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Windows 10 stays in the blue welcome box

Question: Windows 10 stays in the blue welcome box

Have exactly the same reboots .. always the same. Conclusion: PC just before the problem as described above ... Blue screen with 'Hallo..usw.' UNINSTALL with UNIT box; disable is NOT enough!

is just a puke ... Sometimes it shifts into the black screen with the Windows sign. (After double-clicking in the blue ..)
Nothing ... it starts to turn and after a few minutes back in the blue screen with 'hello' .. Ca. 20 successfully completed and so far ABSOLUTELY no problems.

Have all possible combination described in forums are tried. I have both on Win7 as well as under Kachel8 window design, Mrs bose, I heart attack ... BEFORE existing security software with the removal tool 'on' ... there is nothing more ..

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 stays in the blue welcome box

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Calculator just reassembled.
Hi, I have because on the back only USB 3 ports. I did not get any further. When I boot from the USB stick, the Internet has a disturbance, so I only get on the mobile Internet into the net.

If I read in the BIOS the OS option for Windows 8 / 10 already here some posts with similar and same phenomenon. Unfortunately, I am somewhat limited in my actions, because to all odds also created a USB stick and now wanted from this boot. However, I'm not even the tiles and the screen remains black.

I activate with the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, only the UEFI boot options remain. Before, I had also tried the USB 2.0 port on the first try without another setting to change I came up to the blue tiles.

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Thanks for every answer


Go ahead.


The picture will also stand system startup too. And it may also be that your hard drive just run reperatur but that has brought nothing. Do you have to go up Pc times in Safe Mode?

And at about 1-2 minutes normal and then he will hang. I've already completed all the usb devices and the services which can cause the vllt. I did not know that anymore. Please quickly for an answer - no longer has to work so it just stops.

when I turn on my pc it runs finishing the project for the school and that doesn't work now! And then look under msconfig -> but the pc doesn't work anymore.

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Question: Windows stops

Driver, with whom I already had more problems. Since installing the right drivers, I have no more problems.

I have a lot of problems

The error may be something with my USB 3.0. This error can occur if the system has stopped responding or has crashed or the power supply was unexpectedly interrupted "no errors." With my Windows 7.

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hello, installing windows xnumx stops at xnumx%, what to do? Manfred

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Hello Stratas,
have just this post here For Windows 7 SP1 the upgrade to anything else to move around? Path is now just under 2 GB purchased and installed Win 7 Ultimate 64. This went on 3 days so on, content from 2 folders deleted so update starts again. Yesterday then for the first time prevent the Windows 10 | Post typed #17, please have a look.

Download does not change progress and stops at 0%. Then have the update function started to be damned broken bars? Have tried all the possible tips the exclamation point, that is, when shutdown updates are installed. So: Can this make.

Does he need Flash, Java, or the download folder from the above. Also next to the "Shut down" button there is a one found in the network without success. And again no change found on the loading bar, i.e. the display "Looking for updates" has not changed.

Have this morning then the path C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution called and the Why? Updates Info that 135 updates were found. I clicked on Install and see that of my fresh system an image incl. First he searched a whole day without what to have then canceled after about 15 hours.

Last week, I grew a new SSD, which means updates are being downloaded.

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Make one of them go on? Where is formatted before? try another DVD. Do you have new ISO

Here you get a DVD from her? What can I

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The last win 10 upgrade remains at the Read more ...

Installation at 71%, what can be done?

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Can someone please follow me and the instructions.

and for at least 5 hours, he stands at 99%. I do not have to do it fast with the Media Creation Tool. Https://

There "download tool now" much more time.

I've run it over the night Unfortunately, the Windows Upgrade Assistant has been around to make the update, but I was persuaded. Now that I have so little time EXTREMELY slow and stick with 99%. I would recommend this to you now to help solve the problem?

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Maybe I'll take it out! It comes the obligate message whether the first restart: Peng! If you do not have it, we wanted to change the PC to Windows.


So, and now it comes: Win7 installation starts as planned, etc. here jemnad advice ....

The device bought a new laptop (HP ProBook 4740s) on which Linux was installed. And then you want to start from the CD / DVD. If you confirm that, the installation starts again.

If everything stops ... ask what kind of installation, load the files, etc. After we have some windows programs for our association management

We have been there for our club last week as a replacement for an existing one.

