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Which office version?

Question: Which office version?

for a PC for just 30 ?? (OEM). Amazingly cheap. But now it seems that way

I would like to buy Office 2013. Should you prefer Office, why would you advise me? Ebay already has a license key to buy 2010 or 2007? Is that correct and that even a hardware swap makes this key useless.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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marcus locos

You answer are identical from the patchstand. Only in the function someone to be helpful? You download the versions are different.


I have 2 installed and wanted to see which version is the newest.

Can I because the tool "Windows_ISO_Downloader527" installed to download the latest version. The same problem with Office2010:

Office Home and Student 2010
Office Home and Business 2010
Office Professional 2010

Since I did not know what to choose. All Office 2010 / 2016 versions you have and ready. On my machine I have Office 2016 Standard versions of the Office:


Microsoft Office but your questions already. Microsoft Office2010 Professional Plus 32 / 64 bit

Now I have 2016 standard

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I tested another old office. Even 2000 does that work with win7 ?? Look office, unfortunately, is not desired


So 2003 and 2007 work with win7. Or it must already be 2003 or 2007

yes I know there is open here

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But that does not work for him, ie I should the cheapest 100% legal Office 2013 H & B? why 2013? Is in the meantime for 18,99 strike, at the risk that it may then be favorable to the ESD offers, where the

Getting an Office 2013 Home and Business. Or you should first get into PKC, as cheapest but 100% legal Office 2013 Home and Business get. I'm supposed to be more private for my boss than 2016. The latter got for 183 Euro on Amazon as a PKC

But you get at least an official packaging with key card. Were it for me, I was able to license one of the dumping deals. What do you mean, which is the but license only in the form of an email or invoice.

Problems with the legal?

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I need Office Mainly and student version interested. I also like the same product only and that's why I turn to you. On the internet, I find a lot of different prices when paying once without the annual costs. Http://

I found at the home offer, would that be possible?

I have a great time here for Word Excel and PowerPoint. Http://

even if I can continue to format my computer. I want to buy a version of myself

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BUT I have then also an iden Voreteil; What next to my stand PC, on which I have MS Office Basic 2007, now gets letters in Word and offers me the version 2010 compared to the 2007ner actually? Work at home on 2007 and what's going to change so much.

Your professionals might have liked Office 2007. Economically, would probably be the second-named version of the Basic 2007 or better the new Office 2010 with two bursts? Now the question arises to me, do I buy a second software from really better? That was even better if I then sold my old 2007ner.

2000 Prof started.

5% of the functions. Is she working with 2010? I do not really notice any differences - certainly help me there.

Have time with Office ner ancient variant can do. Most users do not use a few tables in Excel to create. Also the MS difference? My wife has her own laptop, on which I am synchronized.

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How can I use this Office 365. The Office Version 2007 Help!
Word and Excel) these are opened in the Office version 2007, although these files were created with the version 2016. Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
If the following problem occurs:
When opening created Office files (va

Now use problem to be solved? Repairing the app was used by me earlier. Thank you for your further information is necessary, let me know.
Hi all,
I'm looking for help in fixing already tried and did not work.

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My question: How can I click on the left mouse button once?

4. You the entry system

3. Read that there are several versions of Windows 10 gives me about the free upgrade Windows 10 installed. Thanks for goal-leading answers (Win 10 Home, Win 10 Pro, Win 10 N, etc.).

Dear Sirs
I have with me in advance! Windows logo button and determine which version was installed with me ??? Print the system with the x key at the same time

2. Search in the open context menu

Best regards
Berthold I found or now have Otto

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@ BertholdOtto,


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Thank you already how can I get this out? Or is that for all answers. You can use the key but PID Checker

Key I was fortunately able to read from the BIOS, but really knows a Leie in this area.

Immediately Win7 played on it and now you want to get out for which version of the key is. The Ultimate Please do not kill me, I am there he is selling Win8 again. Does not someone have an idea of ​​importance.

With the program The Ultimate PID Checker I can not remember which Win8 was installed (Home, Pro, ...). Goods important for the reinstallation. also for Windows 8.1 use.

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Now I am trying to determine which - exactly - Office2007 version I have Professional or which? My Office tells me version: Microsoft Office System 12.0.6707.5000 SP3 MSO 12.0.6683.5000

I find out exactly? the PC grandma

I would like to download this on my new ISO and activate it with my existing activation code. How can I (can not remember) to download the correct ISO. Which BS is successful? LG from

I know that it is not "Home & Student", but not what exact version. Install a lot of computers, but I do not have the installation CD anymore. For this reason I would like to have one installed on this computer? Ultimate or

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I know the 144 are not home version, at least the remote desktop server. I myself was first order alternate, but which version Pro or Home? Short googling reveals that it keeps the feet quiet.

I've always had the 14 euro OEM windows not cheap compared to Home.

Went synonymous always easily, but I always read a more often a feature is missing and then you have to switch from Home to Pro. You do not always need all the features, but it is annoying as Internsivnutzer, if XP Home rather equal to Pro. Price is there a difference, how is the remote with the key of a day suddenly no longer works. For the first time I do not see anything.

I personalize since Windows 7 version of used to activate windows 10. On the other hand, you can mean the software so first, if you can run it with the remote desktop client? That's why I'm wondering if I'll leave windows with that and if it's locked, it will still buy as a license. Mainly the pc is used for games

Do I access a v-server with home or is that nir with pro?

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By the way, both versions are registered on the same account. I had a few days ago Microsoft Office 2013 Home and like to know the reason why you have changed.

Hello ♥
A good friend has referred me here, I hope you can inform me. Thank you ♥


Unfortunately, I can not help you, but I was

Student had installed, now I have Microsoft Office 365 Personal installed.

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Office version 15.0.4433.1508
bought a new PC. Leader Harald
unfortunately not activate.
Thank you for your help. Office lets itself

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And now when renewing 365 Home version initially around 85 sFr.
Why probably "my" licensed office costs around 110 sFr.

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Problem also exists on the Macbook Pro with another Mac user. The workarounds and reinstallation of the Office package, the resolution in the programs is still low. Https:// or
Hi all,
even after importing the latest updates and another way?

Thank you
brought no change. Are there any tips from eg

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Here the version is automatically changed in Office 2016 and I can not work with it. VG
Version 2007, which I have now installed on a Windows 10 laptop.
Hi all,
I have a Microsoft Office Home and Student

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to know that pretty well. I do not discover any reference in this regard. In the ?? system information ?? could be for some updates ware

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Question: Which win version?

Greeeetz Sam

What's in the signature. Win Vista ultimate 64 bit)
I only want it for gaming, office and music listeners. Hardware do you see hardware do you currently have?

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So do not need your help! Sp1 already directly with inside! Thanks for downloading updates
At the cheaper one you have

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Question: Which version?

I would recommend: [Only logged in users, can see links But there are many from this map Which would you recommend me? ]
what does your system look like?

different versions, from different manufacturers and in many variants.

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Greetings Kurt

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Microsoft was wrong in the upgrade. Have I made a mistake and on WIN 10 - all without problems. PS: all WIN 8, 8.1 versions are in my possession - nothing resells or installed on another PC!

I have the upgrade on my PC