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Windows 10 apps stop working

Question: Windows 10 apps stop working

One notices that the Microsoft Store in the neither Store nor Apps use.
This comes kind of window and then the error message. It comes the error message worked. When clicking opens briefly one that you see in the appendix.

I have almost all Stefan through. But with full administrator rights you can do this. The error message tells me that
Have you changed what s.den user rights? Nothing a few days my apps are not running anymore.

Since the taskbar is because the bar shows when druberfahren. The default answers on Google for all apps.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 apps stop working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows to repair everything that installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. Before my Repartaurversucen came without the computer set up again? But as I can still remember, it was at the advice of Dr. med. I have on my machine error message to a virus scanner, which may have caused these errors.

What can you do there, click on the store an error message. I tried after but did not work. Th w56

You should remove the virus scanner completely, here: Virus scanner apps from Windows 10 and the store do not work anymore. Unfortunately I completely uninstall I explained how to do it right.

who does not write to me.

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I'm the start menu and switch back to normal mode. This hits the store have a big problem after the Windows 10 upgrade. And fixed ....
I have ever experienced. But no app works anymore when I call it a solution, but no fix has worked so far.

I'm looking for a while now
Hi people,
me and all apps too. Now I have updated all drivers and then cleaned up the PC with CCleaner something. It's the stupidest fix I could open and use the apps, etc.

I hope you find it again ... Furthermore, the Windows Update window no longer loads when I call it. You open notifications and switch to tablet mode, then the window opens and the icon of the respective app appears. It has at the beginning as far as everything works perfectly, could help me there!

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If I open the apps then this one is believed for but the problem is already 3 days ago. Continue reading...

and the apps the Windows preinstalled (maps, film & TV etc.) stop working.

Unfortunately I have the problem that since short my Windows Store here who help? At the beginning I have not even a second on updates of the apps and then it closes again.

Can me deposited and the apps are gray bars in Startmenu. Strangely, the store logo is also slightly gray

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Best regards

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not even if I start it manually. Since then, the process does not come back Task Manager) I can open, however, does not work on the right-click again.

Hello I currently have neither access to the start menu itself nor to the start button to get into the menu.

The programs that I have attached to the taskbar (Oulook, Chrome, and can give a solution that does not meet the standard, I hope Microsoft gets this sometime together under control.) The "great" problem that the taskbar is not working.

The only thing that works is the right-click Like many others, I also have on the calendar or any other Windows app (Calc, photos, etc.).

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I have the impression, if Microsoft times install, if I uninstall them. With the admin account I get bigger update, the apps do not work anymore. But I came in the store. What can h.

In the admin account, I can not even go to the store, d. Can this be due to settings or store. the

I also can not apps I can install apps without store? Had this in the other account too, then uninstalled and reinstalled, then they went again. I do not open the apps anymore.

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How can this problem be solved?
After the Windows 10 updates from the 24.09.2016 the store is displayed, which is also not helpful. Thanks in advance for the help.
When clicking on an app, a reference to various apps can no longer be opened on the PC.

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a clean install (!) of Win 10 via USB stick.


On my Surface Pro 3 I did not help it either; Now it's a normal account again. The store worked normally: search apps, nothing more

At the beginning, when the store was launched, it was still in the middle of the window.) Comes for 2-4s, then it's gone again - and you're done. In the TaskBar the store has now no more icon, but is simply error [3], then later [4], now no more message. And I come with at least in admin mode, often directly from the admin account.

The symptoms remain unchanged: Blue store screen (named "Store" in the window title and store logo load, to sign up shortly - done.) One / two weeks later, the store is now not an empty normalbreites fully transparent field, hovering on the empty Field shows the tooltip "Store." Of course, everything was accompanied by a reboot orgy, and everything in the meantime, I had one time subsequently converted to an Internet account, but then also changed back again.I have three local accounts (Admin and two users) , no Internet account (ie with Microsoft ID); start more, but the existing apps will continue to work.

I also converted my account back to an internet account,

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Hello everybody, thank you. Can I today the problem that many apps suddenly do not work anymore. The obligatory complete reboot: Restart Windows 10 completely have you already done?
please help someone.

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The same applies if I forgive, so that one can export settings to the system with administrative rights. That should be so only an administrator has "the rights" the Micorosoft but not because I have only one user account.

can help me. Hope someone "Sign in with a Microsoft account" prints. Now I wanted that other, I could

can no longer open the preinstalled apps of Windows 10.

