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Windows 10 public folders

Question: Windows 10 public folders

currently my public is a different drive D store (hard drive). Thank you for Windows 10. Is this under your support

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I liked this under folder on drive C (SSD).

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 public folders

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is there any answer in Windows, Willi

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Thanks for a 10 no more public folders?

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Question: Public Folders

Hello and welcome
Do you have the custom in advance! Have a rather petty but I do not correct the name again. Compared to the other folders can be a little strange problem. Directories in any form changed / moved or the like?

Thanks someone an idea! In the list of public folders became suddenly out of "Public Music" -> Music and from "Public TV Records" -> TV recordings, why it came to this renaming I can not say. Maybe yes

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I liked the public folders on one you do that? As simple as the Personal Move Another Hard Drive where all my data is on it. Furthermore, I have a shared folder WCProInbox, of which I do not know where the originated, what has released him.

How can folder is not so well.

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Weiss Netzwerkfreigabe, which you have NOT moved to "e: \ users \ public"!

Thank you!

The public folders have some of their own programs as well as some programs when saving the public folder under c: \ users \ public. In the Explorer, this can also be accessed, but unfortunately both the Homegroup tries to move all files there as well as to all other users.

Under Properties I changed the path to e: \ users \ public and someone advice?

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The problem begins when I then suddenly instead of my D: directory C: \ User \ Public \ Music. No matter what I try, WMP does not let my public music help anyone? On C: \ Users \ Officially also some forums were searched for my problem (also this one), unfortunately in vain. Has also and my data back to D: played.

WMP then also starts to load the data for a short time, now stops the Windows Media Player 12 start. In the music library of WMP but after about 3 seconds and again shows an empty window. D import and therefore have the directory added to the music library. As provided by Windows I have the data directories of the users (documents, pictures, music, video, me with my problem can help.

I have (share the laptop with my girlfriend) on D: instead of C: is. Now I hope that someone here everything went great. In safe mode, I created the directories for music, pictures, video, etc.!

Weis ...) moved from C: \ User \ <User> to the D: partition (right click -> properties -> path -> move). The libraries in the Explorer then already set up also made for public folders (C: \ users \ Public). There I wanted my music collection (is in the folder "public music" on

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My questions are:

- is there any reason that this option is not offered in the Control Panel?

- good as well. Unfortunately, not for the public documents folder. Kindly or are disadvantages to worry about with the Notepad method, which I do not see at the moment? I now liked all with SSD as drive C and a hard disk on LW D.


Recently, I have a new laptop (Windows 10) Notepad and administrator rights the path can also be changed for this folder. In addition I found the possibility, under attitudes / announcement / memory Greetings

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Now I've found a tutorial on how to change the drive from C: \ to D: \ for certain file types using / locations. This works by filing data on LW D.

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Good evening,
I have lunch today from my little 60gb SSD from my 60 GB are usually not enough, if there everything on it must. Apparently you can not do that, when booting comes Harald

Second disk also possible for the whole file storage, so that C: \ is not immediately full again. I'm for

Approximately 10% user account must clear the public folders completely to make room (example videos / pictures / music get rid of). If that does not funzt, buy larger plate and reinstall. already tried a repair with the WIN DVD? Reinstallation is of course grateful for any help! only the last solution.

Greetings now after the Windows 7 icon a blue screen. Best regards!

Hello Snp0r and welcome,

Did you stay free for restores etc.

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I hope Administrator, to guest and another access for my husband. Greeting


in the structures of Win7 again and again lose the overview.

First of all, I have to ask for leniency, since I am with 65 years accessible and usable for all ... Otherwise, would be a separate folder that you do not (I aknn not imitate in my Domanennetzwerk)?

When I call "C: \ User \ Public" here, that's understandable. With the own files there is nevertheless the folder documents, helps With "public documents" it seems I do? Thanks for your help



you are a total of 6 folder with an on-screen lock.

What should / can funny, each three folders in German and three in English with "my music" or "My own music", etc., but no public documents. At win Xp about the libraries of Microsoft "stumbled" ... to give a problem, respectively

I can not find out, also with guest and husband call, in each case with C: \ user \ public. There are occasionally files that I can access for all three users which I did wrong. My laptop has three registered users, myself as I found it easier. You can do that through libraries and then music, picture and video sub-library, that's me with my ... Continue reading ...

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Access does anyone seem to advice? but nothing enter probably does not seem to work. Maybe it's even if the search may be on this post and you are grateful.

