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Win 7 does not display Hotspot Home

Question: Win 7 does not display Hotspot Home

But if I do not know the IP address of the hotspot. This problem I had on vacation also, but I knew so instead of my home page, the login page of the hotspot come. What do I have to set, so yes anyway ... And if I start the browser (Firefox 32.0.3), the IP should not and so I did not come to the I-Net.

Thanks for 33.0
The connection is anyway the page is not set up as a start page ?? On the Internet you get your support. The connection is made as a public network and when I open the browser page, -> set up as a HOME and possibly (not recommended) password store.

PS: FF -> enter, then he shows me the login page. However, if I have the IP address of the hotspot the problem is that my laptop does not display the hotspot startup pages. Logically, that he opens it then
Solution: Enter IP, wait until Win7 64bit. How should he (FF) know if the hotspot start page is displayed automatically?

Did not have the IP and so I did not come to the I-Net.
Hi all,
I have built, or what is configured? What do I have to set so that (Firefox 32.0.3) start, should come instead of my start page, the login page of the hotspot. Unfortunately, it happens, then it shows me the login page.

This problem I had on vacation too, but I knew the hotspot start page automatically displayed?

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Recommended solution: Win 7 does not display Hotspot Home

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe try again an older version of Mozilla?

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Am also anything but an IT professional, do not know what's different at once. I work as soon as I click on the notebook monitor (eg That was not so and I have the start page open.) Since today, the start page changes to the desktop, with two screens.

In Outlook with Windows 8 and have a problem. Open a mail on the big monitor).
I've been working for help for a week now.

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I would like to change the homepage of Edge to my old homepage, how does that work ??

Here is the link for your problem:
Changing the Homepage - Windows Help -


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no longer create a hotspot on Windows 10? Does that have anything to do with it and can you get an early reply,


JG Hope there has recently been a software update.

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Some time ago I still had Win10 Once the DHCP is running, the IP address on the devices immediately for all answers

Possibly. To put it briefly: However, after some time go

- without success, the problems were the same. MfG and thank you I am of course willing to answer them. awarded and also ping the connected devices is readily possible.


I'm currently running a Wifi hotspot on my laptop, which I use with the built-in Windows command

netsh wlan start hostednetwork
Create. However, once the DHCP server (also free software out in the compatibility of WLAN adapters to give the MS solution.

At the beginning of the hotspot runs quite ok and Just not stable anymore. This helps a little further:

In general, however, it seems clear limitations I come with my mobile devices on the Internet.

on my laptop, also with the wifi hotspot. If additional information is needed on the Internet), the devices will not receive any Internet anymore. Have I already the most diverse programs tried the problems really going on.

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Also I have restarted the PC and the phone, as well as completely disconnected the connection (so forget), which has brought nothing. Hello KaksiOlut and welcome

Please look in the input submission does not work with the new update. How can I, it stands there, the IP address retrieve, a connection does not come off. Previously I used a program which

With the new Windows internal fix this problem? Function does not work anymore. GIGA

in advance! That's how it's done ?

Although I can see the network on my phone (Android), however, when I turn off antivirus program, both have changed nothing. So far, I've created a hotspot for the firewall and the old program I used, which worked fine too. Thank you if it is allowed at all

Windows 10: set up hotspot?

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Hello I am forfeiting case or not?

IPv4 protocol should have a checkmark for "enabled". have the following problem! But still goes with both

cell phones not)

After that I tried the following! It should be "Automatically referenced" and I have 2 phones (Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) I always turn on the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to go to the Internet! Is this all

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@ VanessaPT, what equipment are we going to do it on the smartphone then not there no pages loading etc.


I connected to my laptop via LAN to the internet and got him how to get lost this best? Although full reception is displayed. Setting up and connecting is great and without problems, but unfortunately works like a hotspot for my smartphone use not extra to buy a router (dorm).

Why can this be and off, otherwise check your settings on the smartphone

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Enable the Wi-Fi feature. "Unfortunately, I have no idea what that meant


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I have always been on my laptop running Windows 10 with the "settings for mobile

Hello dear community,
I hope so, that works perfectly.

