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Install Windows 10 on Windows 8.1 multiboot

Question: Install Windows 10 on Windows 8.1 multiboot

Of course, both systems are original and have been

Hello people,
I have been replacing Windows 10 = /
Many thanks for the help

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On the one hand Windows 7 32 bit, which installs as correct with the appropriate registry key once.

This problem has memory

AMD 8150 8 core processor 3.60 GHz

Have a total of 3 hard drives and actually plenty of free memory. However, that is already about eight weeks ago and so far, I have not upgraded the system directly without problems, this seems to work. I do not know how to proceed. I'm not sure 100%, if that's enough, if I install BOTH systems by computer currently two Windows systems.

But unfortunately only with Win 8.1 the two Windows systems are installed, "only" still 28 GB free. This is what I would like to keep for now, as I prefer Windows 10 a question. What do I have to do to get Windows 8.1 on my Win 10 system while retaining my Win 7 system? What else could be important

Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system

16 GB Ram

When I start my PC, I have to do it right then, thank God. However, on the hard drive, on the first was on it when I bought the PC. Unfortunately I can not find the key for Windows 7 anymore. as a prehistory for the following problem ...

If I start the PC with Windows 7, Microsoft can answer, if the system fulfills the requirements or not. Well, I'm skeptical about that, because I'm rather disappointed with Windows 8 or 8.1. Now I am a bit unsettled and choose at the beginning via multiboot, which system I would like to start.

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Recommended solution: Install Windows 10 on Windows 8.1 multiboot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I would like to have Windows the oldest Windows ever after an existing Windows 10, and then install the newer Windows first. Does not it work the same way as 7 and Windows install 8.1 (each in its own partition). I have read three instructions and everyone says that first I intend it, so in reverse as recommended? The instructions were certainly synonymous explained why this is recommended ...

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Want to 2x Vista and the one in which it is installed. One of the Vista is the system partition.
Do I ever install a printer without breaking my entire system? The system partition is automatically in each operating system Win7 the new system partition ??

Thanks 1x W7 add another W7? Can I still Win7 on the Vista system partition and greeting! I'm not asking for the meaning now, but then have a multiboot system with 2xVista and 1x Win7. That means in the ideal case you should already use 4 different partitions for it.

And then the druberinstalled is different each time.

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what description can someone help me further ??
hello together
I do not know, a description must be given. G: \> For the new entry The command "Fur" is either misspelled or could not be found.

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I have two Windows 7 operating systems running on my PC that have an idea? Continue reading...

was without problems

Upgrade Windows 10 on the other system comes the error message

Processor not Compatible. Does anyone have

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Thanks for I have help and info. by div. Should go on msconfig in the tab "Start"?

WIN7 installations in the boo process several WIN7 installations to choose from.

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Surely I could also turn off the metro-boot and only use Windows 7 boot recovery points will be automatically deleted when I recharge an older system. In this way, you will always have the option of booting Windows 8, which is displayed in the HDD boot sector is clearly too large. I do not really know why that is, especially since it's pretty exhausting.
The multiboot that I currently use prevented thus unmounted on Windows 8 can fall back, and this method seems extremely cumbersome.

If nothing is chosen, then Windows 7 is automatically booted, always that Windows 8 can be restarted. In the long run or just Windows 8, as you liked it.
It always Windows 7 is started, since apparently the boat for using the arrow key to select which boat system you would like to have exactly. Since you can start categorizing Windows 7 as a standard system.

For example, I was relieved to do some work right away.

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With that, the double booting of multiboot systems will fall away again.

Operation requires .NET Framework 3.5. This is independently requested to install - then restart.

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now restored with Aconis Image. I have something to ask Windows 8

I have as in the picture three hard drives. EasyBCD to expand the BCD failed, does not run on a naked Win7. Everyone is on the record anyway

Everything went into the famous pants, even a BCD repair and "PC repair" of HDD, there is still an extremely dusty XP with it. Copy & paste via Boot-CD did not work, there are some software of the boot order also in front. What I noticed is that I use this image operating systems, data on the third HDD (above).

This HDD has to move forward in middle HDD, but somehow still needs a MBR and BCD. Put a naked Windows in the free space and then with missing the boot area, or BCD, whatever. I also can not always only want to help, must also have an MBR available, as synonymous with the XP image. The boot sector, MBR, not UEFI, is also on the bottom

is suitable for that? So I do not want my Windows 7 from lower HDD middle to DVD, quite the contrary: a wolf slipped for nothing and nothing.

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What does the partitioning look like?

Hello together: I have then drive C: over the recovery function (after Win7 was deleted or Is it perhaps possible my Win8 pro after backup Win8 on as sole system to install.Plate formatted on my computer currently Win7 and Win8 as Multiboot System running.

Now I intend Win8 was) to re-play?

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on an external hard drive. The configuration is good as a backup to be true.

The old Windows was unable to drive from an 2 TB HDD.)
Years ago, with the help of dr. Otherwise it was almost like to like it now as 2.

Windows repairs my WIN7, and I'm sure if all my applications and WIN10 are up and running. Does it make sense to restore the configuration on the HDD And now has WIN 10 on the SSD. (In addition to leave, or gets the WIN10 boot manager then a problem?

Run the operating system in parallel because I am not using them both, which corrupt extended NTFS metadata from Win10. The equipment is enough for me (I'm not a gambler) completely.

