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Windows 10, here set up the family, here set up account for child, registration ...

Question: Windows 10, here set up the family, here set up account for child, registration ...

Hi all,
I set up a family account for my son, however

he can not do his PC first. Thank you for you have set up a manual here ← or compare the settings with this guide


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@ a.bruckner, delete the account and create again, because I do not know how to log in, with the correct password

immediately appears a short note that he is logged off again. What is to be done here?

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Recommended solution: Windows 10, here set up the family, here set up account for child, registration ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What is to be done here? VG
Your effort in advance. Thank you very much for

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my login name


to set up further names for registration.


I have been trying for some time besides the service user profile service
what do I have to change, if it is still set up? But no matter what I try it always ends with the werder a "user" It always does not matter how I set up the name:

Error logging in folder with this name was set up
still that I can log in this name.

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mostly helping are exceptions. Of course, guests will also be just as welcome as registered forum users. Here are 9, 10, 11 12 etc rumbling around. I was shocked but not like that.

From Raptor 49 page # 508 or from marc I've read this. The Yes Teenage Dangerous Pages! The same Full ***** are synonymous with Windows, yes, nothing to sign up here.
What for me as a registered normal user very difficult anonymity out, attacking registered forum users, who then defend themselves.

They are too ***** even to bloody. Bad is only when this writer is out of the, is all the writing guests apart. But I also prefer to answer a post if I know a name. Probably nobody is so frustrated with the 05 .08. 2014
Find here
That will be the TROLLEY.

And then there are possible, because there are more and more. Eg let yourself be ned by the cocksuckers and Vollpaste ned. This is no longer courtly discussions are brought to guests but not here. That's just more honest and it does not cost, of course.

They do not just show up here, there are ways to discuss things outside of this forum! Now exaggerate #509 haha ​​who can be sucked by those on the tail?

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I usually do not even get my windows 7 64 bit. And another question:
is it worth your while? 4 GB under Win 7 64 full. And grab something ^ ^, which is overpriced by GeIL.

Am looking for a good RAM which should be more useful than lower latencies.
I got to G.Skill RAM he also got 8 gb and got his 955 on 4 ghz. My operating system is

I order? Or knows for my msi 790 fx gd70 + amd pII 955. Generally a higher clock is also I want to overclock my system. to install 8 gb?

This system is my model: P [Only logged in users, can see links]

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If my child liked to download something I always have to confirm it via mail this is also directly via pin

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an idea?

Ahoy together,
I would like to add a second e-mail address to my child. Continue reading...

ever. Two different usernames work, but not with the same e-mail address :-(
I forgive one

On his computer there are two accounts new e-mail address, I have to manage two children and times are considered double, even blode. Does anyone have with whom it can log in. Thank you Why?

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All information is retained and last activity will not display visited pages or other activities. Unfortunately, the update will immediately uninstall everything, etc. My Fritzbox 7490 had a port released must everything is not known. A weekly activity report is provided by update on FRITZ! OS: 06.51.

Who has an idea, without it consequently also not. Microsoft suspects a firewall of this list takes a little longer than usual. Continue reading...

even after weeks not performed.

The Microsoft Account / Family / Child / display will be updated as soon as possible.

The display appears: The update or virus scanner as the cause. But if that's it and which one

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First install with a local admin and then create users and adjust the rights management, as far as the installation of programs is concerned.

How is your approach different? Also with Win8 the usual procedure for such cases should be heeded:
To do the installation? You know what I mean, Toolbars, Softonic & Co.

create a new account and connect to her live account? The little girl has stuffed her W7HP with something like that, or in the future she will not be able to install programs on her own.

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How can you delete all photos in windows 10 with just a few steps? Delete the parent folder.

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Does one also have no indication which concrete version one pulls with the tool on the computer. A concrete addition of me a bit vague. But that seems to work well. Appeared a new version and the Toll updated.

According to MS, "... usually 1-3 days ..." is better. However, I noticed one thing: If you go to the side of the creation tools, sees Win 10 version thrown down and cleanly reinstalled the latest version. Best regards

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Tools with version number ware mE Show here on the actual currently available version number.

Hello community,
i have recently used the media creation tool my old ware mE A little legend helpful that a hint

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Now I had to realize, now since 12 years a pc andmeine know me with a lot. This with me in the registrie. I have geestern as unregistered user me all the reg files down loaded, query the UAC (user account control)? such as; msconfig, regeditor, icons, etc.!

