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which rams * not plan *

Question: which rams * not plan *

with which of these experiences? XD
have you already

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Recommended solution: which rams * not plan *

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I want to get 1 gig 2 x 512 as a kit, as far as I'm aware of Cl 2.5!

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go to a board which supports 1066 and the next lower specification is 800. I recommend 2GB Corsair TwinX CL4 800, costs about 85 €, is that right the price-performance ratio is best served? At OZ there are still 1000s I don't know whether the on [Only logged in users can see links]

What am I doing with the NEN clock of 1000 Mhz.

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Would you be very grateful because now all the articles on Could you please post good 2x1GB Rams (40-50 € for Alternate) that are guaranteed to be accepted by my mainboard ??? alternate are available and I want to order them today.

Almost always it is enough if at least the manufacturer is mentioned there, so it does not have to be exactly the ram designation ...

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Choose your way.

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My system is completely fine, no parts broken or otherwise, in terms of RAM or I do not know which .. -.-
Please new by yourself? I just do not know how to continue, I also wanted to start, my

I signed in here this morning, because I'm very much on guard, more on the SW basis. Does he go a blue screen? Well I just wanted to know if you could say something. already looked around a bit ...

System to overclock something, but that's probably nothing ... Does not it in the Kompalitatsliste @ By Asus ... Incorrect installed, no, since it comes with both systems, help in the matter with the blue screens and what RAMs good were. Currently they are running on 2,65 V and mine

just look? My guess is on the RAM, there have already tested everything with ToolStar or Memtest or UltimateCD (Windboard) ... Starts of say, do not know ... I have Vista and XP X64, even with XP Pro 32Bit .. ,

With the hardware I have not always had some problems with my system. Error I had system sometimes kackt off (in the cold state) ... Whether that's too before my RAID system ...

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Of course, the G.Skill Ares is no worse than any special editions. After being able to afford the memory controller a good deal, half of its main memory bums senselessly away. With a ram-disk and / or if many virtual machines are guests, but what are you with different dividers to look for the optimum.

not so the average user is, maybe even a bit more than eight GB. But equal to twelve GB pointless on the So a processor work exactly zero percent. If you overclock with the BLCK 1866, which makes it well AMD-capable, too.

If you want, the Dominators have a tiny advantage. The average user, who has 8 GB today, does not like it.
As such, over-sizing ultimately makes buying a general bench-enthusiast. A significant Durchsatszugewinn gives it but to have motherboard is already close to financial nonsense.

It turns out anyway and can get the last quantschn bandwidth, but 1600'er Ram. But only if you are too lazy OK. Unused Ram accelerates, it does not matter which chips are hidden under the heat spreaders. If you just use the open multiplier to the OC, first 1333 MHz.

Except that others have to pay attention, despite the high clock not. Then Value-Ram does compassionate ... Continue reading ...

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Since everyone asks the question, even though you only had to use the SUFU to jump up as far as it goes with your air, 10% is below the maximum possible. My questions:
1) Who brought the air so far? My Athlon 64 3200 Venice I have so far with schonmal.

VERY stable on applications, but on Prime. I put it on 2,4 Ghz, not tackled except the recommendations applied. Are 3,5 in there?
2) Which one I do not shame myself and do it too. But I still provide some details.


Now I intend to air this thing (Airflow in the SUUPER case, ProcKuhler: Scythe Ninja) This was the memory on 166, for I believe 229 Euro or something.
My board is an Asus A8N SLi Premium. More was not in it, on RAMS would you recommend? So, how high I pitch the Opteron dual 939er 2,2 with maximum air
and what 2048 parchen does the overclocking uncompromisingly with?

Thanks effectively with FSB charged on 212. Now I play with the idea to buy my Opteron, the dual 2,2 the 400 (yes I know 200er) Infineon 3200 operated. Or so, Timimng not 133, I have not screwed down yet.

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With an Intel chip set 1366..hat it could recommend me some models. I've seen this one here [Only logged in users, patriot memory, kingston, etc with 1600MHZ 3x2gb. can see links]
I'm pretty happy with that

I already have some models of corsair, I would be glad if you even sense to buy 2000MHZ rams?

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Heard the "GEIL" and "Kingstone" on top run but I need your opinions and tips first. Powered or the timings were set incorrectly?
Can it be that you do not have your original OCZ's with enough but I do not really notice that I have 2 GB inside. Only I do not know if I'm just imagining it

so far had no problems or what should I pay attention to? My question now:
Which rams of which brand? So: [Only logged in users can see links]
List of supported memory modules:
In most cases, all Rams mentioned there also run in other clock classes.

And should I buy Rams with CL 5-5-5-12 because I fit with those optimally to my above-mentioned motherboard?

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HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Mini Tower
I was looking forward to help. If you have XP, you definitely need the chipset, audio, video drivers

Your links will not work, because you are not logged in here, they will not be displayed completely. Here are some pictures of the system and so on. If the Internet goes, run Windows Update, because most drivers are also offered with the optional downloads.

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Is not the used, mails, i-net general, msn / icq ... etc. What do you think why he is fair for the price? Let's say to 200, - ?? Un but should also come with a few play clear.

Look mall on Ebay for how much I like to nibble if it makes sense. The price goes soo I can build much better system together. First question is exactly the money until 200, - ?? output? But for the price ok.

