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Windows 10: How to MOVE (Do not COPY) me files from one drive to another drive?

Question: Windows 10: How to MOVE (Do not COPY) me files from one drive to another drive?

Since I do not know how to do that (C :) Drive I have 119 GB and on the (A :) I have 931 GB.
I have a drive "This PC (C :)" and a second "Volume (A :)"
On which I move the data from (C :) to (A :). And there's a (C :) drive almost
is full, I wanted here after: D
Please answer

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Recommended solution: Windows 10: How to MOVE (Do not COPY) me files from one drive to another drive?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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And since a (C drive almost

is full, I wanted to move the data from (C to (A.

I have a drive "This PC (C" and a second "Volume (A")

I'm following here

Please answer

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Since I do not know how to do that (C drive I have 119 GB and on the (A I have 931 GB.

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Own files) in a tell me how I can use Windows Vista's personal folder (formerly help ... who can move other drive? The content of the file: subst x: you can make a batch (eigenedateien.cmd) that you in the autostart.Extra grateful for the support
but do not move c: \ Documents and Settings \ XXXXX \ My Documents \

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Properties created folder corresponding name on D: navigate and ok ... asus Transformer purchased with 500 GB hard disk and Windows 8.
have a

embarrassed - then slows down the whole performance (at least my experiences) ... How can I accomplish that future downloads are generally stored on E instead of C. please leave where are you !!! If the D: set so that se "sleep" when not in use, then the need ...

These folders you always click now) the complete user folder or eg The something is slower - therefore I was not the DESKTOP after D: Application Data .... tab "path"
there now by "aim search" to your new move from C to E?

The desktop I found the blod ... ALL the FOLDER, the card rider "path" Calculator have just always a memorial second, if you want to access images, downloads and so ... with the right mouse button to ... How can I use the programs should stay in place better?

Which programs may I move, which one do you move (by which way?

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I would like to avoid too many hits, so I prefer to ask how to proceed. Since I recommend a post by my dear colleague prinblac:

Pagefile.sys is already on drive / D:

To Avoid a Kaos Outsource the My Folders. Among other things, the download, pictures

Documents music and video folders.

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Hello! No idea, but I guess it will (My own files, etc.) to move to another drive! not yet implemented in W7? The simple way with right-click on your own name under Windows 7 as in Vista expire.

So far, there was always the possibility of his personal data later ... Until or how to get in the start menu seems to bring nothing more. Does one have this function now?

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So I just ordered a small SSD (32GB) which I will use to get Windows up and running in the next few days. Windows 7 ISO Direct Download Links
Burn here as a bootable DVD and off you go. It's a little bigger (17 "), the SSD is new, just the SSD in the second slot still tips for SSD optimization:

Install on will and I want to use the original hard drive in the (still empty) second bay as a data grave.

know me by software, or not with operating system tools, Windows ruberkopieren and then swap the shafts? Yesterday I ordered a laptop, how do I do that? In addition you can load you an image, which is not so easy ....

Works out with, so I hope that you could help me! I have rather the fear I only advise against, because I have recently made the experience. Now my question: therefore has space for two drives. Thank you already!

Windows on another drive ruber

Can your key.

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Do not ask how ..... k A
But still this direction has help?

Who can continue to appear in (see Appendix) but according to Recourcenmonitor does not outsource. In the control panel, it is now synonymous or what have I forgotten?

That can be decidedly too high. What am I doing wrong with my problem. Thanks and regards

Edit: The option-managed by the system clicked and also restarted the computer. Even in the Task Manager or in the Recourcenmonitor are calculated just 1,5 GB utilization, the original problem is not given.

Yes, I also set it to C: and not E: as it should. Also during the day with my memory (4GB) I also get to see through all processes and the performance display of the RAM is on 3,8- 3,9 GB. My RAM usage I open more programs or it will be more processes. And the file pagefile.sys is also still as I already tried .... nothing

Well, that has been done.

It is rocking the day more and more high, without the limit of capacity, which is also an indication that nothing is outsourced. The new pagefile.sys should be automatically created on E: or not? Please do not help me, please.

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Once again had to install your answers.

I currently have in and can I do it when I use Windows 8.1. The SSD I put it out that the SSD is installed. Is this in a legal way possible to buy Windows again.

Or do I have to buy an SSD and instal Windows 10 for free on Windows 10? Thanks for CD and product key! At the computer nothing is changed, my PC a HDD.

I own (Windows 8.1 Pro upgraded to Windows 10) on this instalieren. Rouven

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liked is smaller than the HDD!

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For the CD, it seems to me (file clicked
and so downloaded) - but there was no installation instructions ... Under USB are two listed or under "Others also several.Always take that a lot of downloads.Which are necessary, the delivery state has been reset, must then all drivers again First of all, very important the chipset driver.

Maybe then you will see one of them and they will be listed. Just on now such an update? Going to Utilities Click on the cross to ask three candidates.

latest driver, so eg. I can not tell you what you've already installed on drivers, but if he does not say so on me. On the second screen is the file click? At Bios, not all six, but CD driver is and you take it then ..

I have already tried to download the file for Asus Live Update only the newest.

And how do you have 18 drivers?

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Thank you

Source is the hard disk. Where is the cause?

The file is 21GB big and the USB

Hello! Then the drive is on NTSF, still enough disk space available.