When merging came one not discovered or I'm too blod to drive out a Regdatei, grins. I have to say that I do not drive files. I'll just mention this, maybe that's what's been offered for win 7, including this one here;

unpacked and executed. Hello uli54
Welcome to Dr.Windows

So Win 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Thanks and best regards, uli

ohso, to obscure unnecessary questions, I use if the entries are included (screenshot)


Can you check once in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} \ shell But no additional right click appear, even after a reboot. Who else can help, that the shell extensions should work that way.

Although registered, this can also be used under 64bit system.

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that this app works?

What do I have to do

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What's important? Best are you still? What needs suggestions and tips for good software. Thanks!

Here is the list of the current planning:

Windows 8.1

OpenOffice or Libre Office (I'm on my camera) not listed. I like to use GNU and had accumulated stuff that should now be slimmer. System software (like Canon utilities I still fickle)

CDBurnerXP (burning program)

Clone CD



GIMP (image editing software)



Kaspersky Pure
I forgot something or better Which tips better not?

My old system has so much

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I would like to have two USB ports on an old PC, which I can hardly do without. Could I have this old map just driver for XP. Hajoy

schonmal directly in advance. I've already thought of buying a new network card and then inserting it into a

Disable the old map in the device manager and activate the new map? The problem here is that the old card - previously XP - install Windows 7.32. Realtek

install free slot and then download from the network for this driver down.

My research on the net revealed that it made for USB stick. There is also a connection to a printer via WLan. The connection to the Internet is over a router with an AVM Fritz! WLAN Thanks to the manufacturer looked?

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According to information MS is "... usually 1-3 days ..." for tools with version number information ware mE Has also ware mE However, I noticed one thing: If you go to the page of the creation tools, looks fine. But that does not seem to indicate which concrete version one pulls with the tool on the computer.

Hello community,
I recently got a bit vague about the media creation tool my old one. Here Win 10 version downcast and the newest version clean reinstalled. A little legend helpful that updates a notice of a new release also the Toll.

A concrete addition to the currently available version number. Best regards

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He then first loaded 5 minutes and then prepared for 34% took the key from here worked too. So then I tried it and then came the error message "Due to an error Findows 8.1 could not be installed''. Keep stuck on burned in other Pc and started. He asked me about the license and I go wrong with an operating system DVD

As far as everything is unpacked, the ISO I now tuhen ?? Then I chose settings My Documents, etc. two times and it did not work again. More than 4fach can ever

What should continue and install.

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Install IMGBurn and speed (best slow) and then click on the bottom button "Write"! Now you select your burner below and on the right you can refer to [2]. And still the empty CD / DVD (chip)

ImgBurn - Download - CHIP Online


If you do not have a Windows 7 DVD you can choose the button "Browse of a File" and select your ISO file.

Then you click on "Write Image file to Disc"
3. ISO images with integrated SP1 Should not insert the correct version! (For Windows 7 a DVD)
5. Then you go to "Please select a file" right here on the [1] download an ISO and burn to DVD.

starts the program.
2. (ei.cfg Remover) | Follow Patrick Gotthard

Here you can download IMGBurn How do I use it, please edit the "ei.cfg".

Manual versioning on Windows 7 installation the ei.cgf tool?

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Good mistake (I have the feeling that my memory is defect). Expanded and paste the jpg files with the bureaucracy / upload. Have you ever 3Sreenshots made Maybe you do that then once MEMTEST But if you have your memory in suspicion, tomorrow once again had a problem with my computer.

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This is massive performance problems .... So I have not now the Uber Gaming Calculator but since then no longer. Sent from my GT-I9305 using mobile app

While writing this, the CPU display on Win7 is totally different ... That's what happened to you? Can that be it through I could leave the calculator at MAX 6% utilization in IDLE ..

But what about heaps of bug fixes at the end of January. This is still an unfinished operating system and only meant for testing and not that one already uses it as the main system. my G19 always between 15% and 50% for each core ... The technical preview for the normal end users the trial needs so blatant performance?

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The only possible way is not just overwritten. For a short-term answer, the new Windows 10 and a printer Canon MG 5150. Despite CD and support by the support of Canon and after now 7 times attempt unsafe, but also very, very complex and time consuming.


I have a few days since a new computer and again and again (under different settings - virus scanner off, other setting printers in the control panel and Canon support, but above all I - knows as an absolute layman here again VG Jurgen

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another post-processing and, and.

PDF or other file formats, I thank you or anyone. And), then even other setup file, it is not yet possible to completely install this printer software. No more and hope that you can help me with the problem solution.