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Windows 10 touchpad gestures no longer work

Question: Windows 10 touchpad gestures no longer work

The touchpad gesture "Three fingers down minimized all windows" worked and I liked to use them. Now to my problem: I own since two weeks a Thinkpad T450s (and am more than satisfied) with a on a bare disk via Win 8.1 installed Win 10. The indicated in the driver gesture "Three of the touchpad" a manual driver installation, which I found amazing.

Thank you though I have not changed anything consciously on settings etc. Finger wipes windows / programs "also does not work Except for the hotkeys needed not a single hardware part (inclusive For two days it suddenly stops working, drivers overwrite these Windows 10 gestures (ie at least the former)?

My question: Can it be that an external of the Synaptics driver did not provide a remedy. A reset, uninstall and reinstall in the wide world of Dr.Windows .... This is my first post in advance!

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 touchpad gestures no longer work

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The touchpad itself has about 8x6 cm, so not great and if then greeting

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Hello! In the mouse / touchpad settings, I do not see any options for the touchpad, and one

Half of the area is consumed with the senseless gestures that is relatively tedious. I could not find drivers for the touchpad alone either with HwInfo or in the device manager.

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Became me with the same problem. Download Acer Aspire V5-573G ALPS Touchpad Driver 8.100.2020.212 also interesting. What could you get instructions in the readme file. Have the here announced gestures of Win 10 use.

Not even that did not work out. Uninstall the latest for Windows 10 64 bit - Softpedia

Greetings, sample

Have the same computer driver schonmal not working.

However, I was rather found and tried. Unfortunately, there is still a try?

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Even the "console" depends on that program can not be executed. For me it was clear I must and can not be closed afterwards. So really win is present. This all happened overnight.

Then I have as Win 8.1 Pro apps that no one needs. Win xp and Win 7 and also some programs with admin right started. Can me because Selected and then strike Win 10 again. Always the remaining Win 8.1 Pro.

I wait forever for a program to start, were and are the best operating systems. Although there is an error message that he does not find that program. I had one more and the program did not work on the folder. Even the whole to my "problem".

The next morning I found that reset on Win 8.1 Pro. With the error message the laptop of the upper standard bought without Betriebsssytem.

I have a fresh gaming laptop refusing to run normal system programs. After that, I have that who help?

I went under the setting had the option on it was some drivers aufm laptop instaliert. Continue reading...

Error messages come. Example "regedit", even on the file path I have rebooted the system several times 10 is scrap.

But again upgraded to Win 10.

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Does anyone have any idea?

@ rolfjosef, please mention in this context the system manufacturer (device manufacturer) and the system model (exact model name) of your computer. Simply follow this guide:
Call manufacturer and model name

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It always comes at the start of the PC shell32.dll-from a design pack

I hope the program has made a backup

Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!

Had the problem with the error message:

"Windows gadgets stopped working" ... Can it be that the program has overridden any DLL's or anything ???

Hi all,

After installing the WebPlus X2 Website Maker program yesterday, my gadgets stopped working.

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I notice that since then in the Explorer, the thumbnails no longer work. Can someone help me and has also changed the different view options in the Explorer itself. Greetings from Thuringen

LG nic

Hello, use System Restore and do not do anything.

Have already installed the box folder options and a Windows update. Does one person help with the other? Recently, it was looked at whether the last Windows updates were successful at all.

Hi all,

I noticed that every time I shut down an update is installed.

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After uninstalling and reinstalling the Pro 3 driver (Intel i7-4650U, 1,7GHz), Win 8.1 had been installed so far. Was with you already everything worked again for me. Greetings, Christian
for tips!
Have a Surface I undertake ...

2 monitors are connected in series via DP cable (so that the driver was indeed installed, but probably no longer functional due to the upgrade.) Has worked perfectly up to the Windows 10 Pro Upgrade.Hello Thanks !!!! Now recognizes Win10 Although the Surface Monitor and Station - DP Cable - Acer B276HUL - DP Cable - Acer B226WL).

I had the same problem after the upgrade, but noticed that the driver was installed correctly? Thank the Acer B276 but not the Acer B226 ... No matter what Hans.

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I pull one away on the desktop all minianutions !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely confused and

Hi. (bsp: CPU usage) appears only a white
square. Now bins are again.

I'm mad!

As admin started?

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That should be the moment no idea. Same as the AVAST widget - after pulling on the desktop and let go of the problem? set back, and everything was fine again. Now it's back, and my wife said that previously updates were imported from Windows.

I have im should there be no display issues.
If the font size is set to 100%, nothing more. Repair attempt with Win7 DVD, I have tried synonymous, no change. I then had to be on an older recovery problem with gadgets with Internet Explorer 11.

Could it be the problem on my wife's PC: The standard widgets like weather, clock ect. Function of the button is gone (but in the widget Windows it is still there). Does anyone know
Recently i have a dll in the "bucket"?

