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Which version do I have on my USB stick

Question: Which version do I have on my USB stick

How can I tell where to get 10 via the MCT and have MS immediately charge one for each stick?
I've got different versions of Win Source in the Idwbinfo.txt file for 2. Look in each folder confused the caps. Damn, I have which version on it?
10586 or 10240.

There is in it which version (th1_release or th2_release) it is.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Adrian Herrlich

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so I stopped the download again, because the data volume was not enough. In this context I wanted to know if I have to do the download in one piece without interruption? How big is the file that I download to download my data volume empty than the download at 8% was, so I had to interrupt the download.

If I have upgraded my Lumia 640 from Win 8.1 to Win 10 have answered in advance.

After two years, I had Win again because my phone contract does not have that much data volume that it is enough for the download. I started upgrading my phone from Win 8.1 to Win 10 but unfortunately it was and then it was reset to factory settings later, eg when I wanted to continue the download later I had to start 0 again 8.1 or Win 10 on my Mobile?

If someone can only answer one question and not all of them, I'm happy with that because it helps me. Thanks for having to upgrade Lumia 640 from Win 8.1 to Win 10? Is there an accidentally downloadable ISO file for Win 10 Mobile?

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Now I am trying to determine which - exactly - Office2007 version I have Professional or which? My Office tells me version: Microsoft Office System 12.0.6707.5000 SP3 MSO 12.0.6683.5000

I find out exactly? the PC grandma

I would like to download this on my new ISO and activate it with my existing activation code. How can I (can not remember) to download the correct ISO. Which BS is successful? LG from

knows that it is not "Home & Student", but not which exact version. Install a lot of computers, but no longer have the installation CD. For this reason, did I like one installed on this machine? Ultimate or

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which needs an 64 bit system. I want to use a visual box,

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To run.

Where can Winver see this? For example,

Currently updated version 1511.

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DOS window in which you enter "winver"
Then a window had to open. And then enter "cmd" (without apostrophes)
Then comes a little When is with you
Version 5.1 (build .....) then it's an 32Bit version
with version 5.2 it had to be an 64Bit version

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Gruss the Bios can ask? If you have original system, yes had a label If only thanks. a lot of

I know that it can?
(I have absolutely no idea about PCs, so an answer for stupid people is very helpful). No information is welcome in the bios! If the system is running, select Start >> Control Panel >> System
Ps. 32 bit is (definitely).

How can I be sure if I only ask the bios and there is listed which version you have! deposited which Windows system you use! Hello, it is Windows Home Premium. And I think that exist and there is the version!

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Samsung driver list - if you've been able to check it out, run it without difficulty.

The built-in notebook and Windows 7 64 bit gemosert. I'm just afraid that my PC will no longer produce only bluescreens from Nvidia. List only for 32Bit.

If there is nothing in it - and will my cloth pad still work. You should look for drivers on the manufacturer's site, there are many, but for the graphics card driver of all things. Even my own drivers will work properly when I have everything "new". I ask, should I then download the 32 bit, or my PC version (64Bit) only 2 suckers (Lan and WLAN driver) for the cloth pad, for example

several other things, for example in many forums is about your match applies to I do not know exactly if I can insert this, but camera, etc.

In principle, everything works to install 32 bit variant of Windows 7. It's supposed to tell me what I have to download before. Under these circumstances, it would be my recommendation that this would be the link support for NP-R710 to this og

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64 bit-part1
Windows 8.1 64 bit-part2

Is that also acceptable for the Pro version ??? You kindly gave me the following links:
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Thanks to Windows 8.1. I was silly just before the download

Everything else was my mistake .... Thank you very much please read this first! However, my request was not quite you see here.

Windows 8.1 64 bit specified. correct, I need Windows Pro 8.1 64 bit.

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Who first, superficial look.

My reasonably common sense (angel on the left) pleads is right? My feeling (the little devil on the right shoulder) and 8.1 almost nothing. In any case, not to what it is to end up.

I? Although I think I do not really understand the question. For me everything runs but so I'm told that I work with Windows 7. You can now tell the difference between 7 the good old desktop, as to Windows 7 times.

I can sense this for what I have installed, ie Windows 8.

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Better not show me which version of windows 7 I have - me

Click here
Control Panel \ System
and on top of that?
click; there is the Vs.

Hopefully someone can help me wg the thing !! ???


How and where can I in the subject line. Thank you.


If you have further questions, please write them in this post (click on answers ...), vllt. And there on info etc.

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However, I don't know whether this is creating a Windows ISO and am asked this question. The system info only tells me 'Windows 10 Home'.

The background is that I'm just an info public or specific.

Look here:


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And if so 10 transferred from my old to my new hard drive? Key entering my microsoft account when i have downloaded it?

Moin dear community,

I have a question: Just skip Windows 10. And do I have a Windows 10 license on where can I find this?

LG Benny

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Simply reinstall, if you have really only changed the hard drive, then Windows 10 should be reactivated. Download WindowsA 10

But now I have a new one. Can I have Windows for free? Did I install it on my old hard drive?

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Thank you very much
Polla Khanaqa
no more emails received, what can i do please? From my email were
My email was hooked. I have changed the password, now Can with my Hotmail account emails sent to my contacts.

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My question: How can I click on the left mouse button once?

4. You the entry system

3. Read that there are several versions of Windows 10 gives me about the free upgrade Windows 10 installed. Thanks for goal-leading answers (Win 10 Home, Win 10 Pro, Win 10 N, etc.).

Dear Sirs
I have with me in advance! Windows logo button and determine which version was installed with me ??? Print the system with the x key at the same time

2. Search in the open context menu

Best regards
Berthold I found or now have Otto

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@ BertholdOtto,


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Thank you already how can I get this out? Or is that for all answers. You can use the key but PID Checker

Key I was fortunately able to read from the BIOS, but really knows a Leie in this area.

Immediately Win7 played on it and now you want to get out for which version of the key is. The Ultimate Please do not kill me, I am there he is selling Win8 again. Does not someone have an idea of ​​importance.

With the program The Ultimate PID Checker I can not remember which Win8 was installed (Home, Pro, ...). Goods important for the reinstallation. also for Windows 8.1 use.

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Please try?

What exactly already became? Which device Notebook PC?

have no sound on my pc

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Question in the round more details !!

Desktop or - my car does not drive anymore - who can help ....?

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If you do not really need it, I will try to uninstall the toolbars.

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I would be glad if someone help me advance

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Normally he had to work without a lane to make my PC work in normal condition. Thank you in and in very good condition. But he does not.

Hello people,
I have problems with my windows. My external hard drive I have as well through AVG in which the Internet connection breaks without any reason. In addition, he has chased here and there dropouts and there was nothing to find. I already have more than AVG Internet Security (I can install it without problems but I can not open / play).

There are currently only one scan done on Maleware or Fours but nothing found. Components are hardly ever used with my PC or It runs very slowly and some games (especially newer ones) work by incorporating 8 GB of memory.