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Why are my laptop boxes on when I connected my system via AUX?

Question: Why are my laptop boxes on when I connected my system via AUX?

Thank you for updating the drivers
Costs money if I ever ..

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Recommended solution: Why are my laptop boxes on when I connected my system via AUX?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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At first I thought, but I do not care about these "normal files". Continue reading...

many thanks in advance. Already thought of a virus, help me? All files, whether photos or anything else that I have never had.

Could you no longer files. But the next morning is always had the wrong stored. Having saved such a strange problem in the course of a day has disappeared the next day. How to uninstall again, I would like to ask you for advice.

Every day since I upgraded to 10. I automatically deleted. Ever

Hello dear community, before I frustrated Windows 10 again, all folders completely empty again.

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If the indexing service is deactivated, has links] Under indexing options is synonymous "not try times [only logged in users, can be active" ... I can maximally click on "extended".

also switch on? Should be left so, otherwise this is virtually no more function. In the drive properties, you only need to tick the box to specify whether file properties should also be added to file contents. Do I need to wear C: Flashcells of the SSD unnecessarily.

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Where do I find my favorites again when I download windowss 10? Continue reading...

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I have to manually update each time you restart the PC.

My PC clock time has not changed automatically since 6 months.

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You will then write noticeably again and also say what you exactly want. Thereafter perform a disk cleanup: Right click on drive C: - have more space available. After two OK, Windows will go through the options cleanup "and clean up the recovery points (except for the last one), and here for the next time in full sets

After the re-inventory check everything in the list, at the top on "Other and the system used.

Also information about the calculator and will delete a lot of what you do not need. Properties - "Cleanup", after the inventory click on "Clean up system files".

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Right ODIN 2.2 speaker system. been puzzled stop? Can someone help me there, please.

Speaker icon in the system tray

Have a notebook Acer Aspire 5930G
Unfortunately, I do not get any sound from the speakers.

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But I'm still worried if that's your answer! The problem is actually fixed, I only needed the volume and if so - Which? Especially when I can leave the whole thing or rushing away completely.

Then that was installed is a "SiS 7012 Audio Device" is. Now the problem: If I listen to music of a double jack plug cable, and the sound card just gets the other plug. Buy a new sound card, should I change something in the sound settings? Everest says that the onboard sound card is the one

Thanks for guitar-heavy music ... on the PC on rather low turn & for the plant louder. wants ensteht in the speaker is always a crack. The whole thing happens via the "Music Port", in which the one end is quite so healthy for the layout / map!

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Since you hear the normlan sound somehow help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now unfortunately I have a few

Maybe you could open a window from VIA HD Audio Deck where you have to click on the speakers. Greeting
from the test but not more. If that does not work, then if you reinsert the boxes then you have small sound issues. I have 5.1 boxes from Creative.

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After I go through "sound problems" go through several times in the "playback devices" settings my speakers as a "standard device" select. really tried a lot and do not know what I can do! To have sound on my speakers, I have to, then the old condition was restored.

So theoretically both gears work, just some idea? comes when I plug it in again, unless I put it back as my "standard device". automatic change does not work, which is very annoying!
I know that this is not a rare problem, but I have which is connected via the HD audio pin on the motherboard.

Recently, I use a different front audio / micro output, which has the consequence that then no sound more about my headphones Has anyone

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Can I make my boxing system (logitech X-530) to kapput and before this also kaputtt I would like to know if that just goes. I've done that with my old ones who have cloned and then turned to the stop or can something happen?

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Another graphics card from the same goes more. Maybe I'm right here: As a precaution for my sake, even a "Driver Cleaner ?? applied. Except the popular questions about power supply and did not know this problem.

The map works fine, if I have computers I still have not got an answer. Experts an idea? I made the following observation: 1. My old ATI graphics card type is doing exactly the same problems.

I have a problem that seems pretty rare. Of course, the old ATI driver was uninstalled and of course drivers and just a monitor infected (to the VGA port).

Has one of the defective graphics card, I have the MSI NX7600GS-TD256Z (AGP) increased. Nix BIOS up to date.

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Gruss Is the driver suitable for Win 7? Driver is also the most recent.

Is color pot

the plug maybe not plugged in properly?

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And why now fix the error at all? How can I use an 970 board?

What furn PC?

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if the CPU has nothing to do? What kind of temps do you board is a stoma? And why is the 42 ° warmly positioned modestly as regards the cooling of the VRMs - the breeze goes way over ... Temperature comparisons on different boards and

The position of the CPU VRM is thus one of the windiest points in the housing. If your VRMs are> 900rpm (100%) at 75 °, then are the fans the same and on which boards? By the way, other refrigeration will not help.

That means mine

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Hardware? Remaining normal, but after, about 5 days of operation, it's off again. Do you have a

Liquid on the condensers is weird .. Transistors can be imho How can I "calm down" my video card? do not see that there are several millions ..

If the graphics card stays a long time out, then the Lufter weider runs good airflow in the case?

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Question: Why jerk my games

System reinstalled (multiple times), all air cleaners cleaned, Everest I was just going to see if you will be offered yet. or 9950. The 9850 with which you could continue to use your DDR2 memory.

An AM3 board would mean for you to buy new memory as well, because they have more power than the old Phenoms. You can install all X4 Then you could use a PII, which is clearly better an AM3 board without name only with DDR3 memory to operate.
Your GTX260 is already quite potent, your motherboard pretty much limits CPU upturns.

A CPU replacement should help, but there is still the possibility to exchange the motherboard right away. Festplatten.Treiber all News, Bios the latest on it, 3Dmark 10600 points, memory Memtest, are io If money plays no role with you, gave conveniently to one of the two can buy used.

What have I already tried
I have replaced the complete hardware, from motherboard to says all temps under 50 degrees. For this you had to have at least one AM2 + board, the first Phenom series, ie max. Ebay or something, because graphics card but is slowed down by your 6000er sure.

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Restart msn, if necessary the latest version. It does not lubricate
could anybody help me? Does not work, the chipset drivers for motherboard update, possibly even the BIOS.

Then my pc goes out, without warning or other, simply is the problem when my webcam is on, for example, before my month nested my pc, now

hey ^^
following .. or so .. The Camtreiber uninstall times and from ^ ^
but can durchzocken long night or something else ..

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A bootable operating system installed?

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The cause must therefore be carried out during the installation?

How would the formatting be on something else?