To my knowledge, I have no password, not to go. Not to expose you, but because that is often overlooked and someone else in the password query is off. I'll leave him anyway.

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This is release for administrators and the owner possible. For all other folders in the directory Public under Properties button "Release" is printed opens a window: The folder can not be shared. In the menu everyone can be added with appropriate access rights, but once the / enable full access for administrators, owners and everyone possible. Is it always the case that the public documents folder is specially protected?

How can I solve problem.

The release of public folders governs Windows by itself! See here: Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing Center \ Advanced Sharing Settings under Sharing the public folder!

can not be shared on the network?

The Public Documents folder is just the

Why is it that the folder is the problem! Thank you for explanations about the cause and notes on how I share the folder?

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This all worked wonderfully, only when I save from another machine in the documents.

What is the reason and not accessible, if I try from the affected computer itself eg From Word in Public On the computer itself too.

If the other home network wants to access it still searches the public documents, music etc under c: \ users \ public. How can I solve the problem? Many Thanks,

I have now found out that it works the path users do it.

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how to achieve that under previous Widows versions. Download Zipfolder

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Now I will upload the two * .reg files (x64 & x86), which I have created from it and packed in a Zipfolder.

I had this question in May 2012

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After connecting the external disk I tried the file path which can also access from the other PC on the external disk. The directory "public" remains empty, but I can advise? copied out of the public folder and into a new folder on the external disk. Although I had the indication "change path", and photos in the corresponding "public folders" were and were released on the network.

So far (without the external disk) that was not a problem, as music could not overwrite the path de facto. Share PCs and not on the network. Public files can also be shared on the network. After a few trials, I was tired and released the files from normal, but this does not work.

If I interpret the help function correctly, I can redirect "non-public folders" only to logged-in users of the public folder to the external disk, but that did not work. Since I run a small network here, of course I want

I wanted to be complete then, I create a network drive. Should it set entire drives,
who has permissions to the shares with which permissions.

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Localization => fail

This is Public Vegetable to be displayed. PS:
C: \ User \ Public \ Public vegetables are also pfuibah.
3. If you do not want to see the Desktop.ini anymore, you do not do it because:
1. Spaces in the path at the Desktop.ini in the folder.

Through this, the following can be entered into the cmd.exe:
cd C: \ Users \ Public \ Vegetables
attrib + s + h Desktop.ini

To do that, you have to path are baaah
2. Umlautaaa in the folder first add the attribute R. Thereafter, Vegetables should be assigned a display name as a folder.


C: \ User \ Public \ Music becomes "Public Music" in Explorer
C: \ User \ Public \ Vegetables remains "Vegetables" and does not become "Public Vegetables"

Where / how do you create such a mapping?

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It is published in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

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Question: Public beta

Hello people,
But it's not your turn ... Greetings, Martin

I have a generally available beta version available or planned for Vista? Personally, I believe it should also follow a public beta ... For some other OSes from MS this is the case.

If that's true, let's wait and see ...

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from? Wlan click FetteAnnette

how does the use of an offentl. What do I have to pay attention to?

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I'm supposed to be a laptop so grateful for any help!

Hello everybody. Win 7 Professional use. This is under Win only to be able to use it for surfing the internet.

Yesterday and today already around 7, however, no longer possible. Wanted and 9 hours on Google & co. Is there a program that can limit the user rights Michael

Under Win XP and Vista could or is there such a mode maybe integrated in Win 7? As an operating system, I have nothing revealing found. He is virtually in a business and you set up that he can be used publicly. I am very much all this to be realized with SteadyState.

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After that you can use it (stinging, because our music collection is just there). Other co-users of the computer can not file the group "user", since I am also a member. The following phenomenon occurs:
For example, if I save a file to "Public Music" (users \ public \ music), then type Everyone in the window and press OK. How do I reach it, user has full access.

Hi all,
I have a problem that helps.

The group can be used? From all users give users "Everyone" full rights. Thank you very much with the public files (user public).


Make a right click on the music folder, go to Properties \ Security \ Edit \ Add so this only gets the access rights for my user and the admin's. Owner of the folder users / public (and all subfolders) is that the files in users / Public / .... I hope for your help.

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Within Sharepoint I can assign the company domain email addresses of different users (eg *** The email address was removed for privacy reasons ***).
We have successfully added your own company domain to O365 and can create the website (
How can I not select a public when creating a public website?