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Windows 10 Anniversary Update will not install.

Question: Windows 10 Anniversary Update will not install.


Can it hang with it? The browser suddenly turns black, then comes a message then the screen remains dark, only the white wheel noodles. no monitoring software installed.

However, I have recently been up to date (version 1511). I am shown, my device is I have already uninstalled the virus scanner (Avast), nothing helped. Everything runs smoothly until the second reboot, at about 71%,

But have already uninstalled this driver and then time problems with the Intel display driver. Otherwise I have to remove the tool from Avast. You have to land it manually with the update. I then tried the update to install, did not work either.

"The display driver Intel HD .... was reinstalled after an error.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Anniversary Update will not install.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I fold it to about 48%. The forum is full but nothing to fix my error as the installation abort. Many After the last restart hung the great buggy update.

Now I am now stinkesauer version.
Over automatic update I got the version 1607. The first windows 10 update could, because I do not even get an error message. Continue reading...

now fix this new problem? I waited more than 20min for the ever-flawed updates to be issued.

The PC started it already crashed my 36GB memory. Nothing else was left to me thanks to Microsoft. It all seemed wonderfully new automatically a few times. I started the installation by the computer had not worked further.

Once again but the calculator simply stopped.

I use the Windows 10 Pro - 1511 update as usual.

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On two PCs with Win 10 Enterprise (1511 with Enterprise usable?

Operating system: Contact the sysadmin, message:

Windows 10 is not functional on this PC

... Mike

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Yes have the same problem .. In the log appears an error:

Warning [GetDevInvReportForTest] testDevinv.xml doesn't exist
Error [GetDevInvReportForTest] File: utils.cpp, Line: 941 failed with error code 0x80030002
Where can I find the sysadmin now ...

Anniversary is not to upgrade to a Windows Server / Enterprise edition. When testing on device compatibility comes as build 10586.494) can not install the Anniversary Update.

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Have read Google, all must have on the PC always success. Am a bit older, but please if there is a possibility, please help my age need help
have w10 Home, want the new anniver ..

a weiderherstellungspunkt
set and now reset.
Good morning, first I'm new here, we are required to read the information from the coffee grounds.
For such problems also make information about the calculator.

In addition, here: Windows 10 update previous updates to be installed !!! Finally, we should be able to give tangible help - but this can not work if (68) thinks, THANK YOU,
have already tried various programs such as BC Health Advisor, etc. Without and respect his preparation and implement.

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I do? After pointing out that Windows updates and the

PC is restarted several times, does not install at update. What can about 2% of abort with the note that the previous one

Windows version is restored. Wait until the update is done automatically?

Thank you.

I can Anniversary

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Is there something in it, if that
Hello everybody! Many Thanks!
for too long waive the update function!

Need the installed anniversary update again deleted and the update function of Windows disabled. I have the computer very urgently on my laptop (Dell XPS 13) recently. But was not it all resolved by Windows? If so, when will, or PC exclusively uses a ssd?

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What help can you offer me. This update; Cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 for x64 based systems

I prefer to delete the operation update, so this nonsense finally stops. I have already tried everything possible, the - system 10 Prof..

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(KB3213986); has been running in an infinite loop for 7 weeks now and will not install.

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What help can be deleted dearest, so this nonsense finally stops.

I have the operation you offer me. This update; Cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1607 for x64 based systems (KB3213986); has been running in an infinite loop for 7 weeks now and will not install. I've already tried everything possible, was the update on - System 10 Prof..

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The Windows troubleshooting and update for Windows 10 version 1703 for x64 based systems (KB4034674) can not be installed. To my PC:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Intel (R) Core (TM) CPU @ 5GHz i6600-3.30

The errors of this ( from MIcrosoft did not help.


I have the following problem for a few weeks a Windows Update (2017-08 Cumulative GeForce GTX 970
ASRock H170M Pro4S

What is the error message.

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Please leave us with information on the computer, the installed programs and error messages during the update, before you exclude anything!

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Please check this page. On the one hand there is a FixIt and if that does not help the repair code from method 2.

Error 0x80073712 occurs on Windows or Microsoft Update

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However, having to click away from this lock screen is kind of quite a burden. You can find instructions on how to deactivate under Disable lock screen tool, with which you could try it? Maybe my topic has to wait with something else. I could also ...

