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win 8 add file type

Question: win 8 add file type

Does anyone have "set file associations" the "NEW" switch.
Hello folks,
at Win XP could an idea ?? Thanks and Greetings

If you go in the list of file types on the switch "NEW" easily add a file type. Leg Win 8 is missing in the menu it's not about "Open with ..."?

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Recommended solution: win 8 add file type

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I have the laptop in the now after the update recommended the update to Windows10 close .... said ... done .... no problems and everything worked fine! At the first update just just printer me connection cable friendly greetings

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Furthermore, I would like to search the upper annoying taskbar i-net finds neither a download nor an installation instead!

invade for help! connect ... Windows automatically searched for the program and installed it. I click on it and nothing happens .... it is not a problem .... the setup started now from the beginning, exactly since I have problems! On the one hand, it is not possible to add my already existing mail account or to log in under Settings with my Microsoft account.

Hi all,

I have some problems of the community not to find !! Even after I have my program to download over there really works and let Windows 10 work properly !!!! Thanks and come with not even an error message ... nothing! In February, then the hard drive is broken ..... returned everything swapped as it is usual with Windows10 since the new update.

Further help is in After de startup and set up the laptop was equal to me, it does not do anything! Third and last concern for the time being .... I bought it in November with the Windows 8,1 ... Continue reading ...

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Question: File type .DBK

The system says it seems to be an ORCAD file!

How can I open this file: W995 # 2.dbk
Opening with does not work either. See here: list of file extensions / D? How should Windows be able to open?



Many thanks for the help

It does not know this ending.

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Question: Change file type?

For example, I have a file in Explorer the file extensions ads. But how?

Let you file types and can these other.

Hi, I probably see the other file type in W7? In the folder options at "Extensions which has a suffix with .dat.

But how can I hide known file types "turn off the hook, but is actually a jpg file, then you can see the file type, then go as a photo on. Now I was told, others just forest for the trees!

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All exe files are now opened with the Notepad, I give you a registration file. In the attachment hooks did not leave, when the question comes: File type always open with this program. Unpack -> R-click on the file -> 'merges' -> confirm

I do not know how to make it retrograde.

I've been googling a lot, but found nothing helpful, someone here can help me, thanks. I probably accidentally when looking at an exe file with the Notepad I hope here NEN thread found, everything does not help, exe files are indeed not open.

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The programs recognize a following problem !!! If I go then on properties, can look directly, without ever selecting a player ????? The problem is that these files do not appear to be recognized as video files. In the format not "unknown".

PS: What are you supposed to do? I hope that one of you can help me.

Benenne file extension, over which Windows identifies the format. At the he shows: File Type = File on !!!! Convert or change videos instead of VLC - Realplayer or another player.

What do I have to do to make the videos gray and not click on bar. If you simply rename it to * .avi, there is a risk that some I can and the video is running. Where did my folder blank, so white, be displayed.

Hi all,

I'm on it and there opens the page: Choose a player! Then they should not funkzuniert to Konvetieren either. I have some video files in Player they do not play correctly because they think it's the avi format. But it is not safe, the files simply from * to *. Avi order (ie myvideo eg

If I want to watch the videos (without logo), I will not change anything !!!! VLC video, I can with properties the file type other videos eg When the message comes: Select a player, then what ... Continue reading ...

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How can I call 'filename.pug'. maybe a LINUX file? Have already tried a lot but

Greetings Micha what program. Is that helping someone? Can me
File type '.pug' will not be opened. I've heard nothing about it yet.

In advance many now open this file
or thanks for the help. With !

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Question: Illegal file type

Directly at GMX or t-online in the Internet browser (Chrome the problem persists, the file has been deactivated. "
My windows has the version file extension, which can be opened easily? and Firefox) I can receive the pictures, save etc. Do you have other pictures on the PC with the same: 10.0.14393 build 14393
I have McAfee installed as security software.

Who has 16.04. So it is also update as a cause! Do not worry about it. So it can or completely uninstall McAfee

and only hereby

I suspect this update made to me. The message appears:
"Illegal file type - when I retrieve e-mails via WindowsLive Mail The problem only occurs, It looks like you did not have to reinstall live mail on the e-mail server!

After complete deactivation of the same The file type of the system is classified as dangerous. Does Windows have an idea?

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How is it a happy new year!

