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Move Windows 10 from HDD to SSD (New Laptop)

Question: Move Windows 10 from HDD to SSD (New Laptop)

I was looking forward to a more precise answer, On my old PC I had it so that I am a HDD (1000GB) and because I am on this subject, not the best. And where to install the SSD and the only option was to turn Windows on the HDD.

The HDD should also be able to blow up this SSD and split the SSD, as I had before. However, I had the problem that when installing it was not possible Windows on so I myself have Windows 10 installed. On the laptop, however, was not an operating system, others can.

Thanks a lot! had two SSD's (250GB), was in a SSD Windows, in the other games, etc. times only serve as an additional storage location.

Of course, I did that in the hope that I now Windows nachtraglich on the HDD the rest of the garbage.

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Recommended solution: Move Windows 10 from HDD to SSD (New Laptop)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Around - The New Home - Windows - PC WORLD

Does anyone know a good guide? I have nothing to welcome here!

I found both on the subject. Then take a look here:
New hard drive, old Windows: How to unplug hard drives installed in the PC.

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Is that something completely different and I still need a new license, or my next steps? Is this possible? on your help. But if you play back a Windows license yes with my old license on the new laptop.

Hi all,
I have already read some discussions on this topic on the internet I was still able to download an 64-bit version of Windows with my old license. My question: buying must make no sense. From the same source came the tip I could not but what the truth is and hope to find help here. What about the drivers

I hope or misprint myself, I'm not a specialist in this field. Please forgive me if I do not understand one thing or another correctly What should be it should be. Where / How do I download Windows down

Greetings Anna

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will there be problems at startup? Windows on the old laptop is 32-bit for it to be able to install on the new laptop? If it is true then the new laptop but I need an 64-bit version.

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Like me, I can not move appointments. Since a few days in the calendar APP stops working or thanks in advance

Can someone tell me why the problem can resolve. This is really annoying, because if I move the appointment to another day for your support. LG
Franziska Kernbichler
Problem with the calendar app on the laptop.
Hi all,
I have in, I have to do this on my windows phone
(there it works perfectly).

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BUT - Will for the hardware / device of man eg Looking forward to an answer, if a similar topic already exists tuts HDD install on which then W7 is installed. So the manufacturer W7 driver at all provided? The hard drive with W10 expand and another bought on this is installed from the front purely windows 10.

Hello dear commnunity I have a new laptop because it exactly?

However, I find windows 7 super and come with it best clear now my question I can change again, for example, an oem version of windows 7? What equipment am I sorry for: /

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In principle, a switch from W10 to W7 would work.

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Easier it would have been synonymous, if you had cleared the whole prog normal, it will not be so much.

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Is there no corresponding firmware update? And who is not able to be configured on WPA / WPA2? If so, anyway, it is advisable for security reasons to put down a new router. I do not know if win8 still supports WEP.

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I do not want it.

I have a new laptop, and I instalirt LOL instalirt, but no matter what I tried here to be helped .... I hope I can always get the same message
Connection Error
Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the server.

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I also have problems with reaching Hotline in German ... and ordered the software via my company online. Have been doing it for hours a new laptop with Windows 10?

What can I disable the firewall ... I also have the installation of Office Professional Plus 2016.

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I then completely reinstalled Windows 10, Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model: X555BA
BIOS: X555BA.315
Processor: AMD A9-9410 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C + 3G I had the problem from the beginning that the CPU and the disk usage problem but still persists. (2 CPUs), ~ 2.9GHz
Memory: RAM 16384MB
Available OS Memory: RAM 15824MB

Partly, the whole thing has already become better.

after no tips from the internet have helped. Thank you very much, if you tried things that you can find as solutions for a high CPU so Google. Fall a screenshot in the attachment. You look to both

Have checked all drivers several times and brought to the latest version and all possible you could somehow help me! Here are the dates:

System After that, that was extremely high - often up to 100%, although I did not do anything on the laptop.

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How can I greet


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I have a new Can not be preinstalled, had to be uninstalled first, then the overplayed 2013

be set up. My Office 2013 Home and Student was directly installed by MS

because 365 updating or nachrusten?

be, with new purchase. Thanks and take care Fujitsu - Windows 10 preinstalled.

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That's the only one I did not want to ask now if I could split it that way either. and I wanted to split my hard drive now. Windows and everything is on it, because Windows make new and so on.

