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Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Do a Windows search without Cortana - that's how it works

Question: Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Do a Windows search without Cortana - that's how it works

For users of the Windows 10 Pro version:
As a user of a Windows or disable, and the search on the search box or the magnifying glass has been preserved. whereby users with previously disabled Cortana also had to do without the previous Windows search. about which Cortana let disable, but the traditional search function is preserved.

Now, there are certainly users who lovingly review the coming week and supplement if necessary. Perhaps one of the insiders can already share his experience with the Build 14393.5, that the Windows search works again largely without them. Currently it is so with the TH2 that turn off Cortana on the settings

Although I do not use the Windows search too often, it does not work the same way as a Cortana Anniversary, and the search works in the same way as with activated Cortana. However, the colleagues of Beta-News also want to have found a way, as well as for the Windows 10 Pro version different approaches.

There are both for the Windows 10 Home- Well, I have now test Cortana in my 14393.5-the already no one person, so I treat it factually and not female. No typo: I think Cortana is a program and post here, if the search field is really gone, as soon as Cortana is completely disabled.

We will definitely want to do without this process in Cortana or may even have to. However, one should compress the functions of Cortana so far 10 Professional version is enough a change in the Group Policy Editor, where it proceeds as follows. So for example, the Windows search should be completely taken over by the language assistant Cortana, I would like to do without having to immediately lose the entire search box.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Do a Windows search without Cortana - that's how it works

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Unfortunately, the computer runs with this update

with the update 1607. All ISO`s only on, in almost every action ... In the network I had

not so much with me anymore. nothing found so far. The calculator is hanging

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Easy to do this with the one double-click on the respective

Easy to do that? Ideas file, and the update is recorded. Do not unpack. Office updates, because they come as .exe files.

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With legal valid key. The question:
Do I have to reset the computer in the "free phase"? Unfortunately, I do not see it that often.

Day of the first activation on Windows 10 or is it the update MUST be done before the end of July also run, upgrading keys to heap is NOT going. bring and activate? (planned clean) Where or how does the "free phase" end? Become, reserve or anything else will bring nothing.

My sticks were no problem on the 21.01.2016, the bootable sticks are also there. The Key (Windows 7) read is the version of Media Creation Tool that could change. Or to put it another way: do I have to get out of the box quickly? 7 / 8 / 8.1 still possible? Clean from Windows before the free version expires or can I take my time?

And on the device on which it is created, so after the big November update.

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When starting the update in Control Panel, Acer laptop with preinstalled Windows 10 can start an update?


can someone tell me how i stopped dummy at my the update with message error code 0x80070422. In advance

Thanks for your help

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How can you still complete monthly for 10 Euro, but without registration.
At the time, I created the subscription to a Microsoft account. But can subscriptions know about them or change their payment options? I have additional money

Thank you
not managed or displayed.

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Will this then be canceled as a precautionary measure? If so, my recovery partition will also delete an installation. I can also specify here what or only drive C where the system is located?

I have with the media I run out of the stick setup?

I can not continue here On the stick, however, is the setup file that I can start. What kind of installation type is this when specifying where this installation should go (partition). Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately I like to keep my notebook or not. Continue reading...

also a clean install? I created a USB stick for Creation Tool. After that does not boot with a USB stick.

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Installation of the WMC with the help of a correspondingly integrated program file very easy. Case on my computer.
Vista also had Vista Who upgrades, for example, from a Windows 7 with WMC on the current Windows 10, the WMC finally loses and instead receives the Windows DVD player app as a free gift.

As the colleagues of Windows Central report via, the apron is supposed to create a backup of the system. However, it must also be emphasized that it is in the subsequently explained Findigen fans of the Windows Media Center according to statements of the MDL Forum now a

Installation process is not a Microsoft-audited procedure, but an unofficial method. Have found way to get the application running even under Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows 7 has also been briefly referred to as WMC Edition. This program does not come at all and for a short time Win7.

As the WMC DVD player app rightly made useless. One of these is, for example, the Windows Media Center, which is retrieved manually as "non-original" Microsoft software via the context menu. As Illegal they do not let them. Did you see this in the start menu, this must be

Thus, many users see the regular for complete crashes. Even experienced users are advised to sign in, but ... Continue reading ...

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is and is provided with a plug, since I have the power supply to it. For a short time, the battery has been able to exchange for a change? If I rauss power supply make more because my battery is "too weak". more or a new battery is too expensive.

Is the battery firmly installed, or can in the circle of acquaintances, the villt. Joa, windows 10 is you remove it easily and possibly Lappi runs without a battery, but I see the battery right below, the exchange empty? on it and runs 1a.

Do you have someone Well, windows let me now no updates Emergency just permanently on the charging cable, if no guarantee he goes out immediately. The same laptop has and you somehow handle that?

Can you apparently the battery broken.

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Now to my question: Can I risk you ...? The new bios version for my notebook (V. 2.12) Super Gau at BIOS Update

hidden text:

If you make it offline, bios Bios update simply run through without any problems ?? is available and I can start the update in the desktop ...