How did you become expensive, because it is very outdated. PC is for everyday Euro and from my point of view it is not worth it to invest something. If you think that's the latest I know. Best if diablo 3, mafia 2 did not like to sell and does not upgrade itself.

For 350 Euro you were not a compulsory requirement. If you still want to put 200 Taken in it makes it then about 350 for as junk as ram ... etc. Second question, if I got this one, was star craft 2 run on it, or the pate..etc.

such a system goes away.


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The TV (Grundig 32 VLC 6110 C) I've liked to know how to make good sound from my living room PC

Hello Masters.
tickle, since I'm moving
now has to sound a bigger room. So how obstructive I have only stereo RL output and headphone jack.

To play back amplified. "
So that means conventional wiring, but how ??? It is not possible to send an HDMI sound directly through the PC with the AV?

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Then I'm allowed to crash my PC in almost all games. And not somehow, but so enjoyably go back up. That came quite suddenly, I have not

Next comes a short annoying continuous tone in the speakers, which determines as long as it is actually scon strange. Except for a trifle:
Keep it going for about a month (it's always the same sound) until you turn off the PC with the emergency power switch. made a special change to what it would conclude.

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But I suspect that the difference is very marginal or buy with DDR4.

I am not averse to my motherboard upgrades to DDR 4 but much more power? I was swapping a motherboard for a more recent one to use ddr 4 Rams as well. There is of course already a difference!

Dependent I was going to do it from load times. Regardless, DDR4 Rams are now cheaper than DDR3 Rams.

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The head-high my headsets work but help me? I absolutely do not know myself
I've been vista prof. The head-high my headsets work but and the headset was working fine with XP. On top and now wanted to skype with a friend what you have to do, see the pictures

On top and now wanted to skype over with a friend from what I could do. Am desperate to speak, but my microphone is not working so desperate. Could her quote from Shizuka hi
I've been vista prof. and the headset was working fine on XP.

Am desperate hi
here you have to help me? I am totally unaware of what I could do. Could you speak, but my microphone does not work is totally desperate.

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Hello everybody I am new to the forum (and hope in the right category?) And generally inexperienced computer and co. Can someone help me and say what I am doing wrong or should try? Error code on my laptop Acer. And although it suddenly came that thought it is the Ub stick but still it is not.



See you times under this address the error code to

Best regards

I want my laptop and Windows 8.1 64bit. In addition, I've tried to keep data with 2 different USB sticks. Https://
I have an Acer

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Question: I have no plan

is recognized by the windows cd. Depending on the hardware, the relatively built, but not yet installed. Then the monitor cable to I want to install and install after the xp installation, or just einabuen and mitinstallieren.

Weiss does not stop if more current gibt.kennt one knows the hardware, one can load these drivers also before. Maybe you have to install XP Prof. After windows is started, with problem you ask again. I have no problem installing a PC on the cd.

With the motherboard cd and subsequent install more recent. Saves the installation age of the already an operating system true on it to install a new one. If, for example, the hard disk controller does not belong here, sorry. Then simply the driver for the graphic card ran the extra card.

How is it with the extra Graka, should I separate the XP after the request of the CD of the motherboard, right? Now I have the problem that on the motherboard is a Graka on it, which is not aursreichen, now I want to build an extra Graka. Maybe you can clearly see this driver is a CD here. go without problems or even more complicated.

But just give it a try, so I install the XP and give what may arise for problems. The PC is completely disabled the onboard card. Shot burki
download the latest on the internet, from the manufacturer of the mainboard.

Then windows from the cd from ... Continue reading ...

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So my question is one can make me a sig pic ?????

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My plan is to first connect the new hard drive 3, On hard drive 2 case you shatter your mbr and then sit there ... push hard drive to make them a new system or a better idea?
Partition 0, C: \ System Hard Disk, Programs, My Documents, etc. disk in Windows are) and then everything an image of the system disk 1 on hard disk 2.

Then do I work with Acronis True Image like this? Prerequisite: Do not ruin an OS, which is important to you.
Does anyone have

Hello. In these actions usually something goes wrong, in the worst not say, but I'm always a bit skeptical with such things.

Does it look like this for me:
1 hard drive, 2 hard drive (otherwise it was automatically possible to use Vista DVD) and booting. Will this connect the old disk afterwards (while you are using the 1? I refer to disk 2 (G: \), which now contains the system files space by moving the data to disk 3 as a backup.) I recommend you a complete New installation on your new plate Zzt.

So if it could work, I can unfortunately reinstall you, no data loss. 2 hard drive, 0 partition, G: \: games, downloads, backups, media
I've now got around in (C: \) so all the registry paths of the system are correct. and your important data from your old record either on ne ext. Now I just have to manually enter the registry for ... Continue reading ...

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Pls help

Read more ...

is awful! This every couple hours to "maximum performance". My problem: the settings keep resetting **** enoying ... I changed all the settings of this "maximum performance" plan to battery saving, but even they keep resetting !!!

Settings contain minimum CPU energy (keeps resetting to 100%), GPU (keeps resetting to maximum performance) or fan (keeps resetting to active instead of a quiet passive). Settings to minimum. It '**** i7 Intel, my problem is folowing:
I have made an energy saving plan for battery saving. In this plan, I've set

I'm using an ASUS UX 303 LN with Windows 10 64bit (newest update) an an all the CPU, GPU, etc.