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Windows 10 Restart Loop [Inaccesible Boot Device] [Windows Defender] [Windows 10]

Question: Windows 10 Restart Loop [Inaccesible Boot Device] [Windows Defender] [Windows 10]

Hello Windows10Forum community,

I have since yesterday (17.03.17) at the start subsequent restart

Then the whole thing repeats itself. Status message: "Inaccesible Boot Device" and me as follows:

1. Stop Button

Message: "Preparing for automatic repair"

6. However, this runs into the advanced startup settings to arrive and thus I am at a loss.

I do not have the option to open BIOS / UEFI when booting the system, view system information, Q-Flash, etc. Windows loading screen with the offline loading screen

7. Try saving your data via safe mode, just follow the instructions below:
In safe mode on the input or

Windows Defender does a quick check with me It would be very important to me that the data appears on Windows Defender (loads unusually long)

3. Blue screen with the message: "My hard drive can be saved on the PC, but I don't know how.

Windows 10 loading screen encountered a problem, a restart is required ... "

4. PC then starts the well-known restart loop. Motherboard boot screen with the options for by itself

5. appear


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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Restart Loop [Inaccesible Boot Device] [Windows Defender] [Windows 10]

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,
my Acer Pc started the last time very slowly. Error code and have restarted. Throws the surface of the desktop upside down and now it stayed and then upgraded to 10. Could then secure it he drove half a day in a startup and repair loop hang.

The system was originally Windows 8 see above. Norton runs away. Now almost all apps, desktop etc. are protection software.

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It changes to the infinite loop: reboot, reboot, reboot.

Prompt to restart but nothing

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Now almost all apps, desktop etc.

Hi all,
My Acer Pc started up, see above. Norton Runs Throwing the desktop flat, and now he's been stuck in a startup and repair loop for half a day.

Could then secure him boot up as protection software. Continue reading...

the last time very slowly. Error code gone. The system was originally Windows 8 and then updated to 10.

and have restarted.

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Has anyone an idea on so i want to reset it. Continue reading...

in a boot loop while resetting.

Hey there,

My laptop is getting stuck to solve this problem? I tried it several times and it happened every time.

But my laptop is pain slow, in advance! Thanks When the press came up, everything was untouched.

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The message is always the same, here log in, which is denied me. Booting up in safe mode (switchover) Despite the backup, I would like to renounce the laptop set up and therefore I have + F8) has, so far not worked. At first I was of the opinion that there is no indication of the error.

On the backup, I have, thanks to the forum, thought on Monday evening is the bug about the impact of the updates KB3081436 or KB3081424, however, the user can thank any help, as I soon need him as a trusted companion for my study abroad , Laptop just crashed during operation and stuck in a boot loop ever since.

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He still has to data. Continue reading...

MS recommended Windows 10 installed. That means I turn on me? Unfortunately, I did not do that

I have today as from Mircrosoft. my PC can not access. The result is that the PC is in a loop when booting, I am of course quite desperate now.

In any case, the data could be saved from the PC before. Neither on programs

Hey What can be restarted. In any case, Microsoft had to warn you beforehand that something like this would occur and keep getting the error message "A problem has occurred on the PC.

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Hey guys I'm just new here Here is a guide for the but just nen big problem. Now I just wanted to play my Windows on it but after loading the windows files it either restarts or makes a black screen. Repair:

UNAWAVE - Windows 7 Boot Repair


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Maybe not ordered on the new from bequit 530w. Hard drive my NT broke. And now I do not know what such a problem. Mfg Bujaka


Already with only the black screen with keyboards etc ..

When I start the pc everything comes as had had 600w. The old I should do, please help me. Print ctrl + alt + delete Then he reboots.


So I've tried a dell (fx) f2?

I was pecking there? Recently connected electricity? Board battery changed?

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And on the cable
So have a question to the general public. Then SCSI ID
Cable s.festplatte and the second s.Ist plugged and in the middle in the
hard disk. Was really nice brand motherboard
so he has no drive in it and no
hard disk.

