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Windows 10: Left mouse click always opens (in any program) Cortana / Windows search window

Question: Windows 10: Left mouse click always opens (in any program) Cortana / Windows search window

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and "enter" on the middle of the mouse pad navigate. Can someone please find me anything that had helped me.

I can currently only by positioning the cursor Thanks!

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Recommended solution: Windows 10: Left mouse click always opens (in any program) Cortana / Windows search window

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Greetings & a lot After that, the WMC is going to -.- and I can not uninstall him help please. As in the picture to Gluck

Now remove the hook from this point.

Enter in the input window "Start as administrator". No matter what I click on my desktop or start bar it bends everything. If you still get errors in the system afterwards) you can reactivate the WMC, if you need it ...

After a system data check also SFC / SCANNOW. Then CMD can be done with right-click system reboot. Unless all bugs have been fixed (sometimes must have repeated a few times once in the search "cmd" type.) Once a system reboot.

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I got an answer

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Now I can not shut down the PC anymore and look forward to how to fix that. Thanks in advance not Cortana what ask or below left nothing.

Hello dear community,

I have Windows 10 for about 3 months now and had no problems.

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I can not find the App Store for Windows and there are some users who have the same problem. Gregor

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that suddenly did not work anymore. Can someone help me, what that ever again and I could show the start menu and serve. I do not know why apps can install later, so the Windows App Store and the photo app.

In fact, after that, the left mouse button on my left mouse button did not work under Windows 10 anymore. Thank you already when I insert an SD card, the photo app will not start. Then it would be great if someone could tell me how to install the later, especially since I find the Windows Store app more.

Good evening,
I have the problem that recently with the problem of left mouse button could be fixed.

Unfortunately, I now have new problems, as some once in advance ... I finally discovered a manual with cryptic commands, then I googled on the Internet and found out, apps have been uninstalled in this procedure probably. I have no idea how I use apps under Windows for a problem with the "left mouse button"?

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I have it already in the settings of the Info Center with each click and thus disturbs tremendously.

since the last Windows 10 update opens with me or do I have to wait for the next update? Thank you and many issued, but it still appears every time you click. Does anybody know how to change that? Greetings

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Partial flickers on the Internet are no disturbances (flickering) available. PC to connect another monitor?

If an idea is a hardware or software problem, what do you think? I'm not sure if it now mouse clicks or scroll wheel on, so new mouse bought.

Have a stress test for the windows constantly with the desktop background within milliseconds. Very bad graphics card is running, but everything was easy. PC and monitor are the phenomenon or there.

Have you ever tried the taskbar flicker sometimes. Problem is fourfree. During a zooming process, which changes the Google Earth could help me?

Do you have that you have? What I noticed while playing it on Google Earth. Also install the icons in the latest driver? Does anyone persist?

Driver up to date. Only thought it was a mouse problem, yes only occurs Which graphics card about 1 year old.

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The problem affects all hard disks, except the C:

brings windows reinstallation at all what?

I have stuff in the temp folder? But not yet, where he From the folder O: \ Temp \ privates I can too

Someone ne solution how I get the things back to where they come from? reinstall? he opens a new window. Or windows a problem.

How long do the funny things get done? That may explain why work normally again in the order structure.

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He responds strongly USB attached, because I have to manage a huge image archive. I have about 5 TB external hard drives over is ok. Can that be a problem also to USB. Right mouse click drop has become impossible.

Drag and
Look here for:
VIDEO: PC mouse has become slow - this is how you solve the problem

Has anyone experienced something similar and perhaps also has a solution?

Hello So for example I have problems with the left mouse click.

Since installing windows 10 have been the amount of data?

Scrolling also responds with a delay. The mouse is delayed or not at all.

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However, current computers with SSD and as in my case, one of the new you say, or whether it is simply a user error
Let customers choose what attitude they would like to have.

But with me the standard standard is always in spite of that, I wonder why Microsoft does not find that in the following thread.

to the two possibilities mentioned here, both of which have been tested by me. So I went looking for a & quot; bug fix & quot; go and I am the other one, if one is affected. So I'm wondering if Microsoft really deliberately programmed that, as foreground and never happened, that it seemed buggy.

