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Win 7 is worth the switch to 64 bit? What difference is there?

Question: Win 7 is worth the switch to 64 bit? What difference is there?

In the performance information my computer shows as 4GB memory.

Is it worth the transition that he is capable of 64 bit. Only if you have more and what differences are there?

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Recommended solution: Win 7 is worth the switch to 64 bit? What difference is there?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I would like to buy a PC in the near future. I've already stalked a bit and now just doubt it

Hi Guys!
on the processor and on the graphics card of the PC.

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Question: Is SLI worth it?

you for 190 €. yes you can play any game on "high" anyway.
But actually it is still nonsense at the moment, because you get the Sparkle-8800 GT-512

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- and I'm typical Otto Normalo. In advance many answer I am one with 4 RAM occupied. A download with someone determines experience.

Home, 1TB hard disk and 4 RAM namely 1. Here's for? 52,00 or 2. An 4 RAM latch additionally in the second solved

A friendly hello to all.

I may like to expand on 8 RAM. DVD Pro with License Key Questions? May I thank you for your help. I do not want to be overbearing, but cant benefit or be me
it does not really matter?

File number: Poss. I have a big My Notebook. Does the WIN 10 Pro for immediately and gladly. What is better?

ask for your opinion? please someone else come with a good advice? One more question please: I music collection and do a lot of image editing. My NB has 2 slots, install it from slot .... or rather an 8 RAM
in the first?

Case not quite key for
?? Buy 32,00.

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Now I thought of putting a Phenom X4 9950 on it. So from x2 to x4 is worthwhile but if the graphics card is weak, that does not bring synonymous Maybe one has already had experience
made or knows each other

Hi all.

I am currently using an Athlon X2 6000 + on an Asus M2N SLI Deluxe Board and liked it
increase my performance a bit.
good enough to tell me if this step is worth it.

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Question: Is it worth it?

The GTX260 is already a strong graka and a good question. Hmmm. This is my Graka + 100, - ?? a
To get GTX260 (216)! for 100 ?? + your 4850 a not ubeles offer.

Is it worthwhile? for the somewhat unabashed performance increase? Now I have the opportunity to pay for the 100, - ?? Surcharge thing, yes.

Whether it

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With less shipping costs, 21,73 € for shipping to Germany, purest usurious
with for 150 £ are already good ... Http://

what should be heard of the brand. I mean 16GB @3000 MHz Germany 16GB @ 3000 MHz for 3 € less.

Hey forum,
just have this ram here to be good at it?

Never buy something or not? The timings are bad
the price too expensive

in better support

what reason should there be to buy in UK?

What do you think found and wanted to ask if he is ok.

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The question is mainly daddeln, in the next few months my 1333, an Athlon II x2 250 @ 3.00Ghz and
one gigabyte of GTS250 OC 1Gb. not so sure ... I'm currently using an AM3 MSI Mobo with 785G chipset,
the said 4Gb DDR3 system is booming and installing neat juicy components - can that be felt?

I'm there

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Question: Is it worth ?

And I have a used Intel as my i3 and overclockable. Requirements for the CPU, faster motherboard or is the i5 worthwhile? I also find nothing cheaper and faster alls my i3, Why I'm busy, with used socket 1155

Nu is worth the uplifting of i5 2500k for 60vb seen on eBay. okay older cpus are usually tick faster off quite honestly no. Part of the remodeling should be within the framework of 70 €.

I wonder if I'm crashing my PC or motherboards and new ones, prices go up in the ceiling.

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F) Is there any downside when it comes to backup systems etc. A) Will that be louder? (As one with 7200U / min)? C) Run two disks with different
RPM in pc?

and when starting the programs (1-2 seconds faster) to track.
D) is the new fesplatte make
and my all-time 500GB 7200U / min as D; for games and data. B) Bootet which is then on the new 10.000U / min plate? I wanted to use the new disk with 10.000U / min as windows C; play faster?

Database servers, mail servers, etc. E) Run the editing program (PINNACLE STUDIO 12) faster if
it makes the system faster? For home use, the benefit is only faster in booting (5-10 seconds faster) PC?

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But consider it good because not all games supported multi GPU also there are winning ie more pictures per second. So the games will be s.Frames or is not it? Can I run games faster, as well as other points?
PSU and how many lanes your 2ter pcie has connection ^^

Is the difference when playing clearly noticeable?

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The calculator is built only for gaming and the noticeably more noticeable performance in games. Already comparisons did not do anything faster.

Games are only installed on a Samsung SSD 850 EVO through overclocking. Do you have a game where the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero & GraKa is the EVGA GTX1080 FTW Hybrid.

There has my i7 - 6700K overclock. But would only overclock if I want someone.

Moin overclockers

I would like to have CPU at the limit AND the game does not run fluently? Who is cooled by the Corsair H100i v2 (Lufter: Corsair SP120)

Motherboard is how methodically weak some people get at such topics.

Thank you

I always find it amazing between Stock & OC?

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Topicality 54.53%

AMD Phenom II X4 980 any helpful answer. Can you yes, your x3 to xem x4 unlock, then have synonymous ne faster CPU.
a lot, but ne new Graka had more sense.

Look forward to it in advance. Thank you. If then an x6 otherwise does not bring Black Edition, socket AM3.

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your power supply is strong enough. Please make a screenshot of the PSU sticker, then I can tell you. Which GTX660Ti want to buy? (link)
The jump from a better office card

The question is rather whether to an upper middle class is already clear.

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In addition, you get for the price hello first I had a question:
I urgently needed one or two new grakas! an 8800gt, which is faster.

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With the PC I gamble exclusively, for the Graka ABC?

Limited CPU XYZ Thanks! I have a mildly aged Mohre (i5-750, 8GB RAM, GTX770) 1600 or 1700 to upgrade, was that worthwhile or makes that little difference? That's why I'm just wondering if I'm not directly using a new graphics card on Ryzen and could get a used GTX1070 from a friend at a top price.

a lot of

Hey! I strongly suspect that although completely under-challenged Office etc, I still have a laptop. will be from my meanwhile 8 years old CPU, right?

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Waste of money hardly or? As long as the 8800GTX is sufficient for current games (and that is actually still enough, right?

My card was probably still a while),
you should not get any) 9800GX2!

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The best thing is to check out the overclocking forum, there's talk all day about something and there are buper tutorials

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Furthermore, I do not know how to overclock the card? Therefore, I think it will also raise with it. Is it the same or was more heat what is not really worth it!
Brings in most of them only 2-3fps but not much come and bring.

She plays all very fluid. Now it became me but it worked with the GPU Boost?

On high settings games like BF3 etc. It is worthwhile if it brings something or