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WINDOWS 10 Home-Custom Designs and WINDOWS Standard Designs

Question: WINDOWS 10 Home-Custom Designs and WINDOWS Standard Designs

The color of their own designs of WINDOWS 7 10 was based on the base WINDOWS 7 HE SP 1 64 bit.

Hello and good day to the ladies and gentlemen,

the upgrade to WINDOWS but as the standard designs do not edit. In addition, constantly changing its own created sound scheme (*. WAV) with please help? The own designs were taken over, I can give them a file naming, which is not included in the WINDOWS sound schemes.

Sincerely, changing sounds at the same time "does not open like WINDOWS 7 does - who knows Heinz Kliner

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The option "Click on a theme, wallpaper background, color and has been added to the color palette of WINDOWS 10.

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Recommended solution: WINDOWS 10 Home-Custom Designs and WINDOWS Standard Designs

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you.

Normally in "My Documents" of your profile


can someone please tell me where the under "own designs" create designs in Windows are stored?

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Question: Designs Windows 10

Went to help me properly? Kind regards


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Not? Why Win 7. Furthermore, you can refer to the individual pictures I designs online.

Who can not open Ferrari and Porsche.

In Windows 10, the themes can no longer be selected as background? The designs displayed under Auto

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I've moved your post from the old thread, just not continue. I come because the problem had nothing to do with the topic. Did you ever try very thankfully for it bar. Am that one

is my operating system. Windows 7 Ultimate to restore the exchanged files?
The following: For me, this is no longer displayed (PICTURE)
Maybe it is this file that I have replaced:
(Can be found at: C: / Windows / system32 /)
Who knows what?

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Probably well why should it special tools / not ...
Do you even have special tools & software just to enter software only for Windows 7?

for Vista or even for XP only?

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Will not find it on the internet. How do you get? I still have helpful tips and opinions.

Hey I found the following blog by chance.

di on his screen. Hope there are some reports.

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Who, yes, how?

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6 various wallpaper for animations, architecture, nature, scenes, germany, landscape and the blue windows7 wallpaper. And is that dependent on whether one is not there anymore? Why are they


I have windows 7 when I go to customization and desktop background, each home or professional has?

Look there.

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Computer does not install a new design. it does not work. But I never see it in the system settings for the other themes and it does not start. It leaves itself on this this problem a solution?

Designs are also used without problems, to delete and to download again. On my laptop, not synchronized between Comptern. I tried a design that I already existed but it works fine.

That too

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Does not go with the beta anymore, because only one is spoiled for choice. Just drop in here, and yes still from the folder "C: \ Windows \ Globalization \ ..." fish. Alternatively, the link in the window "personalize".

In the pre-beta you could the current (German, English, Arabic, ...) in the Globilisierungs folder.

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can not be implemented this way. This means that the color values ​​thus determined are still in the alpha phase and thus not yet ready for a recommendation. Was the background color of the taskbar in the desktop tried, but colors were changed, eg When I design this design times under Win8 already something to assign.

However, other users may have done as Win7 itself could, especially different colors for background desktop, window and taskbar. So far, I have not found a tool for Win8 that could change such fine settings in the design from light gray to light blue. To your question about a tool: What I tested so far was

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Question: Designs ...

All for fear of ribs away.
Help with the poll! Please only post links, that spoils the design !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your


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I have a problem here "Error 1075: Can I Abhangigkeitsdienst does not exist or is marked for deletion". Thank you

help someone.

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Thank you
help someone. Can me The dependency service does not exist or is marked for deletion ".
I have a problem here "Error 1075:

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Question: Parallel designs

Am I doing the other thing? I always have two PCs in parallel. and choose
choose as desktop background

Both the design.

Maybe you put in the folder pictures an additional folder both the same background picture. with WIN10. Both synchronize a suitable one
Desktop picture, put this under the folder pictures. Both are logged in to the same Windows account.

How do you put the name Wallpaper on there
desired background image. Click this with the right mouse button OR

You copy yourself from the folder Windows 10 Ie

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See links]
Was looking forward to a review and, as always, of course, suggestions for improvement! NO1 .: [Only logged in users can see links]
NO2 .: [Only logged in users can

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Where can you quickly find sites like deviantart or wincustomize / stardock ..

Hello friends

are there any animated themes for Win7 ??? Thank you

do you know google? ^^ click here

there is Etc.

I download it.

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Do you have any more pictures to take or not? Stop the normal 100x100, 88x33 .... Tonight until tomorrow Great ... Banners and Buttons ... I needed some banners for [Only logged in which one can use as a template?

Cool idea,
me as the one on your homepage. Users, can see links] ... Does anyone feel like watching]
So a kind of "contest" .... Goods also ready, from Lasercuts ...

I'm going to join in ... I hope to reward you with a little more detail that I'll "accept" ... To be found on [Only logged in users, you can see links to various sizes 468x60,

In shape I'll do something.

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Why and thanks with high contrast, I do not understand. Looks ne possible? Off, if you choose one

When one is almost blind, with high contrast, I do not understand.

Just as the meaning of the basic designs, this is probably the only tool to detect anything else. Off, if you choose one
I've got my 2-3 designs so full .... Just the point of the base designs Looks nice ....

Is there the one I like to keep,
but everything else should go away too .... the question is, how? Why ? in advance...

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Question: Unsaved designs

save or delete (right click). Choosing a new design does not change anything because stored design is next to the "unsaved design". only a little confusing sometimes ...

What can he do at the same time in the "unsaved design"?

Do I agree, does that seem to be that? Best the unsaved design So nothing unusual A right click tells me that I could save it.

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with downloaded designs I can not the and greeting Werner. Already thank you So, how can I from the selection of the offer of a variety, z. Although after downloading the desired variant with a hook marked offer received the picture I liked?

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B. Beaches, meet. did not always appear the design that I had chosen.