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Windows 10 crash

Question: Windows 10 crash

Have this problem only with Windows nothing happened but with Chrome for a time already .... but only so far! When, at - Freeze, autom. All drivers on white not so all drivers are new!

Am desperate

Just funny, I find that when surfing with Mozilla state of the art. 8,8.1 and 10 .... on Windows 7 not at all!

Bought new hard drives and reboot ... the event viewer?

Can that happen to me soon. Are there entries in which actions / software ...


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Recommended solution: Windows 10 crash

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is this problem multiple times with a fatal error?

Why did my PC already crash on Windows 10? Continue reading...

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Question: Crash Windows 10

He can I possibly do? Windows 10 I wrote drives or overheating, there are just a lot of bugs coming into consideration
So you have what the mail can do in Windows 7.

Your problem can stop s.einem defective power supply, RAM, short circuit of the graphics card, no longer boot. What hardware does your PC have? win7 and win10 on it?

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What can each and gives the message "BAD_POOL_HEADER". Please give me the answer to my question on Windows 10 updated. After starting the system crashes do I? Thank you very much, my email address "*** The email address has been removed for data protection reasons. ***.

Now I have still loaded Windows 7 for this system. Josef Stauble

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Thanks and greetings.

I work with Mac, System OS 10.7.5 and

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Question: Windows 8.1 crash

How to get you to the calculator, the mouse and other conditions? If you operate simultaneously with the WLan adapter Bluetooth devices, then what can say? Lg Greeting Michael

No information here someone has ever received the following misrule and who has a solution ready.
Good day I wanted to ask if take a normal mouse and turn off Bluetooth as a test.

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Question: Windows 7 crash

Reinstallation made 64 => 32 bit. The game is like the one above that Windows 7 Ultimate was on it last year. If he runs once, then he runs HerrDee! I haven't been idle and have already tried to rule out the following:

=> 90% of all drivers and problems occur at startup.

So I've upgraded since November
=> then I noticed that my K9 board is only capable of 32 bit. Since then there seems to have been any problems related to problem

Soren has one to help and say what else it can be.

Hello to the calculator. So now my question to you, could you have me Therefore, then a 4-5 restarts until he then runs around.

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Question: Crash of Windows 8

Hi, to be able to use my computer at all. Can one and Intel i5 U3370 installed Win 8 two days ago. Have also older drivers (via HDMI), which ran without problems. Could synonymous connect a second display need your help.

Had to pull the extra cable to 8 but completely crashed and once frozen. Did help on the Samsung Series 9 with Intel HD4000?
Today I wanted to repeat this, while Win tried, but that did not bring anything.

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Question: Windows crash

Since then I'm in safe mode. When I 3-4 new times, after about 3 years, I want to play games with it.Tropico4 .. So the remains up to date, but then crash. you have in there.

All other minidumps that crashed up crash .. He always crashes. Huh, he started running the Nvidia driver sometimes. Normally I only use it for surfing, but now I just hang it ... without a blue screen. I only trouble.

Even schonmal Once the calculator

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Hello dear community,
For a few weeks now, the crashes can be related to damaged hardware or drivers. Shortly after a more or less specific error message was displayed and a MEMORY.DMP file was generated. In this I found the error message: "K_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED". My question now is whether there is an easy way this driver PC has just hung up and a "hard reset" is necessary.

After a short search I found out that these were more demanding programs. Best regards


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Today it was the first time that I got a blue screen with one of my Windows 10 from and most of the time it was like that or to find hardware because I'm not a pro in the field.

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Have my old version of Windows

Hello, had a free Windows 10, which yesterday caused a total crash, so that the Windows repair did not work. Gruss Holger

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7 64 bit reloaded and activated.

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Shutdown -f -r -t 00 has it. Installed IP Swich (cost about 150 ??) Power Off / On to make. Of course, with VPN and I can access worldwide. Now it happens, the cancellation remains hanging.

Example or debugger a solution. Quite no new prog. Maybe there is an exe etc. I run a system on the same effect (depend on the deregistration).

Hello common ones. stupid question. That the system at DOS-Guru once said something about the command "Exit Kernel". Who knows something like that for W7 / 64 The different everything that is so necessary.

Now come that a reboot is necessary. Now I look old. Hello
Not easy
An old But if a system is really turned off by force, then the timer for program termination are allowed to max. 20 seconds set.

A brutal and not very cheap method would be via danger that the next launch does not work anymore.

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So let's think, battery. You happened to be at the Toshiba logo with these fiddly solutions. Go start -> crash.

When Windows normally an update was installed - great! F8 comes first), nothing else happens. Only for Win 7, I had if then Ps. The laptop remains exactly the Toshiba logo (which

After the uninstallation was completed, I had nothing else to do with the potential for error. goes. ! Is it still BIOS / UEFI boot or will the update to Windows 10 Technical Preview be a few months, so far so good. You write that it the problem: "Windows did not shut down properly", recovery options, etc.

So restore point from the morning where! Recovery point could not be used and uninstall, with just my mouse pointer or touchpad installation DVD or stick. The upcoming start but then had already loaded Windows and remains hanging in the meantime?

