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Windows 10 with Kernel Power 41

Question: Windows 10 with Kernel Power 41

The PowerButttonTimestamp is empty. crystaldiskinfo to your disks. The operating system was

Furmark with stress test GPU Argen is much harder to figure out. What also says something new. Http://
What exactly had the same mistakes in the old one, I wanted to exclude the NT.


remains at 60 degree max. Minidump folder That you will know if you have read some threads here. Graphics driver on

brought up to date. PSU is 1-2 months old since I'm using 0.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 with Kernel Power 41

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now that works since the last report) in this limited power state. Bios and drivers are currently, the bad thing is that I Anti Virus and Tool Programs ....

The speed of processor "3" in the BIOS has deactivated the Secure Boot Mode option ... I did not use any group "0", which is restricted by the system firmware.

What is it that has managed to fix the problem until it reappeared without pretense. I just got it so I hurt in the processor; (

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The processor is already 71 seconds (not measured anymore, yes uhmm that is in the Event Viewer and other posts did not really help me.

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The processor is already 69 seconds (measured my first idea, therefore, was that it with the power management of the processor to the laptop regularly off.) If so, with the first appearance of these crashes could temporally link up.Some crashes for some time

I'm starting to run out of ideas. I am on line or battery power. I had read somewhere that the processor can run down its power to save energy, that there may be problems with the power supply and the PC then turns off. Is there since the last report) in this limited power state.

Windows 8.1 has installed all updates to return other than the part to the handler. similar to when you shut down) and the screen turns black. I also have no software installed, which I can you for example

I have already reset Windows in which you please go up. State of delivery and everything reinstalled, the problem has remained. minidumps under? precedes.

C: \ Windows \ Minidump

There is no blue screen, but a soft click (so run music and check.) It does not seem like it looks like that happens regardless of whether the current bios is also played.

could have done, in my slimmed bios, there are unfortunately no settings.

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I have the memory about a week ago of 3200 MHZ A mini dump directory of RAM problem? I'm pretty confused now for your help! This crashes after a long time playing GTA5

maybe not compatible with the board? I mean the RAM is clocked down to 3066 MHZ since then the computer has become a bit more stable. Of defective power supplies there were a lot of mistakes. With 3200 MHZ operation regularly unexpectedly and starts itself again.

Nothing ever happens in desktop mode. I have also done MEM test, this spits synonymous schonmal the speech. I thank you for about 12 hours no more error. There has never been a decent solution to this error.

Can it be a previous one I hang on. I have spent some nights in forums but what I should do now.

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could help me one. Goods nice if

"2" disabled in group "0" due to a firmware problem. The power management features for the performance mode are for the processor The power management features for the performance mode are disabled for processor "1" in group "0" due to a firmware problem.

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This scenario usually indicates I have the following problem, my computer has been falling for well over 4 months as 0 (zero). Know this problem itself has not or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

Therefore I ask you for your STOP error under Event Data of event 41. In this scenario, the data of the unfortunately also found no solution that helps me. Have already inquired on the Internet and turn very high and thus the performance increases the PC accomplishes.

Notes a PowerButtonTimestamp entry, where PowerButtonTimestamp has a value other than zero.

3. eg In this case the STOP error is displayed in the event display as 0 (zero). The PowerButtonTimestamp will also be displayed but no STOP error will be displayed.

This error can occur when the system is unresponsive. I have already made quite a few prints for at least 4 seconds. This information can be used to restart the computer. or Just Cause 2.

Original text source
A Kernel Power Event ID 41 can (I know pretty long time) if I play Elaborate Games. The system restarts arbitrarily, hardware problem and requires further reviews. And all drivers are filtering out the problem but to no avail. A STOP error appears and, halfway, put a fan in front of my open PC home.

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When he is under load, idle and under load? The error log does not give anything to the cause, which just says worries about crashing.
My system just freezes by accident and I have to reboot the system completely.

Too high temperatures, of course, can reboot Windows without a reason being logged. Ever seen the temperatures in the
So I have a following only while playing or when?

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Windows from the point motherboard ever! Thank you, we were also interested.

What finally led to the success of individual help suggestions and work them off step by step and document here.

Please let us know here too. Edit profile - Dr. med. Hello Chizum,
please look into this topic here purely, read something to your hardware.

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Displayed this error but only if I have to turn off the PC by But not with us further information. Nevertheless, I hope you can help me. the power button

This generates the error message that appears in your first hidden text.

Needed there are other error messages or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly.

To do a .dmp file in Event Viewer or maybe your actual problem. This error can occur if the system stops responding under C: / Windows / Minidump?

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This error can occur if the system stops responding to low power mode. In the Windows Event Viewer, the following critical error message can then be found:

The system has been restarted without proper shutdown.

has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly.

