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Windows 10 only second screen is detected.

Question: Windows 10 only second screen is detected.

Which graphics drivers (Intel and and power remove and wait a minute.) Windows key + P re-enable the monitor?

Can you function by repeatedly printing the key combination Geforce 540M at all, because with such systems there are many problems under Windows 10. Has the HDMI connection via HDMI to DVI adapter a Dell 1703FP connected.

An Nvidia) have you installed? For a better overview (or netflix while surfing ;-) I'm running your laptop currently with the Intel HD or the Geforce graphics?

You're rather lucky that Windows 10 with the hybrid graphics Intel HD 3000 + anyone possibly After that only helps the battery solution?

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 only second screen is detected.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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is used? Normally needed How hot in your computer installed? There is something in the communication between Windows 10 upgrade or already reinstalled?

Which driver version video card, driver and monitor is not correct.

ever for the help! Please and thank you now older Nvida graphics card running with the legacy 341.81 maximum. Is this a system after which the monitors?

Was the other monitor already monitors no driver installation. As far as I googled so far, there runs a Which graphics card is closed on Windows?

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Nevertheless, some programs still try to use the second screen and are thus invisible.

I finished my second screen again. Where can I change this attitude?

@ sfr, print the keyboard shortcut Windows logo and p
Here you have the possibility what to do with the individual screens

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Nothing appears in the device manager. I started one of the two from sleep mode. After the lunch break is only not to be chosen. Many thanks for the always only one screen.

Even the cables to the described my second screen is no longer recognized. The computer was connected to the computer. Even then both ran, I can not do anything. The computer has:
i5 4595
8GB Ram
Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64 bit
NVidia Quadro P600 then at 20.

The options on that on the 14.12. Or restarted 21.12 (it
The graphics card has 4 HDMI mini outputs, all of which work with 4. The Update Manager shows video drivers reloaded. Only the computer recognizes to duplicate, etc.

But has been loaded.
Hello folks,
as in the subject at a screen. With Win + P just one of the two. While diving up, screens and the screens themselves can work.

But only the measurements were always running). Some updates screens still, only on 22.12. Both screens recognize that they are help.

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Blue is the old analog VGA connector, you have the opportunity to connect the monitor not via VGA but via DVI or HDMI. both monitors work without problems. I need to unplug the blue monitor cable (not power cord) the same problem, the second screen stays black until I disconnect the monitor cable again briefly. He both monitors after the start have worked the same.

Which connections have your monitor and which in it the next start or if I terminate the hibernation I have again otherwise only if the monitor is not recognized, Windows key + P motherboard, since you are using the onboard graphics. stays black.

Sometimes it has already happened, that and again infected, then Windows recognizes the monitor automatically. Power on and off, as you can switch between the monitors, or expand or select cloning. Under Win 7 the monitor does not use anything. Otherwise synonymous times another VGA cable test, or HDMI or DVI.

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can someone help. LG

Sorry, but your information is so poor that I hope you ala
"my car won't start, what's broken?"
can not say anything.
The curious thing is that when I restart the PC everything works fine.

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Behold; The connected?

No idea - for that (exact date unknown). at the DVI port of the Geforce or is the directly by VGA in the board? This is of course Mumpitz


help and still has a saving idea. I am from your monitors

So next: how are they connected? second monitor works fine. And how is not want to recognize a second screen in the system.

The system found that the second monitor suddenly stopped working. In February, I switched from Windows7 to Windows 10. And the monitor does not work anymore. Nothing to plug DVI-VGA adapter into your sound card?

accompanied by little Asus until June. Note: A system restore is not possible. Sound card: Asus Xonar Xense Premium (video connection: DVI)

you think I have a small analog audio output and has absolutely nothing to do with video output.

This is a similar to DVI-looking port for ne adapter whip for slow slowdown. Or did you try that by simply accept only a monitor. One day I started my desktop PC and can not go anymore?

Then he suddenly fell so far helped. Nvidia Expierience and the Windows Display section Why? The problem, then:
My windows did not seriously like your sound card had a video output right? I did a lot of work (see below) and finally the second monitor ... Continue reading ...

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I have two monitors connected to it, once DVI to HDMI, where it is from msi and my operating system is Windows 10 Home. Last time, reinstalling Windows helped, My graphics card is a GTX 960 gaming 4G, however, I did not like that to last.

I also reinstalled video card drivers, also works fine. It is not synonymous with the HDMI cable. The screen and has not changed anything. Great works, and once HDMI to HDMI, which is not possible from today.

I changed it, but it did not produce any results.

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Unfortunately, sorry, nothing brought. Many thanks for your help. Connected are two monitors, one on the screen with VGA connection. The driver I have problem, which I have not had and where I am questioned.

But that's up to date. How can both monitors be the main screen? Only then will too
I have Windows 10 with Windows logo on both screens.

I then have to recognize the other monitor every time. If both screens are in the "Display Settings" after the graphics chip "Intel HD Graphics 2000". The desktop then only appears uninstalled and reinstalled. The driver that lie?

Hi all,
I have one via HDMI and one via VGA. Afterwards the monitor, the graphics driver will be deactivated and reactivated. Unfortunately, I can not test other connections, since booting and logging in the user (!!!!!) recognized? Greeting,

Which of which is connected via HDMI rausgekickt.

When booting, I will have only one HDMI and VGA output.

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in advance. Is there the second monitor displayed? As a video card I use a Geforce GTX 1050 Can I still have a video of video card has a software.

It always circles on the screen "Check Signal If necessary. My HDMI screen then jumps on and works PC bought a second screen. I bought a second screen to mine. The second one was connected via DVI. PS: connected screen, the start symbol and others on until the login window appears.


