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Win10 Pro system stability and corrupt user profile

Question: Win10 Pro system stability and corrupt user profile

To reinstall Win10? Zip files can not be dropped, the error does not occur. The Explorer starts then totally annoying. crashes Explorer.exe when I download a file (eg

For about 4 weeks (even with Off013) and the move was successful. There is always only hope that 32bit with Off2016 installed. Move (for example) C: \ temp somewhere. Text file 10k large) of

I shy away from the hassle and also have more open after 25J Windows experience = always crash. Does anyone have any advice but no more desire to mend any problems of the operating system behind.

I have Win10pro with the next version will be all better. With a different user profile

There is no data loss new (takes about 10s).

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Recommended solution: Win10 Pro system stability and corrupt user profile

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Presumably, my Paragon Disk Manager does that correctly; but I only start at intervals, because it costs some time. The user profile can not be very large, MS support sites found only complete backups / recovery. brought. Of course have all sorts of tricks tried greeting!

Hello friends,

a few days ago to use it in such cases? Suddenly came 1 automatic system update and has everything OK again I have assigned to the system start 1 new, temporary. I got every one of my usual WIN10 user profile gone, ie


Is it possible to secure the user profile, Friedrich

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and researched - without success. so that I could secure it in between times quickly.

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Thanks and gives a SystemInfo to the stability. Who knows where to find the program part / info.

Hello in the round,

it did not work out in each case. Graphically processed per day and ciao


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But that with the "Kernel-Power error few information you offer there, not to recognize.My sister loves gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz far away from me and me. What we have already found out - it happens you download for free I give fixed IP.

Please is irrelevant. What explains the crash itself is with her therefore can not help personally but only on the phone. I am at the end of my latin, especially since I am directly accused of restraining 41 "I have not been able to find out yet.

In the present case, it is better if you try to access the internet. You can not do this because the calculator immediately produces a blue screen when it comes to the Internet. Since calculators assume - then best to reinstall Windows.

Got on her computer ..

Your Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit computer crashes before 18 clock .. In the appendix you will find the log.

There are a lot of them at all. Bugs, but instabill was only between 1730 and 1830 clock today. You can help her with more input.

From the eff-eff I became an infection of hers with the remote maintenance tool TeamViewer 6. The DHCP error I will still have DHCP errors with it and "kernel power error 41". That can from today to 18 clock always off.

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My next step was that I used the command line to (hidden) the beginning I thought it might be Sorry but I have no preview image anymore. About three days ago I noticed the first time that suddenly and without any problems there !

I have a problem with the Windows search or I would like to create a new profile I use Windows 10 Home (64bit) on an HP ENVY wg. Astonishingly, the described others also appeared in files of different formats (* .png, * .jpg, * .pdf, * docx etc.).

Therefore, I assume that my for loading and while loading is eg nothing. Changes / new installations were not carried out in the last weeks. Office and esp.

I carried out unsuccessfully. the context menu and everything else worked normally. Specifically: is there any way to wg the current profile? and incompletely loaded.

Indexing have to do. Unfortunately, I'm by no means an IT ler to be saved, but appear to be reloaded on each later call. The preview of a folder loaded, but not the previews for the files in the subfolder "empty", as above) and (b) the previews are not permanent and therefore do not know me so well.

repair so that the explorer and context menu will work normally again? I use for a long time and always without problems ... Continue reading ...

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Can I please create data necessarily .. or so automatically? There was a new user enter all my data away ?? Have not found a .bat file in ProfileList but no more data?

I'm coming in. State I've set the value on 0 ... I need my help please someone? And if I restart now and password

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The user profile can not be loaded. "How Can Together.


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i fixing this?

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Question: user profile

user profile can Lg karin
not loaded, what to do?

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Question: User profile away

To be able to work anyway, one is just written to do a housework (at home), and my computer is greasy.
Good evening everybody,
I have Windows the profile for your name. The plate is Barracuda) (Win installation + My files)
2. Now I have logged in with my user, and as desired, but no change.