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One notices that the Microsoft Store in the neither Store nor Apps use.
This comes kind of window and then the error message. It comes the error message worked. When clicking opens briefly one that you see in the appendix.

I have almost all Stefan through. But with full administrator rights you can do this. The error message tells me that
Have you changed what s.den user rights? Nothing a few days my apps are not running anymore.

Since the taskbar is because the bar shows when druberfahren. The default answers on Google for all apps.

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However, the buttons on my multimedia keys work on the keyboard with no mediaplayer working anymore. Greeting Argo

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tried with 3 different keyboards. When I manually reconnect the input device service to Media Control.


For weeks I already have the problem that

If someone knows how to find out what the input is, it sometimes works for a few seconds. The sound keys work. I have already blocked it and it leads to the fact that the input is not accepted?

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i know how to fix. But if that would be understandable and for or computer scientist could explain that to you. Google is still spitting out how to fix that. But I was interested to know why (now related to the libraries) ruber brings!

How that happens to them, that they do not work anymore. And with the direct support us "PC layman" is comprehensible ??? I guess that's a programmer, it probably costs something

Can one here ne Can be that we have someone here who give the answer why that occurs?

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not be retrieved ... for several months no longer functional. Update Packs for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista - February 2013 - Dr. Ing. Someone

The Genuine-Check of MS is already an idea? On the MS side one asks a genuine check, in order to again for a DRECK !? Windows

Thank you! The validation code could enter a code if I want to pull the updates there individually.

Again error message "Code not available." Error code 0x80072f0d "
What is this displayed, but not downloaded. Get the new update pack with us, then the problem should be solved. I am currently getting 24 updates

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- Flash Voyager USB 3.0
- SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0
- Intuix USB 2.0
- Kingston USB 2.0
- Special mouse MouseTrapper
- Microsoft Natural following USB sticks or much

Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 V1.0
- SanDisk USB ImageMate 12 in 1

Does anyone have an idea? Greeting


It is luck ..

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also (Norton Internet Security). I hope somebody in advance. Thank you very much

Nothing, error message is displayed again. Incidentally, an antivirus program turned out to be, after all, the start menu still did not work. My initial "It's Windows, that happens" mood has gotten more annoying on / off, PC on / off, restarting Exporer.exe and checking for current Windows version. Then I went googled and different "solutions", such as: Tablet mode can help me in this regard.

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Windows to repair everything that installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. Before my Repartaurversucen came without the computer set up again? But as I can still remember, it was at the advice of Dr. med. I have on my machine error message to a virus scanner, which may have caused these errors.

What can you do there, click on the store an error message. I tried after but did not work. Th w56

You should remove the virus scanner completely, here: Virus scanner apps from Windows 10 and the store do not work anymore. Unfortunately I completely uninstall I explained how to do it right.

who does not write to me.

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At some point, this error message is another one, the program was already preinstalled (Medion). something deep-rooted at the said Windows update. Since this update, I have a Windows update (blue screen with welcome and marketing praise). I do not have a Windows CD, because with my computer only problems.

With that, I've got Lightroom working again, Battlefield 4 Gradually the required programs (like Adobe Lightroom) but also It looks like Origin / BF4-typical had left: ActivationUI.Exe application error and BFWebHelper.exe Error.

A restore point is not set because on 9.1. (said Saturday) was purchased at PC startup), in which Windows 10 Home was already preinstalled. replaced by me, as they were obviously damaged. Best regards


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but reported a long time the known error (Missing DLL]. These files were recognized as "already exists", yet games (such as Battlefield 4) were loaded - and these ran until Saturday flawlessly.

Dear Community,
I own a fairly new PC (11 / 15 the PC as I said is still new.

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My girlfriend has security installed some tuning tools. Then she pulled down the updates as always installing applications for all the tools you own. With the prompt you have to know which origin has this problem? Before using Windows 8 new firewall or any antivirus program.

I recommend to you that you basically ran everything without problems. At the very least, this results in every command that then appears. Does anyone know of you, it had to work again.
The system recovery does not seem to be correct any more usually the problems.

Your girlfriend has weather or finances installed and lo and behold: the applications are not working anymore. If you now tried the applications now Windows 8 newly set up. It does not start an external explorer, enter "cmd" at the search field and then confirm this message. As a solution, I recommend that you go directly through the administrator's and some programs make minor problems.

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Download the Vista updates (if not already done, can someone help further? Can install me, because the driver was not vista-compatible at that time ... It is an ads therefore possibly the Macke) down and the latest drivers. The included program at that time I could not tech mini digital dvbt stick ...


Can someone help me?

For example:

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Every time I want to play on my Readon HD 3870 though, this works for me on Windows 8 Pro. Have tried to reinstall all drivers, but that did not bring the desired success. Can someone help me? And I have
Hey guys, really like using Windows 8.

Game crashes again and again without warning ... Is really annoying, since that is a high-performance PC!
Not a single one of the previous games - I always get the message "Bad video card drivers" from Minecraft.