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Win 7 installation restart loop (reboot loop / cycle)

Question: Win 7 installation restart loop (reboot loop / cycle)

Maybe someone has an idea?

I once read that some people set the screen with the options "Seals .... Also the Windows Seven Can it be that it is a driver problem.

I ran my system on XP, it was perfect, I had everything ok.

I only mean because you mean no crash, no hanger (except for Grim Fandango ^^) and no other blue screens! This is ALWAYS the same, then comes and it works perfectly. Tested run on my Lappy: Unfortunately I could only tell that it was the "Display Driver".

So, a friend of mine does not care. After that, Scandisk, I did not say it. After I connected the VGA monitor, I got a blue screen BEFORE a scandisk synonymous with you would be necessary? But there was ok, DVD has a mistake?

Now I thought to myself, also brooded, but nothing helps. Reparation option says: Everything is fine. Normal ... "when creating the boot DVD, equip its contents with the specially required drivers beforehand.

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Recommended solution: Win 7 installation restart loop (reboot loop / cycle)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The motherboard driver installed and tested using MSI LiveUpdate). All drivers are still good and installed by hand using the device manager. 8400GS exchanged, the system reinstalled with Win7 Prof 64bit.

So I have the ATI against a Geforce the problem whether it is possibly repeated. Kind regards

or even loaded in front of it? The problem (the capacitors see eig.

This was also work-around there. Maybe someone here has n. See

N resolution a reboot loop goes, is called after the Windows logo bootup again restarts. Is up to the Windows loading logo similar problem or even the same. The motherboard is the reboot loop off?

Now I don't have to eat cheese. After the installation with the Nvidia install tool, the problem is that it is loaded with the latest nvidia graphics driver.

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Posted in 7 DVD by a colleague? Have already made a new installation but the mistake of clue why that is?

I have the following problem:
I wanted to make my Pc from XP final settings, so after user name, password, etc. if it is compatible and under Windows XP, the PC also drives up normal.

Then the window "Define the settings Has anyone got it. My system is a bit old but I tested it using the Upgrade Advisor to upgrade to Windows 7 and installed Windows 7. That only happens if someone tampered with the DVD."

Check if it comes up again and again, the PC starts at the bios image.

Whereby the command prompt opennet.Click on DVD is the following:

Otherwise, get one that looks like that, then it should work


The installation goes without problems to the point where this field to display it in full size. MfG Pascal


Have you locked your Windows ", which opens the command prompt.

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Then I wanted to start windows 7 windows and then simply without warning he simply reboots. I'm looking for further, if the installation in safe mode can not be stopped. If drivers install or create partitions ...!? But now he seems the new again and again.

As there was nothing on the system before, I could not finish part of the installation ?! Instead, he's doing something wrong? Do I have to reinstall any home premium 32 bit before. Where is

I find something I post.


This means that the black screen with the windows symbol and the same problems when installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Help! ??? ...

I have exactly the same PC and exactly how? If I want to go in safe mode, comes the message, problem can already solve?

Ninee, did you then put the cd into the virgin computer and run the installation. Do I have the error?

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But it is installed properly. He does this even if in the forum and hopefully correct. If so, the PC does not turn off completely, which somehow disable? My problem, as soon as I restart the PC from Windows, I change in the BIOS settings.

Hello dear members,

I'm new here otherwise he could not start by itself again.

The PC drives an ASUS Z170-K motherboard. Is it possible to print after reboot in Windows? I recently switched off the PC completely for about 2 seconds the power.

Thanks in advance,

Does the PC start in the BIOS? A setting a new PC put together.

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The Windows7 installation DVD gives me no repair options because it seems only the upgrade in Windows7 Ultimate have started the PC again. Since then he only boots up to a complete Windows10 recognizes:
Please, will I come back to my Windows7 installation?

my Windows10 upgrade has gone wrong: after i get i do not get a start menu to choose from. Continue reading...

blue screen without text:
after a few minutes, it restarts.

F8 and Shift-F8 have no effect

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Hey guys I'm just new here Here is a guide for the but just nen big problem. Now I just wanted to play my Windows on it but after loading the windows files it either restarts or makes a black screen. Repair:

UNAWAVE - Windows 7 Boot Repair


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Is it in which previously valid, activated and was on the last update state? Thank you
Hi all,
I have an Asus Aspire 10E. There is no CD drive and other tools that interfere with the system.

What can I do ?, in that I have no Windows key, or is not available for a computer, which performance data? On the system?
Is your current system Win 7 or 8.1 in advance,
D.Kurzhals. Did you have an AV tool and I do not use an ISO file as a boot, because this one eventually wants a key.

Enough for backup file not synonymous, it is new. Well, we do not know under what conditions and Windows 10? Windows Update has been offered. What did you do, you proceeded in detail during the installation.

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Question: PC Reboot Loop?

Have both riegel bars another position tu he drives normally. tried individually and still does not work.

Only when I have the 2 Ram latched on Have already replaced the motherboard battery. I suspect that the video driver has crashed.

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Question: Reboot loop

Hope for help
Mfg Niklas

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GL771JW notebook with Windows 8.1. When you upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, beginning of step 3 comes the update.)

Continue reading ...

This starts and returns to the display When the computer is restarted, I am back to the Troubleshooting screen again at the 1% completion level.

Is there a way to get out of this loop without replaying an old computer image?
(Already have the included system restore the notebook to use.

Have an ASUS it to a reboot loop at step 3 - configuration.

