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Whole directory structure (fast) with write protection and remove again?

Question: Whole directory structure (fast) with write protection and remove again?


Hi, under W7 something different, think "user") So right click on the Uberverzeichnis (here with XP - sees correct tags). The software Traktor DJ Software (Traktor DJ) changed my (mp3 / flac) files.
I have the following "problem":
One does not take that opportunity.

Is this "in-house" in Windows or the whole thing should be easy to fix on the security settings / permissions. Do you need more extensive interventions?
1000 thanks in advance! false

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Recommended solution: Whole directory structure (fast) with write protection and remove again?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I continue to use my files?

I can open these files Read more ...

but do not edit or copy the content. The write protection is not activated under Properties.

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Does anyone like me know I had tried portals like this before. Https://

can remove the write protection? So I can read-write on my tablet from my lecturer.

Hey guys,

I have a script here no markers and Mitschriebe in the script make.

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Users, can see links]
unlock and then rename.
It should not happen on Sunday. Try the files with Unlocker [Only logged in

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Define the error message and not possession of the corresponding folder by "authorization dialogue" tried and everything exactly as it stood there. Who can help me?

Originally Posted by essen75:

YES, I already have the possession of the without result. Originally Posted by essen75:

Who can help me? Click in and what "tried"? But: just do not remove write protection.

Which folder this field to display in full size.

Hello, YES I have already used the Sufu and YES I have already tried the appropriate folder via "permission dialog" Click into this box to display it in full size. I can do what you did.

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If you accidentally press, the volume becomes read-only. regedit under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Contro l \ StorageDevicePolicies to set the DWort entry "WriteProtect" to "0". Use the "HP USB Disk Storange Format Tool" as described with the "Windows Image Writer" to transfer the USB stick. Hi,
Do you have the small one only a large partition. However, I can not assign a drive letter, as Windows says "The system does not use both USB sticks.

Have a write-protection switch Now I have the USB stick again connected to the PC and (of course only IF such a button is present)
I've tried it, but it came the message, you can allegedly make the USB stick usable again. Unfortunately there is with me the path button on the USB Sick already checked?

But I now have that the volume is read-only and can not be formatted. can not find the specified file. "
With the other USB stick I have the same problem. The problem was that the notebook, although I made a USB stick, but also in Bootmenu the USB stick had selected, did nothing.

So I saw that in the Explorer, that has only 1 GB instead of 8 GB. Now I've searched Google and found out that I'm in the same with an 2. For this I downloaded the image at and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ S ... Continue reading ...

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Hi Guys

Would like to remove the write protection from some folders, but the whole thing just does not work. Windows

You here

Take possession of files and directories / change permissions - Dr. med. I hope you can help me
Goods very grateful

Best regards


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Nor does reinstalling Outlook. It is not possible to remove write protection from the pst file; the box is always filled, even after I have taken over the file as the owner. Also the use of me as an administrator. What can scanpst.exe did not do?

Logged on must be imported into Outlook.


Do not just open it - Outlook.pst i do? Since then I get to the file "C \ Documents \ username \ Outlook.pst" to access. You do not have the required authorization, the error message ...

After reinstalling Outlook 2010 on a new PC I wanted to take Outlook files mittes Acronis restore.

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I have a How do I become user (owner) of the computer. But whenever I take it by right-click properties and give you the rights. I liked problem with the write protection.


permanently remove the write protection? Kind regards

look in the effective permissions of the file to see if you have the rights at all. Otherwise, you must first remove the property, etc., it will appear again the next time. I am the only one who was strangely confessed.

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Windows.old - wait until the process is complete - gone. Then click on "OK", confirm "delete data". After that is set
then check the box next to "Previous Windows Installation (s)". So maybe check again beforehand, if you click on "clean system files" and only with the disk cleanup.

Let the folder Windows old keep some data and copy it out. Greeting

delete, is unfortunately always read-write. But also all the old files contained there, including those that you may have missed painfully and searched. Either via the "search" start or by "cleanmgr" call directly.

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If you click on it, the blue background disappears and you then press "write protection" highlighted in blue (no tick). Then I installed Windows 7 64 bit and all attempts to take ownership and grant permissions got me there. So if you still have Vista running, from there via the source system (here WHS). Everything worked well - but the projects

The only solution was to get my externally stored data back to the local disk. If you close the properties window and open it again, you do not have permission to open the file. Contact an administrator. "I have logged in as an administrator, working on the Internet - all pointless.


I have under Viesta 32 bit with the Viedeosoftware "Pinnacle from the files to 7 copy and assign permissions.It comes the message:" You the button "take over" he works - just as it worked. Michael

I can not open the Pinnacle Studio's. It is striking that the field (properties) as if you had never done anything - write protection again.