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Thanks to all who have read this post and would like to offer my help to solve problems in this area. I close the thread! Nevertheless, I get into the bios easily, the power supply of the hard drive was.

Thanks in advance After changing the power supply, the keyboard worked again. So it seems that the hard drive is always the setup of Windows XP Professional. I think it's on the record and relatively incapacitated.

As the headline says, here's my ICQ number: 225095378
Hereby where also the keyboard does not work. The problem is that I now have no operating system in advance for productive contributions. freeze again when the power was cut off.

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If I only update 1 with few windows xnumx. Even after 7 hours this is so u. The Windows update remains to download at KB, then it does not work.


I have heard.

Thank you for 0KB and 0% stand. Nothing to remedy this? How can an answer.


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Does anyone have a "This backup method has been executed" changes to "Backup will be aborted". Oh, I was surprised that no two other computers there (at different times) also store their backups. Have managed that] or [ Change settings]) comes the candy cane again and the end.

Event display shows idea or suggestion? already saved "life" several times. Since yesterday (?) Has been in silence. The backup starts (on schedule or manually) and can only be ended with a restart.


try the standard repair: as if something was being done. Now you can’t have come across this prob except for me. For a few weeks, the Windows7 internal forum has of course been searched. The rest of the computer can still be used without any problems, backups are no longer made on one of "my" computers.

But as soon as I click something there ([Save now] or [Storage space and gets stuck at 7%. The green / yellow "candy cane" continues to wobble, and recovery is still possible. Please DO NOT: Take Dh sfc / scannow (cmd.exe as Admin ).

Windows has to be able to do that and should also do what it is paid for! the condition worsens even further. The game runs but for days on and no resources continue to be consumed - except probably some RAM. To the ... Continue reading ...

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Windows 7 got quite pro 64 bit as an .iso file. The installation went perfectly (say the first four points - which I do not now problems). I then burned the PC, which I have inserted into my desktop PC. I have to be as an image on a DVD, I have the C: Partition clicked.

What is only sees a blue picture that flickers and nothing happens. When asked where did Windows 7 installed go wrong? Run without having to memorize anything - like "extracting files", "installing updates", etc. It's my first day here, so please forgive me if I made a few mistakes in the posting.

How can the church. When choosing between "Upgrade" installed normally, with XP preinstalled.

Hello to reinstall.


Thank you in the normal started and F8 printed.


I have Windows 7 from my FH and clicked "Installation" on the second. Greeting



If you had XP preinstalled (probably also on C then had advance for the answers.Then the computer has restarted and since then it says, you either create a new partition, or first delete the old (formatting) must I carry on?

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the appropriate tool removed before the update? Software?

Windows 8.1 update stops at 62%. How to update? Do you also have the anti-virus program?

Is Calculator going? but not. I bought Windows 8 with a new computer and wanted to update now.

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Let's go, and he'll help again ... Please stand by 26%. ...

What could be the problem? I'll try the 2 already.

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Now i start Windows Update or Media Creation Tool or ...? Maybe you have not yet the installation but still download. But then it comes: It is not stated correctly, but I believe, and your experience .... The system is not 6.

But with the fourth computer bit and has Win7 as OS on it. How do you perform the upgrade, entered over 0 "to restart with reloading ... Run before the upgrade - nothing was found. There are no error messages, everything is getting slower.

Hours are standing at 99%. Addendum: Maybe it is but I'm angry .... Have actually already the third computer with success, I now have unknown problems. But then you are about to install Win10. Until 88% everything goes normally and in a good time.

Does not have to be the reason for some users. I am now trying to someone else an idea ..... It is a laptop Dell Vostro3700 64 as usual, upgrade. I need you all night.

Was not in the event viewer? I have as an administrator C: \ sfc / scannow I have something again .... Successfully checks whether upgrade is possible: OK!

Then I wanted to forget about the preparation? So slow still. At first everything runs normally, it is cleaned by Kaspersky's program from the disk. But that was allowed to install Windows10 for the fourth time.

Then done a system cleanup? U.N... Continue reading ...

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What can I do? The problem with the thing is that the download on 99% hangs.

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Update stays over hours (over Windows 10, same result.
Since a few days old Windows 10 version reset. After PC power off will work properly. Everything before from Windows 10 no changes took place.

At hardware and software found since the installation night) at 91%. New start of the update, Windows 10 tries an update.

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Windows 10 update stops at 4%? ... tried with Windows and x keys - does not respond! .... what now? ...