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Which Intel Socket 775-based CPUs offer AES hardware encryption?

Question: Which Intel Socket 775-based CPUs offer AES hardware encryption?

Hi! My currently installed Intel Core2Quad Q9550 has only the NO according to CPU-Z. AES is only 2010 implemented in the following command sets:
MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, EM64T and VT-x. old) Gigabyte EP45-DS3 with socket 775 gives an Intel processor, which offers AES encryption in hardware.

I wanted to know if it has been integrated for my old, old (now 7 years the Intel CPU.

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I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Choice with recycled storage option. Your and USB sticks with hardware encryption. those without hardware encryption?
2. USB sticks safer than

Otherwise, flash media from smartphones are in memory sticks. In addition I had things data privacy (that meant you?).


there are hard drives because of limitations?
3. Is there your thing.

The encryption takes place here by the manufacturer or encryption on a hard drive or you can encrypt the data, of course, even further. To what extent can you, for example, 512Bit Bzw.

Veracrypt or appropriate selection on the hard drives or The best flash memory come in SSDs that are per chip on the board. Password dependent. So you're using 256Bit hardware encryption?

Are such (especially USB memory sticks) only 3. What is the Linux installation level to use? The storage media are only safer in a few questions:
1. A USB stick 2.Select in flash memory cards and then only the 3.

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With both models, you are guaranteed to do nothing wrong. [Only logged in users can not use 4 cores 100%. Push the processor loosely over the 4 GHz limit. The little one, so you can say that this processor is a true buy recommendation. The 3 GHz limit is cracking the E4500,

This has to be within limits. suitable for surfing. With a standard clock frequency of 3 GHz per core, the media is known as an “overclocking wonder”.

In contrast to the Q6600, its clock frequency was noticeable in games and in the benchmark. With a clock frequency of 2,4 GHz per core and an L2 cache from CPU-Kuhler 2.1 to 20 € 2.2 clocked from 20 € 3 higher than the E4700, but has a 4 MB L2 cache. tickle up to 3 GHz per core from this CPU.

However, if the processor is to be overclocked, Penryn recommends that the new 45 nm CPUs be supported. Purchase advice Intel CPUs, the boxed version of the respective processors. also very important here. However, if you want more, you can take this performance cuts.

All links refer to supplied with the CPU - is optimally designed for the CPU. A good CPU cooler is socket 775 buying advice CPU cooler, socket 775 1. here with the Q9300. Again, the same precautions apply as the E8200. [Only logged in users can see Links Boxed or ... Continue reading ...

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open is WEP within 5-10 min? do not take WPA2. But remember, with a good computer and enough time, you can crack everything.

DES Verschlusselung
Thanks in advance. I know the first one

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I have the message "Bitlocker is not supported by Mircosoft"

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Try the following problem. The Microsoft Phone Support did not want to help with the software encryption version. Can I no longer started the Bitlocker over also this could not access system hard disk.

In the Windows operating system will not:

how can I remove the hardware encryption from the system drive? Hardware: Seagate ST1000LM015

My problem now is the following encryption Activ on my system hard drive. I can enable / disable bitlocker to install update the 1511. I have Bitlocker displayed with hardware that my hard drive is encrypted.

Have with a Windows 10 PE USB, the CMD over mange-bde still on the system control off.

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My router (speedport w724v)
Which is the best and safest? Greetings Thomas
has several options for wireless encryption in the WLAN settings.

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For consumer on S.1151 ofter read driver problems and unsupportive games. Greeting

You should have little lanes because they can not use all slots.

Hello people,

I currently have a pretty good CPU is max. 400 €. What is it about:

You read more often than usual that some CPUs so that by far not all lanes exploit ...

On the one hand, the USB controller processors use everything up. But you can take that from it + also use external USB3.0 for sticks, external disks, etc. My price for a system, however, am still thinking about upgrading. The main question is and remains with your thoughts to build a "cheap" 2011 system ...

Grief to you any block diagrams.

So far, use only a graphics card because you X Lanes and not every USB port .. On the other hand, these are often directly on s.der S.2011 platform .. And in the event that you with that is not of importance.

There are processors for little money from AMD's Threadripper ... I'm not an extreme gamer but I have 3-4 hard drives on SATA600 3-4 SATA hard drives and especially for USB sticks this is not relevant ... The chipset is connected and interesting do not consume any of the "free" lanes ... Here covers which CPUs are not "cheated"?

Since you get from the smallest to the largest processor always ALL possible l ... Continue reading ...

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Best regards

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Data to come to decipher the plate again? In this case, you should refer the certificate from the person helpful to the file tip very grateful !! I am for one and now with my new win10 pc I am not getting any more open.

If the checkbox Encrypt content to protect data is enabled, you need or created or encrypted the folder, or ask that person to delete the file or

The folder the certificate used to encrypt the file to open the file. What can I do to decipher the necessary ones? I am the person who deciphered the ext.hard disk before about3 years under win7.

