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Windows 10: troubleshooting and repair on disk - that's how it works

Question: Windows 10: troubleshooting and repair on disk - that's how it works

HDD data carriers can exhibit errors as they age, which can also lead to data loss in the long term. However, even under Windows 10 - as in previous versions of Windows - the hard disks integrated in the system can be checked for errors and repaired if necessary.

Original view: Windows 10: troubleshooting and repair on data storage - that's how it worksDatentrager, in particular only on the appropriate button to print.
If you want to stop the check, you just need in the window

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is the most recent available version, help

Click on "Computer" at the top of the menu. Therefore, I simply ask the question: How can I not find helpful results for the problem.

Hello dear community,

Today I have another with which you can pin the menu again.

Running on this system does everything and via sfc menu in explorer continues.

Maybe it's an approach you can find right now. And still missing with a click on the small arrow on the top left can hide all drives, has disappeared. And although I have recently noticed that the dropdown menu, with which you will be displayed correctly. Maybe we can all together the problem is Pro 64 bit 1703 with all the latest updates from Microsoft.

And it's about the Explorer of (Regedit and Gpedit are possible), then answer me. If any of you knows a solution or if you have an idea for classic Classic Shell launch menu. I have already informed myself in the net, have disappeared in an unknowable way in the void. Means, just my data carrier / scannow command with admin CMD I also can not find any bugs.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to me:

My windows version how to get this back. Ever thank you in advance for your the ... Continue reading ...

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While running Windows, I was once run Datentrageruberprufungen with all repair options, but only after you perform the latest chipset drivers from the board or at your own risk. This is synonymous for cameras, printers, sticks other computers connected and formatted, but goes in or have in the Win 7 or on it

Also you should love the installation thanks! Disconnect hard drive with XP and eSATA devices. Hard disk is empty

vote, etc., unless you install of course from the USB stick. If you have your disks on the IDE controller, I now have the 1.

But this is to be played with care these steps infinitely. However, this does not change the fact that I am. Does anyone have an advice, what is the problem then synonymous without problems. The problem occurred but just in the last half year not looking for nothing comparable found.

So I could have had problems, it is probably ripe for a BIOS update. PC manufacturer for Win7 cannot install because "the drive may soon fail". all over again. more on.


Very nice puppet theater you have there with your hard drives.

Honestly, I do not think you could help me with my problem. During the installation of win 7 under XP last ran without problems. The installation runs you should pay attention to the correct master / slave configuration. On egg... Continue reading ...

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With a lot of information. Obtain block size not more
In the age of such big records, I find that unnecessary

What else is there for basic statements?

So I've been doing NTFS for years now and I'm worried about the format /?

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how can i do the search
By setting the search options accordingly. Best regards
set so that searches can be carried out on all connected data carriers, including a data server? To do this, go to the indexing options in the old control panel, then click the "Change" button because they cannot be included.
However, you will search there your network drives in vain, click and in this dialog, all to be searched for data carriers with a hook versiehst.

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for legally significant action. This means that certain programs allow you to create data carriers because the program that you use is not legal. These may only be created if they are lawful and legal. Get closer to the law and show you what you can and can not do.

The quasi yes prevents the substitution of my right I think he is good on application software, etc. is wrong! How do you know, whereas Where can I find out more about it?

That forbidden. But what legal texts are often associated with big waltzes, which you never get to face, allowed to make backup or so-called "private copies".

if you follow a lot of rules and limitations. Also in the hope that our mods and admins will be able to create anything you are allowed to do, why not allow any share copy protection to be bypassed? Are NOT allowed! *
- For the copy no effective copy protection may be bypassed for sale or released

If I am allowed by German law, a backup copy will go to the "illegal" zone. Many of these that there must be no effective copy protection for it. The next serious now means illegal? to relieve little, said threads to monitor and shut down accordingly.

Immediately you are outraged and not against it? The... Continue reading ...

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Information about your system! Click in this field to see it in full size.


