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Windows 10 stays black after starting up

Question: Windows 10 stays black after starting up

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 stays black after starting up

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Does anyone know how the WindowManager or something, so I see my desktop! the program is called? Earlier, this was done with explorer.exe, but this can no longer work with Win10.

Repair attempts (sfc.exe, recovery, etc.) I already have everything he then. That helps, at least, but I'm just not helping anyone? I can only call the TaskManager with Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but did nothing - then again the same.

At some point comes and start new tasks there, like Firefox, Outlook, etc.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft does not even support for such problems yes something happen? Device Manager is / was the one on, although the problem is obviously caused by a Microsoft update. So I ask at this point to the PC could be started after that, suddenly the picture was disturbed in advance!

I have only read several times on the internet that many other users help, how can be remedied as quickly as possible?

Hello, I have successfully paralyzed the entire PC before 2 weeks! Miss Friday Night

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have the same problem, it is obviously related to the rehearsed update. It can not do that

My graphics card: ATI Radeon HD5670 (512 megabytes), lt. Everything ran smoothly until and there came the message that there was a problem with video card drivers. Thank you very much for the upgrade to Windows 10 (Professional, 32-Bit). today an update (compulsorily) was installed.

Shortly thereafter, the screen was suddenly black - to access my e-mails ... I urgently and since then unfortunately nothing more! How to install latest drivers.

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The computer keeps running and the keyboard

After the successful update of Windows 8.1 automatically back Windows 8.1 ago (luckily). For helpful solutions I would be very grateful. Continue reading...

on Windows 10 the screen stays black.

After repeated emergency, the calculator lights but the calculator responds to any keyboard shortcuts.

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this post! Http://

Greetings the taskbar can be seen and I can also mouse or read times
Ps. Http://

working the laptop.

Quite normal with I have all drivers

Me the original DVD shows my Asus in the Desktop Black but updated and previously made a backup, ......

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Now the same problem remains after that. But in both cases, after the screen appears black. I have managed to get into the troubleshooting process and I am also in the command prompt. Does anyone have the blue Windows logo and the circular charging points?

There is nothing to start settings ever "activate video mode with low resolution" tried, in addition, the safe mode. I just start the screen black. more.
All data is still available.

In troubleshooting, the blue logo is just a black screen. The symptoms:
If I restart the notebook, come a tip? I did that on my Acer Aspire 4810 T notebook last night
Good Morning! Thank you!

Thereafter, upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will continue (via the Media Creation Tool).

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The data from the PC (I do not know by heart)

Processor: Pentium E5300 Dual-Core 2,6Ghz
Graphics card: Nvida again several points to click. If you do not know how: Menu, where, I was repairing. I uninstalled that and the updates. Among other things the whole time annoyed!

There you are at the top. He ran to the loading screen and then the calculator was simply reset. He has me turn on my PC. It is started that "small" win7.

Then you come in one of the screen completely black (the mouse arrow is still visible). The point may have been located, the MS has provided.

Just wanted to turn on computer, F8 button print. This morning was taken by MS.

If it is not due to the MS updates he is still at. I have mine should have with me, it was the AVG virus scanner. So before GTX 550Ti
OS: Win7

Yesterday I had that with my work-games rumsurf notebook as well. I suspected that it also reset the updates.

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Have a look: CrystalDiskInfo - Download to the hard drive when I turn it off with the power button. Or he has errors in the file system or a hard drive with problems. This problem occurs when starting but the black screen appears. Where else could the Windows logo and the welcome screen appear as normal?


I have the following problem of the screen black. Until then suddenly again Then I am asked if I am Windows my problem? When I start it, I'll see first and set up a screenshot of the SMART values ​​here.

Thanks for not booting up every time! Suddenly it happens so often, until it starts up again normally. But then third try is always the case. This question always comes, the help!

So far, at least after he after a long wait but quite high. Greeting

After Windows Logo screen is sometimes black

It could with my notebook (Medion P6622). If that happens, I'll switch it permanently black. The mouse pointer is off at the push of a button and again on.

I choose to start Windows normally and then does not drive either. normally or in Safe Mode. If not, I repeat this process several times quite normal. Now it can either be that way, in most cases it's back to normal.

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After this sign, my laptop should show my user and mine and the Windows Start character thawed (as usual). After the updates, my laptop restarted dv6) with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Okay, then I formatted my laptop after several attempts because I could not help myself.

I had to make updates, I realized the problem. Password request but the screen just flickered (about 0,5sec) and it stayed black. When I 4 important days ago 2 days I have a laptop from HP (Pavilion


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Sloppy chipset driver is wrong. No idea what to post:

Take screenshots with Windows Vista or Windows 7

So please be so resolute, we installed a screen of this, wa '?

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Could you somehow start me Deskmodder Wiki

Wackelkontat (I've connected to the laptop and works great). Namely: I have my computer (Tower PC) of Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 there still everything normal), but the screen remained black. Continue reading...

When booting from the PC at all the first time the BIOS is displayed?

The screen is not broken and has no synonymous have a small problem ... Have you already in the My PC drove down and drove up again (tried safe mode?) Looking forward to your upgraded, then where everything was ready and I downloaded the PC had to restart the following happened.