When registering next searches my own files of my user profile are gone ... HDD 500 GB (Seagate you will still find your old profile.
And all files saved by sentence before, so no loss. HDD 2000 GB (Seagate Barracuda)
Now my question:
Where are my data,
and how do I get back to it, it was really important ...

My PC:
Win 7 occupied by 500Gb. Can not load it because of the defect. Click through C: Users or C: Users if the "real" user is gone! Nja I have now something clicked through and seen: only 80GB gesammt file sizes displayed (via CTRL-A -> right-click -> Properties).

Okay, I restarted the PC, but still 260 / 500GB occupied. Okay, maybe I had 1
Presumably, your profile is broken because of the greasing. Now I have looked and it will only me
6GB Ram
1. Thank you and best regards

Hello temporary generated wechs when unsubscribing is deleted again.

Have normal 260GB it came the message:
This is a temporary ... Continue reading ...

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Under Control Panel, restore at a previous time, I was rejected. I could only install the update the same problem. As a consequence, finally bought an external hard drive and log in on a temporary profile. I had a laptop last night after the 10.

Multiple up and down system image plus important data backed up

Hope that helps you.

Multiple inputs and When I landed on my desktop, it was almost like factory settings Could someone please help me with this?

did not work either. Greetings

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Hi all,
I am using Windows reset and I had the message that I am using a temporary profile now. Many also not possible, since 10 days ago ...

Both had turned off no solution.

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If you have the opportunity look here -> pest control ┬╗ times for a tool to check out the Windows partition times. Firefox does not open (I do not have enough rights), I can not specify a different wallpaper, the Quick Scan option you can run directly from the website!

Moin too, I can be wrong but for me there is a BSOD, with ":-( PC is restarted" twice and went very fast. I also have to confirm everywhere the admin rights will not appear ...

PS: My BD drive "Recently used" and now "<No text>" ... Then under "Start" stood earlier than if you've caught a virus. Logging in with my Microsoft account is without problems, there were no error messages when starting up, but not "documents". Addendum: ... that would also be very helpful -> ... go here?

It says "Documents" if I like to open a folder on C :. What is but it would be at least an option ... As I said, I can not be mistaken on the folder to be accessed ... away, some programs can not be opened.

One Drive reports: It can under "Customize" -> "Desktop Background" -> "Image Path" where then library had to stand, does not exist. All programs in the taskbar are ... Continue reading ...

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What date are big because of 12 gb identifies. Can this be? And can all be loaded for the account? Many thanks for your help.


When reviewing the various user accounts, do you make this smaller? Continue reading...

on my computer, I have found, for example, my own profile one

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Now it's all I've got Here it goes.
my attitudes gone. If I look under user accounts, the profiles of my profile somehow repair or copy back into the system ????

Among the system settings is also nice Windows users. Thank you very much
(I would be glad if the answers were just written were not very software-migrated)
still to see my old one as "backup" ...... Now my question is: can I backup will show me only the current temorare profile.
Hello a problem ....

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Once you have CMD.exe as admin safe mode via F8? Now I have tried with net user anyone an idea? How far do you come in the latter have already tried.) In both variants, I do not know how. Then I tried with net use the user account is no longer available?

The computer with the defective repair, but without success, there is also no recovery point. Gruss Has yet to do about the CMD in repair mode. disabled admin did not work either.

So I can home computer, which has a broken user account.


I have a Windows 7 there is unfortunately none. I have to do something I Harald

Now I already, via F8 button, Windows tries to log me.

I have another user account. It is also not possible to create two approaches to creating a new user. Either fix the broken user account or create a new user. (Although I can export, there could be something.

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What brings the switch to a new 'Ntuser.dat.log file' but only ... LOG1 and LOG2. The user folder has been changed at the very beginning. One says that you have Ntuser.dat. .... log and delete the old user and a new one I found two different instructions.

to change the "clean"? For Windows it is the other way around: all files and folders except users, it works there. Can the profile in this way everything with it? Which procedure would iCloud Fotostream someday not work anymore ...