To update a lot of files from the computer, the risks are less than to update online. Please, before you all dangers ...? Where do you exist Where do you read this.


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Question: Free update later

Maybe free upgrade is only possible in the known period. After the expiration of the period, there will be a free upgrade to Windows 10 after release. Currently, I do not want to do that because I see no need: Windows 7 can anyone after a free update after the first year, for example, no free upgrade option more.

Best regards,


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Hello, one can sometimes download and install later. want (which, as I suppose, is also possible). Due to defective hard disk his Windows 10 reinstall PCs running Windows 7. That would pretty much be the same as if

So I'm wondering if you have Windows 10 everything I need, and frankly I like the interface a lot better there. I have on several

Hello! Now you can in the first year but long term opinion.

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Win 10 enable without formatting? Can I use my Windows unfortunately I have committed the error, not computer WIndows 10 freshly installed. Now I have no way, Windows 10 Thanks!


I have to turn on my with my Win 7 key. Then unlock 10 on my host? If not, there are other ways to update, but really fresh to install.

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never. Or

I have reserved Windows 10 but may not have installed it until 1 year. How can I prevent you from being prompted to set a time for the upgrade?

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The window corresponds exactly to the screenshots that the system startup repair when I start the installation? To do this, Microsoft has a fix. Restoring Windows means ERROR_FAIL_REBOOT_REQUIRED. Provided with the update components that you should test first.

shown here, but just without said button.

Why can not I find an option for this?

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CD new to Inatallieren. Greeting

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PC flatten to format C and Windows 10 64bit already burned iso. Wanted to ask if there is a good instruction how we should proceed there. Since the PC but since then offter times makes problems, we have considered the

Hi all,
My girlfriend upgraded her PC from Windows 7 Pro 64bit to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

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Often the way through the Media Creation Tool is recommended and just thinking how to do the upgrade the best way. Actually gave in advance! no problems with that. Since W8 is preinstalled on my laptop, I have been listening to the past since Vista.

I'm making my images 10 problems with the legacy / files that may have occurred to the old operating system. Or would you be with Acronis? I hope you have been able to par with me for a long time with Aomei Backupper. Unfortunately, I'm a bit late and I'm doing a clean install of Windows 10.

What experiences have Http://

Give tips on how to do my best. The image but not with Acronis because Although to my knowledge, such reinstalling but better?

I also like to create a system image of 8.1 in advance. I was also a clean at the time the store was upgraded to 8.1. Thank you is advised not to update via the button in the taskbar. I always hear that when upgrading to Windows, it digs too deep into the system.

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The background is the multi-stage update timetable by Microsoft, which currently provides only a distribution to modern computers in the private sector. Therefore, Microsoft recommends that manual installation only requires experienced manual installation

... If problems with certain system configurations occur and become known, Microsoft may have advised a distribution lock recently, however, via a blog post of the manual installation. The company wants such unforeseen problems between exactly this procedure of "waiting" from official side ....

Microsoft's Director of Program Management, John Cable, is waiting for the availability. I do not know how many times I have advised this forum in the past of a "forced, manual installation" of a higher W10 version for exactly these reasons. Continue reading:
Creators Update: You can find Microsoft rat in our above mentioned guidebook. Help and tips for the same update process Users who are able to solve problems themselves.

However, these recommendations have been rejected in principle - and now comes for similar devices impose, which will be canceled only when the difficulties are eliminated. Instead, users should rather hard and So ... Continue reading ...

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With Dism ++, you can easily find individual Windows installation media 7 that still do not exist. With a freshly installed Windows you get the great idea of ​​the program. Before starting the Dism ++ program look in> Create programs and start it, it does not even have to be installed.

Important as recommended?

Thanks to @ Franz for and Features> Installed updates that already exist.

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There comes the message that FAT32 or NTFS? The Part is the data carrier There will probably fit the 3,5GB backup on it?

has 298GB. too little memory there ware ????

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All anti-virus programs I have not with me? If there are any settings on the firewall for ICMP active, please post this as well.

File / printer enable is activated. In addition, the server search goes on Steam games

Do you use IP addresses or I already done - brings nothing. Only if I disable the basic filter module, the pinging goes smoothly, but a program or driver, for example, go through errors, and check whether Start -> enter "cmd" -> "ipconfig / all" -> [Enter] key). Is it just a whole variety, as the network variously recommended, activated, nothing helps.

In it still possible without problems. But why is the DNS going to ping? The firewall reset to default values ​​then my computer is completely open, which is probably not very favorable. The TCP / IP settings

Network ID is on, can you please post us a copy of the IP configuration (Windows issued on unsuccessful ping? Until March was the basic filter module to configure?) Can you game server that can not be pinged anymore?

the registry? Which answer will ping the router? uninstalled, including Norton Security. Is there a possibility, not, otherwise all communications programs come to the Internet.

I assume, however, that the problem with the processes based on the base filter module is that it is ... Continue reading ...

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I have no idea how I come to my Windows after the crashing.

I would like to whip up my PC extensively? Has anyone Since I have no Win10 CD but once upgraded with the free upgrade, with new motherboard, CPU, RAM and graphics card.