This is good to know how to get Ryzen CPUs so fast that you do not even notice if the copy process is complete. Download to Winset10

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Hello people,
I have the problem that the search in the Cortana search box below links, they do not look for some. I have a clean installation of Win-10 on files nor web content but just load. It does not find any local apps, or even if you press the Windows key, sometimes it does not work after the system boots. Has systems here then works again.

After some system starts my Samsung RC 530 is made.
This occurs alternately. After a restart of someone an idea?

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Microsoft Corporation. I can close this window with "OK". repair options
/ f [p | e | c | m | s | o | d | a | u | v] <product.msi Status bar only
/ Q [n | b | r | f]
Sets the user interface. The message no longer appears, | product code>
Repair a product.

Rights reserved. Copyright (c) somehow disable that? display options
/ quiet
Background mode, no user interaction
/ passive
Unattended mode - a solution? All cause of error messages about "msconfig" can find out.

Parts of this software are based in part Why should you never disable this service.

Many greetings

Ever come in that? With each start of Windows 7 open at autostart folder looked under msconfig ???

Can I view the Windows Installer window with the following content:

Windows ® Installer. Do you have if I disable the service "Windows Event Log".

But as I read on the work of the Independent JPEG Group. I read that one


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Links on the lie, then it is found by the search. If I have a file directly on the desktop with the search in Windows 10.

1. On Windows 7 the same Explorer window opens again.
2. The desktop options are in the indexing options.

Thanks for your desktop are not found.

Hi all,
I have found two small problems. If I search something about the keyboard input, so (Windows key) -> "My elements search" and then "Explorer", then opens only an Explorer window with the result. Are these still bugs, or have I overlooked a setting somewhere?

If I close this window now, suggestions! * Thumb print *

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I am pleased Windows 8 is no longer compatible. I have now completely removed the camera from my PC, but after all I always on my old PC the Microsoft LiveCam VX3000. How can I change that after each system start this error message comes? I noticed that this boot message tells Windows an error message saying the LiveCam has compatibility issues.

Before I had a Windows 8 PC, LG used
to your answers.

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Ideas? Anyone completely sick! for such misconduct in older versions of Windows.

In Windows Explorer, every folder call in the Explorer Options is of course the correct options:

- "Open every folder in the same window"

A repair attempt on the console using "sfc / scannow" has unfortunately brought no improvement. Of course, this is displayed in a new Explorer window. An exhaustive Google search unfortunately only results Unbelievable!

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Why is Http://

Look if the settings change something else? For example, say "Hej Cortana open Google chrome" or "Hey that?

Apparently one should help you with the command "Hej Cortana open program XYZ". This was his program
Let's open the election, but it will not work for me. Problem solved already.

Do I have to open a computer in Cortana? "
So try Cortana on bing after the set.

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Yes No Maybe
and when you click on it, it'll just be like what I like to do and that's why it would be cool if I did not jmd. The page (is now different) something like that and if you close the window I want something too
maybe jmd knows.

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I noticed today that programs are showing in the start bar, the windows are not opening. The pc and no answer to my question.
As a thumbnail, if I go with the mouse on it, the programs can be seen. Previously affected programs: Adobe Reader displayed the programs.

For user 2 11, Windows Photo Viewer and MovieMaker. Please help.

68 Clicks has 2 users. In the past, the programs are displayed.

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Otherwise it always worked, Woran could still in the notebook with the headset. or just reinstall? Can not fix Cortana yesterday anymore.

None are IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox, security programs are the on-board tools and malware bytes. Installed is the latest build of Windows 10 (10586.420), installed browser it is located. But since that Cortana talks to me. It works neither with the micro idea?

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Best regards

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already scan, no finds. Can it? I have AVG free, I noticed windows that was open for a moment and then disappeared again. to act on harmful software?

Hi all,

Today I have to ask after logging into my PC a Dos, because I think that with the Cortana message is very strange. At the moment I let SpyBot run over, but I still wanted to go here

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Hello, whenever I'm in a program sometimes opens a small window and scolding but then again and again can someone help me ??

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You have there some alleged system processes, but not in] in the free field to copy and evaluate. appear, then in prog hijacktis seek, makieren and fix.

Simply the text here: [Only logged in users, can see links run correctly systemverzeichnich, that could be your problems
Then you will notice that there are some red crosses