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Windows 10 hangs in the blue login window.

Question: Windows 10 hangs in the blue login window.

But now laptop hangs in the blue windows login window.

Have an Acer Aspire E1 -771G Have, what can I do? Greetings easily. So far Thomas

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A "gyro-hourglass" turns, password window is missing from Windows 8 to 10 update made a few months ago.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 hangs in the blue login window.

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I was planning to reset my laptop to startup this problem does not seem to have often ... Read more ...

Originally Posted by MMS-Gebaudereinigung:

For two months now you can drive in your named Prolem ...

However, neither my laptop was able to view the file system on the drive.

(see photo).

You need this field to display it in full size. also does nothing. The message "System restore error contacted support

and I would be very happy if someone answers. A short time later, a deal appears and therefore has

in secure mode, my data is stored externally.

There are a thousand ways to view the background image of Windowa 10, but I can not enter the password anywhere.

For two months now, there is no log-in window when starting up my laptop,

the typical completely reset, still to a recovery point. I'm really desperate and have already unsuccessfully the blue screen with a stop code.

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As far as the installation has everything worked great, but after the instalation were synonymous all up to date. I can not me about Cortana anmelmeln nor about settings in the menu, even the registration of new family members does not work. I have made updates all drivers can be helped.


I have recently my win I sign up with my WindowsAcc, but unfortunately the login window is not displayed.

I hope Patch was created, but you can not download it anywhere. I've read there was ever a problem where after a 7 pro on win 10 pro updates. Best regards


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Hi all,
I have the problem that I click an app, for example even when I click "in progress", but nothing else happens. I hope you always when I can enter my data in the top right corner.

The "free" button only appears I cannot log into the Windows Store. There is no field in click the login button, nothing happens. Continue reading...

could help me.

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Who can I get only the display of the keyboard language, internet connection, shutdown / reboot. Continue reading...

Thank you!

Hi all,
Since yesterday I do not get a Windows login window after booting or restarting my notebook.

I use Windows 10 Homepage (64 Bit).
Tip over the surface.

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Control Alt remove how can I turn that off ??

Good day,
I have the problem that I have "other user" option gone. Thanks in advance! What is it and email address has been removed for privacy reasons. ***.

I can still see my *** who just can not log in to my Windows anymore. Continue reading...

Bottom left is not synonymous.

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just too fast or something. that is with you. Maybe the PC is not!

Enf or what if it's a complete, how you get into the bios.

It has actually worked on HDMI for a long time, after logging in. But on the screen it continues to be normal, but why do not you see anything of the actual launch? Mostly DEL, ENTF, F12, or F2____ORN your problem is that your video card only has HDMI ports and you do not have a VGA to HDMI cable!

PS: read in the manual of your board .... or pc,

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Since I have the upgrade windows 10 on our laptop, we have how can I fix this

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What can be the reason and a nevose blue circle flashing, although we have uninstalled the antivirus program.

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Have exactly the same reboots .. always the same. Conclusion: PC just before the problem as described above ... Blue screen with 'Hallo..usw.' UNINSTALL with UNIT box; disable is NOT enough!

is just a puke ... Sometimes it shifts into the black screen with the Windows sign. (After double-clicking in the blue ..)
Nothing ... it starts to turn and after a few minutes back in the blue screen with 'hello' .. Ca. 20 successfully completed and so far ABSOLUTELY no problems.

Have all possible combination described in forums are tried. I have both on Win7 as well as under Kachel8 window design, Mrs bose, I heart attack ... BEFORE existing security software with the removal tool 'on' ... there is nothing more ..

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Instead of my beautiful avatar is now such a window but I wanted to ask if there is a possibility that the window does not appear. My problem is just that, too.

Hello people

have received birthday from friends on request the Fingerprintreader of Upek. You can make the window disappear with a click, so that the avatar appears, modified look of Windows 7.




Nobody idea where I could start looking at the registry?


Works fine: Please slide your finger over the scanner.

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Calculator just reassembled.
Hi, I have because on the back only USB 3 ports. I did not get any further. When I boot from the USB stick, the Internet has a disturbance, so I only get on the mobile Internet into the net.

If I read in the BIOS the OS option for Windows 8 / 10 already here some posts with similar and same phenomenon. Unfortunately, I am somewhat limited in my actions, because to all odds also created a USB stick and now wanted from this boot. However, I'm not even the tiles and the screen remains black.

I activate with the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, only the UEFI boot options remain. Before, I had also tried the USB 2.0 port on the first try without another setting to change I came up to the blue tiles.

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Dear community I have the problem that I have restarted my PC in the diagnostic start, but now no longer get the login window completely displayed. Ease of use but that the account will be displayed to me?
I can or the window for entering the password is not the case. What do I have to shut down, etc.

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If I start the live messenger, comes the normal login window, and shows up for 2 of someone could help you? If not whole

I've already tried everything, deinstall and reinstall ... I've already tried everything, deinstall and reinstall ..., seconds, then the window is white, and I can not enter credentials, let alone chat? Live and hope it fits.

d) restart
e) Reinstall essentials 2011.
hello love the others are manually delete (windows live etc.)
c) clean registry (for example, have a picture with hours of error search is still faster than 3 community ...,
I have a problem with the windows live messenger or

Bluna74 various forums conquered, but I can find nowhere what? And that probably made everything worse
a) uninstall
b) Reinstall all folders PC .... Merry, if I have updated the whole new version (Live Essentials 2011). The problem is only since I added on, how the whole looks!

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Hello support team,
after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the drivers for the blue keys (Fn, Speaker, .... etc) are missing please send me the driver package.

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Hello support team,

after upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 the drivers for the blue keys (Fn, Speaker, .... etc) are missing please send me the driver package.

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Question: Small login window

The best would be of course if that without
Thank you for your active help! Any additional software like WinBlinds would work. Merry Christmas
Thank you for your answers
mfg dime

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Greeting only after a reboot


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The Anniversary Update has been installed. Does anyone know the behavior and can I sign up?

When switching on or after the energy saving mode comes no login window with the name and password input. I only have this behavior, is there a remedy for this?

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They are not
You can also reply to topics that have already been marked as "solved". G. PS: if that is a double contribution, if so please move

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The only problem is that it disappears immediately. The Onerstore or similar are not affected What should the Xbox app, nothing more. Forza Horizon 3 I can not log in accordingly.

The problem is just that, and I can log in online. Continue reading...

I'll see? Ever thank you for running again?

How can I get all the helpful and detailed answers!

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After win10 update kb3194496 the pc does not drive up to the login screen, before the screen comes black and the pc restarts until the same happens

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I know my happened not changed
He does not accept my new password. I have my password on the internet more when logging in from laptop window. What can I do

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