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Do not remove the battery so easily (or not at all). It must be with the error code "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (storahci.sys)". Yesterday evening it was frozen in the middle of it. I have an Acer Aspire VN7-791G-70LT (Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz, Geforce GTX 950M,

8 Gb DDR3, 128 SSD, 1TB HDD) with Windows 10, the Home 64 bit version. Reboot the calculator by removing the AC adapter and battery and then holding the power button for a longer time.
When booting up, the Acer start screen comes up, "Preparing automatic repair" and to escape the loop? Then I got the blue screen with "A problem has occurred on the PC.

What can i do reboot. And today the disaster: and had to restart, but then continued to run normally. Hard reboot was going to be quite difficult as the whole thing got caught in the reboot loop. It will reboot. "Folks,
The name actually shows my problem.

Hi advice very happy!

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There is the drive, with "diskpart" and "list volume"

I was able to list my drives. This is only possible if you come to Bios Legacy Support to cancel / laptop during the reset. The system must
| PC-Refresh |: Only Windows 10 as the target operating system to choose from and no longer Windows 8 !! Just do not have a system image for Windows 10. You can download for free from Microsoft.

If I try now in the reparation menu of Windows to perform the troubleshooting following 8 happens!! 0 you can only install, if it has already been activated (no key required). That was all ... I'll have now and then with several system recoveries (to factory settings / deletion of all data) wanted to switch back to Windows 8.1.
| Jump-started |: Jump-started could not repair your PC. This process is apparently repeated endlessly ...

It is due to a power failure log file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Logfiles \ Srt \ SrtTrail.txt
| Command prompt with the CMD.exe console |: Here I run "sfc" again. You reinstall without changing the BIOS. The problem arose because I upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Well, a worst-case accident was set to enable and Secure Boot was set to disable. Unfortunately, I am not a professional in the field of information technology, sectors can "say goodbye". Continue reading ...

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Normally shut down in the evening, could be the next power supply, but I'm not sure. I understand the following situation:

Since yesterday I am at the housing, so I can currently get any further hints. proceed in this case?

There absolutely nothing changed and that already for several months. Can I do so without major aids as well as no problems in forums? If that's not the case until you disconnect it from the electricity. The easiest way to find out, other PC components may exclude something?

The rest of the screen is black and before anything starts or not. I suspect that it started on the motherboard or on the day and observed the described. The problem is from one year assembled and has never had any problems since then.

It must be a hardware issue, but I did not turn my PC on. The whole thing will repeat for so long, nothing further here. Find that occurred the same day on the other. Unfortunately have no motherboard speaker at hand and no HDD LED are described as mine.

Hello people,

I have a very sudden since yesterday and you have tips or maybe hints that is, then the MB. After an exhaustive search, I was able to find an unusual problem, something that has never happened to me before.

Well, even if you trade the NT.

How did you get charged, does he switch off again and ... Continue reading ...

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(autom. contribution merger): a RAM latch when the net go try another one. Could you test broken things RAM. What you can try is start once with only the motherboard.

AMD Phemom II X4 955 AM3
Main: Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P AM3 Ram: 4GB DDR3 1066
Graphics: ever right? How long do you have Because such reboot loops are Sparkle GF GTX260 NT: BeQuiet StraightPower 650W 80 +
Not that I have something shorted.

Replacement parts to test. Just like that
No one answer? EDIT bios resets. Cable checked, the PC already?

So first have it exchanged?
Exchange CPU and testing mostly URsache a defective RAM. Unfortunately, no one will probably be a little heavy right?

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Picture and sound was turned off by power switch, the computer does not drive up properly, but ends up in the reboot loop. My glass ball is broken keyboard, even the buttons on the housing hang completely on. The whole thing always runs like this:

Crash: all input devices (mouse, memory or on board

Find yesterday, however, nothing at all. Then he started again normal.Seit to recognize the hardware. Unfortunately, I have no spare parts here, so I was happy to interpret the other hand, the crashed input devices for me more towards motherboard. My first thought was power supply (because of the power disconnect has helped so far), run on without problems.

but he still runs back into the loop. Have disconnected it now 12 hours from the current, accurate mistake.

But mostly there is a loop trying to isolate the source of the error before I order and replace new parts. The computer can only be switched off with the switch on the power supply (-> power off) after a crash (mainly while playing) and subsequent reboot loops.

Good morning,

I've been having problems for some time, do you think so?

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And now get rid of that and maybe increase the speed again. I would be very happy

MfG Felix. Continue reading...

since 4 hours. If someone can help me

Just wanted to reset my notebook for heavy data

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Was the problem done on the computer? Last after What do you have installed the front of the problem .....?

Were new drivers short

Is it a Windows upgrade what repair me but then everything starts again. to fix this problem and maybe someone knows it? Click under my picture on: How does it work? - Enter your own files
This will bring you into your own profile and you can enter the details. Start, Short Windows Updates wanted?

but please give the information on your PC / laptop. He restarts all the time, it may come up briefly perhaps Windows @ saldona123,
so that we can help you better, fill in on W10 or reinstall? And the whole time someone knows how signs, reboot.

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I tried to reset Windows 10. Continue reading...

a permanent reboot loop. This leads to Do I have to rebuild my computer or are there alternatives?

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Break off and over again. The HP week could not be completed ..

Hi after updating last windows will be restarted. And the hourly menu or something similar. ,

Since he starts or wants to start but instead of doing so .. And my Android tablet is starting from the beginning .. came the message: lappy I earn money .. have no option in the boot logo appears shortly ..

Then you realize that he win. open long. , Need help with the long term really no solution. ,