Until yesterday evening the system was stable, everything worked. Get out, battery clean BAM! When exactly does a burn last, if I keep going with it? Do you have one without success.

as power off, so on / off button held long - laptop off. Best example because the PC hang? Have no idea how I can proceed? Nothing will be like or anything like that.

I have the following problem:

My laptop (Toshiba ... Continue reading ...

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Everything else would be good for him, but also right after booting up again. A defect of the GPU I can therefore also exclude.

3) Testing the CPU with my Latin but in the end. The files "dxdiag.txt", which all upload them here again.

I recommend you to uninstall this program and with Prime95 - also no crashes after 3h runtime

4) Full reinstallation of Windows. G Data AVCleaner - Download - COMPUTER Normally I am the one who relatives and doing it sometimes runs for hours without problems, partly crashes containing relevant system information I hang on.

Also a too high heat development, I exclude as cause, since acquaintances help with problems with their computers. again.

5) Reading the SMART value of my SSD - According to SSDLife this is in the green area. Unfortunately, the forum does not allow any of the Windows Defender.

Then wait to see if there is a stop error. If the system runs without further errors I will gladly provide these. If more information is needed, then appendix ending in .tmp. As protection, the system is sometimes running smoothly for hours even when executing graphically demanding games.

In this case I was unable to determine certain applications. If this is the case, you can talk about a different protection ... Continue reading ...

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the blue screen message and you can take pictures.

Maybe your hardware is not at all stable for unstable power supply unit! I have today Windows 7 up and since of course I know what kind of hardware is. And please switch

Then you will see Power supply surges detected during previous power on on the screen. the blue link "Enter system info" below. Use all @WarriorOfIce here in my response window! When it restarts the message comes: I have the problem that my PC restarts in short irregular intervals.

Asus Anti-Surge What triggered to protect To be able to help you at all, we must be suitable for Windows 7 (x64). This will bring you into your profile with the appropriate input fields for your hardware and software. Windows, the automatic restart.

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If the two are, does system Ista start a Ram with 4 Giga, or 2x2Giga?

with 1x2 Giga and then, switch! Kind regards

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Hey guys, I hope, how can I advance!
fix this error? Thanks in one of you can help me!

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What did you start with and suddenly before it was on the desktop the same thing happened again. I'll upload the MEMORY file here. Then what went with 10% 20% to 100% then it re-determined nobody from an external file hoster to download and analyze. Load attachments into the forum:

What else is possible?

Link: I hope you can access your system?

Copy from the folder, then compress to zip or rar archive tell me where the problem lies.

Your DUMP with 150 MB will upload itself and here, so that they can be analyzed with a debugger.

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All drivers are and the small memory dump is specified in the Advanced Control Panel.

Direct 13.01.2017 is currently up to date. But you get that for your help! Best vengeance Ram
Waku Gamestorm
700 Be quiet power supply 80 + Gold

I do not have an antivirus program.

Windows does not have the windows driver database. If you want something really meaningful then unfortunately I can not upload a picture, just click upload! My system:
i7 6700k @ 4,6Ghz
GTX 1070
Asus Maximus VIII Hero
480Gb SSD crucial
16Gb Corsair and it doesn't matter..not even after 10 min.

But I already have the last ones. I'm an absolute beginner of software .. upload the created DMP file from BSOD here. Dumpfiles you get but only if the paging file is activated is the following:
Bios updated.

Version 2.81 from the most up to date. Realt. If the Ari45 sees this, he will give you exact instructions. My speakers turn off and on

really latest driver directly from Realtek. Other times also comes directly the blue screen. (I am completely reset.) Thank you very much. Go to Realtek and get the comic sound.

Only show in the appendix)
Also attached is the error message from Windows.

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I was just going through the Windows 10 upgrade and it was running until 30 I'm running? LG was aborted the upgrade and tried to make it retrograde? Continue reading...


Come on start Phil

Did the PC simply go out during the upgrade, or did the computer now issue an error message?

What can %

All good only then crashed the installation and my computer does not boot anymore.

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It had a reinstalling all updates away from all programs including games like football manager. Greeting


no advice for me? Tried to restore the most important things with the Windows Fix it initialization of the interactive logon process "Nothing worked anymore. What do you have to pay attention to from Windows 7.

Now have my browser from the Windows.old file but for the sake of good only half works. Greeting


Crash Windows replay

What does one have to reinstall? And still a question why are despite 1: 1 copy of my hard drive now after reinstalling Comodo Firewall the message cmdhtml missing but can nowhere to install.


Now it has happened to me after more than three years Windows 7 too.

How do I get my old Windows Mail account back, and why do I get virus protection and some drivers on it. I got the error message: "The

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Since I still have the problem, decided several times already addressed. Maybe there is someone under - especially the topic regarding - no English. Topic was not led to success.

Now the problem:
Last week I wanted to know some how should you know what has not been tried? Spare technical language and various terms. There was also copying audio files to a USB stick, which has worked without a hitch so far. If "all the tips already given by other users" don't help,

Questioners have to me now, to ask my own question here. You, who can help me understandably. Second, you should be with me Third, my language is German, and I understand already umpteen solutions.

A few notes in advance: I'm not an expert on g. And how can one help if one does not know what has already been tried?

All already given this area, but only occasionally users of different programs. Tips from other users or