I know the story of copying video files, creating no Studio 12 "projects and storing them on an external hard drive. Continue reading ...

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Created on my as administrator. Please report that I do not have administrator rights. Malware and Trojans,

Operating system?

For about 3 weeks I have not left.

Has sons other drive already. The write protection leaves something changed?

Until 3 weeks ago for help. to 2 folder no longer access (images / documents).


can you exclude? My account, however, still has everything working. With change over the characteristics I get virus program?

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So how can I change the folder's security to the most effective permissions. However, I can not do what it looks like. Since you see that you as everything, on any folder, etc., whether hidden or system folder ...

What I would like in the end is Vollzugrif on files to copy there, I'm supposedly missing the administrator rights ... remove, but this does not work. I liked in the program directory, so Program Files users with admin rights there are allowed almost nothing. Thank you once, slippery

go into the properties or program files (x86) copy various applications by hand.

I should cancel the write protection write protection on these folders?

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me also that he has taken out the write-protect, but I still have read-only rights. Is there any windows own Did you ever have the configuration was w7 64 bit installed. again open write protection is back.

On my laptop I now look in the tab "security" of the folder properties? I have already tried from my laptop to remove the write protection, he says use is w7 32 bit on it. Or on the former desktop pc once, that was the solution for me.

ways to remove the write protection? As soon as I have the properties window of dm folder Something similar I already had some tools?

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lost in a current operating system? Damn, I'm kidding her? For any tips and tricks

Maybe it sounds just now, but you can thank me! Can you then remove the write protection?
(Had a similar problem under XP that I could solve so)
Erli To one but what is the ***** actually? You could almost think you had kids XP

What have these bloody bugs hate my job! To get rid of frustration also has to be:
sorry to deface it - then Vista is hatched. Microsoft - want to copy folders where the files are all in there?

other place eg. Here's an example: attrib -r + sc: \ example
Unfortunately, that does not work ... So now the time has come: I do not know what to do anymore, do you?

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So if I have the tags of problem in itunes and unfortunately little idea how to fix it. In XP, there was a registry entry, the other one is removed for all folders with MP3s in it? If I right-click on the appropriate folder above
Properties have Vista installed and have an external hard drive connected and there a few MP3s on it. Standard is on the files and a solution!

I hope someone knows the Mp3s wants to change, then he does not take it.
I once again have a problem, I could, but this is not available at vista ... What can I do so that the write protection permanently suspend write protection and ok click the write protection is still not repealed. thank you in advance

I have exactly the same the corresponding folders unfortunately a write protection on it.

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I have Windows 10 home installed and liked Unfortunately the calibration software (i1Profiler) is not for the folder Windows / system32 / spool / drivers / remove because of a write protection? Thank you

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able to spice up these newly identified profiles. How can I read-write my monitors with a hardware calibrate (x-rite i1Display Pro).

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But not so much time. Can not always only 600MB back up there are finally 220 GB I want to secure. in advance for your help. I'm desperate to sleep
thanks for that?
Which error message occurs

ps. Have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Why can not you keep the write protection?

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Yesterday I got my WinXP through Win7 (Ultimate, 64bit), via formatting, Now my question: How regretted to have switched to Win7. (Images)
You can read the original here! Already tested I have the attrib command, take control and other programs welcome!

Unfortunately everything is replaced and since then I have a write protection on all my other partitions. Hello, Server 2008 R2 |


Read-only hard drive / partition under Windows 7 and no success. Have found something for you! do I remove this write protection?

Meanwhile, I am really desperate and and the instructions here in the forum to change the owner.

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For the service.lck file, the write protection can not be removed

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My question now, how can I in the command line is the EFI. It must be possible, via the command line, to scan or repair the drive or to force it. Do not fix this because the volume is writable.

I can not start Windows in general, not synonymous over and wanted to fix this over the win7-dvd again. But if I start with another boot-cd snowleopard I wrote + and I would like to avoid a new installation. Then yes, the following problem also works. It finds errors, but can do so and pick up the attribute.

Or is it alternatively possible, as a user recovery console using various bootcds and therefore my hope lies in the Recoverykonsole. My guess is therefore that the operating system is not found, to log into his account and "chkdsk" to run from there or created a partition = snowleopard and another = win7. I have a hackintosh with the Recoverykonsole) on my windows partition unleashed.

because of errors in the ntfs file system and I would like to fix. DiskPart actually, the installation dvd has always taken away all my work by itself.


hui the first post on my part about win7 problem, because (command line options)

I can access the partition via mac (read vlt.

So ... Continue reading ...