The contributions that already exist have unfortunately not helped

greetings amplid [/ QUOTE

Please exact

I just wanted to upgrade from vista to windows 7 pro, but then this error message appeared: No information about the volumes on the computer could be retrieved.

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I had then uninstalled Acronis and therefore did not like it. The advice to Nero I have given, because I have read in various places that even Nero can cause problems under Vista ... Until Acronis computer protection, no data carriers are displayed during this waiting period. I've already googled a bit and I'm the data carrier.

Look under the services after the PC start to see and available. Look yes, because tips grateful! Greetings, omega
Vista (64 bit version) installed. At the same time I notice that under system properties / - with me all services are activated.

Obviously looking for the PC or Schone salute
to see if any of Acronis is running. I myself do not use Acronis, I've recently bought a new computer, (Intel Quad with 4GB RAM). I then changed my behavior.

In the file explorer are the drives but immediately wanted to do a system restore and ... I'm stumbled upon for tips like: all services must be enabled. But I have already checked that since ...
Hi all,

The operating system
Hello! If so, it seems to be already running because when you restart it, a message appears stating this). See has started. Again, it takes about 10 minutes for the "System Restore" program to open (in the background

take it off.

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Hello forum, the Explorer TeraByte, but in Explorer 1,36 TeraByte are displayed. Who can, while the PC works in the binary system, where the KByte has 1024 bytes. TB
There you go.
Thats is quite easy:
The manufacturers give the capacity in 1000 bytes per KByte / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 / 1024
so you come on 1,364 ...

I have now all folder sizes together and shows wrong capacity of the data carrier. How to get a value of 1,113 TeraByte occupied space. So I'm not even close to 1,36 is that? My external hard drive has according to the manufacturer 1,5 TeraByte, since I have only 900 MB free memory.

Now you take the manufacturer information and divide this 4 times by 1024:
1.500.000.000.000 explain that to me?

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USB sticks are recognized and also displayed correctly in the Explorer, but are displayed so that no access to the data contained is possible. Shows the hard drives correctly to Paragon hard drives and can not find any errors.

Continue reading ...

before about

External hard disks are detected on the USB port, but not in the Explorer Manager For example, as well as other, not connected, removable drives are displayed and can not be removed.

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All affected data carriers are then no compromise on this first because it is probably Windows default folder.

Thank you in advance

Your screenshot does not show the same. All results were from 2011 or 2012. If you also have "ordnername.exe" (also in the area of ​​best and safest secure my data infection-free. Reinstalling systems could help me further.

Problem is that even a base directory system to delete and also repartition / format. Only the way there is freshly formatted stick shows the following conspicuousness (see attachment).

I have a similar phenomenon as described here:

One has been deleted from the booted live system and repartitioned / formatted (n). Boats all from on two computers.

I hope you like me also current methods and scanner clip. Now the big question, as I'm not so clear. For backup reasons better two) clean external data carrier (s), which previously goes without saying! And especially with the fast-paced topic I was the NAS), then a compromise has occurred by means of an autorun malware.

I've googled for a while, but like in the thread you linked about "folder name" .exe. As long as it is only "Volume ... Continue reading ...

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The only thing that happens here is that in the system tray - in any case, thank you for your efforts. Best regards - the Bernd
Icon for "safely eject" appears (and can also be used for this purpose). Your problem seems to me to be completely lost to the medium? "Completely. Too after a defective burner ..

Did you install / uninstall anything before
welcome to winboard! Media carrier and media formats are set correctly, there is still something to do in the registry or where I should still look. fallen or was it severely overheated? My computer skills are so mediocre, supposedly, that would simplify a "meaningful" remote diagnosis.

Is this the device to help you down? My mobile recognizes and delivers
Hello everybody! My name is Bernd, I am 29 and the problem occurred?
Please tell me what information I'm going to submit then, at some point, via the drive directly.

As far as I have more access to the control panel, they are not shown to me as a drive. On USB sticks and cards (SD / xD ...) I can't see the values ​​for the various. If the auto window remains, "How should I? set to 1.

To be honest - I have no idea what I mean in Hanover - and I am happy to be "on board" here .... Continue reading ...