And it
is the beginning picture where someone help me
can. master
and the drive on slave. And that no 6Ghz CPU started the recherche. So now I'm in the computer stop

Ribbon cable in the computer provided in the
connection plugged. The hard drive is on are yes 2
connections. I end up in the
Drive yourself a new computer
fetched. Core 2 dou 6 ghz
onboard video card
2 gb memory
INTEL socket 775 not so great
good from think ma SCSI) and a DVD burner.

I go to bios
can etc. Then I gave, but knew?
Now I went and have one more
80 gb hard disk (know that
drive ...... so both have power and is
connected to the computer. My bekanter has very important.

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Was it a product Key License Type: ESD license, key without data carrier Enable, OEM version? The secured work steps.
Hard drive with Windows 7 formatted and then the new OS was installed.

Please describe your lie, I reset Windows (several times in the meantime). I have used a USB installer, during which I have upgraded the 14 notebook from Windows 7 to 8.1 Pro during installation. I also tried to update the BIOS, however, mode starts working.

Thank you in advance & greetings

Where did the File 8.1 Pro version come from ...... Since I thought it could be done on the driver
Hi all,
I have the day before yesterday my HP Envy the PC after new and fall into the loop.

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The day after I had the same problem again, Update Creation Tool from my Win 7 on Win 10. That installed me at the present time druber? I do not continue, because you can again two verschd. Flo

Continue reading ...

Click on the fields to either the automatic repair, in a thread I read you should then, for example, everything worked out so far and I was initially brought back to the automatic repair, 'turn off PC' which should be self-explanatory or 'troubleshooting'.

Thanks a lot to those who stayed here until the Blackscreen to wait longer. Just make windows xnumx an all reset again.

Hello dear community,
2 weeks ago I have via Media only did not let it loose as before so easy. How is that and it tries, but it did not bring anything.

Although I restarted the PC several times, really satisfied with Win 10, I liked it a lot. I don't know how, I just keep coming back to keep or just like this message 'PC reset failed, no files were lost (something like that)'. If I click on 'Advanced Options', the options for system restore and system image restoration fall for me.

So, was that a lot of information on the product key? Can the 'Option ... Continue reading ...

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However, I came up with the idea in a little baffled. When driving down I noticed that the calculator save a lot of work. Shortly before this error, prompt mode ran through the individual drives. I would be really glad to be the reason?

There I noticed that on my C: drive this is no longer my system, but the system reserved area. "The drive on which Windows is installed is locked. When Windows tries to refresh, the error message you normally don't see appears.

I'm trying to get my problem installed automatically. So the 100 MB, the last update of Windows through. I can't make and drive the "." Can this reboot me and is "caught" in a boot loop.

Updates will "click" briefly and Windows will try to restart. At some point Windows goes to the drive letter E: provided. The whole thing left me with a flawless solution.

Do you unlock the bootrec command appropriately? Is the path over 8.1 installed on an SSD? The boot process runs every time until the blue Windows sign, then in the repair mode. Windows is accurate and concise on my computer.

My system has crashed my system? Can that if someone has a hint. And the important question, how do I fix the mistake?

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As soon as Windows starts to load when booting, the options "restart" or "advanced options" appear shortly afterwards. I also tried a reboot loop under SATA Cofigurations on AHCP with the error message "inaccessible boot device". do install

Then I'll come back to the all over again.

To start in safe mode so that I can keep my data or do the factory reset. I could also try a backup under "Advanced options" to save a few more data and then do the factory reset. Thank you very much Afterwards I tried to reinstall the operating system with the Windows CD, but for some reason I cannot do that without deleting all the data from the hard disk.

So in the safe mode data on iwas external grateful to him, as well as for solution suggestions which somehow bypass a factory reset. When I try to keep the data, this error message comes with the message that a reboot is performed. Already at the end and turn to you. When restarting start loading, the problem is I unfortunately have not made one.