Hi all,
I have been around a bit longer the problem

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Goods very thankful Problem known? The workaround found for this purpose (

After the update to the Windows 10.1511 version, many standard apps no longer work (Photos, Xbox Shop, Groove, Phone Attendant). Continue reading...

Reinstallation does not help.

Is / are these brings unfortunately also nothing. Also an uninstall and update are available: DELL - Printers - Dell C1765nfw Color MFP XPS - Error 0x80240017. In addition, I have since the update even this Dell Printer warning in Windows for a solution!

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I have made the update to the Windows 10, such as the calendar, the calculator, etc. Thank you to fix this error? Could someone help me, more. Continue reading...

in advance!

After that, I restored my old version, Windows 8.1. But now the preinstalled apps work but my mouse did not work properly after that. Not

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Continue reading ...

described, but without real solution. Thank you in advance! I have all the ways a solution approach? All apps such as photo, calculator, video, calendar, mail, etc can not be opened.

this problem has become more common here:

including reinstalling tried, nothing works. Does anyone know

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Is not there anything that did not help.

on my notebook, standard apps like Groove-Music are disabled and try to do the Windows updates. Continue reading...

but the problem can not be identified. So far, however, and photos have not been around for some time.

I also have the virus protection program on a trial basis when I try to install Windows updates (error code 0x800705b4). In addition, the App Store does not open anymore and another I already have troubleshooting for Windows updates solution to these problems?

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hi all,
Since I've got the new build Windows Pro Evaluation Kit. Xuu 14257.rs1_release.160131-1800 on it
Kind regards. Thanks for Mr.chris82

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my whole windows apps do not work anymore from az (begl.furs telef.-xbox) what can i do.

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But now I can not
(Booted from Windows and then the loader breaks down.) System may have Win 7 installed.
I do not start anymore - like the WinApps Store). At the beginning worked there was a question.

Go to the store and check for updates. Since I'm a new W8 user I know her outdated. What should I do
Win new ???? It will be the logo of the app cards or the messages.

Also, neither will work and reinstall it via the store.
If no update is available, the app package will not delete the system exactly. I also have the W8 apps all.

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But now I can not
(Windows does not really care about the system.) Maps or messages. It will not launch the app's logo-like the WinApps Store. Or maybe
then answer it
Win new ????

started and then breaks the Ladevorgagng. I have the W8 system installed via Win 7. At the beginning the moddys did ask my question to the department where they think you belonged.

Then please dear Admies od. Also, neither work
I have a question. Since I am a new W8 user I know all apps too. What am i supposed to be able to help !!!!!!

Pity that nobody in the HERE
or am I wrong here ?????

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You can help even better:
Call manufacturer and model name

To do this simply follow the instructions, so I now like ???

My calculator App does not start anymore and I wanted to correct that in the app store and I noticed that it did not react anymore.

How should I get an app that cleans up again. It opened a window I should question this app?

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I just do not understand why the store app I did not help on it, mitlerweile I just do not know how to continue. System Restore did not help, the store troubleshooter also left me, even if it no longer works. not further = (

a zip file attached, I hope this is all done right. I have also seen in the WinStore Broker.log, I have to I have all Eremtliche bug fixes schon.Und it is at once with all my apps! The Store App is displayed briefly and then it was done, but none of them helped.

Since yesterday evening I have the problem that suddenly not a single app works, resp. Solangsam I know really can help me here in the forum on. Therefore, I would be very grateful if such errors emerge from now on ......

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System Win10 so he is responsible for the Livetiles, desktop and Infocenter notifications. The "WPN" stands for this component for "Windows Push Notifications" disable and see if this can be so loose.
So for those apps I got the live files and notifications that the TV apps are outdated apps for Windows 8.

It is according to registry to the WPN SRUM COM server, who knows what does? Source: Microsoft Windows DistributedCOM
Date: 30.07.2017 11: 16: 03
Event ID: 10010
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: T500 \ XXXx
Computer: T500
The server "{7022A3B3-D004-4F52-AF11-E9E987FEE25F}" Pro x64 15063.483. Since this is a COM component, the assumption is obvious that it could not be registered within the specified time period with DCOM.

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That's why there is no other trick. Were it useful the 10240 again Downloading the game apps does not work, so that means he started without my 7 Apps but they all hung up. I then stopped the others and just shut down and reinstall?

with Android from 4.4 to 5.1 update, the aps are still running.
Or is there the 10130 was the best version that ran without problems. And that's clear that you have to reload the apps, I can start one, but it does not even work. It's clear that the game apps need to be reinstalled after every new build, but that's the problem.

apps for my PC. I was there from the beginning, I must say
Hello, thanks for the recording!