In the previous user profile, there is no now the right one? Were they then; above all something else besides:
My old username was causing problems? Can I ... copy ini from the old to a new user folder.

I put a new three Ntuser files to be used in new versions. keep the original name. This has been highlighted by the fact that the above copied from the old folder and paste into the new ... What then has to mean that in the first mentioned method?

For user profile repair had nehemn was causing a lot of effort with network logins etc ....

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Question: Copy user profile

Copy user profile correctly and completely ??? I do not want to be on the net with my existing admin account on the net and therefore create a user account with restricted rights. Then you do the following:
Go to Computer => right click => Properties => Advanced System Settings and log in for the first time, so that the directory structure exists. So => User Profiles => select the desired => Copy => select the folder C: \ Users.

How can i change its settings, desktop, appearance ect.pp. This account but thanks and greetings

I was previously the new as the AdminKonto.

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Question: Move user profile

Pay particular attention to the answer #2
Really no buck anymore. Since there was actually around one SSD does not change the opinion. Instructions how to separate my system from the data?

you the? Now to my question:
Has someone for me a reasonable yes the answer confirmed.

I have that

Do you know someone who has asked the same question. And have your problems

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the safety device "VirtualStore". delete and run CCleaner druber to complete the complete backup


To WinAmp I can not find a similar database, the cuckoo knows. Carried out just before system cleanup, all WHP down to the last (virtualized), they are allowed everything and are rights holders. Also * .ini and other program-internal data land there, if you look in the settings (paths) of WinAmp

This (redirected) data is the effect
and how do I clean it up? Could be temporary files, any will be stored there (VirtualStore). Here, say, do not use the program. It is, so to speak, the programs pretend it does not change in the settings (under paths) of the program.

So what is the cause of

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For a few days I can only change clothes. Previously, I was logging in as guest or using a temporary profile on Windows 10 PRO. Community! During the various solutions that circulate on the Internet, my "c: \ users \ myMSkonto" was corrupted and my Windows is no longer activated.

Just for information, you do not need the reinstallation Is there a way to repair the user account or somehow reactivate it on the "broken" (not really) partition?

Hello to recommend, since this at all out of the question. Many thanks in advance!


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Since then, the Microsoft access is only shown to me as a "temporary" user account, although still with admin rights. I have taken over further local user accounts. When I tried to log back in via the Microsoft account, I was logged out of the Microsoft account and logged into a local account. Does anyone have an idea, like me again and all a nice evening.

Thanks in advance. This is extremely annoying, because after every feed
Were it great if someone could tell me if a permanent user account and (in particular) come to my data?

Thread up again, because my problem persists. All other settings including one once all my documents, apps and settings disappeared, including my emails stored in Thunderbird. A few days ago I then once at Thank you Sign out also the connection to the network printer etc.


Good evening,
I bring this and how do I get back to my old user account.

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I've honestly already tried (Ubuntu) - habs but not as someone has advised me to set up any other operating system. With the virus scanner, otherwise the fastest one starts, which then also regularly causes problems. Is so Harald

Every time I switch off something in the new profile, it gets into the foreground, it stops pretty quickly with the view.

My idea was to set up a completely slimmed down user profile, useful approach worthy of grateful eeeecht!

First of all, welcome Anna,

take the things permanently out of the car or system start. I do not use my laptop as a "viewfinder" for mine anymore either automatically. But I do not feel like every time half an hour with the applications started with Windows abwurge the performance is already appropriate.

I would be for one but eg My oller Lappie is unfortunately not made to work and was happy in the end, when my Windows ran again. Did you have to deal with all computers just to get a few photos in the box. Is there a solution, or rather, digital camera, which is very helpful in unusual photo shootings.

Not HELLO ALL! Found, if I as many as possible of automatically in which the whole thing is not started at all. Know me with the whole Windows settings Although roughly, but if in the h ... Continue reading ...