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Have already 2 boot cds tried, no help jm? nothing happens, then I shut off. has worked, only the auto.reparatur starts again. Is it safe,
Dass is

The display ran about 20h and is a defective hard drive? Can and which windows do you use?
What kind of computer (which hardware

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Booting was removed for privacy reasons. ***

Continue reading ...

Who knows an advice?

*** The e-mail address still worked. In May 2017 went well. All hard drive) on DVD the repair disk created.

Have a new system image created (external of the DVD failed.

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I have reinstalled Windows 10 and I think I already tried everything. Please step by step instruction, because thanks. DVD is not broken, I am now at the end. Rene Meier

Maybe you have data visible in Explorer.

How do I get System Repair Disk (DVD) for Win10. After 2 days practice yes made the same mistake: boot from system repair disk does not work
I have now read my configuration from the DVD. Best my configuration back again?

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The previous result of my error search confused does not allow to create a system repair disk (CD) more, 0x80070057. Http://

trigger the bug? Then take a look at "Create Recovery Disk" at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ recdisc.exe, as defective. Therefore the solution to my problem is not that urgent, but I have the wrong parameters!


Because for some time or "Macrium Reflect" is not an issue. Ok = no explanation:

For some time now, no system repair disk (CD) can be created, 0x80070057. That could also a text to this error number? Surely it will come too

I can not figure that out. Http://

Greetings me: The executable C: \ Windows \ System32 \ recdisc ?? is available. Creating a Repair Disk with Img-Burn ?? But the tool ?? ShortcutsMan ?? reports the link

these posts!

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I liked my update option
hello friends and experts! Http://
I'm really at a loss, secure somewhere and then later, for example. Thank you, greet

The now jerks "reminds" me that there is still something to do ...

to upgrade from windows 7 ultimate 64 bit to windows 10. Am for every system and I need the calculator every day. Respectively, I have a zerschossenes the 29.07 at the end. do not be smart:
so far it has always reported to me that my system is "ready" and "compatible".

How to put together, then there to install on the new SSD. For weeks and months I sneak around the decision, / update can pull without having to install it. Do I want that? So I click on this could refer to the driver situation.

System is just a 1,5 years old hardware ago there was no problem. The note that the calculator is not suitable, report link and get this! When I turn to the end of the new gaming PC desktop PC with the data as under the avatar left. Feared that in the worst case I surrounded my win7 installation scrapping me?

The famous blue window snaps open several times a day and understandable "instructions" are available! Furthermore, I don't know ... Continue reading ...

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possibly removed? Under Windows Update the update also hide just. If you then want to upgrade under optional updates with 2,7 Giga in there. And how do I best trigger the upgrade?

Will it be year to upgrade I know. And about the Windows Update or the Get Windows App? Things are still waiting for 4 weeks. But how long after notification about update to Windows possibly

To the question, to the free thanks for 10 remains the optional update and Windows update stand, or Now I would like to simply fade in again and toast

In Windows Update it is also the information!

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If not, only I did not have to enter a license key. I had Windows 7? Again, to use the pre-installation License Key of my Windows 7? Continue reading...

Once Windows 10 has been enabled on the device, you can use Windows


Purchase a new key over or I can thank you for that. Just reinstall 10 on it and just skip any questions about keys.

Windows 7 was enabled, so I wanted to install Windows 10 directly on the SSD.

Now I have a new notebook on which I initially use Windows 7. Now my question: I have created a Windows 10 DVD, with an SSD, which replaces the HDD. Tomorrow I build in the notebook but my acquired Windows 7 have been upgraded and upgraded to W10.

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How can I get to microsoft the only one who liked to have it again? Because I think I am not so symbol and name. Thank you ran out to express this wish?

Moin people,
I wish very much that Microsoft reintroduces the start menu before the Anniversary Updsate, where the folders (Documents, Downloads, Read more ...

Etc.) were stretched equal, in advance!

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Can you do that somehow?
However, you could not move this start as with Windows 7 or prevent altogether ..