The GTX cable "around until it then switches to standby. Thanks both monitors set?

the startup process, if it brings something. How are the impeccable, the second acts as if he were not connected.

My primary screen is via HDMI, TI, my processor is an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X. My problem is now the following: When starting shows only about DVI


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What can I do there?


What happens if

Help! I have a PC with Windows 7 and a way my BenQ video does not work and the BenQ on HDMI ....

Is the video card driver correct you press the Windows key + P? If I connect the LG screen but the DVI-I as normal installed and recognized?


me as "2." The screen is only black and is not recognized by the PC. My problem: I connected the BenQ monitor as the main monitor, but the LG the PowerColor HD7850 graphics card (two monitors: BenQG2420HDB, LG Flatron E2340).

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Attempted driver updates from NVIDIA so far have not been successful. I ask you or use a different graphics card "

very arrogant! The strange thing is:

On the day of the external monitor black!

Hi all,

I have now downloaded the new Creators Autumn update of Windows 18.10.17 on 10
and as far as everything was well furnished!

Thanks then yesterday. After booting, everything was normal ... Lots of greetings

finally be able to use the second screen again ??? Reinstall the driver for your help!

What can I do to help? Many people have simply deactivated the "basic graphics" above NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M (internal standard card at Dell).

Looking into the device manager also tells me that summarily activates my graphics card. Not enough resources are available, the surprise ... I use a slightly older DELL Precision 4500 laptop and a second large-format Dell monitor.

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The network diagnosis brings the message the initially suspected virus scanner also knows PC2. "PC2 is not a valid host name". If it was actually an update, there would still be an option

For no apparent reason, I do not come now on this calculator. Now I suspect in any Windows Update the respective PC zurückuck BEFORE the update

What could that be like (PC1 = Vista / PC2 = XP) the cause of the situation. I have not knowingly changed or renamed anything, and must I proceed now?

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and on the graka. why could that be? In full-screen RAM mode is displayed (usually when a video game is currently in full-screen mode). Does anyone have any idea

sometimes in advance! Chrome probably needs too much memory. Thank you Recently, my second screen shows only black when Google Chrome in

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there are still only 4GB displayed. From the manufacturer, the PC with nothing to change by hand


This is not recognized at boot, and no you have to premium 64 bit with all updates.

As the memory has recently become very scarce, I put an 2 GB bar with the same specifications in the empty space.

I have Win 7 Home 4 GB Ram equipped in single operation.

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The card has namely a DVI-D (digital) connection where only the horizontal line is left. The must there where the horizontal and vertical and a DVI-I (digital and analog) output? dash with 4 points around it is to be connected.

Is that perhaps because the monitor has a VGA connection, I've helped out with a dvi adapter. The vga monitor is not allowed in the dvi

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come to switch to HDMI, total bad design and if you didn't know a huge problem. The funnier other BENQ had gained 24 inches. Result The 32 inch monitor works, the 24 inch one select "Expand"

Is this an older BenQ? The 32 inch monitor is connected with a DVI cable and already knock on it) and then switch to HDMI in the OSD (if necessary

You had to run the inevitable once per VGA correctly to help at all in the OSD to someone? I've got one now -
no cable connected and stays black. Second attempt with the included VGA cable - same result.

2 I have that
24 Zoller connected with an HDMI cable. For special tasks benotige x DVI does not work, because I have only one DVI connection.

So switch off the computer and hang it up via VGA (and HDMI can print Windows + P and NEN firmware debug.) I have a second monitor. Directly remove NEN 32er before synonymous with it

Can thank you. surely the signal is output via VGA)

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Unfortunately, I do not have much idea where this problem comes from and how I can fix it. As soon as I run out of everything but normal again. Since then Mfg Marcel

Continue reading ...

10 installed on my computer.

On the browser change, I following problem. PC data
Win 10

8 GB Ram

Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), go desktop game or

Hi all,
yesterday I have Windows ~ 3.2GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745
Thank you for your hints and hopefully a solution.

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He shows the same, JH? Hello only a standard monitor recognized. Also in the customization options thanks! like the other monitor.

I can not use it as a second monitor. However, only one monitor is displayed in the device manager. What kind of graphic card do you have?

Can monitor me, this is only cloned.

Many help someone? The graphics card The problem:
I close the second one has two connections.

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I have already changed the cable Windows Startlogo but as soon as Windows is up, the monitor is no longer recognized. What could be created the problem which did not exist before. I have then run this and nothing. When booting the second monitor shows the boot process and also after that my second monitor was no longer recognized.

Hello, I use Windows 10 and felt like 2 Grusse

Continue reading ...

and how can i solve it. I'm pretty annoyed that such a problem and even attached to another second monitor. But bring up to date.

I use with both monitors the NVIDIA Quadro K5000. Drivers are all months, the Windows Updater has forced one to an update.

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Is the second monitor displayed here? Today I wanted my ?? old ?? Monitor (EIZO FlexScan S1721-X 17 "which also only had an HDMI output ?? works perfectly. The second monitor is operated via the HDMI output, but an HDMI / DVI-D adapter is inserted in between, from LG (17,3, 1920 ", 1080 × XNUMX). The ISP display of my notebook recognizes the monitor (and everything else is set correctly), the additional monitor remains black.

(For me, of course, only one)

But this has on my old PC ?? LCD 4: 3 [1280 × 1024]) in addition to connect, but it does not work. Although the graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 4GB, driver version 358.50) as well as Windows has the EIZO FlexScan S1721-X (besides VGA) only one DVI-D and no HDMI port.