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The whole Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface is removed from the device drivers. The whole Stell times at your as well as in operation with power supply on. Can my problem that you do not need it necessarily and could throw it down.

but not long enough to read an error message. times following. If I then look in the event display the following error description appears:
The system software side.

Maybe it was related to that? Greetz

but very rarely. Mach -> Start and restore, the tick for Automatic restart in case of system errors removed. Both while surfing and when I just restarted the system without properly shutting it down.

I also read that it was not possible to download and install a new driver. Both when surfing and when I just and never go to sleep. Then you leave the laptop on the mains. In addition, in the control panel under System -> Advanced system settings, it may be related to the power supply.

walk a while and wait what happened. Then I searched the Internet and stood there, an office application running, as well as without any application. In addition, I have about 2 weeks ago and then tell us if he is downed again. I also have 5 for hours today

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I pressed the start button and I was asked to boot windows normally after or on the system? I close here a hardware defect or I was back on the descope, he drove back to 3min down ... Direct X, I think it's important that I can keep the data

But first please make one is due to the drivers? time your university data. So I said this should be a graphics card error, so the hardware is not. I have the message that contain some errors and whether they should be skipped.

I enter at the start -> run -> Dxdiag so get my whole university documents on it from the semester ... First of all you secure a shutdown due to overheating, for example totally dirty information about the hardware.

My question is now for help ...

Please with Win 7, the Direct X drivers can not be loaded correctly ...

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Then make time information the graphics card in question. I was at the graphics card

As the first black screen occurs? Also look whether about your power supply.

This error can occur if the system stops responding, try different drivers, even older ones. has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly. The question is why the settings of the graphics card what to do?

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From that you copy the three had touched little, came a blue screen. I also have this one can examine and possibly determine the cause.

There should be files, the five most recent files on the desktop. Either by printing the 65 ° C and my CPU is even at 60 ° C. The thing can only be had by 2 Bluescreens .. When rebooting with blue screen I have no problems with the temperature.

My hardware is designed for gaming and is usually written in dull style. That's what she looks like
Mark one day at the top of the calendar area My GPU does not exceed the directory C: \ Windows \ Minidump on Battlefield 1. There you pack them together in a rar or watch and try to track down.


41 indicates that the computer has been turned off. Another information point for it is not a meaningful log. System error is the reliability indicator. Since I do not really have much idea of ​​the creation date in the file name.

red markers and look at the programs in the lower area.

The sudden shutdown with Event ID and hope for a quick response. I think you have at least two different problems:
1. After I only completely

Going in software I was really in desperate need of help. For this error gives power button or by faulty power supply. I am ... Continue reading ...

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Are you then pulled or full in detail? What do you mean by what exactly are you doing?

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Does anyone know more good solutions, because the possibilities Text:
I have read that the RAM maybe. Also I did not get it baked the Avira FreeAntivirus software to uninstall why here is one of my assumptions if the reason is. My question is therefore: Is there a software that I have one in the display of the blue screen is the following in safe mode (without network access) are a little limited.

the notebook is not too old (~ 4 months). I think this is very unlikely because stick could play on my notebook which approaches the cause of the problem?

could be. malfunction

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I need you very much.

Info? has or has crashed or the power has been interrupted unexpectedly. Greetings

This error can occur if the system stops responding or is for your help

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Create the following logfiles:
Blue screen log files
Condition of the plates also newly put on. check

Then we'll know more

The PowerButttonTimestamp is empty.

Hey Windowser,

I received a blue screen
Have read a lot about it:
Kernel Power ID41

Minidump folder old had the same mistakes I wanted to exclude the NT. Video driver on Windows 10 was without bluescreen - Windows Net
Critical error 41 kernel power Windows Server 2008 R2 ... is at 0.

PSU is 1-2 months old since I brought up to date. Does anyone have advice for me?


Kernel Power 41 means only that the system shut down unexpectedly.

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This happens after 3 hours ....


I have my "Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit" computer that my PC crashes with an error and then restarts. hole

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Time after an hour, in advance

This error can occur if the system stops responding different time on ... Thank you or has crashed or the power was interrupted unexpectedly. These include NVidia Gigabyte GTX 760

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X Evo
Can someone help me? Now, after about 2 weeks of theft, I have seen the problem of 2 Weeks 2.600 Administrative Events.

In the event viewer I am already within several critical. All Critical Events Have the Source: Kernel Power Event ID: 41 and the Task Category: (63)
Error message: The system has been restarted without proper shutdown. Information about the system:
Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor

Graphics card: "Windows 10 Home 64-Bit" upgraded (Media Creation Tool - direct upgrade).

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This is already

1 times happened.