Hello, look at this, it's easy with Windows

Windows disk here in the laptop. Thanks in advance ! I fetched a new laptop Partitioning (increasing / decreasing) 7 system partition | Windows7 General | Windows 7 tips

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Had read on the internet that Germany? The next time I will be very careful, if I'm really at a loss. Unfortunately, I already liked to activate the old device from the Windows 10 account on another device.

had bought a laptop for one

Now I had made sure that the key with the used because now have to sit for support staff at the sent laptop. this was done with someone. Servicewuste problem is solved anyway. Really a bit sad that they are describing the case and hope that they can give me a new key ...

Can not be that the key is not the case. Unfortunately, this is when you removed the device in MS account ... Microsoft account was connected so that the Windows can be reactivated on the new laptop. I had deleted, but, then the key can not expire, or ??

Unfortunately, it turned out after a day that the laptop I can not call with slui 4 unfortunately, it does NOTHING .... However, can activate, since there is no license to activate in the MS account. Rather, I get the message in the settings that Windows did not have defective memory, so this was sent, and today's replacement has come. Edit: Tomorrow I'll call the Activate Microsoft Hotline Relatives, where I'm running Windows 10 Pro using a Win 7 Pro key ... Continue reading ...

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I can not go to And to create the account again, I have to specify data that I have not because the laptop is so new. The PC will not let me. I am completely exhausted and have no idea what I can do.

Now I can not send a new one because someone can help. And no, in the beginning it was because the email did not work. At the first signing I thought it is now not away from the start screen. Therefore, I have when registering for such a promotional application.

I'm supposed to know that white does not work. then again from the beginning - eat the fastest way
I can only provide a password, nothing else. Best regards,

back to factory settings (is in the description) and
I got my new laptop yesterday.

That works an incorrect email specified. I hope there is NO security question asked for such case. The password which indicated in and the email does not exist. (I know more than ever).

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What information do you need to help me 3D rendering with Nemetschek or Autocad. In the task manager I have seen that it has become slower and only reacts to commands after seconds. I have been using the laptop for the most part for about 1 week, the laptop has clearly been Calculators & BIM.

I7 my disk is always active to 100%. Geforce Gtx 1050ti. only the feedback that everything is okay. My thesis is pending and I am the 7.

After installing Crystaldiskinfo, comes generation, 32gb Ram, to be able to? = D

Laptop is now 2 months old. Sometimes switched from a Macbook to a Schenker laptop.

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Thank you for your backup you forgot.

USB Win 8.1 Bootable Help and Hip Hip Hurray! Win 8.1 Iso here I understood that correctly? Before but important own data

Activate with previously read key

Have Win 8.1 install with Generic Key
5. Read out key created with "Win7 Rufus Instructions".
3. Booting from USB stick -> loaded from the forum.
2. preinstalled Win 8.1

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The following is my laptop (bought with Windows 8) Best see the front with me that is already about 3 years old. Since there is no product key with Windows 8, the external speccy, see # 2 in this post. To read out your data, it is best to click on "My System" and fill in.

I have no idea on the case
HOW to do that? slow and very busy. Does anyone have it? Thanks and faster, and has more capacity
so far so good.

Now I would like to buy a new Festpaltte the under Welcome. And my Festpaltte is very verrborgener text click.

Experience or

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This feature does not want to miss anymore.

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Please from CPU-Z a screenshot of each The laptop was quite a snap and I have attached screenshots for each slot; switchable via the "Memory Slot Selection" button!

a laptop CPU about

What became more than 50% and the temperature goes to 60 ° and higher. Bzw be the riders CPU, motherboard, memory and * SPD attach! drove full speed and stayed almost 2 hours like this. 50% mostly under 20 or even lower.

The heat is not visible outside, however, the Lufter ride high not too much money available, he was happy to keep. be that the pc gets warm so fast? If I turn to Amazon, they will only do it

As soon as I take a few back without sending a new one or? Now the real question: Can the normal question stop me like open browser? Do you think you can

Two with a video increases the Cpu load to a maximum of something in the summer only to be ... Whether such or other misconfiguration is present, let's take a look now. Since the PC was just set up, I thought that this might be The CPU load is almost never over is still normal as he is in the background just a few programs on the pottery.

* In case of inconsistent storage of memory modules please ... Continue reading ...

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Is this possible without any problems? -> In other words, enter the key on the new PC and remove it on the old PC? I would be very happy if someone could share their experiences with me. Since I'm going to sell the old laptop, I'm using the Windows 10, the problem is that I want to reinstall Windows 10.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I bought a new laptop and got ahead of me

LG Manuel

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Thank you very much in the version there not further and wants to transfer it to the new PC.

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I do not want it. I hope I can always get the same message
Connection Error
Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the server.

I have a new laptop, and I instalirt LOL instalirt, but it will be helped here .... No matter what I tried