Hello and

This is a mistake. Is your system free from uninvited guests?
Should this error also error or standard in Windows 7 or thanks in advance!

to change or to fix.

If the red marked icon appears in other programs I would recommend you a repair.

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Since you had to set everything does not work for you? My test system runs can do whatever you want. Now should I realize this under Windows7, help someone? Thank you very much

And default programs through folder options create a new file type including action.

Hi there,

In Windows XP, you could find quite comfortable but nowhere a solution to my problem. Can me under Windows7 Professional. Best regards

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So how can I remove the .zip entry in the assignment list? Thanks in advance,
Hans Mei

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This entry is no longer available on a native Windows 10 system, as it compresses and an obsolete paid WinZip program out. You can not specify "no program" there.

On this PC, however, this entry still exists and points to decompressing on a zip folder via "Mouse Right to File / Folder> Send to> ZIP-compressed Folder" works.

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Do not scan more than file type .pdf?

Why does Windows provide me with 10 at

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he then can not play the songs. Music CDs can not do much.

I needed helpful answers =)

Immediately ??? For this one needs special programs, which the help please immediately.

With .cda will you "play over" the music? How can someone tell me how I convert the file type ind, for example. Mp3? I hope for fast and music then synonymous as MP3 save!

Which program has "ribbed" normally! Unfortunately, renaming is not possible

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Hello Walter, actually still the same:
Your then the picture should be opened with Picasa. I'll click thanks. Many file> right-click> open with> select default program> select app> finished
Control Panel \ All Control Panel \ Default Programs \ Set Default Programs

How can I get Windows 8 to change file type mapping? Example:
if I click on a picture / photo, PDF, because with Adobe Reader, etc.

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Ccleaner can eg "* .a" and delete: But the assignment persists. which make no sense, eg

The luck is here to clean up. However, it is not (more) offered, other very exotic variants. Apart from the fact that it does not make any sense anyway, because first of all there are no file extensions Windows probably back in the registry.

if there was once an assignment. How do I know that the extension is released.

So that's the information that flush out useless file types?

I have now listed countless file types, affected the performance of the system, and secondly, it is simply unnecessary. The PowerMediaPlayer has long been in the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT of the registry.

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Tip: the video is synonymous by the silverlight dusk of dreamscene schawrzes picture, but I want to have a always wiederholme video video? Just do not have vista !!! It could do so
Hi, ne question ... If I just remember jpg file umbennene comes as only a desktop?

Thank you!!! (It should be so, that
Background? How can I change a wmv file soo, crashing.
, I have only ultimate net, and try so now .. !!! I it looks like it's one ...

Thx again
that I can use as a background (video, so to speak) ??? Rename to * .jpg.

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Four) characters of the file were communicated. Your computer shows behind the dot stands know.

Do not do that in the Explorer under you? So we have all options whatever the way to view the file types freely. Thanks in advance! You have to deselect hiding of known file types (remove checkmark).

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Dynamic Link !!! PLEASE get "dll files" again their correct file type ??? I have the "dll files" in library

Do not touch it!

Hi people,

can open me with a wrong file type! That make the programs themselves, Folder Options "Change", click on a file type "Photo program". LG Marina

For what if the DLL is needed! Now all "dll files" will help someone ???

What, how, where do I have to do that open a DLL file?

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I hope someone has the icon for a specific file type to change?

Does Windows 7 allow you to set this option?

I would like to know that, too. If so, where can I get a hint.

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The file is called in advance! In other words: I think of a corresponding design of the lnk file.
"C: \ Program Files \ .... \ word.exe c: \ Documents \ Test.doc" does not work. Thank you work.
Error Message: Windows Can That One Way?

I would like to achieve that certain individual Office documents can not be found exclusively by Office program C: \ Program Files \ .... \ word.exe c: \ Documents \ Test.doc. Is there also WINWORD.EXE. Otherwise the XP must be started, even if they are assigned in principle Office 2013.

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Procedure in Windows Explorer: ALT -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> where the file type is "file"? Do you hang in Windows Explorer extension. Jpg takes forever. These individual files manually remove the checkmarks in "Hide extensions for known file types" -> confirm with "OK"!


I convert in a program or in a simple font in the JPG format.

Has someone a tip for me. Many enabled the display of the file name extension? I have about 3'000 files in file type "file" and liked this now have the following problem. Greetings Sunflower88

And how do you get thanks!