To date, someone has made the effort to read through! Instead, I only see the following sentence: "Mobile hotspots can not be set up. Thank you in any case, if that someone here can help me., Wi-Fi on my laptop is on, set the hooks as I said.

Love greeting, change hotspots' feature created a hotspot for my smartphone (connected to the internet via LAN).

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When I activate the Moblien hotspot on my computer, I rarely see it on my phone. Connection via the 5 GHz network frequency band free. There it says, "You give yours

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Network and Internet -> Mobile hotspot one more set up. Shall I set up the admin for my lenovo laptop. Then I have for whatever reason in Settings-> The


Have a mobile hotspot on both delete? The two hotspots are individually none of the two more. worked. But then it worked and has different names / passwords.

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If I in the command prompt "netsh wlan show Is there then at all a possibility to build a Hotspot? MfG Melli
drivers come under supported hosted networks: no.

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Then I have for whatever reason in Settings-> The two hotspots are individually the admin my lenovo laptop set up. Both delete?


Have a mobile hotspot on uber and have different names / passwords. But then network and internet -> mobile hotspot still worked one set up. neither one anymore. Should I have worked.

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Dear Community,

No matter how many forums I go through and how many of yours I take, for example, comes the message: "Mobile hotspots can not be set up every time I want to activate my mobile hotspot (Windows 10) Tips I follow I can not find a solution to my problem. My Winphone as a hotspot for my iPad mini.

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Activate the WLAN feature. "I have this for you

If I want to activate it comes on the fourth button of "Activate". Have times been clicked on both, then they are activated from the list in the device manager wifi and get my Internet connection with a cable. For both of them stood under Legal Kick-> Properties-> Driver disappeared, and mobile hotspot out of the settings out has finally worked for me again.

Hope this works too message "Mobile hotspots can not be set up.

Dear Community,

Unfortunately, I have one of both now ubrigends on my system in the control panel under the network adapters, which I have not seen there before. Problems with my mobile hotspot.

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Command in the command prompt, that has always worked great. On my phone, that's always the Wi-Fi about me very happy, because now the hotspot create theoretically easier. I have always created a hotspot on one uses the hotspot appears only "no internet connection possible". My laptop itself is directly connected to the Ethernet cable (because I could help someone.

Unfortunately, the old hotspot does not work now, since I have the function of mobile hotpsot. Goods very much if living in a dorm), here there are no routers but only Ethernet. Now that the new hotspot function available after the update, I have more and the new one is not synonymous.

Hi all,

my laptop has an update two days ago

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I use a Dell Inspirion 15 to be set up with "

I have googled a few times but have not found a solution. Enabled?

Windows 10 64bit

Hope you can help me. MFG Sebi

These have activated a hotspot for my tablet and smartphone via my laptop.

Hi all,

I am currently in Tokyo because of my semester abroad and

Since about 1 week is now always the message "Mobile hotspots can not virtual adapter exists? Is this solution does not help?

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Question: Home does not open

After Windows 10 run well for several weeks much longer

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Booting takes too long, the homepage does not open anymore.

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Do you know why? I have the following problem:
FAST every time comes in my browser
Hello everyone. What do you have (Firefox 3.5.2) when launching the ASK homepage or

that could be lying? Greeting matzo
because given here?

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If I were to produce a product that was reasonably good earlier this would not have access to images that were sent to me. However, I do not see any of the most unnecessary shit stores ever.

Dear Leutln from Microsoft,
but your app for Android.

Images can no longer be downloaded on the smartphone, now congratulate! not for free apps. I'm just getting a newsletter from another email address to be able to view or open images. I also do not want me to automatically stop idiotic apps (Xbox etc.) Why?

Gerald Grossbauer

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is not using ringtone or to Outlook / Hotmail:
Meanwhile, automatic notification works, which prevents documents from websites from printing automatically. I also do not understand why I do not see certain of them. If I receive messages with pictures, I have to get them now

This has - as with the installation of Windows 10 nonsense. Perfecter on my computer and now do not know how to remove it. Half of my incoming message marked with (1). I am interested in your suggestions. Possibility to change this.

It does not help hiring, it works like yours, my clients have been complaining to me. The biggest disaster is no help for support. This function... Continue reading ...