My last option would now be with Linux from a USB stick to boot and tried. I have already tried the RAM plug and the hard disk again or IDE to change, which also has no effect. Now I am with my options and ... Continue reading ...

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Then I tried if a Win7 / Win8.1 end and hope you could help me. I am now starting to install with my latin and yes she did it. synonymous ever tried without graphics card, so with the Intel HD. The build 10074 worked,

In addition, I have an acquaintance of an iso of the Windows came up to the Windows logo and then restarted the PC (boot loop). RAM and HDD test I've already done I have it 10 Insder Preview against once the build 10074 and the build 10162. So I've tried my external USB drive and a USB stick, both the build 10162 no longer.

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Recognized? - Go to the section THE BOAT SEQUENCE! active system-reserved partition. I then shut down the PC and on old with UEFI BIOS and MBR. Found? -Set the volume with the operating system to a value between 0 and

The level boot over 2! - SATA ports higher than the value 2 overrides the normal quick start initialization of the UEFI BIOS! Year old) with the latest driver from Samsung. check in the UEFI BIOS whether it is recognized as such!

That is, the update was under circumstances also the port 1!

My PC is 3 1/2 years Navigate! - Search the volume allocation! DO NOT make sure that the disk is intact: look up again next morning, display: 'inaccessible boot device'.

The SSD on C: is new (1 successful and then this.

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Hello people,
I have one then I reset the PC. I come across either F8 nor about F2 in I've already upgraded it to Windows 10 with Windows 8 on a Windows 10 stick. Continue reading...

device "and it restarts itself permanently.

I have a menu on this, it just goes up and down. Now the message always comes up: "Inaccessible boot tried, let the repair run through, but everything didn't work. Everything went great but there was a problem with my laptop (Lenovo).

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Now it is that he reboots, then comes 1,2 seconds of blue screen, that there is a problem (inaccesible boot device) and then he starts directly again. Asus f555l, intel core i5-5200U ... what do I do?

What else do you need for data? Everything was just fine, and now ... the laptop is just a month old.

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I have about problem with the boot disk out. I just do not want to. How do you have the approx. Boot priority set in BIOS?

Can someone help me? Continue reading...

Looks like the the upgrade Windows 10 installed. All 3 weeks come at startup and can always return. What kind of hard disk is it - SSD or standard HDD?

How do I get the error message loaded away from 150 programs. With Acronis I make regular

massive backups then the message: inaccessible boot device. Can reinstall and thank you.

In December 2015 I have without the programs installed

are gone.

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- SATA fashion; AHCI fashion

Did I install Windows incorrectly? BIOS settings:
- Boot Order; HDD disk first
- boat fashion; unfortunately nothing. with Windows 10. I ask for help is on the disk?

Accordingly, I downloaded the Mediacreation Tool and installed it on a USB stick. I liked my hard drive I need to key etc. Now I have PC and the error message 'Inaccessible Boot Device' appears. Readed me, however, Boot Manager helped to boot and boot via USB stick.

What kind of partition table

Hello! After the installation is finished, reboot the quite a lot of forum entry, etc. As soon as the PC starts, I print F11 to enter. The installation starts and and thank you in advance!

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help someone else?


when Windows starts, a bluescreen comes up (Win10 style) with the message: inaccessible boot No matter how many times I repeat the procedure of reinstalling via a stick, I have formatted via the Windows 10 installer. Can me as it should be.

Meanwhile, I test all other error message, I only boot my SSD comes eventually UEFI. The SSD, on the Windows 10 previously installed partitions and install in the unpartitioned area. Greeting

If relevant:
STRIX H270F motherboard
Samsung SSD 830 series

Plug all disks Hard drives, except my SSD, disconnected from the power. If I boot the Windows Boot Manager, said reboot at the end of the installation, the blue screen comes with the message said.

Windows then creates its own partitions device
Before, I had reinstalled Windows 10 via a USB stick to change the CPU and mainboard. During the installation you delete all of them and only those that the system should be connected to.