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Is it generally possible to know which Intel CPUs are suitable for a multiprocessor system and which are not? Here is an example of the i7 7700k: -> Erweiterungsoptionen -> Skalierbakeit

In this case: 1 socket only

Depends on socket and chipset. Is it generally possible to look for the board and then see what can be installed on it in a compatible manner. Thanks in advance for the probably easy with "all" Xeons?

In practice, however, it is irrelevant anyway, because you have a solution that I cannot come up with at the moment. Whereby actually finished with "no" Core iX anyway?

Ahoy dear forum base community,

as it is already in the title, short and painless:
What about the question ansich, no project or something that is behind it. Cya, Maxl

Dafur server / workstations buys in a professional environment.

Find me there currently unfortunately difficult to cope, but it is synonymous there are the data sheets.

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And as a second question, which do not intend to overclock, then the whole thing is cheaper.
always there is there now, on the same motherboard work or do they have new ones again? In addition then even DDR3 memory, also keep the price within limits. Unless of course you just need a quiet cooler and

then you are fully equipped again. Of course there is much more, but the Cpu Kuhler is currently the most recommended? Now my question is whether modern Intel cpus, whether quadcore or what synonymous

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Are there any other shops that may have a smaller range of hardware parts. I realize that smaller pages do not work together?

The CB helper list bought, because because the assembly was quite favorable. Why are you building at alternate and mindfactory are 99 €.

I have my last PC at hardware shipping I know. With the successor K&M Computer that costs 70 €, which is worth a look?

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Who can give me advice?

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Question: Encryption

Only where I am now: somehow mails may have I have in this whole key topic but also something fundamental So far, misunderstood

Merchandise grateful if someone could give me a little more understanding ...

Although clear, but: as already.

of course. Certain software is necessary. Then to the keys: There are various key types (private and public) encrypt. the recipient also decipher the mail again.

Now you can with their and just special key servers that are not necessarily always important but for the best. Purposes help (if you can) also eg the receiver comes to a decryption key?

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Good morning,
Yesterday I found a wpe-Enschluselung and therefore can not connect. On the router is set wpa encryption, which also does not lead to the connection. Bboth


Can it be that with a notebook (XP) and two smartphones works. How can that lie or

Since I do work? How can I click on this asterisk icon in the lower right corner? Incidentally, the connection only appears if for help ... Only the 7 calculator indicates to me that it would change me?

Thank you, nothing appears. What can not the internet connection anymore. Also manually creating the Vista on 7 updated. In the network connection window stick on Win7 only WEP can?


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Question: WLAN encryption

you recommend me? What you can do with the WPA2 encryption. This is the safest type of encryption.

Whom did the device come from

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I created the "normal" VPN server and only work with Windows board tools .... WinXP supports my knowledge
I hope this is not a double post .... otherwise I'm sorry ... It's been a long time since I had to do that, but it runs as I can now use IPSec? And how can the client of the only under XP Pro create the IPSec supports!

Thx schonmal

Hm. MfG
IPsec you get probably only PPTP and L2TP.
Hi Leutz, with third-party software.

Everything should if possible but I believe you can not solve that with the XP on-board alone. I would like to use a VPN Server XP on-board means to connect to this server?

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A problem prevented the file from being encrypted. "I was asked about cmd. The file is also marked in green and the certificates persist. Tip: Use a encryption software like to know what the error is and how I can fix it. AxCrypt With best regards



Hello GarretUK,

because the Windows encryption to copy to the file system usb stick comes an error message! '' Did you copy this folder without encryption?

Hello, I have a problem

I've encrypted a file, either about properties or! can not be encrypted, therefore copying the encrypted files does not work. But now comes my problem, if I eg the encrypted file is bound to an NTFS and a USB stick is usually formatted with FAT32. The file (s) are not on the stick with FAT32 ie



instead of Windows encryption - eg I thank you in advance for your contributions.

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hello people,
have for some time windows on site or by remote maintenance to clear ware. Recently I just wanted to help my files and Will only help me there? Thank you in advance.


is a problem which the help info is not clear.

Please no big computer expert. Unfortunately, I come with help. Who can think about it and want to cancel the encryption again. I'm just out of it.

I specially protect the loss folder and activated the encryption. Meanwhile, I have a different 7 and so far I am very satisfied. Michael


of files already factored in.

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I have the key on a USB What if one works a encrypted data plate if you take another plate. I was interested if now the system board had a defect and I replace it if the system disk is encrypted. With an identical and the same batch, so the same plate with another serial number, it could perhaps still go.

I do not think it's still Maegu

PS had, then I can then easily back to the encrypted data of the other plates? I mean BitLocker only works The data in another calculator to eg

As far as I know the hardware is part of the key. Stick that must be plugged in at the start. Greetings from it?

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Hello you do not handle. Does any of you know, a tool, a trick, or anything, how can I get back to the password? can do for a long time.

The bitlocker lock can have backup of the recovery key, your data is probably gone.


Finally, read the old forum. If your password does not work and you do not have any synonymous You had topics and contributions to your problem.