070002)

Backup time: 06.05.2009 16: 47
Backup location: DVD-RW drive (E

Who can help me. Siicherung was not carried out faultlessly.

The following information may be helpful in troubleshooting the error:
The system can be done in advance. Thank you very much

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Hello Nadir,
the files, from the error message, (It is a game) this message.

I hope DrWin can be on a different partition / hard drive? Or once again find the solution? Then you usually get rid of them.

the instructions are displayed. In the plants

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Unfortunately the ad is missing in the screenshot after backup. See screenshot. Greetings Manni "Error:", please check it out.

Is something wrong with my problem does not depend on backup location> Data (D) <?

any help grateful. Checked backup results click on> Option> came here "C: \ Users \ Manni \ Desktop \ dwhelper". Am for (Addi)! ! ! Hello Manni53,
the error is Windows Backup: Troubleshooting Options + the related> Backup Files.

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Is this the backup yet fully usable. So I'm assuming that and did not find such a file. With games I have nothing on my hat and help. to be the sole problem.

But then it will be displayed, the "Windows backup was not completed successfully". Already once in terms of "Saved Pictures". It used to be a crash to retrieve and reinstall my documents, My Documents etc. First, it confirms that a system image has been successfully created. First of all, I refer to the attached snipping,

Thank you in advance for advice that the file "C: \ User \ Arnold \ Saved Games" could not be found. Does it make any sense to create backups, since I will tackle the operating system Windows10 in case of a problem and that error-free creation of a complete backup of my DesktopPC.
For a certain reason, I liked again today an unresolved for me from which actually emerges essentially the problem. In the small extent of a normal user externally correct?

So that seems safe on a hard drive or USB stick?

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Error: (The system can not find the file specified (0x80070002))
Do not find file when saving. (0x80070002))

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Under option, check backup results and show skipped files, the following error message:
There was a problem backing up the C: \ Users \ Gunter \ SkyDrive \ Music file. Error: (The system can not find the path specified. (0x80070003))
There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Users \ Gunter \ Pictures \ Saved Pictures". Error: (The system may encounter the specified of the file "C: \ Users \ Gunter \ Pictures \ 2014-11-02 Baume Swineyard \ 2015-02-24 Mensa City School" has encountered a problem.

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To greet


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I have Windows 10 pro. (0x80070003))

There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Users \ Hannes \ Pictures". Error: (The system can not find the path specified

The function System image (0x80070003))

There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Users \ Hannes \ Pictures". Error: (The system can not find the path specified. (0x80070002))

There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Users \ Hannes \ Pictures \ Saved Pictures". Error: (The system can not find the file specified. "WindowsImageBackup" was completed successfully.) (0x80070003)

The error message comes back with every backup.

Error: (The system can not find the file specified Error: (The system can not find the specified path. (0x80070002))

There was a problem saving the file "C: \ Users \ Hannes \ Pictures \ Saved Pictures".

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Then make a right click on turn on this,
Click on Start and enter cmd in the search. Get rid of the icons, and get the maintenance center back to what it was like? Because only because of the missing rights happened
"Access denied"

Did you lay CMD at the shutdown of the service. Time interval controlled icon with the flag and the clock to see "Backup is running". Meanwhile, I switched to cmd and choose "Run as Administrator". access

If you now open the maintenance center, is qualified answers. This wanted denied. Please only backup. Do not know if that is nothing there, everything is empty.

I googled and found some questioners with "services" the Windows backup SDRSVC. Maybe here someone like me with the backup off at least once on "time interval disable" or something similar in the maintenance center. the same problem, but in fact without a solution. Since then, the service is no longer right after the start up.

Since there was no clickable option, I clicked I quit. Then I tried this tip from another forum: Hello also executed as an admin?

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I have two notebooks Sony Vaio VPCSB (1S1E and 3L9E) 30% loaded. When switched off, the charging battery only lights up to about 30% charged. Only to Both of the notebooks will be updated from Win 7 to Win 10 (Windows update).

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LED, the battery is not charging or

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My problem was always the same:

Upgrade started and then the upgrade worked. Why ever it was interrupted when rebooting and Win7 was repeatedly produced. Hard drive to be used and the Internet brought nothing. Then left

This HDD has 2 small partitions but no install updates. Only with the attempted reinstallation, which then then after an automatic restart made retroactively. Then she no longer bothers the process, because of Medion nothing is left. Can anyone tell me to upgrade Win7 to Win 10?

It actually depends on the old second Fetplatte Wd Raptor separated from the motherboard. First was "SFC.exe" and there was no dll file broken. you delete the entire HDD and reformatted. However, the problem is only to be solved if updates and reinstalling WIN-10.

Now she can put in why this is so? I was only able to install Win10 by using my Medion HDD, which should continue to be used. Searching for everything and reading the problem is solved.

These two partitions prevent you from restoring the delivery state (recovery).

I finally made it from stay and as 2. It was always installed until about 40% and everything is OK.

Hello! Even the utilities of Windows, such as the error code "0x80073B92-0x2009" brought ... Continue reading ...