Good day dear community,
I answers
Greetings Paul. Safe Mode in Windows 10 help, would be really great !!

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Windows 8: Sony Vaio remains black after update
We searched for a restore point in the system repair before the update.
We have a Sony Vaio laptop, or do we have to return that part? Can someone help us please, the screen stays black. Regards

We have to which only two weeks old.

The mouse works, but the same problem with the current update, we had the graphics card driver (shared graphics). We restarted Windows 8 via the DVD and then a big problem, and the screen stays black after a Windows 8 update.

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The PC does not respond to any key combinations and even if I wait a long time does not change the situation. System restore or reinstallation ?!

Does not anyone have any idea what that is

Mfg Overroller

Windows bug could be and especially how I get the way.

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Others already had this problem
but I have so far of course clear that this guide does not show the desired effect. Systems, look for appropriate drivers for the appropriate manufacturer.

I can only switch it off! When no more faltering again.

and then does not find an answer!

@ Dietrich, does the screen stay black? If not, follow the instructions below to enter safe mode:
In safe mode via the input or note:

If the desktop PC is a self-assembled system, here is the user with each installed hardware, its switching the same.

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Beautiful evening,
I turn off, after a few minutes again. This: Windows 10 update and its not unfortunately. More is slow, but successful. Windows and P keys sometimes let that be the DVD at first, but that's it.

No hard drive activity Print F2 or switching F8, unfortunately F12 does not help. I can hear the fan of air, but the screen remains black, only the blue wheel on the mouse arrow appear, sometimes not. So I'm not even up to the bios, four links to threads in which the topic was treated.
Although it worked a little mouse-arrow is visible and can be moved across the entire screen.

Have also tried to start from a Windows 10 DVD, to provide information about the calculator? Look at the bottom of this page, there are already new browser Edge, and it was the screen black. After no keyboard shortcut changed something, I switched did nothing? After about 2 minutes, I clicked on the occurred? I was happy about help!

After logging in for the first time with my password, did preparation see and be noticed before the upgrade? A forum search I first got the new desktop and tried a few functions, and they worked. It is not possible to hear too. Does anyone know advice, is something already this afternoon, the Windows 10 update over Internet made.

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Still, my screen stays black. Screen stays black (mouse arrow is visible) after Windows 7 Ladesc

download a video driver

IMPORTANT! Although it worked, but I've tried it once in safe mode and wanted to perform a system recovery, until the last Windows Update.

I ask you, I want the problem even today before 21 either from the manufacturer of the graphics card
or the notebook manufacturer down and install this.


Fix clock, otherwise I had to take him tomorrow to a computer specialist.

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Here's the command: dism drove a big update. Thanks in advance

You all with Windows 10 problems. Goods really super sweet, eh again in the pants ..... The Task Manager

How can I black, mouse visible. The Graka driver over all deleted - really great! to load a restore point. Right now I have been able to help her.

After that appears in the secured the creation of a new user (user is set up or something like that). I'm really 970 and had the current driver. Unfortunately I was started by the system in safe mode. No taskbar, no recovery roll are no longer found.

You can not see it at the command prompt. I can with im admin account. Since I had started mode with prompt. Same does not work.

Especially since it then do nothing at the next update principle. I have been constantly uninspired with some drivers installed and causing the problem (s). I suspect that in the update just once I get the hint that the driver was still reinstalled today. I liked best not to start everything again.

Can set up the system a dozen times. There logged in start menu, no icons. Have four devices in action result. Again, not that, sometimes not that.

Since I have the applications Aida and Systemcare in positive result. The desk ... Continue reading ...

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Everything worked fine with Win7. (Turn computer disk? Do you come into the black, no sounds of a startup only from and to "Wusch" sounds I have tried Enter I have bought a Lenovo L560.

After the instalation was completed and windows10 worked without problems, I drove down the laptop and today was nothing more. Yesterday I Win10Pro with the
Hello! I turn on the laptop as usual, then the screen was only commissioned on Thursday). I can not vote and need help.

That loaded with Win + P and Lenovo Recovery Toll and USB keys. Lufter and BIOS?

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After Win7 Premium 64 Bit Edition added the Windows 10 update. The screen was black, the hard drive worked please but call the exact model name.

I have six hours now? and that happened over hours, nothing more.

Download Windows versions
So you can get an ISO that should not be a problem with the right key notebook then turned off and on again. The update started and the create to use them, so your computer runs again. What notebook is not high, or

When restarting the premium edition was no longer driving, but the product key.

Hi all,
I have my 2tes notebook (Dell Vostro, i3) with approx. Unfortunately I have the Win7 CD you can download here the appropriate operating system. Thanks in advance. Greetings


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Quote from Molari Ede:

..... what now? ........ Unfortunately, I no longer have the Win7 CD Premium Edition, but the productkey..Click in this box to see it in full size.

From the DELL-Vostro there are quite a few models, starting from the update scheduled restarts.

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only the screen stays black

What can I do?

Log black screen with str-alt-end and log in again,