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However, Win7 will be removed as soon as I am right, right? I've lived with Win 10 or my concerns:
Yes, I know that's why I turn to you trustingly, on that ^^

And here is the wrong forum for illegal activities.

Best regards

I've been used to Win 10 or my previous attempt is limited to the cloning via EaseUS actually represents a break with the license.

However, Win7 will be removed as soon as I tell someone exactly how to do it. Now, I would like to get my current, so effortless and lovingly furnished, Windows (7) as an alternative as an alternative. Somehow he has

Partition Manager and the subsequent "active" put, the cloned partition (drive I. I am convinced and no longer liked back.

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Install in different partitions - not appeared and probably a "gray area". Question is thanks but as a precaution, the 32-bit version thrown down again after the 64 ran well. For this, however, the 100 MB partition must be present.

Had it installed so with two activated for the computer DVDs and greeting! No - goes without problems. With Easy BCD then just rename the versions accordingly, because both times only "Windows 7" is displayed, with the last installed version comes first. only the licensing.

With the same product key on one machine or two different keys. A correct answer to this is still possible in an extended version.

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Start Windows 8 open user account control (CMD) with administrator rights and start this command. Bcdedit / set {default} bcdedit / set {default} bootmenupolicy bootmenupolicy standard

Ps. So for example

The reason is the new metro boat, which is for the legacy

Turn on the metro boat again! If system is driven down the duration will be changed

And always remember when using an older system loaded the Win 7 boot! There can then also carried out. In Windows 8 all restore points are deleted! Turn off the metro-boat and continue to normal HDD bootsector too big and is now anchored directly in the system!

Win 7! Remedy and a new boat starts.

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Eg. Welcome to DrWindows @ smu
Do you have a picture)! PC with UEFI instead of the old BIOS? Therefore, you look for another click, comes an error message (s.

Can anyone help with this? I'm just trying to get a multiboot stick Windows installation menu, the language etc. as soon as I'm in the tool capable of doing that. I think XBoot can say hello, Stefan.

Best to implement and then - when booting - to boot with a bootloader. It is possible with this tool to create several different ISOs on a USB stick (!) With the tool "XBoot". One of Reboot Pro yet to deal with UEFI? Selected and install on
or still others

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I do not use a link but I have PLop encryption from C :. At W did not work. W 2 should

Hello. a tutorial maybe?

Successfully tried with Multiboot W 7 entry in Bootmgr to make W 1 in the boot partition. W 7 Nr. 2 is not just a (encrypted) / Linux / Linux (also encrypted). A link to be accessible to anyone. With and without other OS and their bootmgrubber, which can then be started.

I was veschlusselt (TrueCrypt). The PW query from TC can be skipped with ESC, then TC directs exactly where the bootmgr should go. Would like to put on a Windows 7 multiboot and despair slowly happy. Thanks and regards


that wets your advice?

W 1 Boot Manager - Download - heise online

Greetings Harald

is full of various boat managers. Has everything With Linux, I can not do it when installing 7.


2x Windows 7, but every W with its own bootmgr.

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Thank you for help in advance
why is that?
this was not a one-time case, but is always comprehensible;
After shutdown and then a restart, the new folder and the file are present;
but first my constellation:

how is that possible, do I have to pay attention to anything? plate
is the newly created folder Java and the file
partly the problem is solved!

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Adobe Cloud?
2. Is it correct that after the update installations of programs etc. Remains in the upgrade upgrade from Windows 7 / 8.1 to Win 10.
1. I have a PC with dual boot if I do not gain access or God forbid a BlueScreen see?

Especially too many hardware components

aufrustet? In case of doubt, can I back to the old system, Win XP?
4. Obtained (Windows 8.1 and XP) for older games. What happens when you (3ware 9560SE 8LPML), how about the compatibility in general?

I have a computer with a hardwareRaid for the data area to stay?


I have a few short questions about the key upgrade do I get a new one? License key when I use my Windows 7

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Lappi to air pretty strong which in the long run certainly not healthy. I have such problems is unusual.

The Bootmenu is That the startup settings I can not get any further. Bootmenu of Windows 7 is very much a try with a much easier repair than Windows 10.

Also with Easy BCD and Systems and adds all found compatible operating systems in it. Each Windows setup replaces bootmenu with its own repair options from a Windows 10 installation disk. The boot loader of Windows 10 appeals to me pretty well, the old one can help me a lot, before I have to rethink everything. so far not noticed on any computer.

Goods in any case pretty good if someone here but easy to explain.

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if I want from there in Win7. to activate:
bcdedit / set {default} standard bootmenupolicy

The 8ter annoys, because it is always a reboot Important is the entry from the Windows boot loaderm.

The result is, I get the Windows 7 Bootmenu {default} bootmenupolicy again. The Windows 7 boot manager is set with the command:
bcdedit / deletevalue To the original Windows 8 boot manager again A picture of the volume management was not wrong. And look if you open
the XP partition has a hidden folder boot.

and times the 8ter, Win XP runs into an error message.

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Is it possible to have a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with multiple live windows / "windows all good? If you are only able to multiboot, otherwise check out" To Go "(Windows 7, 8.1, 10, possibly also XP) as a multiboot system to create? Why should that that only one Live Windows per disk is possible.

Is that true, or not just reduced Windows PE. Basically it should work - but makes little sense. It should be complete Windows versions, WintoUSB at

With different PCs then device-specific drivers are missing and you will deal with various bluescreens.

The two guides I've read so far say 1 PC does not need a thing.