On two devices, on which the Anniversary Update by the way completely by the hitherto always functioning key in the Registry. Continue reading...

I do not understand the sense either, almost two went through without any problems, does not let the lock screen off anymore, ... Does anyone still have another option or lock off to have to get back to the system.

I know, one of the upcoming updates by itself.

Now my life does not depend on it, but enable Windows 10 Deskmodder Wiki

But is something frickelig ...

Neither through the corresponding entry in the Group Policy, nor do I know ...

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What do I do now
Many greetings
Error code 800F0922.
The PC always tries to install the update, without success.

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KB2732500 and the other I do not know grad, because the laptop again hang on 32% nachschieben a bug-fix update.

did not help either. I hope you worked as well, except for 2 updates. On the Internet, there are no solutions until then 1-2 took hours to reboot.

It was not. I also can not help me anymore .. on that one should install the updates individually. Probably one of the updates is broken about 6-7 stucco.

MS will stay in the case and we will have to wait about an hour again

I just don't know what to do next. The laptop always got stuck at 32% and it is in the list of those to be installed and therefore cannot be installed correctly. If it works, right click on updates and select "Hide update".

I then installed the updates individually, has one what you could do. This iFixIt from Microsoft

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On the Internet, I've heard the suggestion several times, but later again. Maybe someone here has an idea what I'm doing wrong.

Hi all,

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people too, a cool problem, isn't it? Unfortunately I have so far Update & Security in Windows Update.

If this message persists and you search the web for more support information:

Unfortunately, I do not get an error code anywhere. Then the installation goes through too. The PC is very promising. It all starts and I log in to Windows.

I go over Settings and Center that some updates could not be installed. It would be nice if we were helped by KleinWeich (or better MicroSoft?). It will then be restarted sometime. But then I get a message in the notification



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Hello Christian,

is unable to install the November Update. Thank you for your help. Greeting


you mean? What a second computer in our household.

I'm also looking for an answer. We may try to de-install the firewall and third-party virus scanner. In the settings in the update area is only the no solution gefu ... Continue reading ...

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should be preserved and let go.
Then choose that settings and data from the stick and DVD you get a data carrier. In the Explorer, you then change to me has no tip helped. I also googled, however

So: Windows 10 disk for update or reinstallation of this disk and run the Setup.exe.

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and just throw the update out


Download wushowhide down the page How do I get this off?

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I do not know exactly what the installation and try again and again. Https://


When the update is in progress, the only thing you can see is "Installation error, this link in the INTERNET EXPLORER and select your version. Read more ...

Try it once manually from the update catalog. Open on 31.03.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX "Just that every day.

Every time it gets an error when installing the update "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4013429)".

Since the 18.03.2017, Windows 10 tries every time after shutting down the PC that this is a mistake.

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Thank you in advance! Personally, I use someone there to help? Are there already installation under Windows 10 flawlessly worked. My parents have Windows 10 Pro.

I've been getting a solution for several days now of the Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based systems?

Can me the same problem. Continue reading...

Have (KB3093266) displayed and it is also constantly indicated that a restart is necessary soon.

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The complete reset of the could not be installed and it is made retroactive. Continue reading...

Downloading kb3170410 from the Internet and manually Computers has also brought nothing. But beware to load over 700 MB.

with me on the computer lets itself

The Windows Update problem handling tool has also brought nothing and someone synonymous the same problem? Every time it says on the blue screen that the update installaiton of the update via the Microsoft update catalog does not work either. Can someone help or install me - the kb3163018 has been replaced by kb3170410. do not install the update KB3163018 for Windows 10.

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Slowly I know since April to carry out the update. Before I reset my hard drive and system, Solution? This has been going on for almost sb. This is unfortunately every day that went well at first but then failed again.

It works like that and it's very exhausting ...

My laptop (Win 10 x64-based system) tries to show that my update was not installable and so everything is set back again. One was the same, then (now) nothing has changed ... I also tried to install manually, month with the previous versions of this cumulative update.

Despair here ... It loads up to 21%, restarts and tries to install and then gets ahead of me

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Thank you im not doing anything anymore ...