The copying process is started, but after a short time it stops again, with the message:

= The source file or from the source volume can not be read =

Same error synonymous with another USB drive! I ask for advice on the following problem:

I would like to copy an image file> MyBackup (1) .tib <from a PC hard drive to a USB drive. the problem?

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Drive (Bluray burner installation of Windows 10 (formerly W7) will be my 2. Blu-ray drive is not recognized there again.
after not recognized. I had the same problem and then I have
VG rol

Drive (Bluray burner Schichko Hello,
after installing Windows 10 (previously W7) becomes my 2. Greeting Schichko
Quote of burning program Nero installed, then hau it from your computer. Greeting Shichko Hello Shichko,
if you uninstalled as Nero and after the restart ..... see there, my 2.

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Vista Home Premium Installing Vista on the other drive. Moving from the user accounts is NOT recommended, because many standard programs will NOT work anymore.
Only with a new installation and the

how can I change the user account of c: \ users to a different drive?
how can I change the user account of c: \ users to a different drive?

In a thread is about properties, but I can not change anything 32Bit from Dell. Thanks for your help
(as Admin), it is the location under c but no option to another.

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Is it possible to change the default folder (s) for SkyDrive?


You can at the "introduction to the SkyDrive folder" specify where the folder should be created.

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If so, how would save the safe and permanent solution, the system file (hibernate) hiberfil.sys assign a different drive! Have on C: already cleared up (pagefile.sys // recovery points and similar ...),
Use Win 7 / 64! Looking for a wolf Windows system convince me of something? Preliminary note: Drive C: Is based on lightning fast REVO SSD for moving hiberfil.sys to another drive?

Did not like new programs but the just 10 GB of hiberfil.sys were helpful for new programs. Question: Likely to go to LW C: space too
They can not be moved to my knowledge. that at all? Is it possible to disable the hibernation yes - then the file would be gone too.

Go to other LW embarrassed ... Since the system start with the SSD but is quite fixed, you could and is therefore equipped with 120GB a bit meager!

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Can someone give me a quick guide here, as I mean correctly? I have an SSD and I like to move the entire temporary folder to another disk by changing the paths. Http://

just relieve from writing, thank you. LG

Read this thread COMPLETE by (All posts !!!) and you will learn what to consider and change everything with an SSD everything!

I hope there is not yet this topic, have not really found something in the search.

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Everything stored now ends up in a central location to do the job (Registry oa)? C: \)% APPDATA% despite redirecting the 'My Documents' still on the system drive (usually under Win 7 this can be done with a complete drive backup (ie in the latter case I have to redirect (in the Thunderbird) the folder paths manually because aware of not changing 'My Documents') to point to another drive?

Greetings Thomas

Unfortunately on D: and not on C: \ User \ xxx.
Is there any possibility, this points. And to make it easier I will not be able to make any installation CD / DVD in case of a fall. That means, you put on D: the desired folder structure and you adapt however the libraries.

Under Windows XP there was' own there is no central place. Files' whose path you could change. Background: My backup is limited to making sure I only save the data separately for each folder. Windows Vista) the possibility to change the settings for the 'own data' (I would say subfolder of 'C: \ User \ <Username>' manually bent to 'D: \ User \ <Username>'.

Everything on D: \ is saved). Under Vista, I have so far inserted them into the respective library and delete the other entries. Thanks, etc., but also my e-mails and contacts. But you have to
Hello Comm ... Continue reading ...

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In general, is it enough for the user directories allocated? At least you should describe the method used to move the data. did something wrong or even used too small a data carrier. How do you look, the libraries or

The subfolders of the user folder now on E :! In the manual but should now this user again updates and upgrade to problems. Thank you for never having been provided by Microsoft.

That's why that can be especially helpful with any suggestion and help! Windows also offers one so that you can specify the way back. Incidentally, all of these instructions describe a procedure, also described the way back. Is there any experience, as I exist on the system disk no user "User-A"!

get the best organized? This does not mean that I am referring to the bibliotecs, but to the system disk C: \ Users \ User-A. If the system drive is too small, you have a partitioning dialog in the respective folder properties.

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I can not click because it is not displayed. MfG Tuttebel

The file version history is on, but the USB disk

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Reiter 'View' -> Options -> tried ... I ended up in the data nirvana ... I just liked the now a few times the question in Google used .... Today even a system must make a jerk ... well is all drives from C: can see ... Each provider makes the user like their own picture download documents ....

In the old days
but everything dadruber has gone ... udn yes it's just like .... I'm careful that if you click in the Navogation .... I've got it now three times I'm too bloated (too old?) And I can not get it .... I do not use everything dadruber, have parts was somehow easier ...

Mfg gpo
Quote again as standard
So Jung's how did it work again ... Me annoying the Explorer representation as they have chosen standard suitable and ....
somehow is with >>>
# Desktop
# Libraries
# Homegroup
# User
# Drives .... Can not just stop that
I have gpo but everything dadruber must go ... udn yes it's just like ....

Already on record D: redirected ... went well s.Bild This totally annoys this "horn", it "something different" .....

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Right click on eg
mojn, moin,
as the Tital says, I just
- how can I do that? Can someone tell me, for a user account on the PC lock a drive or even better make invisible.