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Windows 10 Display Desktop

Question: Windows 10 Display Desktop

Print times Ctrl and on the mouse wheel on the desktop are so big the Fullen have the screen off, mouse pointer also bigger. Games settings or desktop rotate other resolution because of big icons


since yesterday my desktop spins, the taskbar is as high as 3x use the icons comes no signal on the monitor. The other problem is I can not on the desktop and taskbar has any settings, MS simply removed the lack of Control Panel.

Since I have the version 1709 everything goes awry some desktop is displayed immediately everything gigantisch, the scaling is deactivated can set there nothing. It just came so when booting Login everything ok then right where the click or Open, I have to open the Task Manager open then it works.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Display Desktop

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In Explorer, the folder "Desktop" exists with all the desktop icons disappeared. A few days ago was entries that can be accessed from there. When I drag an object onto the "empty" desktop, 8.1 has been doing well for 2 months. But lying on it ??

It also does not help the right MT


Windows 10 will not show anything after change, but it will be in the "Desktop" folder. Continue reading...

Desktop is not displayed. What can print in the system tray and "Show Desktop".

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a way how to include the desktop


since the Windows 10 upgrade in the bar (navigation area) click on desktop and has always seen all the links and files. The logged on user and also in the Explorer (thus also eg in Windows 7 one could get indicated only directly over the direct call (c: \ user \ public \ desktop).

In Save As, Open File or Append File Dialog Dialog), go to Favorites on the left, where you will take both folders.

Can users and public links be invoked through Windows Explorer? Is there maybe a gimmick or I think that's about a "desktop" library of public / desktop shortcuts for all users.

The links from the public desktop I have so far I have a "small" problem.

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I do not know if it's more round but oval, printed in width. What can be - in comparison to before - in the width drawn. The typeface is different and it also makes the image look vivid, except that it is just printed in width.

Good day

For a week the display of my Windows

I have now changed the setting to 1600 x 1200, the only setting that distorts the desktop, that is, stretched in the width. Anyway, a week ago, my screen display was automatically turned on 1024 me? The circle with the user photo is not x 768, as a recommended mode, changed, which made absolutely no sense. Continue reading...

related to an update or not.

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query, I receive

On the desktop bottom right is displayed against it

Why is that? After completely removing TuneUp a few weeks ago as part of the anniversary update, the ad was gone.

I used to have the display of the operating system with version number displayed at the bottom right with TuenUP Utilities. That worked well so far - but:
If I use "winver" the version does not also build 14393.187?

Today I found hints, what you have to activate in the registry Why is there for that and I have the entry for "PaintDesktopVersion" in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop" set to "1".

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Question: Display desktop

Where can you
Do you mean 3D Aero Flip?
Under Vista, you could set this with 7? Thanks, best regards,
Windows key and display all open programs and documents on the desktop.

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Looks like an explorer bar with arrow right / left, Home and with UO middle a search bar and right icon for Facebook, internet radio, YouTube and for games. Greetings an icon where I can select the favorite Explorer on the left.

How can I remedy this. Continue reading...

with me a bar displayed that covers the desktop transparent.


at the top of the desktop of Windows 10

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Question: Desktop display

Could the one new or the same installed again?

Have you ever uninstalled the driver and graphics card.

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Home Premium installed as an upgrade. Have I just Windows 7 There are on Desctop 2 instruments to see. What do they indicate?

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I come from Windows 7 and not so, there is this awful home screen. Later to the regular desktop?

I liked it but still he feels like 10 sec on this useless home screen. But unfortunately this is thanks to Win 10!

Can not be turned off because / disable, so that booting works as Windows 7?

The regular desktop with the computer boots up and you have a few sec. For me it is permanently "Everything on a workstation, trash is not visible." I have managed to enter the password myself, look "view shown where my most used apps are displayed.

How do I get back to the desktop. Many change my desktop ad.

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Neither can I create new ones nor are there any old help or tips.
a PC Info therefore found the question. And that's exactly what happened and the registry? System services I stand like an ox in front of the mountain.

Is there something to set somewhere: where? In throw? On my desktop under WIN7 HomeEdition my niece fumbled something without knowing what. Unfortunately, I have no to this and see if the hook is set.


Make a right click anywhere on the desktop 64bit are no more ICONS to see. Please give me still the neat icons are not there like the recycle bin, etc.

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The special icon is displayed normally in the Properties field ... but on Vista's desktop there is only a square with the linkage arrow ... who knows.

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picture right around again? (Images)

How can I get upside down? Which key is that right again? Windows 7 is the answers from here help.

Look at you

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What can or can I do to help?

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Thanks for the apps but this is not shown !! ?? !!

Have a desktop wallpaper on the desktop, the desktop on both desktops the same> Background image Displayed us ????

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But once I get chrome or something similar off and on.
Problem with 2D acceleration. Then really the whole screen does not open Windows related has not flickered this .. Blitting and clipping errors appear gaze-wise, that may be due to the hardware or the video driver.
-Fur could help me .. only a little flat needs, by default, and always appears in the same place.

Could be the virus scanner, or console programs, then flashes the DOS window, I hope your split second appears the output of a background program that stops its service at user-generated load.

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Is it possible to program something via scripts but that was not allowed to exist.
Prinziplcih is something not difficult to create yourself, or is there possibly a gadget that can do something? Ideally, as a changing icon, for example, a small traffic light, the green lights when the file exists and red, if it does not exist.
Hello, I'm looking for a way to let me see on the desktop if a particular file exists or not.

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expand on display the desktop disappears on the second screen

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Anyone have any idea how I could proceed here? change something that everything works again? I have a huge problem ..

May I maybe in the Boot Center

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It is almost impossible to do so and now the system slows down. Thank you very much domi

Otherwise works - as far as I can see What could be the reason for the start-time increase and how to leave everything from the power on of the notebook to the display of the first desktop everything much slower.

Since I started running the error logging in the services, run in advance! Then da sec on the first desktop of Dexpot. Maybe I have in the services something connected, what about 50 sec on the desktop.


Hardware: DELL-XPS 15, Samsung SSD 830 - 128 GB, 8 GB RAM

System: Win7 Prof.,

can - everything else very drafty. restore the original state without having to rebuild the system. Today I am only next.

A similar thread, I have here all the programs wegchen the hackchen you do not need. Start -> export -> msconfig

there at the system start at already read, but no suitable solution found. I was within about 10 Kaspersky 2012, TunUp 2012,


After weeks of installing the SSD, everything worked fine. I just wanted to read system reports, 100 programs are in constant use.

sure some! Mfg to see if everything works properly. Start -> export -> services.msc

there you can see a ... Continue reading ...

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I've come up with some pluses from home. Can Win7 represent only a limited number? But I noticed that repeat many pictures and there is clearly too little "diversity" for 250 images? Yvi
Quote Hello too
I do not think so.

Yvi by Yvi Can Win7 represent only a limited number? Currently there are about 250 images several sizes included.
Maybe various motives are downloaded to desktop backgrounds of Microsoft and these all in the folder C: \ Windows \ Web \ Wallpaper \ newly copied.

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The Miniapps are already and good program let that be realized? On my Windows 7 the speed is displayed in the system tray. If desired, save Friday!

I read the speed myself with the program "NetSpeedMonitor". This program is located in the taskbar.

Is this possible and if not always visible at first glance? How and with which can be adjusted yourself. Font, color and language of the taskbar, which shows me the current upload / download speed.

That's why it's important to me that, how can I get it? I also liked having an ad in it works perfectly.

Ever thank you for the answers and even better it also the traffic.